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Post heinous price gouging, scalping, bad secondhand etiquette, and seller sperging here.

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Noticed all her posts were deleted today kek but I archived some. https://archive.li/TyEVO, https://archive.li/dnd8Z, https://archive.li/sIqe2, https://archive.li/EVDi0, https://archive.li/hv6IF

>two day old account, no feedback
>says she's been in lolita 4 years, interested for 10
>dresses thrown on floor with no regard
>listed all as NWOT, even if stained
>listed JSKs as OPs
>made reference to AP in almost every listing
>if it wasn't an AP dress she listed it as offbrand
>placed BIN price lower than bidding price in all listings
>bidding for 30 days lol
>trash and feet in pics
>has that she's bipolar in her LM bio

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>tfw archive.li is blocked
please post screenshots, I want to laugh at retards too

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Got you nonna!

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why is all her shit crumpled up on the kitchen floor

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I can understand the occasional small stain from just wearing your garments a lot but this is kinda embarrassing.

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i always wonder what girls like her are thinking. I know it's rare, but seriously? or am i the out of touch one.
wonder what she'll end up getting for it.

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She's a known scalper, she knows it won't sell for that but has to try for the profit.

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Any takers?

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Sometimes I get pissed because she has a dress for sale I’ve been looking for, but fuck you bitch I’m not paying that shit

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Japanese lolitas hang them from the ceiling along with stars and other stuff.

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god why are bipolar lolitas so annoying? there are two in my comm and they just sperg and act maniac at every meetup

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So I strongly suspected that when she says she's been a lolita since she was 19, she means she's been haphazardly buying random crap off of Depop for 4 years, and a quick search seems to confirm this. Picrel her account with more clothes strewn across the floor. This would explain the funny ignorance over her own brand pieces, she's buying overpriced stuff like it was any other trend while oblivious to the wider lolita subculture.
You can also find her X, AO3, and Pinterest accounts under this username, the last one shows some of the other fashion she's into but I won't post them here since they're off-topic for secondhand.

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I hope I can still drop this one though kek. Same typing style as her LM posts, also calls herself a he/they at some point on X. Overall crazy retard seller

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her depop purchases...she's an ageplayer

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This is a cursed rabbit hole

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>acting maniac
I mean... what do you think being bipolar means? Kek

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Remember nonnas. It's not new with tags if the price part was ripped off.

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Bless whoever keeps calling her out for real.

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same vibes as picrel. i wonder if its her.

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what kind of sick freak puts shoes on top of their dress like that?

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There's a lot to take in from this picture

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Wtf. Floor looks the same just different area of kitchen. Where's this from?

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was gonna call this tinfoil but she has an onlyfans in her carrd

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Wait a minute
>someone else sold this to me without the bow for $300 on here
>on here
Her account is days old kek this has to be a lie to save face, unless she has a dupe

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I don't even understand how that's supposed to be worn.

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The longer I stare at this the worse it gets.

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isn't it a shitty hat? i don't know why it's called a tiara...

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What is an "embroidered lolita on the chest"?

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I believe the word "Lolita" is actually just embroidered on the chest. That's what it sound like anyways.

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>she's black
imagine my shock

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With obvious racism aside, what could this possibly even mean, nonna? I've seen filthy white women with dark pit stains on their blouses and dresses.

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Yeah, it's almost always filthy white women who get posted here. Poor bait attempt

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Thats because most of the english speaking world is white

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Presented without comment

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black people are extremely clean, nonnie. I know you've never met any because you don't leave your basement, but most black ppl i know don't allow shoes in their house, they don't wear outside clothes on their bed, etc.

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I literally just stated a fact, I don't know why you're going off on this weird tirade. Chill the fuck out nonna.

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Sure, and it still means that's assumption of "of course they're black" makes no fucking sense kek

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is that a toe??

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that's because there aren't a lot of black people involved to begin with lol but anyway both white and black girls always have the grossest rooms

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This is such a weird statement. I know more black lolitas than white ones.

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How is it weird? They’re right. The few people you know is not an accurate representation of the entire community

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This board is such a shitshow now. Stop falling for obvious bait faggots.

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Is it covered in hot glue strings, or pet hair? Either way, nasty.

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All I'm getting from this is that black people are neurotic. Even if this was true and not total bullshit, it's not the gotcha you think it is.

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i thought this was tar mixed with shaving cream

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>random hair on the pig dirty floor
>cat toilet with shit on it next to food bowl
>decides that thus is a good spot for a picture
What the actual fuck? This has to be a troll

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She was in our discord a year or so ago. Not saying which one since its small. She got banned because we thought she was a troll. I guess it turns out she was real. Or she's trolling LM too.

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Jesus, get this girl a broom, a vacuum, and a mop stat. I can not understand why someone would do this

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I'm going to hope and pray that it's a cat's paw, because otherwise that toe is necrotic. The whole image looks like a crime scene.

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If you guys aren't taken dirty floor pics, you're writing passive aggressive descriptions in your listings. I know this fashion attracts women children like flies but are there any non dramatic lolitas out there?

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the weirdest thing about this listing is the mention of “price undisclosed” in the description. like why even need to mention that? why so cagey about the price you guys agreed on? most reserved listings put a random number anyway and then don’t even say anything about it.

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What is wrong with the description? Does this really live rent free in your head

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The only thing that lives rent free in my head are PT's singing videos. But I think I'm finally starting to understand women that leave lolita because poorfags and women children really are the worst.

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>still seething about a goofy japanese rabbit dress
it's obviously a joke anon. your blaring autism is showing.

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Are you ok? I’m not seething about the dress I am only pointing out the awful behavior that plagues this community. Being this defensive about it is so weird. Anyways i recognized the OPs user name and it turns out she was caught posting on the farms and I’m genuinely hoping this isn’t her trying to shit up a thread again lmao

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anon you're making a mountain out of a molehill. sounds like vendetta

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>"are there any non dramatic lolitas out there?"
>casual lolcow user

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Oh, it sold. With the money, maybe now she can finally fix that roof.

>> No.10892305

stop shitting up the thread with your shitty vendetta.

>> No.10892373

sorry you got posted

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as if that isn't insanely easy to fake, screenshots like that mean nothing

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you're really invested.

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you have severe autism

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And doing it again is supposed to change my mind how exactly? You should spend more time on home improvement and less time arguing here.

>> No.10892435

it's got a toenail...

>> No.10892437

clearly never been to the hood

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Nta but lolcow is dry as fuck just like this board. Even lolita drama is so boring. Like wow another lolita outed as a psycho or an ethot? Color me surprised. I think the lonelitas are onto something.

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Most of the lolita farms general shit is just manufactured drama from mentally ill autists who got their feelings hurt once. Take Momo for example. People are intent on just causing drama.

>> No.10892583

lolcow is just oops! all vendetta posts

>> No.10892586

I hate it when people on lace market write stupid descriptions like this. Idc about your piss poor motivational speech I want my dress.

>> No.10892587

there's some boundaries that get crossed beyond just observation in this community. i.e., calling jobs, interfering with people's personal lives, actual stalking.

>> No.10892588

aren't you just a sensitive little flower that needs to be sheltered by some padded walls

>> No.10892589 [DELETED] 

That’s because you live in an area where 0.001% of the population is black and you think knowing 1 black person is considered “politically aware”. Your also most likely outside America where minorities get free healthcare.
This is retarded, you don’t have to visit a hood to find a black family that does this.

>> No.10892590 [DELETED] 

why is this now a racial conversation? it's fucking 2023 and no one cares anymore. get over your race shit and prepare to get drafted into war.

>> No.10892593 [DELETED] 

I hope you get killed when they draft you

>> No.10892600 [DELETED] 

Everyone on this board is too fat and out of shape to go to war kek

>> No.10892602 [DELETED] 

they will get you into shape. saddle up buttercup.

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Same. It's worse when the person is 30+.

>> No.10892618

i think it'd be one thing if it was someone who actually hurt someone/confirmed predators but most of the girls in there are random nobodies. i have concerns about reposting girls photos with their relative location (local comm) and often real name attached to an image board like that, it makes it much easier for predators to stalk these girls in real life.

>> No.10892625

no one wants to buy shit from a cringelord.

>> No.10892626

>poorfag thinks sensitive feefees are involved when buying things
no one cares

>> No.10892632

Just stop engaging. It's obvious the seller is here defending themselves because who else would be this invested in an item description to reply to every negative anonymous comment?

>> No.10892634

Someone who has a vendetta and is fake white knighting. I’ve def done the WK fake out to make it look like someone I didn’t like was defending themselves…

>> No.10892636 [DELETED] 

The level of investment the person posting about the seller seems far more peculiar honestly. I'm sorry but I don't buy it. I heard there was someone stalking that seller IRL? Probably why she disappeared.

>> No.10892637 [DELETED] 

You mean someone figured out that she used the same username for Reddit (where she posted her own roof), Facebook, and LaceMarket. Is that stalking now?

>> No.10892638

That's a really weird and creepy thing to admit to doing, even anonymously. Hopefully you got therapy and moved past that kind of behavior.

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Thank you for proving my point anon. Lonelitas FTW

>> No.10892643 [DELETED] 

I'm not at liberty to give context to the situation. Curious but what did she do to get all those things posted? I'm not going to hunt down that information on someone. All of that is pretty abstract behavior, considering.

>> No.10892644 [DELETED] 

Why do people on the farms do anything?

>> No.10892682

this entire board plus tiktok makes me never regret my lonelita decision. it's funny because my cousin's friend has been trying to get me to join her comm forever and keeps stalking me at the cafe i frequent but she's exactly the type of crazy ita who would do some vendetta wk crap.

>> No.10892704

I've always been lonelita because of location and not by choice, wish I could get fucked over by comm drama too so I would get over it and be happy with myself. Grass is always greener ig

>> No.10892713

Well when people fuck with me I fuck with them. Play chess not checkers ladies.

And it’s not worth being so dramatic about being a lonelita. You have no friends, we get it. It really isn’t that bad being in a comm unless you’re unlucky and live in unhinged-ville. Drama is an occupational hazard that lonelitas aren’t totally spared from anyways, it’s good to have friends and allies, even just online.

>> No.10892715

chess is setplay, anon.

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This post is so silly, being a lonelita just means you aren't apart of a comm and/or don't have anyone to wear lolita with IRL, not that you don't have friends lmao. Also not every bodies friends want to wear and invest in an extravagant and expensive jp fashion or may be more interested in other "alt" fashions. I have gotten a few to try it though. You can be totally spared from drama too if you don't have any/private social media presence and y'know keep to yourself. Makes it harder to doxx or cancel someone as we know that a select few of psycholitas like to do.

>it’s good to have friends and allies, even just online.
This I can agree with and you can still do it while being a lonelita.

>> No.10892723

All’s fair in love and dramu. Get on her level nonny

>> No.10892725

NTA but can confirm that people absolutely do this. I know someone who literally faked a self post and it got so bad the girl she targeted left the comm. I haven’t believed anything like that on cgl since. There’s very little truth behind what goes on the boards most of the time. RVR is a perfect example.

>> No.10892734

i’m sorry that happened to that girl but the other way around can happen too. i know a girl who faked false hate towards herself then used it as proof that she was being targeted and got tons of sympathy points, despite me and some mutual friends she had wronged having actual dirt on her, such as being a pacifier sucking ebegging freak with dozens of caps of her shitting on her “friends”. we never posted any of it but sometimes i wonder if we should have.

>> No.10892747

1000%. Even big names have been caught doing this…

>> No.10892753

yep. they also make up ludicrous accusations that are blatantly false and pretend to be multiple anons posting hate. that way the real, less crazy dirt looks fake if it’s posted later.

>> No.10892875

>And it’s not worth being so dramatic about being a lonelita.
>anons proceed to name the manipulative shit that goes on

Listen anon you can do whatever you want but I'm not convinced kek

>> No.10892906

NTA but you have to take everything on here with a grain of salt. It’s also definitely the minority. Most people irl are actually decent and fun to be around in my experience. This hobby def attracts a lot of weirdos, but for me anyways it’s been totally worth it to engage in the comms. Though I do live in an area with a pretty big somewhat active comm, so that makes a difference I’m sure.

>> No.10892916

Honestly it’s not the norm and I would still encourage you to socialize with other lolitas, but you have to be careful who you befriend. If somebody gets hate posted on here, use your brain and think about what kind of image they’re trying to curate. If helps you determine if it’s real hate, somebody trying to make them look bad, or themselves trying to garner pity.

>> No.10892928

>If somebody gets hate posted on here, use your brain and think about what kind of image they’re trying to curate.
This is totally stupid advice, especially given that OP was replying to a vandettaposter who admitted she enjoyed shitposting in order to incite hate for another party. She really needs help honestly. Think about what the implications are for that person choosing to devote any amount of time to do that. It's not healthy behavior.

>> No.10892931

Read the rest of my post, I completely agree that weird vendettaposters like OP are out there. But the opposite happens too.

>> No.10892979

who fucking cares? none of this matters if you aren't reading the farms like the morning paper. if you don't want to engage with drama just don't go to the drama website. EZ. lc users don't have the balls to confront you in person anyway

>> No.10892984

>who cares about deranged vendetta-chan's going out of their way to cause drama in someones life

I guess if it hasn't happened to you you wouldn't care/get it but it can really be miserable.

>> No.10892986

I DID read your post and the implication that people being posted on here are here for a reason is blatantly retarded.

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File: 1.02 MB, 2160x1331, IMG_7423.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stfu about lonelitas and post embarrassing lace market listings

>> No.10892999

This happened to me. It’s interesting because in the moment it feels really bad, and it makes you feel super anxious because you don’t know who your friends actually are and it really did look like I was the one posting. But I realized that no one really cares about what’s said on this shitty cesspool anyways, and cgl is so stigmatized to participate in no one will actually own up to having seen it here. I’ve since been a lonelita, and I only hang out with people I care to see, which isn’t a lot of people. There are a lot of people who definitely take this all too seriously, my local comm was cringe as hell anyways so it’s not like it was a massive loss, but it was really stressful when it happened.

>> No.10893001

original anon: this is my point, though. no one will ever own up to it or confront you. if you simply didn't read the website at all, the vendetta wouldn't have impacted you in any real way. it's a self-inflicted problem.

>> No.10893005

Someone else being a shithead and doing something to you isn't "self inflicted", retard

>> No.10893011

Well congratulations I’m sure you’d handle it great if it happened to you.

>> No.10893023

This is so retarded. I'd much prefer people faking and fishing for sympathy than people actually being chased out of our community because of it. I know this is extreme but it reminds me of the same logic as rape accusations lmao I thought it was funny

>> No.10893031

i mean she chased one of our mutual friends out of the community, so.

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File: 207 KB, 325x525, RARE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This girl has been reposting this dress at the same price for well over a year. Just discount it at this point

>> No.10893042

Tbh it’s hella cute and I haven’t seen it before. For many people the price they list is the only price that makes it worth it to them to sell it. Price isn’t obscene or even that high. Why discount if you don’t actually need the sale? You’re applying poorfag logic to someone who might just value the item/hassle of sale at $180.

>> No.10893049

She clearly needs the sale if she goes through the hassle of remaking the listing every week instead of relisting it

>> No.10893050

Wtf is that

>> No.10893052

It literally sold for ~100$ this year on Mercari

>> No.10893053

This gives weird cutecore vibes, it’s gross

>> No.10893078

Sounds like you should have bought it on mercari then kek. Her price is fine, you’re just sandy because you missed it on the cheap.

>> No.10893081

It’s automatic you dingus.

>> No.10893082

Didn't want it then and don't want it now. You can keep your overpriced dress scalper-chan.

>> No.10893084

Yeah I mean there's a very clear line between believing someone and going out of your way to harass the accused relentlessly but I guess that's to be expected with all the bpd-chans in our community desu

>> No.10893085

Just because you can’t afford it doesn’t mean it’s over priced, but yeah it’s real cute how you went to the trouble of posting and complaining about a lack of price reductions on this dress you DEF didn’t want kek. It’s not my listing and I really dgaf about anything other than calling out poorfag logic. If she needed the sale she’d reduce the price. If I were her and I saw this thread I’d increase the price out of spite. Go cry about it nonny no one here cares about normal sellers just selling stuff below retail that you happen to think is overpriced.

>> No.10893087

>doesn’t know about auto relist feature

Do you even go here?

>> No.10893089

t. seething retard

>> No.10893090

I didn't even post it initially, seethe more unhinged cyber warrior

>> No.10893097

>didn’t want it then, and don’t want it now

Sure Jan. Tbh I feel bad for you. $180 is chump change.

>> No.10893100

i wouldn't know, because i don't use lolcow. simple as.

>> No.10893101
File: 36 KB, 537x399, B0DF9A78-70CC-448A-A9EE-2534D4B05FBC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

be serious

>> No.10893102

two wrongs don't make a right. I'm sure you've done the same sort've harassment anonymously to other girls outside of the one you're speaking about. I can't imagine any girl in this community has a lick of self awareness.

>> No.10893103

don't say that, you're going to make the poor gen z faggots on this board seethe. they don't know what it's like to buy brand full price!! they have to work months for 1 dress!

>> No.10893104

if you got posted on lolcow, you'd notice. you'll get messages from sainte asking you to be his gf, then weird people doing funky things on your socials, along with potentially random strangers showing up at your job, places you go to, events, even your house. I think some of you don't realize that this is all cached on google, you're going to be searchable for someone's vendetta. Hope you don't post publicly.

>> No.10893111

i haven't. don't project your bad behavior onto others

>> No.10893114

Since when does lacemarket put your listing on the top of the front page every week then delete your old listing so it says This auction has been deleted and can no longer be accessed? Fucking retard.

>> No.10893115

I'm the OP and I actually own the dress, it's all over xianyu and not rare at all. I should have specified the spam for each of her listings is annoying, but it's funny that she has RARE in the title of this one

>> No.10893116 [DELETED] 

Lmao the etsy seller charges $200 for these abominations

>> No.10893117

Lmao the etsy seller charges $200 for these abominations

>> No.10893120

it's not my bad behavior, it's just awareness that most of you are unhinged backstabbers

>> No.10893128

>if you simply didn't read the website at all, the vendetta wouldn't have impacted you in any real way.
>rumors don't impact people if they don't know about them
are you actually serious? do you know how often people will avoid others because of a baseless rumor?

>> No.10893129

He's trying to say not to get pressed by strangers who have no impact on you, like randos in youtube comments, not members of your niche hobby you need to interact with in good standing to buy things from and potentially hang out with.

>> No.10893134

anons seem angrier than usual tonight, everything ok?

>> No.10893135

They do this even without anonymous vendetta posting

>> No.10893140

To be a lolita you inevitably have to be online and involved in the community in some capacity. Even if you just use lacemarket and nothing else people stalk LM accounts as you can see plainly in these threads. But its different when its a comm member doing it to you and you have to actually interact with said person IRL. It sounds like youre advocating for people being bullied out of the fashion by BPD-chans with vendettas which is clown shit.

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File: 1.38 MB, 2160x1534, IMG_7445.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tbh some of the skirts aren’t bad but you can tell that they don’t have lots of experience with lolita. Plus mixing it with the outrageous prices. This is why you only buy from stores that specialize in lolita.

>> No.10893181

Gen Z are the ones driving the price up for everything, have you seen any deals lately compared to 2020 even? All the scalped listings are being bought up by these n00bs.

>> No.10893185

Gen z kids can’t afford most things on lace market on their own. the teens you see buying up overpriced listings are spoiled kids that their parents pay for. Wait a year or two for the prices of those items to go down since most of them are trendhoppers.

>> No.10893186

You know gen z is as old as 26 right?

>> No.10893187

Kek nonny unintentionally reveals they’re dusty af

>> No.10893188

that anon is obviously autistic or they've never had friends before

>> No.10893190

no it's a fucking internet hate machine troll post. yall take shit so literal for being on 4chan

>> No.10893193

>dusty af
it's so funny seeing people who think like this have a mental break when they turn 25

>> No.10893199

I think they meant more that the anon calling gen Z children when they can be as old as 26 is what makes them dusty. Not that 26 is.

>> No.10893204

none of us like gen z insufferable cunts, regardless of the age range

>> No.10893216

Are you illiterate? I say kids and teen 3 times in this post. Read the entire comment before responding.

>> No.10893218

26 isn't teen...

>> No.10893220

Are you seriously that stupid? I wasn’t insisting that 26 year olds are spoiled “kids” I was talking about actual kids that are 13 - 17.

>> No.10893250

that's the opposite of what i'm saying. these kinds of people would confront you at a meet up. if you aren't reading the hate comments, how would you be bullied out of the community when the ones making them are too chicken shit to say anything to your face? half of them likely don't even go to meet ups, and even if they did, they'd be the one who looks bad by admitting to using lolcow.

stop worrying about what vendettachans online have to say and just enjoy the hobby. sinking to their level makes you just as childish, but ignoring them and remaining unbothered means the only one miserable is them. if you prefer self isolation, that's your prerogative, but i still say you're tormenting yourselves over a pathetic gossip website and working yourself into a paranoid frenzy. grow up.

>> No.10893254

nah they just go to comm mods with gossip instead like idiots. trust me they go to meet ups, that's the whole reason why you get these weird shits with vendettas over someone breathing wrong in their vicinity. if they are like that online, they are like that IRL.

>> No.10893264

How does one even get caught doing that? She must have done a terrible job kek

>> No.10893265

New to 4chan?

>> No.10893284

the comm thread is over there if you want to talk about comm drama and nasty rumors

>> No.10893325

never seen someone get "caught," myself, without mod intervention. >>10892734 nonny, you got something to say?

>> No.10893351

she bragged about it privately. zero consequences for her and no mod intervention. i won’t elaborate further since it’s not public, sorry.

>> No.10893389
File: 439 KB, 1080x1961, Screenshot_20231124_014528_Firefox Nightly.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What's the point of listing shoes this damaged

>> No.10893393

If the leather is quality, this may be completely fixable at a cobbler, just most likely too expensive for the seller to even bother. It seems that the upper is mostly undamaged from the preview (not gonna check lm I'm too lazy) so it might be worth fixing for someone who wants more durable shoes at a bargain.

>> No.10893400

Nta but i don’t think those are leather, they’re peeling

>> No.10893425

some people like projects, and some people buy pieces just for photos; as long as it has good angles, doesn't matter if it doesn't function. i have a bag i use exclusively for photos because i like how it looks but it's decade old pleather that i don't want to risk past that

>> No.10893496 [DELETED] 

How does one even get the safety pins to be nearly invisible like the pros do? I know about pinning through the back of the insert, but most inserts are so damn thick that it's impossible.

>> No.10893652

Who is momo?

>> No.10893702

Comm mods seem to be the biggest dumbfucks. My comm always has drama bc the mod refuses to acknowledge how terrible she is at taking action and dealing with 25+ year old drama mongers. This is why the other mods in the state shit on her behind closed doors unless it’s con season, where they travel to a con with a large lolita presence in our area. I really miss the other mod before her position, but she is not the best at hosting events for the comm. I just wish we could go back to simpler times where drama wasn't this big and lolcow wasn’t a shitshow because of the mod mis managing due to favoritism and being a cluster.

>> No.10893715


Jesus Christ, you’re right.

>> No.10893716 [DELETED] 

Why does she link all of her accounts to the AO3 where she writes pedo rape???

>> No.10893767 [DELETED] 

anon, i should've just taken your word for it. she has on her ao3 her account of being raped by her cousin. this bitch is truly insane

>> No.10893770 [DELETED] 
File: 53 KB, 540x720, BAF5FA7C-404B-4028-8283-F20E04CF03F3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


what in the fuck. can someone post this to the farms?

>> No.10893771
File: 229 KB, 466x787, 549C4121-4129-46C0-AD95-8D29DD6803E3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why the fuck is this featured on LM

>> No.10893787
File: 452 KB, 1400x865, ccirclly circles.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's just a quirk in how the Circlly hosting works, an item featured in any of the marketplaces gets shown on all of them. There's been plenty of instances of other jfash and cosplay pieces getting featured on the EGL site.

>> No.10893789

This should be in the stupid questions thread. There are multiple markets on Circlly, if an item is featured it shows on each market in place of where an ad would.

>> No.10893794 [DELETED] 

the thing is she made the rape part up which is crazy

>> No.10893811

huh, i guess their other markets must be super dead, this is the first time i've ever seen anything not j fashion related be promoted on LM. thanks anon.

>> No.10893815

I wish Gothic Lovers would get some activity. I always see goths online asking where to buy clothes and I think GL has some potential. But I know it would get overrun with dropshippers.

>> No.10893820

>It’s not my listing and I really dgaf
Obviously you are if you're getting this aggressive and personally invested over it kek.
I fucking love this thread because the most unhinged sellers who're not so subtly wking themselves here make it very easy to avoid them.

>> No.10893840 [DELETED] 

nta, but a ton of us are tired of seeing whiners about pricing. also by this point everyone and their mom knows of cgl. It's not the "gotcha" it was in 2014. this board is dead and you're hanging onto a carcass. Lolitas destroyed this board in the first place thinking it was the "fun" place to vendetta post when we didn't tolerate it before they poured in with their boring personalities (look at the old Lolita memes from LJ. They are not funny. You know who you are.) and the reality is it's not that misplaced to post on cgl anymore in 2023, you post after all. By your logic people should avoid your sales. You could basically go down the discord gate leak and get a list of everyone that visits this website and likely the farms. Those are the people who use this website to vendetta post. Anyone else? Who fucking cares. If you poke people, they react. That's actually pretty normal. Personally I think you're the odd one out trying to pretend like you're part of a culture you weren't born into and are far outside the glory days. Move on.

>> No.10893844

This. Its tiring to see poorfags come and complain about things priced around or under retail. We get it, you're poor. Go cry about it somewhere else.

>> No.10893846

total noob here, i saw someone say "dont understand second hand etiqueete" explain?
what is concidered good etiquette?

>> No.10893848

>no worn pics in listings, it’s not depop
>If listing says no offers, NO OFFERS or haggling
>read the buyer tos to avoid stupid questions that have already been answered
>if there’s a lolibary listing for it don’t ask for measurements, you can ask if the lolibary measurements are accurate only if you’re really worried but even that I’ve found to be annoying for certain pieces
>always disclose even the smallest damage
>don’t list dirty ass dresses that can be easily cleaned
There’s more but I’m lazy

>> No.10893872

Agreed. It's poorfag mentality. Spend less time seething over things you can't change and more time working on yourself so you can afford things instead of rotting and seething. This thread just enables tantrum throwing children.

>> No.10893876 [DELETED] 

> Those are the people who use this website to vendetta post
You are delusional if you think they are the only people. There have been multiple instances of girls who never participated in discordgate getting caught vendettaposting on the farms. You sound like you’re trying to cover up for your own actions.

>> No.10893898 [DELETED] 

Damn that post triggered the rotters so hard that they had to go report it to be deleted. If you actually worked instead of seethed over internet vendettas all day you might be able to afford the second hand lolita on LM silly poorfag

>> No.10893899 [DELETED] 

Daily reminder to check discordgate for vendetta posters

>> No.10893925 [DELETED] 

What was deleted? Caps??

>> No.10893928 [DELETED] 

Tl;DR: Anon posted a sperg about discord chans for still being on here and how this is a dead board and they are holding onto the corpse of something that wasn't even theirs to begin with, that they killed it by vendetta posting.

And judging by the deletion of posts, assuming anon was right. It's not a good look.

>> No.10893930

Stop derailing the thread with unrelated drama.

>> No.10893931

Sure jan. Dead board.

>> No.10893998

lurking moar

>> No.10894002
File: 1.07 MB, 1242x1689, CC306416-59D3-4E96-A816-74F9005AFF00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Alright who got it

>> No.10894003

It's so disappointing to see most of this scalper's reviews be from shopping services used by westerners. Japanese lolitas clearly know better than to support this cunt.

>> No.10894005

I lived in Japan a couple years ago for a short period and purchased from her, she immediately cancelled my orders. She will only sell to shipping services because they cannot leave bad reviews. It’s unfortunate because she posted a well priced dream item but refuses to sell to real Mercari accounts

>> No.10894017

Some newfag zoomer with no impulse control, forever encouraging the scalping trend.

>> No.10894020

I guess the most recent sale of it hitting $1,000 on lacemarket has ruined it forever

>> No.10894023

Someone in my comm sold theirs for $900 after that

>> No.10894036

I've bought from this seller before with a shopping service, never an item above average resale value and never above retail though and never had any issues with undisclosed damages yet.
A lot of the items she sells are overpriced though and I sometimes laugh at how delusional the pricing is.

>> No.10894049

>I've bought from this seller before with a shopping service
Stop giving her incentive to continue snatching up every reasonably priced/popular item off Mercari just to flip it for hundreds more, she's single-handedly ruining the entire Japanese secondhand market

>> No.10894053

Nayrt but you are so incredibly entitled if you think you have the right to boss people around and tell them who they can and cannot buy from. And she isnt "single handedlt ruining the entire japanese secondhand market", there are other scalpers too. Get over yourself

>> No.10894054

She is clearly the most active scalper and as long as retards like you keep supporting her nothing is going to change

>> No.10894055

Isn’t everything on etsy price gouged?

>> No.10894056

Gonna go to my SS and order some stuff from her rn so you can shit yourself even harder lol. cope.

>> No.10894060

Maybe if you got a real job and not something like fast food or retail you could afford to buy from her too.

>> No.10894065

even if you can afford it, i wouldn't recommend it; she doesn't disclose damages. i bought some items from her a while back and they were pit-stained and smelled like motor oil.

>> No.10894082

That's the main reason I would consider not buying from her in the future. I never buy overpriced things (above average resale value) anyway, but I got lucky I never got anything with undisclosed damages. It's obvious from the fact that she cancels orders from anyone who isn't a shopping service, that she is trying to get away with something. I call her "pink vending machine" because that's what her profile picture looks like, does she have another account (perhaps on mercari) that she uses to sell things?

>> No.10894111

Bragging about massively overpaying for items isn't the "gotcha" that you think it is

>> No.10894113

>thinking that adults with jobs spending their money how they please instead of giving into autistic raging of poorfags on the internet is "bragging"

Get a job

>> No.10894126

someone makes $13 an hour

>> No.10894127

You can spend your money how you please but we're also free to laugh at you for it

Whatever you need to tell yourself to justify paying $800 for a damaged crusty dress from 2001

>> No.10894128

And we're free to laugh at you for being a whiny entitled poorfag

>> No.10894133

Calling a good condition dress damaged and crusty just because you couldn't afford it has the same energy as a guy saying "she's ugly anyway" after getting rejected kek

>> No.10894134

You just keep perpetuating the cycle of bowing down to people that love scalping you and make a living doing it, and you brag about that. This newfag mentality is pathetic. inb4 durr poor!!1 I earn a lot too, and I keep it. You're not smart enough to be thrifty. That's what's so hilarious to everyone else looking in.

>> No.10894137

If you actually earned "a lot" you wouldn't be this pressed over people spending their money on what they want. Grow up.

>> No.10894138

Being financially irresponsible isn't something to brag about, retard.

>> No.10894139

Nobody is pressed. We think it's hilarious, actually.

>> No.10894140
File: 83 KB, 666x500, 1458258268374.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

LOL keep diggin' that hole nonny, you're the one getting willfully SCALPED. It's okay to admit you're new!

>> No.10894142


>> No.10894150

Again, multiple people have confirmed this seller often sells things with undisclosed damages. You're getting ripped off and you think it's brag-worthy, it's really funny. I don't understand the mentality of thinking that overpaying on damaged goods because you need that instant gratification makes you better than everyone. Just makes you stupid.

>> No.10894174

found the scalper

>> No.10894175

So many poorfags ITT shaking crying and struggling to cope with market fluctuation

>> No.10894176

I have seen her sell bleach-stained items with the garment carefully folded to cover the stains. I really wouldn't buy from her unless you are happy to risk getting a seriously damaged item.

>> No.10894225

Lmao I’m not anyone who’s been posting ITT but NT. I just think you sound bitter

>> No.10894237

The proverbial "you" , not literally you the poster. Reading comprehension.

>> No.10894239

nayrt but kek, way to backtrack. nice try newfag

>> No.10894285

sure sounding bitter for someone who's not part of any of this and definitely not bothered by being called out on being an idiot, mhmm

>> No.10894288

>"You're getting ripped off and you think it's brag-worthy, it's really funny." in the same reply, to (You)
>The proverbial "you" , not literally you the poster.
Sure Jan, totally doesn't sound like you're addressing anyone!

>> No.10894296

Sorry you failed high school English.

>> No.10894364

I'm so glad I don't know any of you IRL woof

>> No.10894365

Sorry you failed at life and work a minimum wage job spending your days crying about what other people do with their own money. Bleak!

>> No.10894368

Again. Whatever you need to tell yourself to make you feel better. So valid bestie.

>> No.10894370

>So valid bestie.
tells me enough, cringe twitter user

>> No.10894387

You fall for bait so easily.

>> No.10894402
File: 986 KB, 206x498, the-idolmaster-takane.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10894403

Everytime someone gets overly defensive over scalping, it always escalates into this spergfest of projection and calling everyone else poorfags. No one with money and a steady job feels the need to scalp in the first place.

>> No.10894404

Okay, post screenshots of it then. This larp is embarrassing.

>> No.10894405

This is interesting, do you know what japanese lolitas think regarding this? Do they block them? Two or three years ago I saw them complaining about scalpers on one of their imageboards but the discussion was rather short lived.

>> No.10894410

Daily reminder that most lolita will never obtain their dream dresses let alone own few wish list items if they're not willing to pay the price.

>> No.10894414

It's sad that you think like this.

>> No.10894416

i got my dream print a week ago and it was less than retail despite being a commonly scalped item. patience is a virtue.

>> No.10894489

Some of us are lucky enough to have entered lolita when making good deals was normal and not an exception. I got that same hospitality doll set for 20k yen when Mercari was still pretty unknown and it sat on there for months before I bought it. Most of my moitie main pieces were also below $200. But I get that you'd think like this if you started lolita now, when the 85% of mercari/fril/y!auctions is littered with the same 5-something scalpers buying up all the good deals and when even all the second hand shops raised their prices above retail for the most unwanted items. Must be tough

>> No.10894491

Man, I miss the good old days. The fashion was so much more enjoyable to me before it really took off and actually getting your hands on the clothes became a competition.

>> No.10894512

Nayrt but " before it really took off"? Every year there's someone saying that lolita fashion is dead.

>> No.10894532

It's definitely a dead shell of what it once was, though the fragments of the shell are more widespread than ever.

>> No.10894549

Probably a unpopular one then.
What that anon was trying to say was that most of the highly sought after items are hard to come by with fair pricing.
it's not only the dresses, but the accessories, blouses, and jewelry.

>> No.10894550

>most of the highly sought after items are hard to come by with fair pricing.
Maybe currently, but not always. What's popular or highly sought after comes and goes in cycles. There are things that were popular years ago that sell cheaply now. And things that were unpopular back then that are now being scalped for $500+. Patience really is key here, like the other anon said.

>> No.10894553

Or do you? ;)

>> No.10894554

>This newfag mentality is pathetic
get the word newfag out of your mouth you pathetic swine. if you can't pay for lolita, then the tenure on this board means jack all. it's not relevant to lolita either, you dumb piece of shit. just because you paid for some cheap old school items when we all called it ita, doesn't make you the law for ACTUALLY SOUGHT AFTER items. you were ita then and are now. no one cares.

>> No.10894555

ouch. we have a cosplayer posting in the thread. why are you here, visitor? no one cares about the trash you make. lolita costs money, if you're too poor then no one fucking cares.

get a job and no your etsy business does not count as a real job

>> No.10894556

nta, it's not bait to type like a retard. bait aint what you think it is you dumb little newfag.

>> No.10894557

this is a retarded comment. most of the brand was in japan at it's peak, you fucking idiot. again, tired of newfags on this board acting like they know shit. trash fucking board should be deleted because we get gen z retards coming on here all the time.

>> No.10894560

Holy seething samefag Batman

>> No.10894586
File: 1.32 MB, 1723x942, Screenshot 2023-12-06 023721.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Am I missing something? I swear I saw this set sitting for weeks on yahoo auctions

>> No.10894589

A literal who that an overweight tub of lard bullied out of a Texas comm.

>> No.10894592

She has a Mercari account she uses for buying. When she purchases off me, I leave a negative review because I hate her scalping ass.

>> No.10894594

I typed that way to make you/the poster upset. And it worked. So yes, it was bait, and you fell for it. Dumbass.

>> No.10894596

>Jokes on them I was only pretending to be retarded

>> No.10894597

>she thinks she's a troll by using a phrase
>"teehee I am so random and quirky by saying a word. it's bait. teehee"
gb2tiktok, your neurodivergents are calling you.

>> No.10894604

What's with the constant vendetta against the oldschoolers? Jealous of their wardrobes much?

>> No.10894607

Continue to keep being mad about it. That was the point.

>> No.10894608

No one calling you cringe is mad lmao

>> No.10894611

OK. Keep replying acting like you're not pressed.

>> No.10894613

You're unironically unhinged for thinking like this desu

>> No.10894614

I have deep regrets not getting it sooner in life. A lot of people who do wear it is busting the buttons cause they don’t fit it.

Why won’t Meta re-release it?

>> No.10894616

It's some anime collab release, which always end up being sought after, despite looking worse than Taobao, sold by the delusional Fril scalper - you do the match

>> No.10894617

>When she purchases off me, I leave a negative review because I hate her scalping ass.
Are you not allowed to cancel transactions/block buyers on Mercari?

>> No.10894625

No one cares about those old towel rags. We could have gotten them before you were squeezed out of your mom's vagina

>> No.10894626

Get a job

>> No.10894628

Lmao seething newfag confirmed. It's fine anon, I understand your anger and coping. I would be seething too if I would have to pay 5x more for my wardrobe in the current state of lolita.

>> No.10894630

They actually did some inspired-rereleases like the Engelsbeginn series, which are essentially HD but with slightly longer skirt and more details. But these are even rarer than HD because they were some region-limited release. I'm sorry nonna, just try to be patient, there always pop up one or two reasonably priced sets around Halloween.

>> No.10894633

Yes, her mercari account is https://jp.mercari.com/user/reviews/434325837
Also thee was some speculation that she's chinese.

>> No.10894640

You need a valid reason to cancel. You can block users. She bought listings I didn’t think she would try to scalp but she did anyway. I would rather have the money and leave negative feedback kek.

>> No.10894658

NTA They barely look anything alike anon. Do you also think every nurse themed release is HD inspired?

>> No.10894668

I'm talking about the blouse/skirt/headdress set. It was literally stated by meta themselves that it's made to be in reference to HD.

>> No.10894684

The worst colorway too kek. Someone is a sucker.

>> No.10894688

Aini waffles got it. She also spent more than that much on a damaged die walkure set I’m not sure if from the same scalper but LOL

>> No.10894689 [DELETED] 

Lmao wasn't that the girl selfposting in the buy thread saying "im so jealous of her arms! she has so much brand!" and naming specific pieces she owns as if anyone says shit like that

>> No.10894690

It wasn't her that bought this, you're thinking of the one she bid a grand on on lacemarket. Which someone still outbid but at least it wasn't going to a scalper.

>> No.10894693

The one precisely.

>> No.10894694 [DELETED] 

Aini spotted trying to deflect attention after her last embarrassment

>> No.10894703 [DELETED] 

At least make up some retarded story how you're supposed to know this if you're going to talk in third person about yourself. But that would explain the spergy derailing itt.

>> No.10894704 [DELETED] 

I doubt the seller would have sold it to her anyway after she spent an entire thread chimping out over that very same seller's appearance for no reason kek. Even the subtle name change can't possibly cover that up.

>> No.10894822

The fuck are you on? Black x pink is great faggot

>> No.10894823

nayrt and I love the color combo but its by far the worst for hospitality doll.

>> No.10894852 [DELETED] 
File: 410 KB, 1080x1799, IMG_20231207_202435.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>make pathetic selfpost
>cry for the jannies when anons immediately clock it but forget to also report your own post that started it in the first place
top kek

>> No.10894854 [DELETED] 
File: 405 KB, 1074x1818, IMG_20231207_202411.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10894857

What the fuck are you talking about?

Lolita costs money and you can still be responsible with money while wearing the fashion. My god, you probably live in a dumpy trailer.

>> No.10894939

>not bad
Not bad?
Are we looking at the same dresses?
Somewhere a sweatshop's uneducated child worker is having nightmares about making something so horrid.

A blind man with both arms amputated would have designed something better.

My five year old cousin would do better.
This is somehow worse than even Lady Sloth, it's worse than the care bears dress.

This is your shop, isn't it?

>> No.10894942

wtf guess I should sell mine

>> No.10894948

Nayrt, it's my favorite colorway. Who knew black and pink could be so divisive

>> No.10894949 [DELETED] 
File: 410 KB, 1080x1799, 1701977302780278.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>make pathetic selfpost
>continuously cry for the jannies when anons immediately clock it but forget to also report your own selfpost that started the "vendetta" in the first place
top kek

>> No.10894950 [DELETED] 
File: 405 KB, 1074x1818, 1701977374999759.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10894980 [DELETED] 
File: 410 KB, 1080x1799, 1701977302780278.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>make pathetic selfpost
>continuously cry for the jannies when anons immediately clock it but forget to also report your own selfpost that started the "vendetta" in the first place
top kek

>> No.10894981 [DELETED] 
File: 405 KB, 1074x1818, 1701977374999759.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10895057

Don't let the price fool you, someone got desperate and it's not worth that. But if it's sax you can probably scalp AW for it though kek

>> No.10895059
File: 605 KB, 1588x574, what.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

am i just a poorfag or is this like, a bit insane

>> No.10895064

The starting bid is not really that much more than what a new blouse from IW would cost. I don't think that's too crazy. It's high for me, so I wouldn't buy it, but I don't think it's ridiculous.

>> No.10895068

It’s a bit high but not outrageous. Pricing on items pre 2010 is all over the place. A piece going on 20 years old, if in good condition, is def worth 150-175 usd to the right buyer. A girl in my comm dropped $350 on a vintage 90s eta baby dress that had only come up once before on LM but went for like $80. It was so rare/old that she didn’t care about the price.

>> No.10895072

Do you have the LM listing/name of the dress? Interested in seeing what it was, I hardly ever see anything by them from the 90s

>> No.10895094 [DELETED] 
File: 410 KB, 1080x1799, 1702073941913781.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>make pathetic selfpost
>continuously cry for the jannies when anons immediately clock it but forget to also report your own selfpost that started the "vendetta" in the first place
top kek

>> No.10895095 [DELETED] 
File: 405 KB, 1074x1818, 1702074018484891.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10895096 [DELETED] 

Kek weren’t we just talking about how people do this for sympathy? Can’t trust any info on here.

>> No.10895108

i mean people can price what they want but that blouse is so generic idk why anyone would pay that? I’ve bought older blouses with as much detail for ¥8000

>> No.10895144

classics tend to hoard clothing and are usually willing to pay more for "plain" secondhand pieces than sweets. and the price isn't much different than IWs new blouses retail for. i would happily pay $200+ for my dream blouse due to age + rarity if it ever popped up.

>> No.10895148

Kind of high but not really insane. I’d buy it instantly for $100. Someone will probably buy it for the current price, but I don’t think it’ll sell quickly. It’s also not a plain/generic blouse, it has lots of nice details.

>> No.10895159

Get a job loser

>> No.10895160

post IQ test result

>> No.10895202 [DELETED] 
File: 410 KB, 1080x1799, 1702073941913781.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>make pathetic selfpost
>continuously cry for the jannies when anons immediately clock it but forget to also report your own selfpost that started the "vendetta" in the first place
top kek

>> No.10895203 [DELETED] 
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>> No.10895315

Holy shit your autism is unmatched. Mods have deleted these what, 5 times now? And you're just too autistic to let it go.

>> No.10895345 [DELETED] 

Ok look. I am the one that's been reporting your posts and I have no idea who this aini person you so clearly have a vendetta against is, nor am I them. You are delusional.

>> No.10895374

I don't think you'd even be able afford to count up to the number. Get a job.

>> No.10895375

Imagine admitting to being this stuffy on 4chan.

>> No.10895381

No one cares about your vendetta.

>> No.10895395

>fuck you bitch I’m not paying that shit

Then wear thrift.

Is it actually inconceivable to you that these dresses are now collectible art?
It's like beanie babies, but a dress.

>> No.10895429

You know beanie babies are worthless right?

>> No.10895444 [DELETED] 
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>make pathetic selfpost
>continuously cry for the jannies when anons immediately clock it but forget to also report your own selfpost that started the "vendetta" in the first place
>pretend it's totally someone else reporting and seething for your sake
top kek

>> No.10895445 [DELETED] 
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>> No.10895452
File: 1.97 MB, 1233x1554, mrc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's overpriced but somewhat ok, the regular brown has always been the least popular for MRC compared to pink and bitter. I'm mostly baffled by the sheer number of MRCs she's sold. The price has gone up from the 500-800 range to 1.2-1.5k range because of her kek

>> No.10895454

Bet she’s paying her taxes on all that kek

>> No.10895488

You know the CCP is getting their cut

>> No.10895492
File: 72 KB, 480x640, itsanicedress.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I bought a crumpled Baby dress on lacemarket for quite cheap, it was like 90 dollars or something. I'd eyed it for ages & finally realized looking at the seller reviews: "Is the only thing wrong they really just don't want to deal with fixing the wrinkles?" So, I took a chance. Don't get me wrong, when it arrived, it looked like it'd been crumpled & stuffed in a purse for a year straight. It was exactly as pictured. I washed it, laid it flat to dry, hand-pressed all the lace back out, and then went meticulously with an iron on low heat over everything. It was the best 90$ I ever spent. Then I learned I can't tie a bow worth a shit. In the end, my secondhand experience was I'm the retard. That's all. I hope someone enjoyed my story.

>still trying to make it work, just looks ita from the back.

>> No.10895494

cool lacemarket review, bro.

>> No.10895543 [DELETED] 
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>make pathetic selfpost
>continuously cry for the jannies when anons immediately clock it but forget to also report your own selfpost that started the "vendetta" in the first place
>pretend it's totally someone else reporting and seething for your sake
top kek

>> No.10895544 [DELETED] 
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>> No.10895565
File: 323 KB, 1080x1648, Screenshot_20231213_112859_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For $50 man just throw it away at this point.

>> No.10895568

I miss pre-COVID when you could buy dresses like this for $30-$40

>> No.10895587

you still can, it's just unlikely on lacemarket. i wonder if you all are checking other sales sites at all.

>> No.10895589

the cutsew or the couch?

>> No.10895590

Oh god, I didn't even notice the couch

>> No.10895593

Holy shit what is with sellers picking the worst possible location to photograph their items!?

It would probably be salvageable if you scrubbed off the decrepit teddy. Not worth the price though for all that work.

>> No.10895675 [DELETED] 
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>make pathetic selfpost
>continuously cry for the jannies when anons immediately clock it but forget to also report your own selfpost that started the "vendetta" in the first place
>pretend it's totally someone else reporting and seething for your sake
top kek

>> No.10895677 [DELETED] 
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>> No.10895698 [DELETED] 
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>make pathetic selfpost
>continuously cry for the jannies when anons immediately clock it but forget to also report your own selfpost that started the "vendetta" in the first place
>pretend it's totally someone else reporting and seething for your sake
top kek

>> No.10895699 [DELETED] 
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>> No.10895702

okay. WHO is having this continued mental breakdown

>> No.10895706

Someone who really hates being reminded of their samefagging kek.

>> No.10895781

It's been a while since I've checked Mercari and Fril. I know they pop up from time to time, but not as much as before.

>> No.10895924 [DELETED] 
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>make pathetic selfpost
>continuously cry for the jannies when anons immediately clock it but forget to also report your own selfpost that started the "vendetta" in the first place
>pretend it's totally someone else reporting and seething for your sake
top kek

>> No.10895925 [DELETED] 
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>> No.10896257

teensy.bun saw her wearing it at UM. she was bragging it was an engagement gift from her fiancé

>> No.10896260
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>> No.10896261 [DELETED] 
File: 1.62 MB, 1242x1783, 4A35AE6E-7A06-4EB8-9A4B-1793C7C9DEAF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She posted this a little over a week after it sold so the timing matches up. God she styled it so horribly too to spend that much money on it, basic ass baby socks and fugly off brand Mary Janes yikes

>> No.10896475 [DELETED] 
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>make pathetic selfpost
>continuously cry for the jannies when anons immediately clock it but forget to also report your own selfpost that started the "vendetta" in the first place
>pretend it's totally someone else reporting and seething for your sake
top kek

>> No.10896476 [DELETED] 
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>> No.10899251
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