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50 days to go

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I'm attending for the first time this year and bringing three friends who also have never attended (and are anime-loving adjacent). Any tips for enjoying the convention? I've only ever attended AX and Wondercon.

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Whatever happened to that guy who started the fire?

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Think of it as a smaller more intimate version of AX. Many who attend this also go to other cons in the region. It's more laid back than AX and Wondercon since it's the only con I can socialize snd not be running 100mph at other events.

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It's somewhere between (insert local ~100 attendee "con") and AX. It's not massive, but it's also definitely much more busy than micro-cons. You can take things at your own pace because almost all of the guests are nobodies (and almost none of them are actual anime/gaming industry people being dub VA), so don't feel pressured to chase down panels or rush to signings. You will have to adapt to a few things:

-Ribbon Hunt: As far as I know, this con has the most devout ribbon community. You'll need to look around social media to properly "get" it, but loads of people will hound down as many convention ribbons as possible, and they're all fanmade. They're for pretty much everything you could imagine, but when you get to the con, that's effectively a local "minigame" that's always there every year.
-Con Space: It's never been just situated at the con center, there's an attached building to the con center that also has a lot of events. You really are going to want to take a look at the map in case there's something you want to participate in (workshops, gaming, screenings, etc.) because the general logic of "Oh I'll just walk around and find something" might not work when you see the way the con is shaped.
-Passerbies: It's in Long Beach, so you'll wind up around a lot of Long Beach denizens. Don't presume people in plainclothes are con attendees unless you see their lanyards and badges, because there will be a lot of suspect individuals crossing through. Apparently some guys got maced by an asshole prankster at a party last year.
-Weather: Long Beach is a beachside con in the Winter, which means the weather is completely unpredictable. Prepare for anything between a stiflingly hot 80+F day and a torrential rainstorm. We've had rain, flight-disrupting fog, and extreme heat at just Long Beach's ALAs, so bring extra outfits and/or cosplay to cover your bases.

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Out of jail in 2021, probation for five years.


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This was extremely helpful. Thank you for your detail and time.

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>15 minutes

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Asshole should have got the death penalty.

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>A little more than a month to go
>still have cosplayers and coords to finish
There's still time but it's time to crunch. I want to order ribbons but I'm scared they won't get here in time goddammit.

It's very relaxed and most people are very friendly. Make sure you plan ahead and check events to make sure you don't get bored and there are food trucks close to the con in case you get hungry. Food inside the con is very expensive and the Artist Alleys and vendors are decent. Can be chilly at night and hot in the day time so make sure you're prepared.

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Cosplay schedule. I'm planning on having ribbons as Chrollo Lucifer and Jeremy Fitzgerald!

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Anyone doing else doing the January LA anime cons of ALA and Anime Impulse on back-to-back weekends?

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Is anime impulse any good?

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I go just to people watch cute Chinese normie chicks at the Asian American Expo.

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I'd only say go if an artist you like couldn't be at ALA or if you're local.

Otherwise no reason really.