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50 days to go

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I'm attending for the first time this year and bringing three friends who also have never attended (and are anime-loving adjacent). Any tips for enjoying the convention? I've only ever attended AX and Wondercon.

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Whatever happened to that guy who started the fire?

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Think of it as a smaller more intimate version of AX. Many who attend this also go to other cons in the region. It's more laid back than AX and Wondercon since it's the only con I can socialize snd not be running 100mph at other events.

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It's somewhere between (insert local ~100 attendee "con") and AX. It's not massive, but it's also definitely much more busy than micro-cons. You can take things at your own pace because almost all of the guests are nobodies (and almost none of them are actual anime/gaming industry people being dub VA), so don't feel pressured to chase down panels or rush to signings. You will have to adapt to a few things:

-Ribbon Hunt: As far as I know, this con has the most devout ribbon community. You'll need to look around social media to properly "get" it, but loads of people will hound down as many convention ribbons as possible, and they're all fanmade. They're for pretty much everything you could imagine, but when you get to the con, that's effectively a local "minigame" that's always there every year.
-Con Space: It's never been just situated at the con center, there's an attached building to the con center that also has a lot of events. You really are going to want to take a look at the map in case there's something you want to participate in (workshops, gaming, screenings, etc.) because the general logic of "Oh I'll just walk around and find something" might not work when you see the way the con is shaped.
-Passerbies: It's in Long Beach, so you'll wind up around a lot of Long Beach denizens. Don't presume people in plainclothes are con attendees unless you see their lanyards and badges, because there will be a lot of suspect individuals crossing through. Apparently some guys got maced by an asshole prankster at a party last year.
-Weather: Long Beach is a beachside con in the Winter, which means the weather is completely unpredictable. Prepare for anything between a stiflingly hot 80+F day and a torrential rainstorm. We've had rain, flight-disrupting fog, and extreme heat at just Long Beach's ALAs, so bring extra outfits and/or cosplay to cover your bases.

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Out of jail in 2021, probation for five years.


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This was extremely helpful. Thank you for your detail and time.

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>15 minutes

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Asshole should have got the death penalty.

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>A little more than a month to go
>still have cosplayers and coords to finish
There's still time but it's time to crunch. I want to order ribbons but I'm scared they won't get here in time goddammit.

It's very relaxed and most people are very friendly. Make sure you plan ahead and check events to make sure you don't get bored and there are food trucks close to the con in case you get hungry. Food inside the con is very expensive and the Artist Alleys and vendors are decent. Can be chilly at night and hot in the day time so make sure you're prepared.

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Cosplay schedule. I'm planning on having ribbons as Chrollo Lucifer and Jeremy Fitzgerald!

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Anyone doing else doing the January LA anime cons of ALA and Anime Impulse on back-to-back weekends?

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Is anime impulse any good?

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I go just to people watch cute Chinese normie chicks at the Asian American Expo.

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I'd only say go if an artist you like couldn't be at ALA or if you're local.

Otherwise no reason really.

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>Less than a month and nothing is happening.

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Is it usually this dead a month before a con or was ALA 2023 that much of a bust?

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ALA 2023 was my first ever time at the event and it was pretty underwhelming. I'm not going this year but that's just because I'm not in LA anymore, if I were still in LA there'd be like a 50/50 chance I'd go.

I was under the impression ALA was going to be this cool party con but I was literally the only person at the hotel bar on Friday night; it was a fucking whiplash.

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yeah the party vibe kind of died when it left ontario

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*when wuflu came and went

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Don't you mean when it left the LAX Marriott?

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nah the ratchetson year one in ontario was peak ala party

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Ontario is a fucking dump. I'll gladly take Long Beach over that any day.

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>the only person at the hotel bar on Friday night
Why were you there for a party con? The biggest, loudest party last year was at the Terrace Theater fountain, where somebody got maced and caused a huge issue with the cops coming to shake up the party. Most of the rest of the parties were either at the numerous raves, concerts, and room parties throughout. Pretty much nobody hangs out at a bar anymore.

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Retards standing around a fountain in the cold or doing drugs in a hotel room isn't my idea of a good time. I love to drink and see some ridiculous sites, but I like to keep it inside and classy.

I also saw that concert on Friday night which was okay, not amazing, room was way too big for the size of the audience that came.

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>but I like to keep it inside and classy.
Is your idea of a party a dimly lit 80's nightclub? I can't imagine what you think parties look like at conventions.

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>went last year
>eh should be good most shit's dropped off of mandates and coof
>luv me some of that ontario ALA stuff
>layout is super fucky only good solid positive is the vendor hall not smelling like a gym locker room for once
>some friends around a english pub drinking, others on some crosswalk part to the con, others wrapped around the hotel
>no good meetup location that isn't surround by other lost people so no on can see eachother
Was fun but eh felt off for sure the magic just was not there

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someone explain Ribbon Hunting to me like im retarded.

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>People make silly ribbons to stick onto your badge
>Some people require you to do or say something for the ribbon
>Some will post on the ALA discord/facebook group showing off their ribbons and what you need to do to get one
>Others give out ribbons randomly or artists in the AA may give you a ribbon if you purchase something
>ALA offers an area where you can make ribbons to give out
>Some people are autistic about it for some reason and try to collect a bunch of ribbons to make a very long ribbon chain on their badge

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How bad Is the construction at the renaissance? Trying to decide between the renaissance westin for a hotel- not sure which is better overall.

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Went last year, collected enough just to beat my 3 friends. Become autistic to assert dominance.

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If I dont use facebook or discord how do I find the information? Since its all fan done wouldnt be in the directory yeah? I want a long ribbon badge.
post ribbons

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Is there an ALA discord?

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yes an official one you can find on the website

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Gods take me back...

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RIP Fountain Con

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Who /hyattregency/ here

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i fucking wish, people keep canceling so who knows

ive swapped hotels 3 times in 2 days

best western -> hyatt centric -> ren

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>mfw travelodge because cheapest option

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Do people even go to these? lol

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If next the panel is interesting, expect like 2 people who are butt buddies with the panelists to show support and at the same time sympathy.

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Since 2022, my friend works for the government and some kind of high ranking Hyatt rewards member and gets rooms at a good rate.

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What happened?

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lol no. Like 2-4 attendees tops in those rooms. And the worst part, there are entirely way too many of these panels.

Need to get someone who actually wants to teach something interesting to run stuff.

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>Can't afford to go to ALA, my favorite con, because of bullshit legal expenses.
>My father manages to fuck up my life even from the grave.

I wish he was still alive so I could strangle him to death.

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Is westin still the bestin?

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they need to just not allow the mental illness (this includes all LGBBQ adjacent) panels. They have nothing to do with anime and are always just fat self diagnosed retards saying nothing for free passes to the cons.

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Can’t wait to hit up the cosplay deviants dance once again and dance with a qt

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this reminds me the other day, the office "qt" (she is nothing out of this world but enough that everyone would want to bang) asked me if I'd dance with her, and I told her "fuck no", for me dancing is like some kind of torture, I suffer even if I'm completely drunk

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>Vtuber concert before masquerade
LOL what are they thinking??

your fake story has nothing to do with ALA

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jumpscare seeing these two on /cgl/

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>Going to the Masquerade ever

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>spending money on a con and not indulging in the cringe

lol nigga what are you even doing there

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Socializing, drinking, and consuming cannabis like everyone else.

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Based dead dad screwing over their degenerate children from attending degenerate events.

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I don't know any of these people besides Kson and Ironmouse, will it fill up quick?

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its all virtual anyway why not just watch it on your phone? vtumer shit is retarded.

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Anime cons would be dead without them.

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>moved to Phoenix because work recently
>didn't think I would have time off
>get time off job position is actually hybrid
>check flights to get back to ALA
>+300(with bags) round trip to LAX/more to LBG
>round trip flights to Ontario <200
>have to settle for picrel because it's close
already feeling con depression hit in...

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>your brain on vtumers
because they were dead prior to covid.

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Anime is dying to ugly women larping as online anime characters.

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How about you drive ya bum?

>> No.10896437

>selling more then ever
>cons are bigger then ever
>its all because of ethots in digital makeup!
no, as much as id love to blame vtumers for the current state of cons its 100% because of streaming services having decent shows during lockdowns. that and social media.

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>dude just drive nearly 12 hours for this even one way then back
yeah... don't think you know how far phoenix is there dude

>> No.10896495

>>selling more then ever
>>cons are bigger then ever

>> No.10896512

we getting lit

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Look at numbers for major cons like AX and ALA and the amount of smaller cons pooping up everywhere. Factor in how much more pricy the tickets are. Conventions are booming post covid.

>> No.10896536

>12 hour drive from Phoenix to LA
Do you drive 20 under the speed limit? That's not safe.

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Artist Alley lineup looking like ass

>> No.10896572

How is Anime Impulse getting these Japanese seiyuus yet ALA can't do shit?

>> No.10896573

What are the demographics for /ala/ seagulls nowadays anyway? Is it starting to skew older?

>> No.10896575

So we wanna organize something at ALA or just do the outside meet ups

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>/ala/ seagulls are in their 30s
It's over

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On fire maybe

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We can still party like we're in our 20s, right?

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you motherfuckers are all idiots

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I'm driving 24 hours there AND 24 hours back you corpulent pussy

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Does this con really attract people from the east coast?

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>Fountaincon is still a thing
>Plethora of hotels are still in the area
>Ribbon hunt will be the forever icebreaker
>Socialites always win year after year
>Seagulls can still meet up on here and move elsewhere for fun and shenanigans
As long as you will it, you can make it happen.

>> No.10896607

>>Fountaincon is still a thing
Not anymore nigga, LBPD is patrolling that area. They'll break up any big gatherings.

>> No.10896625

I didnt enjoy partying in my 20s much less in my 30s.
ribbon hunting is fun

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>This upcoming ALA will be the last one in Long Beach
Thank goodness

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>urrgghh cops materialize to make sure nothing happens ever

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Thank Christ. Where is the next locale?

>> No.10896771

thats a shame, I really like the Long Beach location. The center itself is really cool.

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Came to me in a dream

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i'm flying out from nyc for ala and have done so for the past 2 years, so yes.

>> No.10897040

Don't be bitching if they cite or even arrest you for being a drunken idiot.

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>Where is the next locale?

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>Two Anime Expos

>> No.10897061

>Going to this shit show over Katsucon

>> No.10897072

How about you stay home, pussy bitch

>> No.10897111

30 is way too old to make friends or party at ALA lmao. It's a con that skews younger.

>> No.10897115

Publicly intoxicated weebs are what is getting ALA booted from LB just like the faggot that set that car fire got the con kicked out from Ontario.

>> No.10897121

thats why im going with my old fuck friends.
any old fucks see group of other old fucks just ask to join the old fucks party.

>> No.10897129

hell yeah

drunk in public at anime cons for life baby!

>> No.10897172

Are you 14 years old? If ALA was being booted from entire cities because of isolated incidents, every con in the US would have no home to exist in whatsoever. If ALA is actually moving from Long Beach, it'll be because its outgrown Long Beach (the same as it did the Mariott and was rapidly veering towards with Ontario). The con pulls a massive audience now and shifting spaces would be a necessary growing pain. Some asshole doing one bad thing is not enough to uproot an entire convention.

>> No.10897174

fret not. i am an asshole and will do AT LEAST 10 bad things this year. we moving

>> No.10897190

Is 31 too old to do ribbon hunting/ give out ribbons? I made some Dungeon Meshi and Dorohedoro ribbons but I'm thinking of not giving them out because it's a little weird.

>> No.10897233

>Is 31 too old?
>It's a little weird.
No it isn't

Anyone who tells you otherwise is either underaged or irredeemably miserable because "their best years" are behind them.
Meanwhile the rest of us are enjoying having money now vs our early 20s.

>> No.10897246

Where's the ALA boomers meet up?

>> No.10897265

How hard is it to pick up a white cosplaying gf at this con that is not an obese landwhale?

>> No.10897267

Are you hot or rich? Neither? Keep moving

>> No.10897309

I did it last year and will again this year. If kids dont like it they should find a under-18 only con.

>> No.10897310

I'll check you on that, wood
Put in the work and the brotherhood is behind you

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File: 1.01 MB, 2849x2059, IMG_65443.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Glad to see you can obey orders
Stay home, BITCH

>> No.10897332

They're all taken, disinterested in anything that isn't boosting their OF numbers, or there's a distinct reason they're single beyond that (and it's probably worse than you think). Just enjoy the con man.

>> No.10897333

>They're all taken
By the BCC

>> No.10897335

listen to me you racist piece of shit, youll never check me in your life. go back to a cell where you belong and think about it

>> No.10897346

Lil punk thinks he's gonna stand up in his doc martins
Sit the fuck down and I'll make sure you get some red M&Ms for lipstick in the pen

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>> No.10897357

fuck you fag ill beat your ass time and place

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File: 101 KB, 1080x872, Screenshot_20231229_132100_Samsung Internet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

RIP to all cosplay gatherings and outdoor events

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>The single day I'm cosplaying (which will also involve a gathering) is unaffected

>> No.10897393

>Majority of cosplays at this ALA are Genshit, Vtumor, Nikke, and Spy x Family
Why bother even trying anymore?

>> No.10897395

If it ain't raining, it's going to be really cold.

>> No.10897562

I heard it’s moving to Sacramento.

>> No.10897563

They seriously should ban people older than 20 from these cons. Too many creepy men.

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File: 37 KB, 407x435, 435C28F4-A6F5-4429-A5D8-E7421E984D3C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I identify as a 12 year old she/her sweety.

>> No.10897606

If they also ban lardass women (such as yourself), I will agree wholeheartedly

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>No realistic looking prop weapons allowed
So what are Nikke cosplayers going to use now?

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File: 28 KB, 700x394, 0*rmL_TNhdpfBQc1wt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wait, there are Nikke cosplayers?

>> No.10897741

their tits and ass and thighs oh lawdy

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>The Mona cosplayer when she notices me smelling the wake of air she leaves behind as she walks through the halls

>> No.10897853

thats the thing about cosplay girls, I keep getting older but they keep being the same age *sniffs*

>> No.10897875

Yeah it's the new gacha where every asian whore cosplays as.

>> No.10897887

did anyone else at the ren just get FUCKED and moved to the hilton 100 miles away?

>> No.10897923

How much do you pay cosplayers for photos? I have a budget of $1,000, is that enough?

>> No.10897928

anyone stayed at travelodge?

>> No.10897937

KWAB moment if true

>> No.10897940

Ren probably overbooked and the Hilton has a shuttle that goes to the con, not a huge loss.

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>4 days ago
I know you're all full of shit, but i hoped anyways

>> No.10897968


>> No.10897977

Based lazy contractor that didn't finish a block rooms screwing degenerate weebs over.

>> No.10897978
File: 6 KB, 72x88, 1678309436769024.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10897979

Stayed at the Travelodge in 21 outside of con time, it was awful.

>> No.10897980

My budget in the past was 1.4k, ended up spending around 800.
I'd say just to be safe throw on an extra 200 if you can.

>> No.10897985

awful because of distance or just gross or what?

>> No.10897999

Anyone know anywhere better to park? Don't want to deal with the $38 a night hotel parking. Worst case I try to see if getting a new ticket in the middle of the night before check out works

>> No.10898019

wait the hotels charge for parking if your staying at them(?)

>> No.10898020
File: 108 KB, 1024x819, 1702104824851848.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wasn't it suppose to rain all day?

>> No.10898021

>Thinking any hotel that's not a shitty motel 6 or some slum lord's cheap dwelling offers free parking
You must be new at this

>> No.10898054

There is a lot of cosplayers, bring at least $2,000 or you will run out by Saturday.

>> No.10898064

Rain was for Tuesday night, possibly wednesday but supposedly a 0% chance on Thursday and on. I'd still pack an umbrella just in case.

>> No.10898087

The rooms sucked, the room below us had a water leak that originated from my room so maintenance was up in my room at like 3 AM. Just not a great time there. That's if we're talking about the same Travelodge, the one near all the other hotels in downtown Long Beach. Also didn't help that the only rooms available at the time were smoking rooms.

>> No.10898089

What's the parking sitch at the con? First time at ALA, normally just get dropped off at cons but can't this time around. Are there street lots or structures nearby that don't cost an arm and a leg?

>> No.10898163

Parking is cheap in the area, around $30-50.

>> No.10898191

Every femboy I've seen here is either a genshin cosplayer or in an arknights costume

>> No.10898192

Smelliest con I've been to desu

>> No.10898193

might still rain tomorrow morning

>> No.10898199

Real answer the parking structure right next to the venue is $15

>> No.10898200

Nope, got a comfy hyatt suite.

>> No.10898214

Meet up at the gyatt fire pit tonight at 10 BYOB

>> No.10898219

What if I don't want to?

>> No.10898220

Needs to be sooner. Everyone is already settled by then.

>> No.10898221

Where do you live that $50 USD is cheap?

>> No.10898225

I'll know what to look out for. Thanks.

>> No.10898227

Missed day 1, how was it?

>> No.10898229

you're more likely to see a Genshin or Honkai Star Rail cosplayer than you will a Nikke cosplayer

>> No.10898262

It was so crowded you can’t not barely move.

>> No.10898274

I was at least one of those arknights cosplayers

>> No.10898283

Anything fun going on today?

>> No.10898342

You don't know crowded till you've been to ax artists alley.

>> No.10898355

Did this con die since the location move? I remember the threads being much more lively pre long Beach. There also used to be cgl meet ups and a discord

>> No.10898358

Con is still very Alice, but everyone moved on to talking on discord sadly.

>> No.10898361

Bro parked his car on the street across from the con and it got stolen overnight. (And no, it doesn't seem like the city towed it.) Can't have shit in Long Beach. Be careful where you park your shit if you're at the con.

>> No.10898369

Finding the discords is a pain in the ass, anyone got links?

>> No.10898372

Do not support Chinese money laundering/tax evasion con (I have no evidence of this but it’s what it feels like)

I’m saying this as a person that has been staffing SoCal cons since 2014 and with a close friend that’s a vip guest at Impulse

>> No.10898373

This board is only marginally faster than /po/, people just don't post here anymore.

>> No.10898384

I'm planning to line up super early for the 18+ cosplay contest. Anyone wanna chill with me in line? I'll give you some slutty temp tattoos if you can find me.

>> No.10898394
File: 531 KB, 1280x1280, 1704299172357641.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

god I wanna fug the DDR playing half naked racing miku (male) so bad!!

>> No.10898410

I'll be here saturday in a blue hat

>> No.10898442

Going tomorrow. I'll be drunk all day. *Fingers crossed*

>> No.10898449

Damn Friday kinda sucked for me, I'm down to hang if anyone wants to Saturday. Not sure if I'll even dress up. ALA is ACTUALLY just trying to be Walmart AX, fml

>> No.10898450

Anyone wanna hang? I can't sleep.

>> No.10898451

You still at the con?

>> No.10898452

Nah, I'm up in my hotel room. I can go back down to the con. Is there anything going on?

>> No.10898453

I think there are a few people left still chilling at "fountain party" but shits too cold for most people. I'm resting in my car atm, but I might go back and drink some more

>> No.10898454

Ah, hope you feel better. I could probably get a party going in my hotel cause I got booze and a suite. I just gotts find people.

>> No.10898457

Femboy meetup next to the hyatt con entrance at 4:30pm today

>> No.10898473

yeah, AX without any real industry guests. The panels are all literally shit, the game rooms impossible to get a game on, its somehow got less vendors this year and feels empty. Its only saving grace is the ribbon shit and that got boring fast. Not sure why im here for 2 more days.

>> No.10898480

oogle sluts and try to meet new friends who aren't vapid normies? That's all I got

>> No.10898481

>wants a party con
>mad no one hangs out at the shitty hotel bar
What did anon mean by this

>> No.10898490

I'll go, I can bring some shitty booze if anyone is down

>> No.10898493 [DELETED] 
File: 1.67 MB, 2461x1845, 2007 the table.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is a nice little convention. My day has pretty much been fixing my jacket at the cosplay repair station (there's an old man with fake breasts in a maid furfag costumein there - gross), playing DDR and related gaymes with underagedb&, and buying loli dojinshi. I was going to do karaoke, but my throat's fucked. Now I'm hanging out in the autism den (quiet lounge) while the two retards heading the room argue. The one-day pass was a great idea. I'm thinking of going around and telling the furfags to yiff in hell then see if I can swing a meetup with some losers.

I drove :^)

>> No.10898494
File: 1.67 MB, 2461x1845, 2007 the table.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is a nice little convention. My day has pretty much consisted of fixing my jacket at the cosplay repair station (there's an old man with fake breasts in a rabbit bunny costume in there - gross), playing DDR with underagedb&, and buying loli dojinshi. I was going to do karaoke but my throat's fucked. Now I'm hanging out in the autism den (quiet lounge) while the two retards heading the room argue. The one-day pass was a great idea. I'm thinking of going around berating the furfags then seeing if I can swing a meetup with some of you faggots.

Just drive :^)

>> No.10898498

I wanna fuck the cute red and whiteblack outfit femboy I keep seeing
I think it's an arknights cosplay

>> No.10898499

For me it's the Bridget (male) with a giga wide ass I keep seeing hanging near the itasha

>> No.10898500

saw both of those and immediately wanted to fug
so many mikus with their ass out too at the e gaming area

>> No.10898501

Yeah the AK meetup had lots of juicy thighs, you might be thinking of the fiammetta

>> No.10898502


>> No.10898504

Ye that's the one
Immediate breeding if I had the chance

>> No.10898509

need to cream those thighs white
plus the male tewi i saw earlier

>> No.10898511

I'll ask both for their socials if I see them again then poast
Massive thighs are also an indication of a giga ass

>> No.10898512
File: 1.95 MB, 3072x4080, PXL_20240106_225722127.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I guess it's alright. I think you guys are lonely AF

>> No.10898514

The amount of fat asses and thick thighs is deadly

>> No.10898515

>Tenshi and Shimakaze
They're probably posting in here

>> No.10898516

Is anyone actually planning on going to the meetup around 4pm?

>> No.10898518

Maybe? Gotta checkin to my Hilton room >>10898516

>> No.10898528

I'm about to leave the gaming room, want me to post the miku butt's socials?

>> No.10898534

Anyone at the the meetup yet?,where exactly we meeting up? The entrance to the convention center or the Hyatt itself?

>> No.10898535


>> No.10898536

Mating press impregnation

>> No.10898537

violent throatfucking sex then buttjob

>> No.10898538
File: 2.21 MB, 2592x1944, loc.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't know if the meetup's going on right now, but it's happening here. Opposite the food court

>> No.10898540

That shimakaze was bent over on the veranda outside the main entrance shaking his bare ass for at least an hour while pretending to talk to his friend

>> No.10898541

Thanks, no one's here but I'll chill for a bit till my next panel starts,

>> No.10898543

I'm sitting down as well. I have nothing going on until the ALA after hours shit so I'll bide my time, or something.

>> No.10898544

Got my face sat on by a homura cosplayer
We're gonna make it bros

>> No.10898545

are you the guy with the sign?

>> No.10898546

$10 face sitter kun?

>> No.10898549

wait did all I need to get some coslut to sit on my face for oral sexual reasons was to carry a sign around?

>> No.10898567

Do you think any cosplayers offer head lap naps?

>> No.10898568

>nothing more interesting to talk about than coomer shit and some guy farting
yep sounds like I didn't miss much.

>> No.10898569

ALA used to be AX but kino, know it's just AX but ghetto. Fuck capitalism

>> No.10898571

Moving to long Beach killed it

>> No.10898579

long beach is a better location
/cgl/ has basically been dead for years, everyones on discords now. at best we may get a image dump and "anonymous" drama dump later today.

>> No.10898584
File: 1.01 MB, 3000x4000, SPOILER_20240106_132627.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh yeah, I managed to ask for a night with him and he said yes! We did things in his room...naughty things...!!!!
pic related

>> No.10898587

need to bury my face in those thighs

>> No.10898588
File: 617 KB, 1169x1826, D55C7C71-5E7A-4652-A296-FB6315DDFDB4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone have a discord link

>> No.10898589

Made for draining my cock and getting that expensive cosplay dirty

>> No.10898590

Shame he wasn't at the femboy meetup
Would've liked to fuck him too
Can you post what happened?

>> No.10898591

same guy?

>> No.10898592

For those wondering, the bridget cosplayer didn't have any socials where they uploaded stuff. Sorry to disappoint

>> No.10898593

>long beach is a better location

Both the old location, and Ontario were way more fun than Long Beach. All LB did was increase the damn cost of the hotels, and kill some of the vibe.

>> No.10898603

Sumata followed by prolapsing his rectum

>> No.10898616
File: 488 KB, 1763x1322, whore tools.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you say this as if the entire crux of anime fan-"culture" isn't doing obviousy sexual stuff and passing it off as a funny joke. The stupid ass dakimakura thing and "man of culture" fad, for example.

speaking of annoyingly sexual stuff, this was at the after party

discordfaggotry is the bane of all online communities

>> No.10898620

Zero bottoms located this ALA. Mission failed.

>> No.10898633

I miss when the deviant part of animecons was limited to hentai. I really dont like that its becoming pornhubonlyfans garbage like this.

>> No.10898646

im gonna rape him so hard

>> No.10898652

Pics or you're a faggot

>> No.10898655

Did anyone else have problems with the downstairs entry staff?
Lady with drawn on eyebrows was trying to tell me I couldn’t bring in sealed drinks but upstairs at the main line, they had already let me in with them.

>> No.10898662

Main entrance did that for ones they saw. If it was in your backpack then won't bother.

>> No.10898671

Allied Security is such a joke. One of the most inconsistent, retarded companies to have secure your event. My partner got stopped once for her vape and then never again, sometimes I'd be told to go through the metal detector, other times not and I only had the same shit on me all weekend.

>> No.10898672

It was revealed to me through telepathy after my 100th goonsesh

>> No.10898680

Anyone still here Wana have a drink?

>> No.10898682

It's insane how much easier it is to make friends IRL at shows/concerts or even coffee shops than cons for me.
I don't know what it is, but everyone here feels super closed off to me in comparison. You ask for a photo or compliment a guy's cosplay, trade ribbons, and none of them feel like talking, just "hey man, have a good con, see ya". Hell, I got a dude's social after shooting the shit at a Bevmo a couple days before since he overheard me talking about Monster Hunter with my friends and I've never gotten a single one in 4 years of ALA. Wild.

>> No.10898684

I worked for Allied and its 99% illiterate actual retards who are high/drunk and 1% managers who want to kill themselves dealing with their coworkers being actually brain dead.

>> No.10898685

cons have felt like this for awhile for me. prior to 2014 or so it seemed much easier, but that was also prior to the cell phone use we see today. sure 2007-2012 there were celphones but the prevalence was less. Maybe because social media wasnt as bug except facebook. My point being people would be bored in line or sitting down in halls so would talk to people instead of doom scrolling or whatever like they do now. for typically anti social people like you find at anime events, the phones are a great excuse to not be social in the one place they use to be forced to be. I thought for awhile it was because I was getting older, but like you I also havnt had any issues at other places sans cons with making cool connections.The small ones now really feel like closed discord irl meetups more then a place to meet fellow anime fans.

>> No.10898690

this but to me it's exclusively a male vs female thing
all the guys i talk to are super cool and i've made a bunch of friends
all the chicks i talk to (and even doing my best to make it clear that i'm not even hitting on them at all) are stone cold stuck up bitches

>> No.10898691

i've stopped bothering to compliment or interact with women cosplayers desu
i just ask for a picture if it's a niche series i like and say thanks and move on

>> No.10898693

same but honestly i dont even ask for pictures anymore because i dont want to contribute to pumping up these hoes already overinflated egos

>> No.10898694 [DELETED] 

I saw several artists in the artist alley with "Please don't talk to me" signs lmfao, all women. I don't even feel like buying merch anymore

>> No.10898699

Fountain Con fucking sucked. Thank you ALA organizers for having the Masquerade at the Long Beach Theater and forcing these loiters closer to the street. I don't grasp the concept of hanging out in the cold ass Long Beach night, drinking booze, and blasting oogo booga music.

>> No.10898700

Heavily regret going to ALA instead of Anime Impulse this coming weekend.

>> No.10898710

Through the whole con it was a coin flip whether they’d send me to bag check or not for a small backpack, then on the last day they decided they needed weapons check to double check a tennis racket I was holding after it was cleared. Makes me miss the Ontario days.

>> No.10898712

it's just ALA's version of the AX westin pool party you dummy.

>> No.10898716

I enjoyed the Idol showcase. Any of you guys going to Impulse this weekend.

>> No.10898722

>he didn’t stay at the Hyatt


>> No.10898723

Why is security check always bl*ck people. They’re so annoying with their stupid comments.

>> No.10898739

Honestly dude, I was there at the meet up as irene

>> No.10898740

How good were the thighs?

>> No.10898741

Pretty good

>> No.10898744

Was the fiammetta actually lewd or are people just meming? I didn't get to make it to the meetup

>> No.10898745

I barely interacted with him desu since I was mostly stuck to my friends the majority of the time.

>> No.10898747

nta but i had to go back to my room to fap after the meetup was over

>> No.10898748
File: 1.02 MB, 768x648, Screenshot_7821.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10898749

I loved all the military otaku walking around

>> No.10898751

I didn't wear panties in my cosplay this ALA

>> No.10898753

You missed everyone taking turns mating pressing him and each other, unfortunately.
Such a shame

>> No.10898771

i'm gonna try to message him on his socials to pound his thick ass if the rumors are true
i will not leave long beach without some cute cosplaying femboy action

>> No.10898773

Imagine being this bad at the easiest thing to do ever

>> No.10898775

You have autism

>> No.10898777

I sent that fiammetta cosplayer a discord FR. I've been edging for half a day to their pics on twitter that got linked.

>> No.10898780

This only interests me if you are an attractive genetic female.

>> No.10898785
File: 13 KB, 480x471, 1648367134401.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I snagged a Hilton room maybe 1 month before the con, I'm not really sure how. I think I managed to pick up a dropped reservation. The Hilton was fine, and the shuttle was moving all day so I never waited more than 10 mins for the 2 min drive to the con.

That being said, I went to the Hyatt to mingle with the weebs and if you guys don't know, John is the coolest bartender. That man made sure I got my money's worth of liquor. Made a damn fine cocktail. A great place to chill if you want to watch the menhera's and fujos being nutters.

I'm usually local to Impulse so I'll go for a day because it's close and cheap for me. It's not worth going to great lengths to attend tho.

>> No.10898788

How did it go?

>> No.10898789

This is my fetish. If you were born with a vagina and need a top .01% cock to fill it with after it gets all wet from going around almost flashing people at the con all day I'm your man.

>> No.10898795

no one cares to smell your rancid dick or smelly VD ridden vagoo. Besides, all anime fans should wear shimapan at all times

>> No.10898798

My ex did this once ever during a private shoot we did, only because the skirt was made of thin light pink material that showed every pair of panties she brought with her, and I've always been sad I never convinced her to do it in public at a con, not even in costumes with ankle-length skirts and petticoats so nobody ever would've been able to see anything. Shit woulda been so damn hot.

>> No.10898802

Room party in room 16446

>> No.10898803
File: 250 KB, 381x282, 1625314260368.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Day 5 room party

>> No.10898811

So you showed off your sausage to the entire ALA crowd? Good job.

>> No.10898813

You don't need a lot of thinking in rent-a-cop jobs

>> No.10898826

its better then ALA as a hang out con in almost every single way.

>> No.10898876

The food is good, and at the bewildered Chinese people is always a bonus

>> No.10898935

Restaurants or food trucks

>> No.10898947

>2 days after
>zero picture dumps
/cgl/ dead frfr

>> No.10898962
File: 1.18 MB, 2169x1153, IMG_0691.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you’re a cute chub with good hygiene and a great personality (plus points if you look like Ned from MCU Spider-Man or Scarra), WHERE THE FUCK WERE YOU? I wouldn’t mind a hookup.

If not…

>> No.10898963

And discord killed it

>> No.10899014

i post on ig, plus i dont take pictures of conthots anymore sowwy

>> No.10899029

whats the discord link for this shit

>> No.10899038

I blame insta and tiktok.

>> No.10899040
File: 538 KB, 1740x3145, polkers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I didn't take too many photos but here are a few.

>> No.10899041
File: 479 KB, 1394x3168, ahoy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10899042
File: 473 KB, 1625x3402, lain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Took this since she was the only Lain I saw. It took me a moment to realize it was her too.

>> No.10899043
File: 863 KB, 1980x3520, hubbaubba.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

local teamate chuffed to bits

>> No.10899044
File: 697 KB, 1908x4032, ribbons.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It was actually my first "ribbon con" where I particpated in ribbon collection.

I was very happy to have my first ribbon by a Lain one.

>> No.10899045
File: 1.13 MB, 3605x1441, the haul.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My art haul. These are all from the same artist who didn't include a card or identification of any kind with purchase. I think he was in the 800 or 1000 aisle if anyone know his name. It was a youngish asian man running the booth.

I wish I had gotten the Auska in poster size tho

>> No.10899046
File: 998 KB, 1866x2529, morelaine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I realize now these last few aren't really cosplay but since the thread is devoid of photos, I'll just share this last one. I was stoked to find a proper Lain piece.

I remember there was this girl at the Hyatt bar dressed like Shuichi from Gravitation in his stage outfit. Her cosplay wasn't much to write home about, but it had been a minute since I'd seen someone acknowledge Gravitation.

That lady was off her rocker though.

>> No.10899047

the lain pilled booth had cool shirts I bought and the lain keychain.
its amazing that Lain has had a resurgence.
thank you you can post as many as you have

>> No.10899048

Wait, that booth had lain shirts?

>> No.10899049

where do the white supremacists hang out? I need some based IRL friends to watch anime with

>> No.10899051
File: 53 KB, 630x628, 9C24E28B-C05A-407A-B2E8-6AA1A0525474.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

not lain but oc, some kind of 90s looking metal girl and angel heart thing. they just looked cool.
pic related

>> No.10899052

that depends, how good do you look in a skirt?

>> No.10899054

all the leftoid whites into anime cut off their dicks, so if you see a white male enjoying anime there is a 80%+ chance they are based and redpilled.

>> No.10899067
File: 656 KB, 1079x566, Screenshot_20240111_082209_Gallery.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We posting ribbons highlights?

>> No.10899071

>unused and not on your badge

>> No.10899103

The KK slider one is kino.

>> No.10899108
File: 19 KB, 462x332, a gift from ebichu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This year was my first ALA. All of my friends dropped out last minute so I went solo on a Thursday. I thought that the convention center was a nice place, really easy going and casual hang-out spaces, with a spacious AA. I wish AA made up more of the booths because it's the real reason why I come to cons, but overall it was a great experience -- one I wish I could've shared with friends or while in cosplay but I digress.

The only problem I had was: I didn't know how to play the ribbon game and left with only two. I didn't buy very much so that probably contributed, but how are people stacking up to so many?? Gimme your tips, anons.

>> No.10899122

Complimenting people on their cosplays, going around and being social, going to meet ups.

>> No.10899148

> those vintage memes
It hurts.

>> No.10899152

go up to people with long badges and trade your ribbons for theres

go to the events and ribbon hunting stuff posted at the ribbon station, discord, facebook, etc

look at booths and see signs that say "free ribbon for X" - I got some 10 just for following people on insta.


>> No.10899198
File: 809 KB, 1340x2923, IMG_8703.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You have to mingle or buy things in the AA desu. Sometimes people will give u a ribbon for what you’re cosplaying or just for helping them or taking their photo. I found the Trigun one on the floor rip

>> No.10899218

>Sometimes people will give u a ribbon for what you’re cosplaying
That's cute.

>at the ribbon station
I passed by it on the way out but I was too exhausted to stick around. Now I'm regretting that.

Ah, that makes sense. I was pretty reserved that day since I didn't have anyone with me to talk to. I did converse with the artists but not to that extent I think.

Thank you for the tips, anons! I get it now

>> No.10899220

Anyone else doing Impulse this weekend?

>> No.10899224

in line for badge right now
get here early to get badge theyre slow as fuck

>> No.10899226

nvm its just for the badges for the concerts not main event

>> No.10899255

I am. It better be more fun than Anime Pasadena. That was dinky as hell.

>> No.10899261

Impulse, for what it is, is pretty fun. You can either do weeb stuff, or partake of the Asian American Festival/food booths, or sneaker expo which is usually going on at the same time.

Getting a regular badge is like walk up, pay money, done.

>> No.10899283
File: 54 KB, 312x312, vomit steve o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>weeb stuff
If you mean anime related activities, well no shit sherlock. That's what I bought a ticket to ANIME Impulse for
>sneaker expo
see picrel

>> No.10899294

While I also don't care about sneakers, I also don't care to ever make your physical acquaintance.

>> No.10899305

>or partake of the Asian American Festival/food booths, or sneaker expo which is usually going on at the same time.
I'm at the Anime Convention, I'm at the Asian American Festival, I'm at the Sneaker Expo. I'm at the combination anime convention, asian american festival, and sneaker expo.

>> No.10899329

Was Bob Ross here this year? Normally I'm able to find him.

> anime Family Guy
Cursed as hell.

>> No.10899334

boo hoo nigga

>> No.10899335

Anime Impulse sucked ass. It was pretty much an expensive swap meet with shit else going on.

>> No.10899427

Sounds about right. I'll just go to Sugoi Sunday. That shit is free.

>> No.10899541

>Cosplay whore can't into even a pair of Nike Panda dunks for sub $150

>> No.10900423

Big sign of cgl being dead was when all the tripfags left as they became IRL friends

>> No.10900491

AX reg tomorrow...

>> No.10900522

>tripfags left

and nothing of value was lost

I'm aiming for the Ritz Carlton this year...

>> No.10900613

>I'm aiming for the Ritz Carlton this year...
I got to stay there once, the year AX overlapped with the X-Games, ex-GF's mom had a shitload of Marriott points and she booked it for us because the regular hotels were all sold out. It was nice, but honestly not THAT much nicer than the JW, the main advantage was just how quiet it was compared to other hotels where there were at least a few room parties on every floor.

>> No.10900656

Found him

>> No.10900690

God fucking bless. He stuck out to me because his booth was so simple. Nothing on the table but his portfolio, and prints behind him. He had a very different air about him, or maybe he was just tired. Looking at this gallery I really wish he had more of these pieces for sale. I see he has a few Anzu pieces and some choice 2hus.

Thanks for linking me.