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>be non black person (not white) doing cosplay
>high expectations to be accurate with correct wig for contests and photoshoots
>be black
>no need to use wig or accurate cosplay. it's called ethnic wigs instead

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Sounds like the thread here


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it's classic /cgl/ tradition to make multiple threads on the same topic on one of the slowest boards on the entire site. That's why we always need three simultaneous "tfw too old/not attractive too cosplay" and about seven coomer/costhot threads

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tbf, that other thread is now dead so this one taking its place isn't a bad thing. at least all the stuff can be compiled into one thread about it instead of several. then again, do we really need another lolita thread?

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it's because it's bait

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Black people can do whatever they want in cosplay because no one is going to care about their cosplay anyway.

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holy shit, based

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Hello based department? Yea you guys might want to come take a look at this

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No need for a wig if you cosplay a bald character!

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At least this is canon. There's multiple hitmen in the agency.

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Reminder that blacks purposely cosplay as white characters while keeping their frizzy negro hair just to antagonize da whyte peepo

You know it looks retarded but you do it anyway because you'll get attention and the chance to play the race card on the one /pol/ autist who will inevitably take the bait

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>Reminder that blacks purposely cosplay as white characters while keeping their frizzy negro hair just to antagonize da whyte peepo
this is a good take. It's done out of emotional spite. I can see it being done for identity purposes, but that racial identity was born off spite anyway so it's the same source.

We cosplay so we can enjoy being another character. Blacks like these seem to cosplay just as a middle finger to white cosplayers.

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It's really not that deep.

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>Be black cosplayer
>Cosplay an anime character that I personally enjoy because the character is a character I personally enjoy
>Some /pol/ schizophrenic is asserting that I'm doing so to upset him, and not simply cosplay characters I enjoy in spite of not fitting their visual profile perfectly
Do you also seethe when hispanics cosplay non-hispanic characters? Do you similarly seethe when white people cosplay explicitly Japanese anime characters?

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I'm black and I wear the appropriate wigs for my cosplay. I don't even know other black people who are doing this middle finger to white people thing, I feel like a lot of anons are getting mad at a loud minority.

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you do know a literall convention exists that is not a minority for this right?


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I didn't honestly.
>22,000 attendees
Idk what to think about that.

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its ran by the big black youtubers like RBC. And they limit the tickets every year cause it gets so crowded.

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At a fundamental level I get wanting a con away from people who will nitpick you but on the other hand I'd never want to attend a race-restricted con. If it was attended by people who want to do the curly hair wig stuff then fine, they get to mingle outside of actual cons, but again the race restriction weirds me out, but even with the friends I have I don't know if I could voice that since I have way more non-black friends and it seems like 'pick me' behavior. I think.

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It's the double standards of racial identity.

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>away from people who will nitpick you
are you implying that black people don't nitpick eachother?

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Black people are simply unattractive. The only semi-attractive ones are Cushitics from Ethiopia with several clear Caucasoid facial features.

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I'm not. But everyone who isn't black would rather not see black weebs, is the point of view of whoever decided to make a black-only con. Of course there's inter-racial nitpicking and hatred.

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>But everyone who isn't black would rather not see black weebs
This isn't true. They just rather not see blacks who are fake weebs using civil rights as their identity rather than the anime that we love. I never understood the

>you must be racist if you don't want to be around blacks

Which is false. There's good blacks out there. They are unfortunately small number compared to the overzealous blacks that plague the cosplay space today. It makes all the good ones look bad.

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>There's good blacks out there

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So youre telling me you never had a non political black cosplayer as a person you know?

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I've never had a good encounter with blacks period. Cosplay or otherwise.