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Post heinous price gouging, scalping, bad secondhand etiquette, and seller sperging here.

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that seller on mercari who seemed to be trying to sell a replica btssb babydoll jsk for 30000 yen. It had a title that said "holding this for such and such" and kept reuploading the same listing nearly every day so I had to see it every day for a month. I guess their potential buyer didn't fall for it. It's removed now, I can't even find it as a sold listing anymore.

Here, have some expensive socks instead.

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What a steal!

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This reminds me of hoop skirts that go for 20$ on aliexpress being sold on mercari for 13000 yen, and the seller describing it as "rare overseas brand".
Other Chinese brand being listed on mercari for 4 times the original price. Described as "overseas popular brand".

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this hurts

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pretty sure they bought that OP from mercari.

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> be in the UK, looking for a hoop skirt, don't want to spend £££ on shipping
> I see tiktok zoomer selling one on LM for £20
> stock photos only
> seems poofy enough but just to make sure I send a message asking for proof pics
> she uploads a pic of her wearing it and it's deflated as fuck
> "if you need any help finding petticoats I can explain how to use taobao to you! <3"

I hope and pray that Mana-sama guides her to the right path soon.

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Is the one she was selling not adjustable?

I bought a really cheap one on aliexpress because someone recommended it and it looked decent in her pictures, and it was pretty decent when I got it too. 4 hoops that are all adjustable in width. Can make A-line and bell shape, can layer petticoat over it, can make small poof or big poof.

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post the link, I wanna look at it and maybe buy it

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She's a well known lolcow and anachan, don't expect her to make any sense living off 100cal per day

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The waistband is 54cm unstretched, I recommend replacing the elastic by a bigger one if your waist is bigger than 67cm. It can feel pretty tight imo. However there does seem to be a lot of fabric in the waistband, it's 110cm completely stretched.

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Why is this on LM?

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even though it’s not lolita, it’s definitely relevant in a way that other music isn’t imo… report it if it bothers you.

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I'd rather see stuff like this than shitty aliexpress dresses tea bee ache

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Are you new? Not a putdown just a genuine question

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No, just confused as to why v-kei magazines and CDs are being sold on a fashion marketplace, since they're only tangentially related to EGL. Never seen this on LM in all my years of browsing.

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this makes me want to cry, why wouldn't you just buy a solid black baby dress it's not like they're rare or anything

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I've been seeing GLBs and the occasional mook on there since the beginning. This isn't strange to me at all.

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WYM? malice mizer and moi dix moi merch have appeared sporadically for years

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Last year I had bought a dress from a seller on LM and she gave me a bunch of what I assume was her own anime merch? Which was very sweet of her , but wow was it badly drawn and she gave me a lot of it. Felt like she was trying to get rid of it because it didn’t sell in her shop lol I’m not trying to shit on her btw but her stuff was not my taste at all.
Has anyone gotten strange freebies with their dress purchases?

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Not secondhand, but Alpstola (from the people who used to design Boz) gave me an insane amount of little Japanese snacks with my last purchase. Like the world's most expensive snack taster box (with free bonus dress).

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I got a bunch of free supermarket chain collectables once. Kinda sucked, I wasn't collecting them myself because to me they were just more plastic junk to throw away. Kinda felt like this person just sent them to me to throw away too

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I bought a Nile Perch blouse off fril and the seller sent me two Nile Perch blouses

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do you still have any of it to post?

that's so sweet, I like to add bonus Jfashion branded things into my packages when I sell lolita items because my non lolita items never sell on their own

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reminds me of all the old SURGERY CARNIVAL listings on egl comm sales

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these are from socksdreams and can be bought new for like. the same price.

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What's going on with Lace Market right now? I get Internal Server Error

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It's down.

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nigga just leave lolita wtf

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no :)

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Someone on FB trying to trade this Cherry Berry Bunny for a Milky-Chan the Fawn in "similar condition," but I can't figure out how the neck ties even got this disgusting.

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Omfg is that mold ? Did she hang those into the toilet ?

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>"similar condition,"
but how will she find someone else who has used their pieces as cleaning rags?

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This actually made me gag...

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Please someone ask her what the fuck happened here

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Neck ties are in Silent Hill

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it would be so much more dignified if she cut off the neck ties and declared that as the damage instead... but something in this kind of state should really not be seen by anyone at all

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Bonus picture: Here are some "repairs" of the torn lace on the back of the dress. Very unfortunate.

>cut off the neck ties
You're completely right. If I were to come across a dress this bad, I'd cut it off and never look back.

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I was going to say that if she cutoff the neckties she could just replace them with some high quality ribbon, but I don't think she'd manage it with those stitches...

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there are a not insignificant number of people out there that think washing lolita is optional, and a horrifying amount of dresses 10 years old or older that haven't been washed even once.

these neck ties mostly make me terrified of what the bodice lining probably looks like.

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Nayrt, but I just received a dress I bought second hand, was obviously worn a lot from the feel and look of the fabric, and the lace was yellowed so I decided to wash it. Not only was there a lot of dye that bled out in the wash (had to use loads of color catcher sheets) the water was kind of mucky. I don't think this dress that was obviously worn a lot was even washed once. I decided to wash it in the machine, as many cycles as I needed, until the color stopped bleeding out.

The lace became white again and even the print looks brighter (less mucky) afterwards.

Today I received a skirt that was described as "no noticeable scratches or dirt/stains " but was extremely yellowed and greasy and was also missing the waist ties. Bought on mercari Japan with a shopping service, so I'm not sure what I should do in this situation but I've contacted the shopping service and asked them. At the very least I'll avoid buying from this gross seller.

So many lolitas, regardless of where they are, just never clean their clothes.

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Since we're sharing stories: I bought a JM Royal Emblem cutsew in cream off LM years ago. Price was I think 150 USD which was pretty low for this print at the time, but nowhere near "too good to be true." Listed in very good condition.

Got the dress and it had like, dribbles of what looked like salad dressing or pasta sauce down the front of it. On a cream dress.

Well jokes on the seller since I'm a stubborn bitch and managed to get the stains completely out by treating with Grandma's Stain Remover and baking soda over the course of a week. I wonder if she would have even sold it if she had put the effort into removing the stains.

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There's so many listings secondhand with stains that it looks like they didn't even try to get out. Why don't they try?

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trans socks

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AYRT yeah that's fucking disgusting but sadly something i've heard at least a dozen times.

sometimes it works out (i've bad dresses be sold for a bargain over a tiny stain that came right out) other times it's just insulting. "NWOT/Like New" condition but the item is so grimy you can't even tell what colorway it's supposed to be. honestly i would be so embarrassed to send out a greasy, dirty, or smelly dress.

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does anybody ever got bedbugs from a lolita secondhand item?

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I remember buying a dress off LM and it came with a bunch of food stains on it that the seller did not disclose. I asked for a refund and she ghosted me. I regret not immediately filing a PayPal claim on her ass. But at least the stains came out.

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Did you?

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>I wonder if she would have even sold it if she had put the effort into removing the stains.

ayrt, I wonder about this myself. I just did some easy repair work on a jsk I bought and I thought to myself that the seller might not have sold it or discounted it so much if they had the confidence to do the work themselves.
Also on one hand I think it's gross lolitas often don't wash their things, on the other hand it's a benefit to me if they're selling things for a very low price just because there's a stain that I can remove that they're too scared to tackle.

I just got an OP in the mail from mercari that the seller said had a stain and some yellowing. The stain is the size of a pinhead, the yellowing is entirely on the inside of the neckline of the dress and barely noticeable. The elastic in the sleeves was a bit stretched. But I got that OP for 45$.

There's probably 3 different types of sellers. On one end of the scale you have the meticulous seller who goes over the piece with a magnifying glass, states everything that could be remotely wrong with it and heavily discounts the price for minor stuff. On the other end of the scale are the people who call it "in good condition with no noticeable stains", want what they paid for the piece and send you something disgusting. The rest is somewhere in the middle of the scale.
And it really does annoy me how many people "have lost the waist ties".

new anxiety unlocked

thank goodness the stains came out but I hope you told everyone around you her name and what she did.

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no but i always put my items in the dryer when i get them.

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Isnt the dryer really bad for most items?

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not really, only if it's wet first. heat kills bedbugs so putting it in for an hour or so will kill them and eggs. never had any problems with it.

>> No.10880507

This is terrible advice wtf. The dryer ABSOLUTELY damages items. Put it in a CLEAN large tray and put it in the oven for 30 mins at 150F, that's what summer camps do to kill bedbugs.

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How do I do buns with thick hair? I legitimately don't know if I'm doing it wrong or not because I swear a single bun weighs as much as a dumbbell on my head. I don't get how people say to pin it in place either when they don't hold at all. I have straight hair btw but is the better option to use only the upper half of your hair to do the buns and leave the other half down?

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that'll also set any stains or dye bleed

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yeah i got an AP OP for $60 because of a tiny stain on the yoke. came right out with a little oxyclean and was basically new again. i also constantly see pieces going for <$50USD that literally just need fresh elastics.

meanwhile you'll see 15 year old dresses worn and faded but never washed marinated in cigarette smoke and they still want $400 because it's Rare

i do like getting a bargain, it just disturbs me to see people use selling as a substitute for doing their laundry, because a dress being filthy with all those skinoils just fermenting in there can degrade the fabric faster than if you'd just regularly washed it. i also worry how many dresses get thrown out because the owner can't convince anyone to buy it in that condition that could've been saved with an oxy dunk.

it's truly tragic because a lot of modern lolita can either be dry cleaned, machine washed, or worst case: hand washed with oxy and cold water and hang/flat dried (dryers are the enemy). most even have wash directions on the tag or website.

i think newbies read old blog posts from 15 years ago and get scared to so much as get something wet. but it's not 2006 anymore. you don't have to be afraid. wash your fucking clothes.

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ayrt, I'm solely into old school and clean everything I own myself. It worked out fine for me so far even the pieces that are known to bleed. I've heard too many dry cleaner horror stories to hand over anything to them. Things I do; spot clean, hand wash, machine wash (gentle cycle on low temp), never use the dryer, I tend to dry things lying flat over my drying rack because that way nothing stretches. Most of my dresses and skirts are cotton with synth lining, which makes them pretty straight forward to take care of imo.
The few fully synthetic pieces I have are even easier, I just machine wash those if they don't need pretreatment. Lots of japanese laundry tags attached to my pieces tell me I can't wash it though. I ignore them. At my own risk of course.

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it's that easy, and yet we still have situations like the shitstrap OP up there.

semi related: very tired of getting secondhand pieces that smell like they were dunked in perfume directly before mailing.

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Anon are you retarded? The HEAT from the dryer is what can ruin clothes. The oven is extremely unsafe and a huge fire hazard. I hope you're trolling.

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>the shitstrap OP

I lolled.
But also yes, the stuff I get second hand rarely smells neutral. They either doused it in perfume/febreeze or it smells like a musty cellar.
Whenever I get anything that doesn't smell neutral I always air it out for a few days before I proceed with washing (if necessary) and repairs (if necessary).

it sounds like that anon is trolling. The dryer can absolutely ruin your clothes even if you use a low temp. I googled if freezing an item is effective, and apparently freezing your item for 4 days at -18C (or zero F) can kill bed bugs.

>> No.10880650

i'm not sure if that anon is trolling or not because she mentioned summer camp and people who work at summer camps are generally brainless. but the dryer doesn't really fuck stuff up by itself as much as using it after washing does. freezing is probably the best option but dryer isn't quite as bad as anons seem to think.

>> No.10880652

Has anyone ever tried those dry cleaning at home kits?

>> No.10880654

I heard of people putting dry petticoats with organza and tule and even voile in the dryer on low to refluff the petticoat and it going horribly wrong for some but not for others. I also read that the dryer needs to be hot enough to heat the core of the item to 60C in order to kill bed bugs, which sounds pretty warm. Sounds pretty risky to me.

>> No.10880657

that's quite high, but i think the idea that the dryer is terrible for clothes is kind of overblown in general. as far as bedbugs there are other signs that sellers would have bedbugs like item condition for instance. bedbugs are attracted to clutter and clutter often comes with being unclean.

>> No.10880662

I think it's correct to be cautious with the dryer, especially for lolita. I use the dryer for a lot of my normie clothes but not for anything that has an elastic waistband (skirts, underwear, pyjama pants, etc) and not for jeans that have some stretch, expensive socks (hiking), etc. I've seen what a dryer can do to organza. I wouldn't use the dryer on anything that has cotton lace on it, because then I'd have more work having to spray it with water and iron it or dry it in place. Things with cotton lace are much easier to keep looking nice imo if I wash them, let them air dry with the lace nicely spread until 80% dry, and then use an iron for the finishing touches.
If I put my main pieces with built in tule into the dryer I expect the tule to get all scrunched up or weird looking. I'd rather just air dry it and spread it out.

What kind of lolita items would you use the dryer for? Genuinely curious, I'm not looking to start an argument.

>> No.10880672

>What kind of lolita items would you use the dryer for
Having dryers is not common where I come from, so I find it really odd that people would resort to dryers instead of hanging the pieces to dry by themselves.

Why and when would you choose dryers over clothesline?

>> No.10880682

Where do you come from that dryers are uncommon?

>> No.10880688

I've lived in both Latin America and Australia and never considered having dryers at home. As far as I know, no one around me had those either. Maybe the solar irradiance is strong enough to keep us from needing dryers.

>> No.10880691

My favorite is when lolitas on social media buy these stained dresses and it turns out most if not all the staining comes out in one wash.

I wonder why so many people are so adverse to washing their clothes

>> No.10880697

They've never done laundry that wasn't mindless easy washing machine + dryer, so they're too lazy to try anything else.

>> No.10880700

I actually bought a very stained dress and threw it in the wash .The stains have not come out though. It’s terrible because the stains are all over the dress and I’m wondering just wtf was this person doing in this dress? I don’t thing they’re sweat stains because they’re in really odd areas of the dress like on the waist ties.

>> No.10880714

>Why and when would you choose dryers over clothesline?
unsuitable weather, living in a small apartment or dormitory, risk of theft, not wanting to take time to hang stuff up, etc.
But also clotheslines are just not really in the culture of many places and it's simply not something that people consider or are in the habit of doing. I've also heard people complain that it's weird to have your clothes on display in public, particularly underwear. I don't agree but sometimes the sentiment floats around.
Every city in North America that I've lived in goes between -30 to 30 C year-round with above-average levels of precipitation, and you can't count on suitable weather every week. My family and I use dryers most of the time but air dry large bulky items and delicate items, either waiting to wash until a sunny day or hanging stuff up in the shower. I don't think I even know anyone else who uses clotheslines often. Even people who don't own dryers go to a laundromat.

>> No.10880728

go ahead and ruin your shit by shrinking and tumbledrying it then, faggot.

>> No.10880729

ayrt, some climates are very humid for a lot of the year. I've heard people complain about mold forming on clothes that were hung up to dry. In some places it rains very often it would be difficult to find the right time to air dry. I've also seen a lot of apartments with very small balconies, too small to dry clothes on. Where I live it's still socially acceptable to air dry clothes outside, but I know that in a lot of parts of the US this is frowned upon and seen as weird.

>> No.10880730

>The stains have not come out though

Have you tried soaking it in a strong hand wash solution (warm water + hand wash detergent without bleach)? I have a hand wash detergent (for hand wash and presoak) that is enzyme based and very safe to use for all kinds of colors. It's get out sweat stains, food stains and skin oil stains pretty well.
If your item is a solid color and not a print and the fabric doesn't bleed dye you can leave it to soak overnight.

>> No.10880736

I've never seen anyone own a dryer in all of Eastern Europe

>> No.10880737

>or it smells like a musty cellar
tfw so addicted to that sweet mildew scent used jp clothes often have, I bought a perfume that reminds me of it

>> No.10880738

nonna please tell me what perfume. i'm obsessed with that smell and have bought various jp detergents and fabric softeners to try to replicate it

>> No.10880740

>I've heard people complain about mold forming on clothes that were hung up to dry.
This is crazy, I would never have guessed that. The weather where I live is so dry that you can wash your clothes even on cloudy days and hang them inside that they will be dry by the end of the day.

Just to contribute to the discussion, I usually wash my dresses and hang them in the shadow until completely dry. White cotton blouses and socks I like to hang in the sunlight for a while.

I've once bought a set of really yellowed old skirts, but it wasn't that hard to restore them to their original aspect. I guess the original owner was just lazy or didn't have time to care for their pieces.

In regards to the smell, while I don't like to add parfum to the pieces, as it could damage them, I do like to use paper parfum on the package. I don't use too much as I know some people are allergic to strong smell, but nothing beats opening up a packet and it carrying a faint smell of flowers.

>> No.10880744

zombie for him by demeter! it doesn't replicate the scent exactly by any means (on its own it smells more like a combination of wet moss, soil and mushrooms), but has similar vibes when layered over something sweet

>> No.10880758

Literally everywhere outside of America. I've never understood why people found washing lolita hard before I heard what the average Americans' laundry habits are and realized common sense isn't that common.

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samefag but
You guys know you can hang things to dry indoors, right? I live in a cold and humid place where everyone hangs to dry. Of course drying won't always be quick, but I've never heard of anyone ever getting mold on their clothes. I guarantee those people getting mold simply don't know how to hang their clothes properly.

>> No.10880762

Japan. They’re not common. My washer has a mode where it can spin clothes in it for an hour but it’s not a heated kind of dryer.

>> No.10880763

(first anon) I know, I air dry stuff indoors, although I genuinely don't have space for a rack like in the pic since my apartment is tiny. I put stuff up in my bathroom sometimes.
I was trying to say that although there are several surface reasons, for most people the real reason is just because it's not a thing culturally. at my old residence the landlord charged me like $110 because I got caught air drying dresses indoors, idk if that shows what some people's attitude towards it is here

>> No.10880764

>the landlord charged me like $110 because I got caught air drying dresses indoors
wtf why

>> No.10880765

i spilled water on the floor but my tinfoil is that they want us to use the paid washer and dryer in the basement so they can take our coins. I did it as little as possible since it was nasty down there, I kept hand washing but tried to be more careful

>> No.10880766

> the landlord charged me like $110 because I got caught air drying dresses indoors
Ayrt, that's insane, sorry about that. In that case, it's of course understandable not to air dry. The general cultural attitude still baffles me, hopefully it's something most american lolitas not in that situation can get past for their dresses sake.

>> No.10880780

Second anon here and yes, I'm aware it's possible to dry things indoors. That is where the mold comment came from, I've luckily never experienced getting mold on clothes that are drying but it's not an uncommon problem. It can happen when people dry stuff indoors, it's high humidity everywhere, it's raining outside, their apartment has tiny rooms, poor air circulation. Dehumidifiers are popular here, especially for people living in older houses and apartments.
Before my apartment was renovated I did get mold on my clothes in my closet. I had a dehumidifier in my bedroom because it was impossible to get to sleep otherwise. After the renovations it was way less humid and I haven't had to use my dehumidifier, and I haven't had any issues with clothes getting mold spots.

My living room is thankfully very spacious and that's where I air dry my clothes including my lolita stuff.

>> No.10880785

>the landlord charged me like $110 because I got caught air drying dresses indoors

is that even legal?

>> No.10880787

I dunno, but they kinda got away with that one. I'm currently trying to contest like $400 worth of charges for damages that were already there when I moved in.
The landlord is actually a company and they have a monopoly on buildings in my area, which is pretty dumb since I can afford to buy, there's just nothing for sale. Anyway, this company is notorious for being dubious and I've heard that they've been taken to court and lost... multiple times. So no, a lot of the stuff they do is likely illegal, most people just don't have the energy to challenge them in court for it so they continue to turn a profit.

>> No.10880829

additionally, if you're really worried, you can roll an item up in a towel and press a lot of the water out, then hang to get it the rest of the way dry. really speeds things up with almost no risk of damage

>> No.10880855

Nonnas, is Bunen on Lacemarket a good seller? They have one of my dream dresses in stock, but I see that account post so often, it seems suspicious.

>> No.10880859

the feedback on their account looks fine, so if it's your dream dress, i'd say go for it? they might be a reseller/scalper due to the amount of items they have, but it doesn't seem like there's anything bad with their sales in general. it's up to you if you're comfortable buying from someone who might be marking up items.

>> No.10880860

Click the feedback tab Wigga

>> No.10880869

>Why and when would you choose dryers over clothesline?
I would personally never use a clothesline because of sun damage/sun bleaching. I keep all my clothes in a dark closet, and dry them mostly on a drying rack inside. I feel like it's especially important not to dry lolita outside because I've seen way too many faded and sun bleached dresses.
But that's just my American brain. We have a dryer, but I try to lengthen the life of my clothes by only using it for towels/my ugly inside clothes.

>> No.10880871

Thank you for the voice of reason. Compared to the Wunderwelt sales history for dresses from the same line, it’s marked up, but I love it enough that I’m going to buy it anyway.

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I fucking hate lm.

>> No.10882175

>blouse or top that's exactly what I'm looking for appears on lacemarket
>plus size
Every time. I'm so sick of lacemarket fatties

>> No.10882222

buy it and alter it

>> No.10882372

What >>10882222
Said, fatties have to alter shit they buy all the time, you can do the same. Funny for as much as people scream about shit nor fitting fatties and to alter it properly they also get upset when things would be too big on them because of an alteration.

>> No.10882374

>> I've never understood why people found washing lolita hard
How new are you? Lolita dresses aren’t t-shirts; if you’re working with old AP dresses the colors can bleed in the wash so most lolita’s take care in trying to wash them. Velveteens have also been known to be hard to wash. I’m guessing you’re a taobao freak if you’ve never been scared to wash your brand.

>> No.10882376

Go wash your skin flakes and gunk out of your clothes instead of calling people who wash their dresses “taobao freaks” weirdo

>> No.10882377

If you can’t afford the dry cleaners you can’t afford nice clothes. You seem like the type of retard to buy pets without being able to afford vet bills

>> No.10882379

No offense to you in particular but I’m baffled at the influx of newfags in here. Most plus sized blouses are simply shittier and cheaper material versions of regular blouses. Sweet blouses are easy to find so I’m guessing you’re either in classic or gothic, and you’re better off looking for something on jp secondhand sites and shops or a new retailer like atelier pierrot

Most lolita dresses aren’t velveteen, and velveteen isn’t hard to care for anyways as long as you aren’t burning it with an iron. It’s flocked velvet (and glitter/foil) prints that you have to look out for, because the glue will disintegrate over time. If you’re worried about color bleeding, wash with color catcher sheets on a delicate cycle, it’s far more effective at removing excess dye than hand washing.

>> No.10882381

gonna spoon feed.
learn to read the laundry symbols on your tags. the vast majority of lolita can be hand washed or dry cleaned, and some modern pieces can even be machine washed (generally turned inside out, in a bag, with detachables removed, cold water gentle cycle).
stopping bleed:
-anything post 2010 probably won't give you much trouble. worst cases being cotton pieces with reds or blacks, and certain prints. but spot check a waist tie or something if you're that scared
-most cotton can be dry cleaned, again check the tag
-cold water, mild detergent. oxy works on a lot of things, but is best avoided on bleed-prone stuff
-don't soak it, and when you're done washing, roll it into a towel and press as much water out as possible. the less time it spends wet, the less bleed you'll deal with.
-color catch sheets. they even work with hand washing.

if bleed does happen, it can sometimes be washed out, spot cleaned, or otherwise. using a dryer can set the dye, which is why hang and flat drying is best.

-if it's real velvet, dry clean or gentle hand wash. if it's a poly velvet it shouldn't be particularly fragile, again check the tag.
-steam, don't iron
-don't be aggressive when scrubbing

leaving your pieces dirty leaves your skin oils in the fabric, which can stain and degrade the fabric and cause damage.

tldr: lolita isn't hard to clean, you are just either lazy, or misinformed by outdated blog posts on the topic.

>> No.10882483

Not sure what’s with the negative response to this post. Anon didn’t say that they don’t wash their clothes only that they’re scared to. personally I’ve always followed the laundry tags on my brand and STILL had a few issues with color bleeding. and even with proper washing, dark colors will fade and cutsew material will pill over time. poly lace frays at the edges.
I’d never in a million years trade it for Taobao though.
Sorry you’re poor.

>> No.10882493

Have you ever thought that some people have gotten good deals on brand dresses and just don’t want to put up with the dry cleaners? There’s been so many stories about lolitas going to the dry cleaners and having negative experiences. Have you even seen YouTube videos about lolitas washing their brand at home? Like >>10882379
Stated just tie your dress with a pillow case, throw in a color catcher sheet, and put your washer on cold delicate cycle.

>> No.10882494

> even with proper washing, dark colors will fade and cutsew material will pill over time. poly lace frays at the edges.
no shit, clothes aren’t made of diamonds. you should wear your clothes instead of hoarding them.

>> No.10882496

All materials pill over time and all colors fade. Lace rarely frays, only ribbon edges. Smells like larp in here.

>> No.10882498
File: 110 KB, 508x376, IMG_6962.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Comments like this make me wonder what you guys are offended over. washing brand is just a part of the lolita life in general. Pieces do unfortunately fade and pill overtime but we try our best to make the most out of our purchase. Not all of us have dry cleaners right next door to our house.

>> No.10882515

Sun damage/sun bleaching doesn't happen so fast that your dress will get ruined if you dry it outside for a couple of hours. Some sun is actually good for clothes. If sun damage happened that quickly then every piece would be sun damaged just from the fact of wearing it outside.
The sun damaged pieces you see are from YEARS of direct constant sunlight.

>> No.10882533

I only see one post advocating for dry cleaning nonna. Cleaning your clothes is expected, being scared to wash lolita because you’re afraid of natural wear is a mentality I’ve only seen newbies and conlitas have. Accusing lolitas who think it’s silly to be afraid of washing brand of only owning taobao is schizo tier.

>> No.10882545

NAYRT but it depends a lot on the fabric and dye used. Some cotton can in fact fade in a matter of hours of direct sunlight. YMMV based on location/climate too.

i just hang my stuff to dry either at night, or in a well ventilated indoor area. i use a towel to get most of the water out (so it doesn't drip) so even indoors it only takes a couple of hours and doesn't have time to mildew or bleed.

i suspect a lot of the people here expressing fear about washing are either new, exclusively own old school cotton, or misinformed by lolita laundry guides that were written when old school cotton was still current school.

modern lolita is dead easy to wash. most brand these days comes with laundry directions.

dry cleaning is often the easiest, but it's rarely mandatory.

a lot of modern poly is machine washable, and most cotton post 2010 can be easily hand washed. color catch sheets help. oxy clean works great on most things. a plain gentle detergent will work on everything else. get a bucket or a sink or a bathtub and just do it.


i am begging everyone in this thread to wash your clothes and stop listing the filthiest shit imaginable on secondhand markets when it gets too dirty to wear instead of washing it. it's disgusting and way too common. you guys are probably stinking up your com meets. whatever damage you think you're saving the dress from by not washing it is outweighed by the damage your secretions are doing to the fabric by being left in there to marinate. it's not gonna be pristine forever. fucking wash it.

tldr: lolita laundry is not hard, it is not expensive, it is not "inaccessible", and it is not scary. and it isn't a sign of taobao, either. if anything, brand is easier to wash than taobao, because it's less likely to be damaged by normal use.

>> No.10882627

I've just been putting my brand into a delicates bag and throwing it into the washing machine for years, regular detergent regular cycle and I've never had in issue. most of what I own is older cotton brand pieces, only one dress had an issue with colour running so I put it in with a colour catcher sheet, the run dye came right out and I got a really good deal on it because of the staining.
have I been doing this wrong the whole time?

>> No.10882629

same. i also have never had issues with washing cotton old school pieces. i always spot test if i'm nervous. i only dry clean my older white sugar bouquet because it ran ,but otherwise i've had no problems washing stuff (i typically do handwash though).

>> No.10882631

If the stains have been there for literal decades, they are much harder to get out or not at all at worst.

>> No.10882646

AYRT: nope, the thing you're doing is word for word what a lot of lolita laundry labels in my closet tell you to do! again, my main advice is reading your tags.

the handwashing is just my default advice for anyone worried, or if the tag is faded/missing, etc.

>> No.10882652

don't forget japanese tags don't even mention the dryer because they don't have them there. lolita isn't indestructible but it also isn't tissue paper.

>> No.10882661

>they don't have them there
There are dryers all around Japan. They aren't used as often and not always the size of American ones, but they definitely exist and many clothing tags reference whether or not dryers are recommended with symbols just like the washing instruction symbols.

>> No.10882710

>There are dryers all around Japan.
no there aren't. 80% of homes don't have a dryer.

>> No.10882713

there's still drying instructions on the tags, though.

>> No.10882731

That’s just mandatory for the majority of pre made garments to have washing and drying tags regardless of country. They know japanese consumers most likely don’t have dryers and just air-dry their clothes outside, but the majority of japanese people aren’t in alternative fashion either.

>> No.10882754

I have. IME my stuff has turned out fine.

>> No.10883009
File: 959 KB, 2160x1125, IMG_6975.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

is this the same lace market seller that stained her milky planet Headbow on the sides? It looks like the same type of stain just less severe……

>> No.10883017

Is that rust? Did she try to wash her KC in oxyclean?

>> No.10883063

This is copy and pasted directly from the description btw:
>> The dress itself has minor stains that can be removed with Oxiclean and has a worn feeling as I'm the second owner of this dress. The headbow is in need of TLC as it is discolored with potential rust stains from the metal band inside. It came with the stains when I received it and haven't attempted to clean them out

>> No.10883064

>The dress itself has minor stains that can be removed with Oxiclean
If she's so sure that they can be removed with oxyclean why doesn't she do it herself before selling it???

>> No.10883065

I drew over the sellers name but you can find the listing on lace market, i haven’t checked her reviews yet but if she’s suggesting to clean your brand with oxyclean she can’t be that good of a seller.

>> No.10883066

I found the Cherry berry bunny listing >>10880199
featured and it’s not from this seller, but I wonder if she tried to do the same thing with cleaning it with oxyclean.

>> No.10883068
File: 252 KB, 514x819, Screenshot_20230924-110312~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10883099

If the girl who bought it overpaid that much for it she should’ve just bought it new from a scalper kek

Kek I saw this one too. What makes her think a mechanical pencil is worth more than like $20?

>> No.10883105

people tend to severely overestimate the value of novelties.

>> No.10883179

whats wrong with oxyclean?

>> No.10883211
File: 98 KB, 1200x1100, IMG_6949.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If it makes your shit rust it’s probably not suitable for your brand

>> No.10883214

It's not the fault of the oxyclean. The headband itself is made of metal. They should have picked the seams, removed the metal headband, cleaned the fabric by itself, then sewn the metal headband back in.

>> No.10883216

Why is this Headbow made of metal anyway? Arent most headbows made of wire on the insides or is this just a oldschool thing.
>> picked the seams, removed the metal headband, cleaned the fabric by itself, then sewn the metal headband back in.
That sounds like a lot of work just to make your dress somewhat suitable to sell. Plus you’re still gonna see the stitches where you messed around with the Headbow. And that still doesn’t explain why the neckties on that Cherry berry bunny op had that rust shit on it.

>> No.10883234

There’s nothing wrong with it if you use it properly. >>10883214 is right. Don’t listen to braindead newfags who don’t know how to read instruction labels or make google searches.

>> No.10883247
File: 91 KB, 829x429, Screen Shot 2023-09-28 at 1.00.52 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Item descriptions that make me want to vom

>> No.10883255

looks like ai generations have mastered cringe

>> No.10883348 [DELETED] 

is there something wrong with using oxyclean? its my go-to

>> No.10883350

did you leave it on for an extended period of time? or did you wash it and re-treat repeatedly?

>> No.10883783

>tantalizing feast for the senses
>blush of romantic allure
>sweet innocence with a hint of playful mischief
>subtle sensuality
holy fetishbait, whatever ai prompt they used is probably creepy as fuck

>> No.10883805

I'm less afraid to wash brand than taobao. Taobao shreds after like 3 washes. (Lace comes undone and buttons fly off)

I haven't had any issues washing brand. Wash your clothes, nasty.

>> No.10883903

Please I need to know the original listing

>> No.10883922

i love this image nonnie thank you

>> No.10884192

Milky Planet isn't old school lol

>> No.10884204
File: 213 KB, 1200x1419, tumblr_81cab8ffd806c081ebf4fed7eecc9be3_d35ab71a_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stupid question but why is that jsk being listed for such a high price? Usually solid dresses are sold for cheap, people tend to go more after prints. It's weird especially since other chocolate solids are sold for regular prices.

>> No.10884207

Melty ribbon chocolate is a sought after print and likely a lot of sweet lolita see this as THE chocolate dress. It also happens to have the rare M and L sizing so there is more chance for ppl to fit into it. It doenst help they made a not quite rerelease that made ppl want the og more.

Its actually a crazy good dress, the printed jacquard makes it not exactly a solid and the cut is super flattering.

>> No.10884212

my guess is because it actually looks good and calssy, unlike many lolita high price pieces

>> No.10884291

The dress is literally 13 years old anon

>> No.10884302

I can't believe Milky Planet is old enough to own a Discord account now

>> No.10884303

That still doesn't make it "oldschool"

>> No.10884304

yes but it isn't old school. 2010 isn't old school.

>> No.10884354

do you guys just get off to pulling the most baseless and arbitrary rules out of your asses or something

>> No.10884356

depends, do you get off on labeling things wrong? In Lolita, oldschool describes a certain aesthetic, it's not just "once something reaches over 10 years old it's oldschool now"

>> No.10884359

Old-school refers to a style. Hope this helps you to learn about lolita and join the hobby!

>> No.10884366

i get it, you guys are those types of "old schoolers" who are more concerned with looking like garbage than actually wearing items that were released during the "old school" era. sad.

>> No.10884367

I don't even wear old school. 2010 is not the "old school" era.

>> No.10884372

Old school refers to both an era of lolita fashion (usually 2000 until 2007 at the very latest) and styles commonly seen during that era. The old school era was followed up by a weird transitional era where brands were trying to experiment and trying to find new directions to go in, which then was followed by what is commonly referred to as the 2010s.
Milky planet is part of the sweet border print aesthetic from the 2010s, which AP ruled.

I hope this helps.

>> No.10884384

>It's not the fault of the oxyclean.
>Oxygen is a major ingredient in OxiClean, and an essential contributor to rust.
Yes it is. Metal doesn't rust just by being exposed to water.

>> No.10884385

Did you not read the rest of the post?

>> No.10884386

anon, old school refers to the specific time period when it was made, not how many years ago it was made from the present date. it can also be used to refer to present day pieces made to mimic old school styles, but it would be more appropriate to call those old school style pieces. old school isn't the same as a term like retro or vintage or antique, which are based on the amount of time between when something was made and the present. it's more like the terms for art. contemporary, classical and modern art all refer to time periods and aren't based on the passage of time.

>> No.10884387

There's no reason to remove the wires from a headbow or anything, just don't wash it in fucking oxyclean. I have washed headbows countless times. The oxyclean is what rusts them. I'm sick of this misinformation going around that you NEED to remove wires from headbows. It's unnecessary work.

>> No.10884394

Some stains are hard to get out without oxyclean

>> No.10884395

Then risk rust I guess, just understand that ocyclean is the sole reason it happens. There is too much misinformation about washing lolita it just infuriates me. You'd think poly would be more popular, given how easy it is to wash and care for, and doesn't bleed.

>> No.10884398

Why would you not just take it apart and put it back together at that point? It's not impossible. Why risk rust if you don't need to?

>> No.10884400

It's not a risk if you don't use oxyclean. Sorry you're retarded and can't keep a headbow clean enough to not need it, but not everyone is. Perpetuating this falsehood of needing to disassemble a headbow needs to stop. If you can't understand how useless it is, I'm sorry. Learn how to wash clothing. Headbows need spot cleaning at most unless you're a disgusting pig.

>> No.10884402

It's not a binary, are you retarded? Obviously you should try safer washing materials first, but if there's a stain that won't come out, you're either supposed to give up or let it rust for some reason? For the stains, sometimes shit happens, or maybe you got one second hand with undisclosed stains.

>> No.10884403

>got one second hand with undisclosed stains.
This happened to me recently. I think it's rust and I want to try to remove the stain but everyone suggests something different.. I'm worried because it's rare and I don't want to ruin it further

>> No.10884404

Larper alert

>> No.10884430
File: 212 KB, 1080x1782, Screenshot_20231005_043159_Firefox.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What makes them think that it will sell at a higher price if it won't sell at this one lol

>> No.10884432

Low quality bait

>> No.10884433

I own this OP and while it’s lovely to look at on a hanger, it’s really not worth that much, it’s quite sheer + I imagine people buying it will have large busts because it’s full shirring… but even on me (70-something bust), it’s difficult to make look cute due to the short bodice

>> No.10884442

You are a baiting asshole. It doesn't matter if its oxyclean, any older headbows will get rust stains once you try to wash them at the headband area.

>> No.10884459

I’m guessing you guys didn’t read the original comment anon was talking about. >>10883216
wasn’t referring to milky planet as “oldschool” (in the way that the dress was made in the oldschool era) but in the sense that milky planet was released in a time when angelic pretty had different quality control.

>> No.10884460

How can a person be baiting if they actually give advice and their own personal experiences? Baiters don’t try this hard to back up their argument. Why are you guys washing your stuff with hard detergent anyway? If you see people preaching not to put oxyclean on your dresses I would take the advice and not risk it.

>> No.10884468

oxiclean is fine for cleaning something with stains. but it causes metal to rust. says so on the bottle and website.

>> No.10884470

NAYRT but i agree.
"old school" definitely does have multiple uses. usually it refers to the style, but some people will use "old school" colloquially to refer to anything 2010 or older, especially when discussing laundry/maintenance, print quality, and construction/sizing trends.

it's confusing, sure, but sperging about it is just dumb

>> No.10884474

"Will relist at a higher price if not purchased" oh im sorry let me just get my wallet.

>> No.10884475

Anyone using old school to talk about stuff as far as 2009/2010 is dumb and probably learned it from reddit.

Its been commonly used to refer to the era of early lolita in the early 2000s, and most old school is sweet lolita in what we see as a trend. Typically the cut off is around 2006 because after that point you see way more of a focus on ap and prints over gothic lolita and the big lace monster solids. By 2010 the way sweet was styled was drastically different and the popular styling was called deco loli.

Japan calls old school "traditional" lolita.

>> No.10884623
File: 181 KB, 491x1138, Screenshot_20231005_200608_DuckDuckGo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>description says she was super disappointed because they weren't stretchy enough
>"would recommend for under 220lbs and hips under 120cm"

>> No.10884636

How tf does she have 600 feedback, I hope she's not wearing other the items she's selling

>> No.10884639
File: 288 KB, 650x523, Screenshot 2023-10-05 200347.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

is this hoe for real

>> No.10884696
File: 278 KB, 1438x790, Image 10-6-23 at 12.42 PM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what kind of crazy bitch chops the sleeves off her op, doesn't hem it, then tries to sell it?

>> No.10884705

tbf at least she started the bid at a $1. what's more irritating is that she isn't responding to any of the comments on any of the listings about measurements

>> No.10884707

Why would you need measurements it's on lolibrary.org

>> No.10884708

no it's not, the one she linked has front shirring, and this one doesn't. you need to read item descriptions better, otherwise you might buy stuff that doesn't fit you

additionally, the other OP she has for sale isn't on lolibrary either.

>> No.10884717

Lmao that's actually hilarious. Maybe they don't actually wanna sell?

>> No.10884792

Can we normalize adding measurements to listing again? Ive seen a lot of new posts not add them and its infuriating to have to go back and fourth.

>> No.10884819
File: 957 KB, 746x864, image-19.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Some people are actually so delusional

>> No.10884982

is there a worn picture of this by any chance?

>> No.10884985

what the fuck

>> No.10884995
File: 865 KB, 720x849, just no.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Unfortunately no. And even more unfortunately, there's more from the same seller

>> No.10884999
File: 830 KB, 720x1159, Screenshot_20231008-075313-858.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She's back

>> No.10885070

God I love handmade nightmares. Where were these posted?

>> No.10885155

Local Facebook marketplace results. The creator seems to be a costume maker of sorts and has been gradually posting these listings over the days

>> No.10885439
File: 1.25 MB, 1284x1896, IMG_6822.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Which one of you did this

>> No.10885440

Damn the actual brand one is so fucking ugly, you can commission someone to make a way cuter kumya with the GLB pattern for a fraction of the price

>> No.10885441

shut your whore mouth

>> No.10885478

anon these are so hilarious please keep posting them if the seller posts anymore

>> No.10885544

feels like shit i just want Her back

>> No.10885585

Ridiculously overpriced but it is a usakumya from the year 2001 and in excellent condition so I understand why people wanna up charge it.

>> No.10885586

over $4k usd is a little more than an upcharge kek

>> No.10885701
File: 83 KB, 645x477, 776EE711-757B-49AC-AC85-60945A542631.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

seller says they received it in this condition but it still makes me want to kms. even if the stains came out the lace would need to be replaced.

>> No.10885702

omg, wasn’t this on wunderwelt for ages?

>> No.10885703

Is this the same OP that sat on Wunderwelt for a really long time? Why would anyone ever buy it?

>> No.10885707
File: 73 KB, 990x1060, Mabel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why would you admit you're using stolen images? Hope the buyer knows there's a possibility she's lying about its current condition.

>> No.10885740

just say fuck it and rit-dye the entire thing black KEK

>> No.10885742

They relisted it with their own photos

>> No.10885743

Glad mods deleted it then, guess the blouse she listed also had stolen pics.

>> No.10885751

they probably thought if they fixed it they could sell it for $$$

or a MM fan in severe denial

>> No.10885887
File: 128 KB, 1137x430, rose.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how is this user still allowed on lacemarket? tons of negative and neutral feedback - over a dozen instances of taking weeks/months to ship, providing bad tracking, not disclosing damages, and even straight up scamming on occasion. she lists cute items, but why is this behavior permitted? she's been pulling this shit since 2017.

>> No.10885896

she no longer has any active listings so I hope she'll just stay away from LM from now on. There's one or two people who never got their item. Absolutely shameless seller.

Can she just make a new account if she wants to?

>> No.10885899

Yes she can just make a new account, there is 0 actual vetting done to join LM. Make a new FB and email, make a fake ID, send it in.

>> No.10886031
File: 346 KB, 1280x960, IMG_6966.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just want to know where she pulls these prices out of, is it not enough for her to make ¥10-20k off a single item? Will she ever stop?

>> No.10886032

There's someone on mercari selling the current la luice bunny backpack releases, that you can still buy on the la luice site, and they're lying and saying they are the old meta bunny bags and are charging much more than what la luice is selling them for. They're even selling the free gift that is currently being given to customers who buy more than 3000 yen worth of items on the la luice site, the mercari seller is charging 6000 for it. I've been seeing this for the last month or so and wondering who falls into the trap.

>> No.10886036

I've been noticing those too, I was shocked to see some of the backpack listings be sold. Meta never even released their backpacks in pink, my condolences to whoever fell for it.

>> No.10886082

Nope, they literally buy shit to scalp on the daily. I have no idea why most japanese sellers haven't blocked them and their buyer-accounts yet, especially on mercari where you cantrack purchases publicly. They aren't even japanese, they're chinese.

>> No.10886083

I bought from her aeons ago and even then her shipping times were really long. Though I doubt she's a scammer, otherwise she'd be banned.

>> No.10886110

I thought there was a rule regarding an amount of negative feedback but I couldn’t find anything except on the LM FB page saying they’ve updated the rule to: “users that accumulate five or more negative feedbacks within the span of a single year will be banned.” so I guess she’s safe.

>> No.10886114

Does anyone even get banned anymore? There are so many deadbeat buyers with 8+ neg feedback within a year still pressing buy on crap and backing out of paying

>> No.10886116

I have no idea. The blacklist on the website hasn’t been updated since 2019.

>> No.10886155

Just make a new website at this point. Everything about lm is outdated.

>> No.10886294

Why is the lolita secondhand market so dry right now? I want the retarded zoomer vintage Y2K trend and trendhoppers to be over anons, the old school population has increased past max capacity and so have the prices. The worst timeline. Take me back when this was the unpopular fashion choice and chill

>> No.10886336

Lolita fashion is not popular, DUE to the inflation. After 2020 prices for everything lolita skyrocketed. in 2015 you could get a sugary carnival OP for 130 dollars max, now you have to pay more than 300 dollars for it in just decent condition. Secondhand used to be a good place to send newbies who wanted to buy cheap brand, but now the only way to get brand under 200 dollars is one off sellers on Japanese markets with proxy services. Yes, The reason lolita fashion has been on the decline is because of male fetishists and trendhoppers. But let’s not forget about the several people who want to join the fashion and just are in bad financial situations.

>> No.10886338
File: 1.02 MB, 2160x1392, IMG_7059.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hate bitches like this that call anything and everything “rare” items as some kind of chance to ridiculously overprice it.

>> No.10886340

There's tons of brand dresses for under $200 even on LM. Even under $100 on LM. Especially skirts go for dirt cheap.

I think because it's a buyers market, unless people really need money or space they aren't selling rn because so few people are buying you have to deeply discount. Not worth it if you don't absolutely need to sell rn.

>> No.10886382
File: 285 KB, 1080x1541, over 9999999999999 keks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what were they trying to do there

>> No.10886385

she's reuploaded this same exact listing at least 8-9 times in the last 24 hours. who the fuck knows

>> No.10886390

Girl so stupid she couldnt even figure out how to do a listing right.

>> No.10886391

From what I could tell it was getting reported and taken down each time

>> No.10886393

That's even worse. Whatever she was told to correct could've been done the first time.

>> No.10886394

Is that reddit broken roof girl?

>> No.10886397
File: 37 KB, 828x361, 0314292C-5246-46F0-A3F9-269B8A48A787.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I keep seeing people trying to make trade listings by putting a large number in the BIN. Protip, you can actually upload a listing without a BIN or a bidding start number.

>> No.10886398

Its not a protip, its against the rules. Trades are against the rules. No bidding or bin is against the rules. Making a fake bid number is against the rules.

You guys clearly dont use LM these are always reportable listings.

>> No.10886403

The rules don't say that. It's common especially for reserved listings to sell for $1 or outrageous prices like $99999 because a price was agreed on off site or in messages. I will say it's good to see LM mods finally active on weekends.

>> No.10886405

I definitely use LM (how else would I have gotten the screenshot) and haven’t had any reported listings before. Tbf I haven’t read the rules since LM started like a decade ago but tons of people do trades on the site. It sounds like you’re the weirdo reporting the listings because no one wants to trade with you.

>> No.10886406

I don't know from the looks of it, it seems the post said clearly that it was not a trade. Someone clearly is just mad they have no money.

>> No.10886407

Were they just trying to solicit offers then, but afraid of putting it on auction? I didn’t actually see the listing, I’m just assuming it was for a trade since I’ve seen a number of listings lately get reported for having a 1,500+ BIN that was clearly fake (a wire head jsk, some VM and MM jsks earlier this week/last week, etc etc ).

>> No.10886409
File: 17 KB, 724x135, bin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Seems hard to price with no recent listings and only a mercari jp listing for 2k$. Guess they gave up and just went with how Japan is pricing it.

>> No.10886410
File: 10 KB, 1081x151, read the rules dummy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Trades have always been not allowed since the inception of the website. I do trades off site and make a listing to mutually buy eachother's stuff, thats how you do it for liability anyways.

Its was a trade, she just got reported for it so much that she just saying it to try to not get it taken down again. Feelers are also not allowed, which is why you cant put no pricing. Then finally she realized she cant put no price but did a troll price that also got it taken down.

>> No.10886411

Are you the butthurt broke girl reporting it? You're really invested in this.

>> No.10886414
File: 15 KB, 641x127, salepost.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

do you speak english. sounding a bit like a vendetta

>> No.10886415

Mercari listing is for a different cut and colorway though.

>> No.10886416

dark pink is more popular

>> No.10886417

“Off-site”? What does that even mean in this context?

>> No.10886418

No it wasn’t? It’s rarer though now, because there’s no new version. Sax was always the most popular, then black, then pink and red.

>> No.10886420

It means using a different platform. Like fb, ig, discord. If you are still uncertain about how that works you should ask in the stupid questions thread.

>> No.10886421


>> No.10886422

What is the purpose of dying on this hill about trades when the post isn't about a trade

>> No.10886425

Just seems retarded to do it off-site but then create fake LM listings for “liability” when you yourself said trades are against the rules, but you do you.

There’s literally no reason to ask this question in the stupid question thread when I wanted to ask you directly.

>> No.10886426

Current listing on Lacemarket is now at $3500 BIN. Lolitas can be so delusional.
Most she'll get is 600.

Maybe she's selling to cover roof repair fees and she is desperate for money. That would be an explanation. Sad.

>> No.10886428

>she just got reported for it so much
Yeah right, I wonder by whom. You sound obsessed, get a grip.

>> No.10886429

The vendetta poster can not only not read that something isn't a trade, they also forgot their meds. Let's get you back into bed before you spill your applesauce all over your dress, grandma.

>> No.10886434

Damn, sounds like your bid got rejected

>> No.10886435

I'm sinophobic now

>> No.10886491 [DELETED] 

I didnt report it this time, but it got a lot of traction Roof-kun and ppl are clearly noticing you cant do a listing right. Maybe this time you can do a proper listing?

>> No.10886499 [DELETED] 

Cranky aren't we? I have that set in black and it doesn't sell for much anymore that's just the truth. Sorry you're losing money and can't fix your roof or your life.

>> No.10886507 [DELETED] 

I'm not the seller, you just sound way too invested. I can't imagine having nothing better to do than obsessively stalk lm to report the same item of a seller over and over again because I can't keep my vendetta in check.

>> No.10886514 [DELETED] 

Confused why someone's roof is generating this much resentment, are we missing something? Vendetta chan, report taobao trash and "loliable" bs not actual brand, thanks. The market is dry as it is and you'll make it worse.

>> No.10886521 [DELETED] 

Nice larp, poor fag

>> No.10886523 [DELETED] 

Or you could list your ugly set right the first time and not sperg out when people laugh at you for managing to fuck it up several times in a row while clogging the main page with it repeatedly. Simple. It's not a vendetta if more than one person is laughing at your incompetence.

>> No.10886525 [DELETED] 

>Implies sweetfag when clearly is an old schooler newfag
Gb2discord I'm sure you have better things to do than vulture listings of items that people want

>> No.10886526 [DELETED] 

at least make your samefagging less obvious kek. seething.

>> No.10886528 [DELETED] 

lurk moar. the person reporting the listing has been in this thread, keep up or shut up

>> No.10886530 [DELETED] 

you mean you are? you quoted multiple anons, are obsessively fuming over the sale of a dress on a basket weaving forum

>> No.10886531 [DELETED] 
File: 42 KB, 958x522, IMG_5927.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Some of us just genuinely don't understand the drama and sperging over a roof, anon. Time to take a break.

>> No.10886535 [DELETED] 

NAYRT and not accusing you but it's very easy to edit screenshots this proves nothing these days.

>> No.10886667
File: 1022 KB, 1662x783, Screenshot 2023-10-16 at 05-43-59 ロリータワンピース ピンク.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

is this the infamous dress?

>> No.10886743

You sound like you don't know how LM works and are butthurt about feelings and trades not being allowed

>> No.10886745

*feelers lol

>> No.10887086

Well, it happened. I received a dress with armpit stains, and of course it was from a brolita. I hate men.

>> No.10887090

Leave bad feedback.

>> No.10887095
File: 890 KB, 760x1331, Screenshot_20231018-005419.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And if you want to buy it now it's only $45-- only $20!

>> No.10887099

leave negative feedback. Say "this came with large and severe undisclosed sweat stains".

>> No.10887100
File: 50 KB, 458x667, petticoat with free leg hair.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Who's interested?

>> No.10887102

>dragging this on after you got half of your posts deleted
You're just proving her right kek.

>> No.10887106

Try a baking soda paste? That should get the majority of the stains out

>> No.10888085

I’m so tired of getting items that smell like BO. this would be unacceptable in any other fashion.

>> No.10888113

the "would rather die than wash their brand" crowd claims another post

>> No.10888141
File: 103 KB, 454x640, IMG_7785.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone want just the top part of an apron for $80?

>> No.10888648

I've bought probably almost 200 items in my lolita lifetime and not once have I received an item that stinks, what kind of items are you guys buying? Are they sweet pieces?

>> No.10888652

sometimes old school sweet. sometimes old school classic. almost always it’s something with shirring.

>> No.10888669

i bought an unshirred blouse and it smelled so bad and was so dirty that when i washed it it LITERALLY TURNED A DIFFERENT COLOR. i don't know, anon.

>> No.10888670

Nayrt, I've received blouses without shirring that had sweat stains, a musty cellar smell and an overall greasy feeling. I've received an unshirred skirt that was faded, greasy and musty. But never anything yet that smelled like BO.

>> No.10888691

Some people perceive the smell of laundry detergent as stinking. I remember an anon on here wh even gave bad feedback because of it kek.

>> No.10888694

>yen is incredibly cheap rn
>japanese market is either completely dead or only littered with scalpers whose prices are so high that they're way above average even after conversion

>> No.10888723

Nayrt, for me it depends. I once received a visually dirty blouse with yellow stains in the neck that didn't seem to have been washed but was heavily sprayed with febreeze. It stunk up my living room until I had time to treat the stains. I sometimes receive clean looking items that were sprayed with floral insect repellant and I have to air those items out for a few days. If the product (laundry spray, insect repellant, perfume, laundry detergent, fabric softener) was used in large amounts it can stink. It depends on what you're usedcto. I use a more neutral smelling laundry detergent so it doesn't smell strongly. I know people who like strong smelling products or just use more of it.

I wouldn't give bad feedback about strong laundry detergent smell as long as the item is clean.

>> No.10888730

This!!!! Wtf is with not washing your damn dresses, I purchased an I.W Jsk a few weeks ago and it looked fine in the photos, seller even said no noticeable stains or damage. It arrives and and you can literally see the sweat stains around the arms…..!
I had to leave it soaking and then run it through the wash a few times.

Worst part is she is in the same country and even though we aren’t in the same comm, she is in our fb group. I want to post the video I have of me taking the dress out of the water it was soaking in, leaving all the dirt and grime to be seen. I want to indirectly call her out in public soooo damn bad. T__T

>> No.10888761

This is filthy and should have been noted in the description but at the same time, zoomers who rather go on social media to make call out posts than message the seller about item issues are the reason why people stop selling on lm.

>> No.10888925

I wouldn't publish that video, even if you don't mention her name. It will just expose you to potential problems. If you bought it through LM you can either use the photographic proof of the sweat stains to negotiate a partial refund , or you can leave her a neutral or negative feedback.

>> No.10888945

why tf would you take a video of yourself washing a dress? disgusting or not that seems really autistic.

>> No.10888947

>seems really autistic
Thats probably the reason why. Austim.

>> No.10888962
File: 572 KB, 1137x766, meta.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

$400 for the ugliest skirt ever, old school fags really are retarded

>> No.10889009

Lmao I was in disbelief at the state of the water that’s why.

>> No.10889013

lots of oldschoolers do that as a sort of “satisfying video” thing

>> No.10889016


confirmed 4 autism

>> No.10889017


She listed it on the Comm page so no option for feedback unfortunately.

I don’t know how she could have listed and sold it without full well knowing the state of the dress. It’s the first thing I could see when I took it out of the packaging, I don’t believe a private message would have done much desu if she has no problem selling it in that condition.

>> No.10889018

It's because it's likely from 1999 or 2000. 3/4 of old-school fags prioritize age and muh collector mindset, even if the item itself is so simple they could sew it themselves for a tenth of the price. It's especially funny with very old meta, because some of those items are so frumpy and badly designed that they even look diy.

>> No.10889025

nayrt, I wouldn't say it's necessarily 3/4 of old schoolers in the west, but it's definitely a lot of the more well known old schoolers who prioritize the age of something over aesthetics. This mindset probably exists in japan as well. On the japanese second hand market older meta pieces are sometimes delusionally priced whilst looking very DIY. Some 90s btssb that also looks a lot worse (construction and design wise) compared to 2000s btssb, goes for thousands of dollars. But meta definitely takes the cake.

>> No.10889041

it's funny because there's definitely been some delusional shits on this board thinking meta wasn't horrendous 90% of the time once

>> No.10889049


>> No.10889060

Meta's quality (construction and materials) have been quite bad at times but I don't hate a lot of their old designs.

>> No.10889072
File: 140 KB, 645x484, C52B54B1-1370-4136-A9B3-A9E423BF27F9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10889107


>> No.10889140

nice 1. least you're integrating. lurk moar.

most of their old designs were pretty experimental. it's pretty one off I even like their style in the first place, personally.

>> No.10889465
File: 697 KB, 828x1403, E728AFE1-4E51-4E24-AE27-EC29689F9243.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what in the world…

>> No.10889509

They went OUT like that!?

>> No.10889521
File: 9 KB, 194x259, IMG_6182.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Came here to post this. It gets worse! this is/was a mini OP

>> No.10889541

i love this sellers photos

>> No.10889550

Not you acting like female lolitas don't do this as well kek

>> No.10889552

but men are sweatier and smell worse

>> No.10889557

Western women are basically men anyways so

>> No.10889559

Depends on where in the west.

>> No.10889561

go dilate stinky freak

>> No.10889563

Seething shemale

>> No.10889570

have you ever encountered a female landwhale before? many fat female itas are as sweaty as the average man, and their unlaundered clothes boost the stink.

>> No.10889571

sure fatties are gross but its literally a biological fact that men smell worse than women on average

>> No.10889587
File: 417 KB, 1179x1375, IMG_5241.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Her feedback…..

>> No.10889722


>> No.10889817

Can the plus size trannies on this board stop trying to pretend that old meta had good designs? 6 times out of 10 The shit looks like it’s intentionally ugly and fatty-chans suck it up because they want to get their gothic obese cats JSK.

>> No.10889853

nayrt, but there's no arguing about taste. If 6/10 looks bad according to you, then 4/10 doesn't. Meta was experimental and that made it hit or miss and I won't deny it, some of it does look ugly/DIY/sloppy. They've made some iconic pieces in the early and mid 2000s though (velveteen, gobelin print, bouquet print, trumpet sleeved items, tartan items, sailor themed items) and great basics (cutsews, 3 tiered skirts, etc). If you don't like those you probably don't like meta in general.

>> No.10889882

nyart- a lot of older meta can run pretty small, so it's not just "people only like it because it's the only thing that fits". i have a mid 2000s meta skirt that maxes out at about 69 cm, and there's plenty of jsks and ops with ~90 cm max busts and no shirring from the same era

>> No.10889887

nayrt, it's pretty wild to me anyone would think old school meta was fatty friendly. There were very very few meta items that would fit western fats during the old school era. Although meta did release a lot of fully shirred dresses most of them were basically unwearable by anyone with a bust over the upper 90s. And some items that fit a bust over 100cm would not fit big arms because the sleeve cuffs didn't stretch much or didn't have elastic to begin with.
The 2004 shirring tiered ribbon JSK was one of the few western fatty friendly releases and was rereleased a few times after. That was one of the few dresses that would fit the largest lolita out there. Nearly every plus sized lolita who had an interest in meta had at least one. But things have changed and people have gotten fatter, so I'm sure that dress would still not accommodate some modern fats.

>> No.10889963

Lmao did you guys seriously think I was suggesting that old meta was plus size friendly? The busts back then would max out at like 69cm. I was referring to the fact that 90% of meta fans weight over 300lbs and constantly praise the old releases even though they look like shit. “Gothic obese cats” was referring to the magical artifact JSK that every fattie owns.

>> No.10889975

>constantly praise the old releases

when you say "old meta" I'm not thinking about anything younger than 2010. Also this comment >>10889817 was a response to the conversation people were having about old (from when meta opened to very early 2000s) pieces looking crappy/sloppy/DIY but still going to insane prices second hand.
Meta obviously has a lot of obese fans, but they usually don't gush about old school meta since most of that stuff wouldn't fit them anyway and they usually have modern lolita tastes.

>> No.10890038

>Can the plus size trannies on this board stop trying to pretend that old meta had good designs?
>old meta


>> No.10890248

i think some people think that full shirring means it looks good on fatties. just because you can squeeze into it doesn't mean it fits. i've seen the same issue with baby's old school shirring pieces.

>> No.10890268

ayrt. imo full shirring looks best on people who are close to the minimum measurements and who have almost no measurement difference between bust and waist. It looks weird on anyone with a large cup size because it'll be stretched to the max and lay flat over the bust whilst being quite gathered around the waist (the pattern is basically rectangular). Shirring is used for some size flexibility/comfort and as a textured design detail, but rarely is it made for the purpose of accommodating actual very large people. imo it looks better on keg shaped japanese fat lolitas than it does on big boobed westerners. I used to cringe when people bought that meta shirring tiered ribbon jsk and call themselves "max capacity girls". But that was also when seeing a lolita with a bust over 110cm was extremely rare.

>> No.10890483

exactly what i mean. or something designed to be loose/oversized looking awkward when someone tries to wear it as a fitted piece. i've also seen more than enough terrible situations with plus size lolitas wearing fully shirred or babydoll shirring blouses with disasterous results.

>> No.10890527

The btssb babydoll blouse especially looks terrible on anyone big. The look is ruined by stretching the shirring.

>> No.10891150 [DELETED] 
File: 704 KB, 2235x2237, IMG_0196.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10891732

it just depends on circumstances- i grew up in central florida in a family of 9 so it just wasn't practical to dry everything that way. it would be physically possible of course, but we'd have been spending a lot of time on laundry. we had a clothesline and usually dried things like sheets on it outside of the rainier parts of the year. now that i've moved out, i have a lot of individual items that i air dry but i'm still gonna throw towels, jeans, and t-shirts in the dryer.

it would honestly probably look better