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To counteract all the moids here and the overwhelming spamming of slutty girls, here's a thread dedicated to the cuties who cosplay.

Emphasis on the "cute" part. Bodybuilders cosplaying just to show off their abs are just as bad as the girls who only do it for onlyfans.

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>To counteract all the moids here
yeah haha post more cute cosplay boys we're all girls here anyway this'll totally scare them off

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Also, real guys only. None of that girls dressed up as guys shit. We know, Japan has a fetish for male anorexia and making them look as fruity as possible.

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Mad that people like yourself are spending your time in the posts asking how to simply say hi to girls at cons while these guys are fighting them off with a stick? I'd be bitter too.

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Thoughts on my Kaneki cosplay?

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No fucking way these are men. The lips, makeup, and boobs....come on. And the small hands.

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selfpost? this guy is ugly af

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You misinterpret my sarcasm I am gay and want you to keep posting cute guy cosplayers

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>Also, real guys only. None of that girls dressed up as guys shit.

These are all biological women, dumbass.


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is this the "they/them" thread?

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No they aren’t, chode. I know it’s hard for people like you to believe not all guys are hulking hairy behemoths but it’s true.

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Haha yeah more sexy people on the board. And now there's threads for both girls AND guys haha I totally hate that yuo should stop posting them

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What are their Instagram handles then?

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>No they aren’t, chode. I know it’s hard for people like you to believe not all guys are hulking hairy behemoths but it’s true.
You're legitimately retarded if you think people can't clock these as FTM / AFAB / Biological women immediately. No one is fooled and it's pathetic that you're even bothering to lie.

Post their IG Handles next time, dumbass. Changing the file names to "unnamed" to mask your stupidity does absolutely nothing but identify you as a same-poster and undermines your entire thread.

>What are their Instagram handles then?
I got'chu.


@blackknight_sas / @knightscosplay

I'm too lazy to sift through the hundred thousand female / afab Deku cosplayers so that last one remains unknown but that person is clearly not a biological male.

>Makes cute cosplay guys thread
>Only posts girls and transmen

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>is cute
>is a biological man
Does she fit the criteria of this thread?

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dont exist, since women dont simp not mentaly challanged guys

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Twink death will hit this one like a ton of bricks

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the /cgl/ girls/women attraction for twinks is such a fascinating phenomena

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Cute cosplay guys thread drinking game: take a drink every time someone posts a girl.

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He really needs to brush his teeth holy shot

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Kek i fucking knew it

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Whoa, I want to run my hands over his skin so bad, like damn. That look and pose, he's sexy and he knows it.

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...Now I sort of feel bad for thirsting like that. Feels so vulgar to talk that way about sensual beauty. How do other people do it without feeling like creeps

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Keep posting "male" cosplayers with vaginas and binded tits. Its making my dick hard.

Ill go gay alright, hehe...

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You know that skin is a fake chest right? This cosplayer is known for using a fake chestplate on all skin showing cosplays

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I had no idea.
I still wanna touch. The arms also look hot and real.
The wonders of modern technology create beautiful images.

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looks nice

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Its ok to be gay l, ladies
Stop living in denial

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I honestly can't believe you faggots find it so hard to believe some guys age gracefully and look prettier than most girls. Oh well, while you're organizing your embarrassing CGL meetups it's more for us

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moids malding because they're obsolete

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It's pretty embarrassing. A asked a whore at a party at CC 2021 to show me her boobs and she gleefully approved. Meanwhile the 4chan esque losers were they were asking to suck her titap and basically rape here. Y'all are so embarrasssing

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>The wonders of modern technology create beautiful images
That can become a problem when the beautiful appearance falls apart at the slightest touch or wrong angle.

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Hoes mad men make better women.

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Twink death is so brutal on men, that’s why I’m dating a younger man kek their libidos are great and they’re so high energy. It’s cute

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Girls make such cute guys too tho

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They really don't. All of them in this thread were instantly clocked kek

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Post the genshin guys pls

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What a fucking disaster this thread was

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My FtM Troon detection skills are impeccable, you can't fool me OP

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You mean your eyes?

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>cute guys
>OP is a biological female that does creepy eye taping

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you’re oblivious and probably think ftm troons like knitemaya and geheichou are male

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Me? I'm a TangTangMonster enjoyer. A bit too scrawny, but at least its a biological male who does cute sets from time to time too. Be forewarned though, most of what he does is NSFW. Not nude, but might as well be. So basically a slutty boy instead of a slutty girl is what I have brought you all, you are welcome.
A shame, but it's never too late to fight back and retake what was rightfully yours. Never give up nonnies.

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a good contribution, many thanks.

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My acne scaring ruined my chances. I wish I had clean skin. It's better than before a lot better but in harsh light it's really visible

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A proper skincare routine can work wonders, combined with makeup too.

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I've been on a skincare routine and just changed my life style and it has worked wonders, but the issue is still hard light. It catches the dents.

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Shameless self post. Hope I pass!

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op just do what the girls do and photoshop it out <3

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Bless you, you could have done a photo dump since the thread is mostly whining and derail. Wish we still had decent male cosplayer trips here.

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Is this thread the female equivalent of "traps arent gay"?

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I had the same problem and a lot of it was solved through cosmetic procedures like laser resurfacing. If you think it’s worth the couple thousand USD, you should look into it seriously. It will benefit your life outside of cosplay too.

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All of the men in this thread are photoshopped and have fake abs.

Are women on /cgl/ really this easily fooled?

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Go to a derm and get microneedling sessions. 6 of them will do massive wonders for that

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yeah cause this is totally exclusive to /cgl/, normal women hate skinny guys with cute features eewwwww we only like musclebound chads right??

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all the women here are photoshopped and have fake tits/ass/face.

are men on /cgl/ really this easily fooled?

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that's the plan but still costs so much on my budget. I'm barley staying alive

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Nice minion cosplay

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Is this achievable natty?

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are they they hottest couple in cosplay?

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sauce pls

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I was about to shit on femanon for being unable to find any cute male cosplayers, but I can't find shit either. It's all ugly moids, otonoko, or moidy otonoko. Where could you even go look?
TangTang is really good, but his patreon prices are kind of insane.
For cosplay, you're expected to use makeup anyways.

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The problem is that most hot guys don't cosplay. And the few that do look like shit because they don't wear makeup or style their wigs, they just expect their base attractiveness to be enough.

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Fat fingers typed this.

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Filled with more plastic than Barbie and Ken

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Pretty asian boy twitter isn't big enough.

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Man, it's 90% Genshin too. I don't even hate Genshin or anything either, it's just a shame obscure stuff doesn't get cosplayed at all.

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This is all I've got for now
Any good Male J-Fashion twitter handles I should know about btw? This is the closest I could find and it's just TangTang being coomerbait (male).

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this is just a coom thread for women desu.

>> No.10879520

please sauce this video

>> No.10879521

this whole thread is so freakishly shooped that it's uncanny nightmare fuel.

>> No.10879525

mald harder

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Shit anon, there's barely any good coombait in this thread, at most it's dokidoki fuel for yumes.
Let's see if I don't get banned for posting actual coombait
That one's not even shopped outside of a smoothness filter, it's just the makeup is just too garish and the big too blocky. The eyebrows are also out of clown world.

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ayrt MUCH better, thank you.

>> No.10879652

Hopefully if I try hard enough I can eventually match this energy someday

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>otonoko, or moidy otonoko.

Those are the worst because on top of being a waste of a cute guy, they attract obnoxious "straight" male fans.

>> No.10882312

thats a woman, baby

>> No.10882313

good, women should coom more

>> No.10882314

even if FtM, would ask on a date

>> No.10882421

The absolute worst is
>otonoko character cosplay
>trans flags
>doesn't even shave his legs
Those are both men, with PPs. Jawline reps.

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Anyways, posting more boys.

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so only the last 4 pics is a guy the rest are women
no takung T doesnt count

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Geichu is trans ftom

>> No.10883920

This is a female LARPing, in fact a /pol/-queen from the pre-election days. She made a whole "documentary" about it at videos.icum.to/w/oBj9v7X4vPnxxGXUXKgZZY

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Best I have.

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No, the Trap link cosplay is ftm, I know this person irl
How can you think thats geichou...?

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>> No.10884603

if they were anywhere theyd be here

>> No.10884604

women dont pay for lewd (maybe lewd art but not lewd cosplay)
not even lesbians

>> No.10884611

This dumbass owes me 650$ I wish she kills herself

>> No.10884634

speak for yourself, prude. plenty of lesbians buy yuri.

>> No.10884863

UNF holy fuck WHO???

>> No.10884969

Shunsuke on gumroad

>> No.10884970

i wonder, would women who still visit this board date transman posted here?

>> No.10885024

You will never be a man.

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Twitter eboys charge something like ~$100 on Patreon for softcore pin up pics.

>> No.10885063

Geichou is not a man lmao. She photoshops herself to hell and back.

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women actually like femboys?

>> No.10885187

some, most dont
by the looks of it 30+ women like femboys
and most guys here also, Shunsuke on IG looks way different

>> No.10885193

>that spread legs up pose
oh my

>> No.10885196

I refuse to believe any woman would pay for this
He is posing like a cosplay thot
His fans must all be gay men (or "traps arent gay" men)

>> No.10885202

its like bisexuals dont exist, i would say its 85% men 15% women

>> No.10885203

its funny to me how sexist women on /cgl/ are, like the most hateful cunts i ever came across, excluding crystal cunts

>> No.10885430

This is literally not geichou this is alexandreisfluffy

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>> No.10885823

finaly, a man
1 pic anon, really? i guess there arent many women coomers on this board

>> No.10888739

so wtf, all that the women stil here are dykes?

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>> No.10891459

I've gotten sick of good looking guys wearing womens clothing. They'd look better in male oriented clothes.

>> No.10891644

you're right i wouldn't pay for it but he's hot
that's why i just follow amateur japanese men on twitter since they post that shit for free (irrelevant to this thread as they aren't cosplaying anything just posing in slutty positions while wearing latex)

>> No.10891669

Hot damn, that's good.

>> No.10894484

none of these are biological men but women are hotter than men anyway

>> No.10895664

I want to know the story behind this

>> No.10895680

probably paid for custom videos and didnt get them

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File: 483 KB, 1536x2048, media_FPOwETeVcAIWBv5 (3).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is close enough?

>> No.10899999


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>> No.10900013

this entire thread is poorly photoshopped ftms, no biological men in sight

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Cis man here, my twink death was something else man but I can now grow my beard much fuller and I don’t have fujoshits drooling all over me like they did when I was a twink and cosplaying from Bungou Stray Dogs

So that’s a win

>> No.10902229

We can tell you’re cis, but that’s a good thing. For a REAL dude, nice job

>> No.10902231

I know her, she goes or went by Riss and only started being trans when it got to be the hot thing in like 2019!

>> No.10902232

If his pronouns are he/him he is a man

>> No.10902234

Stop posting this biological female retard

>> No.10902235
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>Actually believing this

I hate to tell you this, but I’m afraid you’re on 4chan

>> No.10902279

>i guess there arent many women coomers on this board
this board used to be almost entirely women, and the main focus of threads were for crafting cosplay/j-fashion. now with how popular cosplay is, coomers infiltrated the board and pushed out all the girls who actually cosplay and the board is mostly just softcore porn threads. I never understood why coomers can't just make threads in /s/

>> No.10902427


>> No.10902432

Lose weight.

>> No.10902443
File: 10 KB, 195x258, images (5).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not embracing it and do scar-maxing
Not gonna make it

>> No.10902648
File: 236 KB, 1170x1450, IMG_3910.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stop projecting you limp dicked porn addict. You wouldn’t be able to fuck a cosplayer even if she gave you a chance

>> No.10902653


>> No.10902663


disgusting. call me when you get your period back.

>> No.10902685

It's wild how easy it is to trigger you dumb bitches.

I posted "Lose weight.' as reply to your post up there for a laugh and to be honest I didn't even read a word of your stupid post.

Seethe and cope femoid

>> No.10902751
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>> No.10903064
File: 59 KB, 720x840, e95d7dab5370864d5785c23ce8890773.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does a He/ She/ They count as a guy?

>> No.10903115

No, and this thread is already full of em.

>> No.10903129

If it has a vagina and not a penis it doesn’t count as a guy, end of story

>> No.10903130

haha vagina havers BTFO!

>> No.10903131

Indeed. Love to see half of these “he/him” cosplayers last five minutes in a someplace like a pool hall with a bunch of cis guys. Even just shooting the shit like guys do they’d be in tears and posting 678 instagram stories about how oppressive they were and how they were “scawed UwU”

>> No.10903168

>All these cute biological women labeled as 'men'
If they weren't mentally ill ftms they'd be good catches, dykes make better partners than moids.

>> No.10903256
File: 44 KB, 511x413, IMG_2173.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Even then some of these “FtMs” were and are still quite feminine. Like there’s a few “before and after” videos these trannies post and the “before” footage of some girls, they were quite naturally beautiful qt’s, way moreso than the greasy, androgynous “after”.

Tbqh I feel like most of the “he/him” trans men don’t ACTUALLY want to be men, they just don’t feel super hyper feminine all the time and are more akin to tomboys or were the socially awkward weird girls in hs who just wore blue jeans and a graphic tee. Then a bunch (((influencers))) tell these terminally online girls feeling like this is because they’re “secretly trans” and gets them to cut their hair short and bind/chop their tits off and boom! “He/him”

>> No.10903823
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Surprised none of these trans “men” in the thread have called anyone a Nazi for misgendering them, seems to be a favorite of theirs. Tits pushed up, wearing a skirt, having long hair still have their vagina… totally a man right?

>> No.10903894

>I know this person irl
lucky you

>> No.10905137

OK sersious question
You accuse everyone in this thread oif having a vagina
But have YOU seen their genitals to verify this?
Feminine men exist just like masculine women
So I think we should take them as they present themselves

>> No.10905528

Plenty of photos on their instagrams that show lack of facial hair, general facial structure, body structure and most of all breasts and or scars where said breasts were removed, no cis man has those.

>> No.10905891

how do you deal with the loss of attention anon?

>> No.10905946
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I still get a fair amount of attention, albeit from a totally different breed of woman. When I was a twink I’d pull all the fujoshit girls and they/thems I wanted, (most of whom were usually 18-23) but the girls into stuff like Marvel and Star Wars and women well into their 20s and early 30s didn’t want anything to do with me, and now it’s the opposite. I can pull capeshit and Star Wars cosplay girls all day long but the animu fujoshit flavor of the month anime girls don’t want me any more unless they have daddy issues and want to go for a slightly older guy built like a dad. I’m not an obese hamplanet or anything but I went from skinny animu type to Jim Hopper from Stranger Things and I grew a beard to match

>> No.10905948

Star wars women sound good to me.

>> No.10905950

huh I see. I'm asking because I'm on a similar boat with you. only with different end results. Is it true that women in their late 20s early 30 are all washed up. Or is that something incels just spread around?

>> No.10905951

Incels, I work with women in their 40s that are smokin

>> No.10905975
File: 387 KB, 1440x1426, IMG_3944.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They are man, much more chill and laid back than animu women, usually less cray cray too

Predominantly an incel myth amigo, I mean yeah you get a few who rode the “cock carousel” that incels always talk about but there’s also male equivalents of that as well who didn’t do anything with their lives. Usually the ones in their late 20s and early 30s are much smarter and less crazy than the 18-25 crowd bc they’ve established their professional lives a good bit and either gotten therapy for their issues or have grown up and realized how stupid the way they used to act was and also are usually a lot less egotistical than the younger ones

>> No.10905986

If I could find I girl that I can talk to about the old legends EU I would be a happy fella, I don't care how old she is.

>> No.10906018

if that were true why would so many dudes lust for their friend's moms in hs?

>> No.10906917

knitemaya or whatever her name is literally had a overwatch cosplay video with her natural tits and girl voice back in the day
it's probably still up because she's an attention whore

>> No.10906919

>scars where said breasts were removed, no cis man has those.
But yes all of these ITT are trannies.

>> No.10908760
File: 144 KB, 435x640, zelda.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10909221

impregnate me

>> No.10911553
File: 578 KB, 667x1000, Jonathan-Vilches-Galo-Thymos-from-Promare-2-e1659667889607.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10911666

I'm getting a Leon outfit soon. Made in China for cheap. Also 5'3", 45 years old, and make 30k/yr

>> No.10913973
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>> No.10914002
File: 104 KB, 680x1020, hakken-best-beauty-looks-vogue-banner-680x1020.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why don't all men look like this?

>> No.10914006

you mean like a bitch?

>> No.10914056

T. Balding 30+ moid

>> No.10914057

when her weight starts with a 2

>> No.10914065

Shhh quiet moid go pick up your hair from the floor is getting it dirty

>> No.10914066
File: 78 KB, 1024x679, vaan_cosplay_ffxii_by_hakucosplay_d6qkfwd-fullview.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10918856
File: 510 KB, 2439x2160, 430404516_315883438155394_5041473226151426119_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10922765
File: 494 KB, 2160x3840, 438895246_798578328858732_5067615438042557829_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10922818

Because Hakken is a woman. Like 98% of the cosplayers in this thread

>> No.10923061
File: 1.12 MB, 2160x2880, IMG_1128.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

riding the selfpost train

>> No.10923482

That is
A biological female
She has videos with her breasts and female voice

>> No.10926984

Are mtfs or ftms more common in cosplay

>> No.10927007

>Hobby requiring you to go outside, if you want anyone directly look at you
FtM and it's not even close

>> No.10927032

FtM considering most anime guys look like soft girly skinned faggots (or teenage boys) in the first place.

>> No.10928354

corn syrup and seed oils

>> No.10928548

Because we have testosterone so we can lift heavy things for you, hunt food for you, and die defending you for beasts and the elements.