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What are your plans? Are you even coming or did you decide to let the con die after greedy new venue owners? Still doing pool cosplays despote no included pool access? I know I'll still love it there but damn

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What is yeticon

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Yeticon is a vacation village/pool resort con!
Its hosted in Blue Mountains, Ontario. Its a really fun con that is more of a "party con" with 4 hotels to choose from and summer houses to rent. Its known for its abondance of bikini/swimsuit cosplay and more adult-oriented party events. Its overall a super fun con and just like a vacation! Sadly ownership of the pool resort has changed and the new owners of the venue are greedy and jacked up the prices to make it unaffordable for the con and imposed tons of nonsense rules. So this year's edition is smaller but in hopes of convincing the resort owners that the con can bring the resort money and be good and hopefully have more freedom the next edition like the con is supposed to have

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Canada's knockoff of Colossalcon

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are there no other resorts in the province?

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Is the vibe and people better than colossal?

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I might if I can live off of cad 1k for 3 days.

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Colossalcon is inside. Yeticon is outside in nature. Very different desu. Colossal is a water park while this is nature and pools

Im not sure... Canada is a cold country so each province kinda has one resort village thats more known than the others or the only one. Idk how complicated it could be to move it or get another resort to want to host it.

Anon??? Living off 1kcad for 3 days is plenty enough?? What kind of big spender are you lmfao

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I've never been to colossal (its on the bucket list tho) but from pictures it looks like colossal has more weird hamplanets and socially awkward autists while yeticon is more full of hot model-tier cosplayers and young adults who want to party

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>each province kinda has one resort village thats more known than the others or the only one.
this is bullshit

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If it's bullshit then whats the resort situation in canada if you know so much?

Also why no? You got any good pics of colossal? Seriously all the one posted this year were ugly and fat people with maybe 5 hot people total only attending the con

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>What kind of big spender are you lmfao
I might sound insane but I view myself as a miser. I rarely spend and it might be the reason why I view 1k to be not enough.
Not that I have plans to go far north. I still have to get a car.

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It feels too early for this thread, but it's nice to see someone excited for the con.
Though I have a suspition this will be the last year. The venue has really fucked them over, and it probably isn't worth it anymore.
We're going to hang out in hotel rooms and see frens. The actual events look even more sparse than normal, and that's saying something.

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Probably a few. The issues are: weebs need to be able to get to it, and afford it. And the resort needs to be willing to put up with weebs. AFAIK Yeti only happened because one of the former owner's kids thought it would be fun to put a con together on the resort. For the most part it worked out very well.. until ownership changed.
So unless somebody has a similar in at another con, I don't really see it happening.
And convincing a waterpark to allow degenerates is also hard. Great Wolf Lodge would be a wicked con location, but it won't happen because they have a family-friendly image, and they won't sacrifice it for weeb-bux.

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are you actually in canada? you don't sound like it. there are almost 500 resorts and lodges in ontario alone and about 50 big ones capable of hosting a con. yeticon is absolute shit and comparing it to colossal, especially when you said it's a "nature con" is retarded.

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I am in canada, just in ontario. Not everyone is a toronto mans.

Also I only compared it to colossal because some retard decided to compare it to colossal. Yeticon is its own thing, as most cons are, which arent really comparable.

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Just not * fml shame of double posting

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how many people are actually getting passes? I'm pretty sure a good half of the people I know who are going are just going to party and hang out with friends

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Oops I was excited and despite it being still in a little over 2 weeks, I still felt like the con was in 2 weeks when I made the thread lol
And yeah.. its going to be more of a hangout I GUESS
I just want the weather to be GOOD so I can actually experience the con well unlike last year >~<
I sure hope people ARE getting con passes... theyre cheap and supports them to be alive next year again. I dont care for the "play all day" pass as it gives no money for the con whatsoever and the place I booked has its own pool anyways.

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