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Has anybody here gotten breast implants for cosplay purposes?

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That's really hot if they did do that. Girls who have big boobs from implants are more sexy than girls who just happened to grow big boobs.

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Implants are totally gross looking even saggy naturals are better but picrel makes 7 figures a month with them so whatever I guess most guys just have shit taste

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Totally agree. Im a guy but Ive been thinking about it

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What about cosplayers who get breast reductions? Personally I think it should be illegal

And you know it's always the "they/them" types that do it so they have been brainwashed

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God that white top was so beautiful on her I’m going to cry

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>What about cosplayers who get breast reductions? Personally I think it should be illegal
my friend's sister is a shortstack girl with massive tits. she didnt workout her back and all too well, so it was killing her posture. absolute travesty. i wish i had fucked her once before

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99% of back problems from tits can be solved by getting the right kind of bra. i thought i wore DD forever but it turns out i'm a J cup and once i got a good bra in my size the problems stopped.

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Or by losing weight. Skinny chicks don't have giant tits because they don't have giant anything

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They have giant egos

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They usually don't but thin women with big natural boobs do exist.

Even if you get a good bra the weight is still pulling on the straps which are putting pressure on your shoulders. The discomfort can be decreased by getting very wide straps out of comfortable material, but when your breasts get to a certain size it's never going to be completely comfortable. Bras aren't the best support for big breasts anyway imo since all of the pressure is on the straps and the bra band. A good overbust corset is better imo because the pressure is distributed over a much larger surface area.

excessively large boobs affect posture, can be very painful due to the strain it puts on the muscles and the back, and can be bothersome when exercising or buying clothes.
They shouldn't refrain from getting a reduction if that's the best choice for them just because you think they'll be less attractive.

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same, been thinking about it for such a long time that I might just do it

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I know excessively large boobs hurt my gfs back because I keep blowing it out.

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Next time fuck her orthopaedically

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>They usually don't but thin women with big natural boobs do exist.
Yes but they are never that thin.

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I know that’s not what I think it is. I hate women so much

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Why not lift weights to strengthen the upper and lower back, chest, and stabilizer muscles? I've known of unfortunately few tit cows who just hit the gym and felt fine after. Plus back muscles are hot

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>saggy naturals are better
Literally the only value women can have is looking good and if they can’t even put forth the effort to have decent tits they are trash.
Natural perky teen tits with baby fat that are large > big fakes > average mediums > small tits > nipples on a man > big tits on a fat bitch > saggy tits
You must be a homo or a roastie

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>Implants are totally gross looking
B or C is ok in my opinion
Everything bigger sucks when it comes to implants (unless the woman in question had big boobs before, than it could look good)

But I'm a man, so I know my opinion doesn't matter

I hate it, but I can't stop it
(Unless she would have accepted my offer, to carry her breasts)

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I also heard muscle-training could help

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No one gets a B of C sized implant

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lol nice

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