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Anyone from /cgl/ attending east europoor comic con?
>inb4 gyppos

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Going to this shit for the first time, what should I expect?

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Did you like it?

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It was pretty nice, yeah. I was impressed by the fact that even though tickets were sold out for the day and there was an assload of people showing up, it didn't feel crowded at all. The only exception being the long queues at the food and drink stalls. The group cosplay contest felt a bit underwhelming, I hope the solo contest tomorrow (well, today) will be better.

I'm gonna dump some of the pics I took while I try to remember details about it.

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As a Krulfag, I was really glad to see someone cosplay her, it was unexpected and made my day.

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This Gura was the only vtuber I saw at the venue.

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I think I saw another Misa besides this one, I'm not sure, could've been the same one.

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I have no idea if this is League or Genshit or whatever, but I liked the outfit. In general bright colours caught my eye.

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Another one I really liked.

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Seeing Ricardo wasn't on my checklist.

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There was a Flandre with these guys too at some point but I didn't bother to ask them for another pic.

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There were a shit ton of Yors at the con. I would say they were the second or third most frequent encounter, after Mikus for sure, and the other one in top 3 was Venti.

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I liked that these ones came in a pair.

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I don't know what character this is supposed to be, but I thought the outfit was very cute.

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There were a couple of Rems and Rams but these were the only ones who were paired up.

Also, there were a couple of outfits I liked but missed the chance to take a photo of. There was a really good Emilia out there, also a couple of Kakegurui ones.

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You here again man?

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I am, yeah. Just came out from watching the cosplay contest.

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Wanna meetup perhaps?

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Sure, not like I have something in particular to do. I'm next to the giant beer tent between the food stalls.

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Hmmm this isn't going to work. Are you wearing anything special?

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White shirt, black baseball cap, black shoes, phone in hand.

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Reference point

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Fewer images to dump from today, but I still got a couple. I did take a lot of photos during the contest but they're rather low quality so I'll skip those.

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Saw a couple of Runas today. There were a few yesterday as well but I didn't get a pic back then.

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I need to watch Maid Dragon at some point.

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There were two 2Bs today, I thought they were one and the same until I saw them side by side at some point.

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I easily liked this Yor the most out of all of those I've seen this weekend.

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I could've tried an even lower angle with the camera for a better illusion of height.

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And done.

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im the remilia on the right and i look like fucking shit </33333 i didnt have makeup on me and yeah

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>is into 2hu
>browses 4chan
I should've expected it and yet I didn't.

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yeah ive been doing it since 11 years old

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huh they've already announced the next one

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yeah, i (the remilia cosplayer) will be there most likely