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Does the hat work?

Be honest

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i think i look ok from front

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i have a smaller one thats better

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we can all see the video bar at the bottom

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yeah i took them from my professional photoshoot vid

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it's a maid outfit. people aren't going to be thinking that much about the size of your katyusha

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uh ok but are you being rude to me
i have a long term boyfriend ok and he loves me
the bigger hat was the inspiration for my different maid looks i tried

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it's ai retard

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i used an ai filter to make my hair a bit neater but i don't have much makeup on

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Whats with the fucking eyebrows?

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ok so the one thing i messed up and you have to be nasty to me i'm actually going to grow them out and have them done properly with my aunt she has done makeup for models so when they grow okay i'll do it but i dont have time at the moment

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Geez relax.

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That face is heavily edited nobody is going to believe that. Stop larping.

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are you blind or retarded? the entire image is ai generated look at the clothes and background dumbass.

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cool story, bro