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Any color suggestions that I can successfully dye away this hideous green?

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Do you have this?

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The bidding ended (I won)

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you can't save this hideous mess. looks cheap and nasty af.

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AND you're a fatass, you should just kys instead of subjecting innocent people to your fat rolls and cellulite in this spandex nightmare.

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The mannequin looks normal size to me and it's an extra X on an XL calm your tits

The dress is a nightmare so your not wrong

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if dying with the pus from your dilate wound doesnt work try black synthetic dye since this might look "okay" with a matching coat over it

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You're the one who paid 20 dollars for it, looks like the shit goodwill can't get rid of for 3 bucks.

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Fuck off already bitch triggered by an ugly dress kek

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did you buy this abomination because r/transpassing told you spaghetti straps and frilled bottoms will hide your man figure

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What does this have to do with cosplay or EGL?

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you can fit a thot in just fine, it is coomer approved
I say some nice shade of semi dark yet colorful green. The kind of dark green a high class whore would wear.

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>semi dark yet colorful green.
this faggot doesn't know what saturated is.

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I actually do, but not everyone has an HSL color picker in their mind, kys

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>tranny op has the same dogshit taste as a self admitted coomer male
makes you think

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kek you fucker, when will we scrotes ever learn?