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last one hit bump limit.

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TLDR What do I do if a seller refunded me the money for a dress even though the dress arrived in great condition, without telling me the reason why they refunded??
I bought a dress off of LM about 2-3 months ago from a seller with over 50 positive feedback, no negative. The dress was shipped and delivered and came as described, I left them positive feedback and confirmed with them that I received the dress.
A few days ago, they refunded me the full amount. I didn't get a message from them, so I messaged to ask if it was an accident and let them know.. no response, they haven't even read it.
What the fuck do I do? I don't feel comfortable spending the money because they could ask for it back. But considering they either haven't noticed that the money is gone and haven't bothered to message me, I have no idea what happened. I'd say it was an accident, but if it was, I feel like they'd immediately know.
Is this potentially some kind of scam or way to fuck me over (i.e. 3 months later they ask for it back, I say no, they leave me negative feedback)? First time this has ever happened to me and I don't know what to do.

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What are some good blogs for male J-Fashion? Doesn't matter if it's runes.
>just follow [social media account]
no thanks

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If her bank info was incorrect paypal can’t send her the money and eventually sends the money back to the buyer- after like 3 months? I’d message her and let her know because chances are she didn’t realize, hopefully she didn’t have many other sales around that time period.

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When a lolita sits down in her dress, does the back end poof backwards so that her ass is exposed to the seat/ground, or does it come forward and act as a layer between them?
What are the proper techniques and positions lolitas sit in to properly deal with the extra poof and what I'd assume structure a lolita dress has that would make it poof while sitting.

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Are you the person from general? Either way, no it's weird to just let it bunch up behind you when sitting in a chair. When you sit down in a chair you're gonna want to push the dress down a bit towards the back of your thighs as you're sitting down. On the ground/floor, it's fine to have it flare out behind you.

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yeah, i'm just stupid and male.

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yeah, i'm just stupid and male.
also thank you

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I wonder if that's what it is.. timeline would match up. But she won't read her messages at all since I messaged her. I'll try to message again. The only sale she had was to me, so it's just me. I just have to wonder if there's anything else I should do here.

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most of us wear either tights or bloomers, which would prevent bare upper legs from touching the chair or the ground anyway. As for those who don't wear tights or bloomers, I'm pretty sure 99,99999999% of us wear some kind of underwear that would prevent a bare ass touching the chair/ground. A petticoat (or sometimes hoop skirt) is what gives a lolita dress or skirt its poof.
You can google what lolita petticoats look like and what they're made out of. Visit the melikestea website.

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I'm legally blind and details are really difficult even zoomed in, can anyone tell me if these are the same print or just look very similar? Thank you

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It's the same! But you can't wear them together, the newer ones look too crisp. The old gobelin print is a little blurrier and more green toned blue

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Thank you very much! I have some pieces from the new one and I wasn't sure if they'd match the older one, that was very helpful

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Can torchon lace be unfucked if someone didn't straighten it after washing and it crumpled? Not sure how to word it correctly, but ikyk

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I've just washed it again and straightened it out again. Steaming and starching may work too?

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Like the other anon said just wash it or wet it again, but in this situation ironing is way more efficient than steaming. Gently pull on the edge that’s attached to fabric as you use the tip of the iron to flatten it outwards. Be careful the iron isn’t too hot, right below the cotton setting works for me.

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Does this look good to you, gulls? Skirt options have been so lacking lately I decided to check out taobao. This looks better than other things but I can't tell if it actually looks good or just not as bad as others.

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What was the name of that online western lolita store from the early/mid 2000's where you could customize a the fabric and trim and style of a dress?

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sweet rococo?

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Sweet Rococo

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Drop us a link anon, or some more images to squint at? It’s hard to tell from one photo whose editing I recognize but don’t fuck around w/ Taobao enough to know the name of offhand

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If i’m looking for whether or not a taobao brand is good or not, I like to consider 1. Is the price a suspiciously low number? Are there any review photos if the price is suspiciously low? And 2. How consistent/original is the brand? Does the brand have a ton of different crap on their store or does the brand have its own original style?
If the store has reasonably priced items (not dirt cheap or unreasonably high for taobao), and the brand is unique in their style, then I’d say go for it.

If you really want to check for quality, you can go onto Xianyu to see if there are any secondhand listings where sellers photograph the skirt worn or laid out. Not all listings have personal photos bc sellers fear them to be stolen but it might help give you the general idea of what the quality is like.

I hope this helps :)!

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Link here sorry about forgetting that! And thanks.
This is very helpful, wading through taobao is really daunting sometimes. I'll make sure to keep this in mind. Thanks
for the help!

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Np! And yeah taobao can be confusing… (saging bc this is kind of off topic) I personally don’t agree with recommending it to beginners because I think the only reason people rec it to newlitas is to get cheap “starter” pieces. I’d personally rec LM and secondhand burando to a beginner bc better investment imo. However i appreciate lolitas like you who genuinely look for unique pieces of quality on Taobao and don’t just use it for the low price points. A lot of great, unique stores on there go unnoticed because they aren’t dirt cheap.

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I would like some j-fash gulls opinion on this. Gulls that wear sweet and generally pink j-fash, mostly personality-wise. Yes, I wanna fugg 99.99% of them

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just being honest

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Are sillybandz effay?

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Wrong board retard

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I intentionally posted here, the 20 year old men that browse /fa/ probably aren't interested in brightly colored rubber bands

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neither are we, fuck off

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So they're not effay? :(

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There are some Bodyline shoes that I like and want but they haven't been available on their website for long time like picrel, yet somehow are on taobao. They usually have default "review", just the default comment, not written by actual customer with a picture. Can I trust them?
In general I have been wondering about the Bodyline shoes on Taobao. My shoes from the actual BL site I have had for years and they are in great condition and all, I'm very pleased with them. I have one Taobao pair of supposedly BL RHS and desu I haven't worn them, they came stinky as hell (the glue smell I guess) and it put me off. The shoes I had from the original website didn't have such smell. What's the deal with supposedly BL shoes on Taobao? Old stock? Used-to-be supplier selling independently? Just replicas?

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Samefag: if I order the other BL shoes off Taobao will they also smell like the RHS did or is it a BL/Taobao-RHS thing? because I've heard other people complain about the smell of these RHS too. And I want these other shoes but not anymore if they will smell so bad.

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Is Hoshibako works a Taobao reseller ?

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Hoshibako Works is a Chinese lolita fashion brand that opened their online shop on Taobao on July 30, 2017.
"We have our own factory and a mass production system with highly skilled craftsmen". They now have several physical shops in japan. What you will find in their shops (both online and physical) is their own brand products and they also sell other brand's products. Sort of like atepie also selling other brands in their shop.

They're very popular in Japan right now. I don't know about their quality but the prices are right up there with jpn brands.

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>They now have several physical shops in japan.

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n=1 but i bought BL RHs on taobao and they didn’t smell like anything

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2 locations in tokyo, 1 in kanagawa

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I recently got two pairs of the bodyline taobao rhs and they don't any smell to them but on the downside the sizes seems to run small

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meant *don't have any smell

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What are most Jfash tricorn hats made from? I understand that most are felt, but are they sandwiched with interfacing or cardboard? I wanna make my own since I'm a picky bitch

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What's the term for replicas on xianyu? I think it translates to 'mountain' for some reason but I don't remember the character

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山 or 山正

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Do people care about design replicas for old school dresses? The cut of the dress I'm thinking of remaking for myself is almost completely generic and plain, but I have the exact matching fabric.

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If you're making it to wear for yourself and not making it to sell, then I'm fine with it and I'm sure most people would be fine with it. It's a bit like using brand patterns from the GLB to make your own stuff. It's okay as long as you're not doing it for profit.

People judge it when people buy design replicas and rightly so, especially when the original dresses are still abundant on the 2nd hand market. 99% of old school design replicas are replicas of btssb dresses. And most of the current btssb design replicas are shitty babydoll knockoffs.

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I have several of their blouses and main pieces. They’re higher quality than normal Taobao ime. Their Japan stores mark up the price really high so try to buy from their Taobao shop instead.

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That's a good idea, thanks anon. Although I won't be buying from them myself (not my taste), so here's hoping the other anon reads this.

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What do you do if someone purposefully or accidentally ruins your lolita in public? Asking because I got paranoia around seeing tiktok clout chasers on the rise recently (kids/teens doing stupid stuff and disturbing the peace for views) and frat house hazing (there's a street near campus where frat boys have been reported to have egged/ thrown water balloons at last year).

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Nothing. If you retaliate in any physical way you risk legal consequences. Best you can do is either wear the lowest quality stuff you have in risky areas, or avoid those areas completely.

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All you can do is act unfazed and move on. People who do that garbage are looking for a reaction

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I had this happen to me once too, anon, also as the buyer. I tried to reach out to the seller through every means possible, via the site we did the transaction through, the email their PayPal address said it was, and even tried to find them on other sites, but I never heard back from them and it’s been like five years. I still feel weird about it but I did my due diligence and I guess that’s all you really can do.

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The sizes run small on the RHS I’ve gotten directly from bodyline too. The ones from Taobao and from BL are virtually identical

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anyone have any resources or advice for making a custom print? I'm mostly confused with what dimensions to use for the canvas and how to make it look like a seamless repeat. this is for a lolita dress if it wasn't obvious. also I assume I'd need two different prints - one for the skirt (it'll have a border print) and one for the bodice. is that correct?

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How new are you to the fashion and why are you already trying to make your own print if you haven't seen enough brand to figure out how it works?

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you don't need different prints. If this is a border print then the border is near the edges of the fabric. Pieces for the bodice are cut out of fabric near the middle of the fabric, where the border print doesn't reach.

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well this is the stupid questions thread so they're definitely allowed to ask, I just wish they would just google this first because this information is definitely out there.

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I'm not new to the fashion, I'm new to sewing and making my own prints. I'm using the thread for its intended purpose, if you don't want to give a helpful answer to stupid questions just hide the thread.
doesn't that leave a lot of wasted fabric especially if the skirt is quite long? the only lolita I saw who documented her custom print to dress process did a separate print for the bodice so that's why I assumed that.

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There are certainly different ways to approach this on a small scale, but all of the information I've seen about how brands produce border print dresses is that it's just one fabric that they get printed and they cut it like I described in the earlier comment. I'm not sure how wide their fabric is, but for most fabrics available to us the width is 140cm (or 70cm folded). I assume all border print dresses use a rectangle shaped pattern for the skirt. Factoring in at least 1cm seam allowance and depending how close the border print goes to the edge of the fabric the maximum skirt length that can be made from that width of fabric is 66~68cm when two pieces are cut simultaneously by folding the fabric, with little to no fabric waste. If your skirt length is longer then you're going to need a different approach. For example by unfolding the fabric in the middle and cutting your pattern in a single layer, but twice. This will cost you twice the length and waste the border fabric on one side.
I have no idea how brands get around this. It could be their fabric is just wider, it could be they're getting another bolt made with just the base print (and not include the border), or it could be that they're just okay with the fabric wastage because for larger scale production fabric cost is such a small % of the overal price of the dress.

On a small scale you could get around fabric waste by getting blank white fabric printed in such a way that only the pattern pieces are printed and the rest of the fabric in between is left unprinted. An example of what that looks like is here: https://youtu.be/Bjgm094Imx4
Some print shops will do that for you. There's online options too. Another option would be to print one length of fabric, with one section on the fabric having the border print and the other only the base print. Of course you need to make sure there will be enough of both areas to get all of your pieces cut.

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thanks anon this is a very detailed and thorough answer. I appreciate you taking time to type this out. I couldn't find much information in terms of border prints by googling, especially info related to lolita, so this is really helpful. so far it sounds like the last option is best since I'm only making one dress - seems like printing one length with the border print and one with the base would be most cost effective and least wasteful as long as I know the exact amount of fabric needed.

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I have a Nile Perch OP with lace that I need to wash. It's safe to put in the washing machine, right?

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Does Wunderwelt only offer DHL for international shipping to the US now?
I haven't placed an order for a few months, but the only shipping option is DHL. Why would they drop EMS?

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Put it in a delicates bag but usually it's just best to spot treat by hand

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What taobao store did this skirt come from? Google reverse image search has failed me. Any good store recs for skirts in general?

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Can you combine shipping on orders from the main Closet Child store and the Vivienne Westwood store?

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yes, cold water, delicate cycle, as long as you have a nice washing machine it should be fine. If you have a washing machine with an agitator, handwash it.

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I'm looking to get into ega but I have 100 cm hips so womens sizes don't fit me. Moitie's mens sizes tend to list their hip measurement around that size or a bit bigger but I'm worried that it might still be a tight fit. Has anyone who's a similar size had luck buying pants from them or have recs for other shops

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Don’t buy this. The fabric looks cheap

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Look at Btssb classical series for similar pieces

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What sites do korean lolitas sell their pieces on? I'm looking for a piece from a defunct korean brand that almost never pops up on the JP or western secondhand markets

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I want to buy these set up top + shorts girly/jirai coords from Dear my Love or other brands but the thing is I'm pear shaped and idk what size I have to buy. M probably has small pants but the top fits me and L the opposite. What I have to do? Anyone that has a thin pear shape body and has these set ups could give me advice please?