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I don't understand why they are freezing accounts? They do a whole ass inbuilt SS/ Warehouse forwarding thing especially for international users... and then freeze accounts? Why??

Makes me paranoid for my account.

>> No.10849087

This is the first I've heard about freezing accounts. Do they give a reason for it? Now I'm worried because I have a few hundred dollars worth of stuff waiting at the forwarding warehouse and I'll cry if my account gets frozen before I can consolidate it and ship it

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It's super common to happen tto people with US phone numbers and nobody knows why, the Taobao Reddit is full with people complaining about having their accounts frozen after their first purchase.

>> No.10849198

I can't get my account frozen because I've become addicted to the little dress-up mini game in the app

>> No.10849225

Taobao has a dress-up mini game? Didn't even know, but then again I only use desktop.

>> No.10849233

Make a new account and buy on that, keep your old account for the game only

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Yeah! It's called taobao life (淘宝人生). I think you can only use it in the app. No microtransactions in it (you buy everything with the in game currency you can earn by checking in daily and playing other taobao mini games), I think it's more of a way for brands to promote their products (like having a pair of Adidas available to purchase in the game that you can also buy irl or getting a in-game reward for visiting a shop's page). There's a variety of styles, lots of fantastical traditional Chinese-inspired stuff, lots of designer stuff, but I feel like outfits that are obviously based off lolita don't quite get it right. Btw I've been enjoying it for the past 6 months even though I don't speak any Chinese besides being able to pick out a few characters, I just use Google translate if I really need to know what something means

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Any ringlet curl wig recommendations? Preferably twintail ones. Or would it be better for me to buy regular wigs and curl them myself?

>> No.10849508

I would just curl it yourself, rag curls (steam it aggressively or wet ser for synthetic hair) are a historical technique but will give you the look you want. If you're trying to find pre-styled ringlets, use this keyword in conjunction with wig related keywords
I've seen a lot of clip in hairpieces with ringlets, you could clip those on to create twintails

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Taobao's new search is ass, you can't search in product categories anymore.

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Yeah I noticed that, AliExpress screwed up their search a while back too, so I guess this an Alibaba group-wide issue. AliExpress used to be a lot more precise with it's search, it seems like it just shows you whatever now. I'm a big user of both platforms and have been since 2015 but this is really bad

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Some recent purchases, excluding more basic stuff like nanchatte blouses and legwear. Blue = waiting for, pink = arrived. I got the shoes in multiple colors (white, black, brown), they're just MTO so no stock photos available in some colors

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Link to shoes and long skirt?

>> No.10850018

Which skirt anon? They're all about the same length.
Couple things you should know about the shoes if you plan to order: They're completely MTO, it takes about a month to make, you need to go through the color chart and leave it in the order notes if you want it in a color other than white. They can accommodate your foot width and shape as well. The sizes are Chinese sizes, which for some damn reason are very slightly off from European sizes (I'm a 40 in euro sizes, 41 in Chinese). By default, they come with a synthetic leather lining, you can pay an additional fee (in a different listing) to upgrade to a pigskin or leather lining (I upgraded to leather). You can change the heel height too (and can change it on most shoes), but I went with the default 4cm. This store specializes in dance shoes (for ballroom and swing mostly), but by default most of the shoes come with "street shoe" soles (not all of them, any sole described as "fur" or "suede" is not meant to be worn outside). "Beef tendon" (牛筋) = rubber sole. You can pay an additional fee (in a separate listing) to upgrade to a leather sole, or a leather sole with some rubber covering it (which is what I did).

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So how does the fee for the taobao warehouse storage thing work? Do they charge it automatically once you've past the deadline or do you pay it once you ship your order? Do I need to contact them about it? I know I'm likely gonna have to end up paying it because I'm waiting on just one item that might not arrive until a few days after my free storage period expires for another item. I don't mind paying the fee I just don't want them to think I've forgotten about my package and abandoned the order.

>> No.10851309

Tao has a 50% off event rn, just a heads up.

>> No.10851333

Where would I find that in the app? Since taobao is made up of several sellers I'd assume not all of them will participate. From the app's homepage the only thing I see is a banner for a promotion where if you spend ¥300 you get ¥30 back

>> No.10851336

https://click.world.taobao.com/bhFWWqC according to their social media posts.

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those ugly shoes took a month to make? lmao. they're not even actual leather. they're "genuine" leather.

>> No.10851342

Nayrt, is this something we should be looking out for? " genuine leather " isn't real leather?

>> No.10851361

>Goods marked as genuine leather will be several layers of low-quality leather bonded together with glue and then painted to look uniform

>> No.10851365

Thanks. I'm assuming it won't age/wear the same as regular leather.

>> No.10851668

NAYRT but you have no idea what you're talking about. What we call "geniune leather" (composite leather) is 二层牛皮. That item is listed as 头层牛皮, which is what we call "top grain leather". It is thinner and less strong than full grain leather, but it is leather, straight from a cow, with a thin layer on top removed to correct imperfections in the hide like scars. Top grain leather is very common in the fashion industry when a clean, uniform look is desired. The confusion comes from the fact that the Chinese word referring to real leather (as opposed to PU or other synthetics) is 真皮, which translates to "genuine leather" (or skin), even though it is not the composite material we know as "geniune leather".
Additionally, I actually recognize this manufacturer because I used to do swing dance, and they used to sell custom dance shoes through a Facebook page directly to western customers under the name "Made in Lindy", and I knew several people that had their shoes and they were definitely the real deal, not "geniune leather"

>> No.10851675

>defending your ugly fake shoes so hard

>> No.10851676

Anon, your terminology is wrong. 头层牛皮 doesn't refer to the processing method and can also include "genuine leather" which is 碎皮 not 二层牛皮, which is split leather, a different kind of processing. Grades of leather and processing are totally different terms. Please do research before making these kind of assertions.


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i just got my monkeep wig if anyone wants a review.

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dropped pic my bad.

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top-tier taste
>t. coomer

>> No.10851735

Review, please! I've never heard of this brand before but I'm always on the lookout for good Taobao wigs.

>> No.10851852

review! would it work for bigger noggins?

>> No.10852426

Who had the downfall of Sugargoo for the 2023 bingo?

>> No.10852444

What happened with sugargoo?

>> No.10852522

didnt they just do a website upgrade? is something going on lmao

>> No.10852665

What happened? I'm paying for my order after leaving my stuff in their warehouse for months.

>> No.10852733

Yes, and that update removed the agent messaging function, fucked up everyone's orders, and items in the warehouse have vanished.

>> No.10852734

Just look at their Reddit.

>> No.10852737

Slightly unrelated, but the stupid questions thread is currently saging - can anyone recommend a reliable in person SS in Shanghai? I want to get on those Baby reservations, but don't want to get scammed by randos offering their services on Xianyu

>> No.10852773

Damn. I thought the new page was shitty but I didn't think it was that bad.
Reminds me of what happened to Taobaoring(aka agent42 or whatever) It was my favorite agent until they changed their cart system.

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>use superbuy
>want $400 to ship a single prop
>have ordered bigger and heavier props from 42agent and it cost half the price
I'm so tired of every shopping service engaging in blatant gouging. It's all so fucking tiresome.

>> No.10853968

Are Aurora&Ariel still the go-to for pettis?

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I haven't been on cgl or even ordered anything on taobao for donkeys years so I've just ordered some random shit

I don't have a coherent style I'm just excited for some presents in the mail

>> No.10854161

make sure you show all options for shipping, the UI kind of hids the cheaper options at the bottom of the shipping page under the like 'see more' option

>> No.10854162

uhm... links? ;-;

>> No.10854265

I got u, some are a lil expensive but I've seen others happy with their purchases

Bunny top

Bat top

Cat vest

Cat phone holder

Trick or treat hoodie

>> No.10855097

Does anyone have recs for black cotton blouses? It seems most stores either sell white cotton blouses or just poly.

>> No.10855955

sorry gulls, busy month. i will post pics and a more detailed review when i get home, but for now the main issue is that the wig color is much different, it's thin and very small even for my not that big head. it's the same quality as alice garden or dreamholic, but double the price.

>> No.10856179

Is it safe to use postlink on spreenow for shipping an expensive item or should I just stick with ems China? I'm not sure I can mark down the value of the item and I don't want to get €100 in customs....

>> No.10857011

I'm currently sitting finals so I can't take pictures of everything but it was mostly all good

The hoodies print was peach instead of purple which was a bit of a shame but it's still cute

>> No.10857565

When buying MTO cosplays, is the price listed the final price, or some kind of deposit? There's nothing in the description regarding this but I don't want to place an order if I'm going to unknowingly get whacked with extra charges after the item is made.

>> No.10857572

Usually it's full price but some listings, usually very expensive ones, will want a deposit and a final payment.

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Is there actually a term for this sort of cyber techwear?

>> No.10857725

almost looks good, almost

>> No.10857756

Why not read the listing?

>> No.10857880

They seem to list a lot of it under "jazz" or "hip-hop" tags. Your best bet is to probably reverse search it and start favouriting things and wait until Taobao starts naturally suggesting you more and more.

Heres some links to some random techwearish stuff to get your search started though, you might be able to find some keywords from these listings that could help


The shops aren't all techwear specific though, a lot of it is general "dance" stuff. You could try 赛博朋克机能风 which is "functional cyberwear" But hopefully that sort of helps?

>> No.10857896

I can't view anything on Taobao without logging in, and I can't login to my account since it's been frozen...

Is there some sort of way to access the website anyway? I just want to browse...

>> No.10857924

Create another account or recover your old one. You can't browse without an account anymore so unless you use some shopping service with browsing you're kinda fucked desu.

>> No.10857938

Thanks anon!

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I tried creating an account and they just automatically froze it

Can't even access their customer service because you need to log in

Im lost

>> No.10858335

For gulls having trouble making accounts, I would recommend making one through Alipay. The QR code log in for Alipay has been a reliable way for me to log in so far, as my main account tied to my number also got auto frozen. YMMV, but it's worth a try.

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File: 2.11 MB, 1372x800, black cotton blouses.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Little Dipper has had some in the past which you might be able to find on Xianyu, though they only have one sweet cotton option right now (https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=676393489226).). Strawberry Witch has a very basic low-detail sweet option (https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z10.5-c-s.w4002-18504010872.14.1e574808UmjuNQ&id=20497535917).).

>> No.10860990

Nolita does pretty much everything from cotton, but idea if they have black blouses rn.

>> No.10861116 [DELETED] 

is taobao refusing to send you a code to login because you're asking too much even though it's been hours since you've tried indicative that your account is frozen? confused if i should just wait this out or create a new account.

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Are there any chinese brands that make items in a cotton gauze fabric? Its kind of hard to find, but its one of my favorite fabrics for gothic items.

Or does anyone know what the correct search term is? Worst case i might buy some fabric and diy..

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My Taobao haul came in today! I didn't buy that much stuff this time, but I'm looking to get a bag and some shoes next time. Overall I'm very happy with the quality of the items, especially of the Red Maria socks and the Rococo Heroin KCs. The most disappointing thing I got were the rectangle headresses- they're a little shinier and feel a little cheaper than I was expecting.

>> No.10861441

Haven't bought from taobao/have been out of the loop for about 8 years. Finally getting back into the hellscape that is those damn frills after a long hiatus. What are the leading shopping services these days? Or do people just use Taobao's forwarding service now?

>> No.10861463

Honestly the only time I use an SS anymore is to buy on Xianyu. But it depends. If you use the inbuilt freight forwarding you have to do all the talking with the sellers yourself, its hard as well if stuff gets lost or doesn't arrive at the warehouse (not often, but does happen) you have to talk with the Customer Service and everything is dealt with in Chinese. If you are okay with that side of things and trust your Google Translate skills, I'd say use the Taobao service, its super easy and works out waaaay cheaper. Ive noticed a lot of SS no longer have discounted rates for shipping either so theres that to consider too. Its full price and in most cases billed volumetrically. For SS though, I think 42Agent is still a favourite, and they now have 42Lolita as well which makes it easier to find shops with them.

I'd still say give Taobao forwarding a go though, even if you just buy a bunch of random cheap items to test it.

>> No.10861509

I use their in-house forwarding service. Economy air became available again some months ago and it's cheaper now. I noticed in my last order, they misweighed an entire dress as 0.01kg and didn't correct it, so I got away with paying like 50 yuan less for the shipping

>> No.10861634

I checked out this game and it's actually so fun and well designed

>> No.10861836

Can anyone tell me what keywords/style I need to look up to find stores similar to >https://www.taobao.com/list/product/bobon21.htm

It's some form of gyaru/gal I'm guessing? (I'm not super familiar with the subcats - sorry)

I've tried the "stores similar to this" search on Taobao but the clothes it offers are much more plain/bland. I've also looked through the links in the googlesheet but that decrepit old thing really needs some TLC. Looking up the keywords for himegyaru/gal also brings up really "plain" looking options.

>> No.10861850

Nice haul. I love the socks

>> No.10861930


>> No.10861946

Thanks anon! I'll try with that once I'm at my computer

>> No.10863252

Does it still take quite a while for orders to ship? What is the average time it takes after making a decent order to receive it from overseas? I can’t imagine that shopping services or Taobao stores could become so much more streamlined that it would make that drastic of a difference, but I am curious if there is anything noticeable.

>> No.10863254

I found an item I want on the xianyu app but I can't copy a link to give to my shopping service to buy it and I can't find it on the website, is there anything I can do about this? I don't have an account because I've never needed one until now

>> No.10863257

this question in china very common.If you usually use Taobao,you will now a APP be called“Pinduoduo”(拼多多),taht is adownright,If you buy any one in their ,you will regrot forever(but I usually use this APP,beacuse can give ¥ )

>> No.10863268

I'm pretty sure you can't copy links without logging in first, so you'll have to get an account if you want to buy from the app

>> No.10863272

It depends on the shipping option you go with. I went with BJ-EMS for my last order and it took 11 days. Different shopping services offer different shipping options. Also a good idea to check in advance what the cost is going to be, and compare shopping services not just by their fees and exchange rate, but also by their shipping options. Make a test calculation for a package under 2kg and over 2kg.

>> No.10863507

On average it takes me 2 weeks to get something from Taobao by using their own proxy shipping. 3 days for domestic shipping+10 days to ship to Canada via economy air.

Protip: their standard and economy air take the same amount of time and standard costs about 50% more

>> No.10863519

Y3K - not joking

>> No.10863845

Any proxies that can buy from Weidian? My usual go to (Yoybuy) can't buy from them

>> No.10864027


>> No.10864033

yoybuy is so overpriced and has the worst customer service. swap to superbuy.

>> No.10864299

Anyone for stores or search terms for replacement detachable handbag straps?

>> No.10865374


>> No.10865384

Anyone have any shop recs for black and white torchon or cluny lace? I've looked on laces.taobao but their selection isn't really what I'm looking for

>> No.10865579


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Probably an autistic question, but how do I buy this? Which option do I buy with my shopping service?

>> No.10866203

All of them (定金(deposit) first, then once they confirm the working schedule you buy the 尾款(remaining balance), then they will start making it.)
The third option is for the poofy skirt/petti and the pearl lace thats shown in the photos

>> No.10866205

Thank you so much anon!

>> No.10866408

Could anyone please tell me if they can see measurements on this listing for arm covers? I cant see any numbers, just M and L sizes. Hopefully it opens on desktop.

Also has anyone noticed desktop's search more or less doesn't work anymore? Even if I search something common I mostly get results related to my bookmarks.

>> No.10868953

If im buying just a pile of stationary and shipping direct from taobao is an option, is there any reason to go with an SS?

>> No.10869006

Depends on what kind of stationery and exactly how much... It's been a long time since I used TB's shipping but iirc the cost is only worth it for really big packages so unless you're buying 5kg of stationery going with an SS might be more economical since they can offer better shipping options for smaller packages

>> No.10869022

Thats a good point. now i just gotta research the best shipping rates to canada. the package isnt giant, so yeah.

>> No.10869472

Does anyone have store or search term recs for shoe clips?

>> No.10869567

>Consolidate package with forwarding service
>FS tells me some highlighters I bought count as special goods and I'd have to put them in a separate shipment since I marked this one as regular goods
>Last time some pens I bought got flagged as special goods because of the liquid ink inside so I was ready for this
>Tell FS the highlighters are gel highlighters and there's no liquid in them because they're like crayons
>Two hours later FS tells me they're still special goods because they're made of wax
>The infographic they sent me before on what counts as special and regular doesn't have wax under special so I tell them that
>They now tell me that all writing instruments count as special goods
>Infographic literally has stationery under regular goods
>I tell them to update their infographic and make an announcement if they want to play this game because I'm tired of buying something and then being suddenly told it's special goods (the shipping is more expensive for them so I have to plan ahead)
>FS ignores me, doesn't even apologize, just asks if I want to convert the regular goods shipment to a special goods one or if I want to hold that specific item

I'm about to wring someone's neck I'm at the point where I want to change FS but I haven't been able to find anyone cheaper yet. Time to go back to scrolling xhs I guess

>> No.10869587

yikes sorry to hear that non. They really should update the graphic if they're going to do that because its not like TB sellers allow returns for bs reasons like that. You should definitely change FS and be vocal about it. Annoying asf

>> No.10870514

Is there anything I can do if a seller fucked up my custom sizing for a cosplay? I asked my shopping service to measure the waist and it’s 20 cm off.

>> No.10870543

First thing I would do is make sure it was the seller who fucked up and not your ss if they were the ones relaying the info. Secondly maybe get in contact with the store yourself and send a measurement screenshot while explaining the problem if you're fluent enough, or again get your ss to communicate this. see what happens from there.

>> No.10871792
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Could anyone please recommend a light-loliable detachable (false) collar? I can find plenty on Taobao's search but whether or not they're good quality I can't know. The link is one I found in the vein of what I'm looking for.

>> No.10871802

How did it go so wrong? Was it a conversion error or language barrier? Are your proportions very lopsided or fat?

>> No.10871847

this is a stolen stock photo from a jp brand.

>> No.10872224
File: 1.78 MB, 2408x2336, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Random dump of some links to assorted shit from my favourites people may be interested in.

1. Kuromi Keyboard (Store also has other cute themed keyboards)

2. Little pearl dudes

3. Enamel Necklace (store has other dolls/ doll themed jewellery)

4. Worlds ugliest Milkychan rep.

5. Cute stickers

6. Stained Glass Skirt (I own this, its quite nice IRL)

7. Simple wrist cuffs

8. Cute washi tape

9. Oldschool headdresses (decent quality as far as Taobao goes)

>> No.10872225
File: 1.36 MB, 2408x2336, 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


10. Printed corset top.

11. Bear themed keyrings (Im sure you could rip them off and turn the into jewellery too)

12. Enamel jewellery

13. Strawberry jewellery

14. Assorted Lace

15. Custom press on nails

16. Food themed jewllery

17. Custom clay jewellery

18. Teddy Perfume

>> No.10872226
File: 2.79 MB, 3040x2888, 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


19. Letter sets (store is adorable also)

20. Sweet blouses (detachable sleeves, up to 104cm bust)

21. Gobelin fabric

22. Acrylic jewellery

23. Potato

24. I think its some kidn of jewellery box

25. Cute stcikerss/ tape

26. Rep fabric (store has loads, someone please make a duvet set)

27. Gothic jewellery (store has more exciting options than this)

>> No.10872411

Aren't there DML resellers on Taobao?

>> No.10872413

>26. Rep fabric (store has loads, someone please make a duvet set)
A friend made one from one of their Baby replica fabrics and it sucks, the print has been poorly upscaled from a low res image and is super blurry up close

>> No.10872419

Aw sad. Some of them didn't look too bad from pics, but good to know its shit IRL.

>> No.10872442

stop spamming the thread. wait until people ask for links like anons did above with their hauls. and no one wants links to random shit anyway.

>> No.10872463

DML is a chinese brand, just saying.
DML itself is also on Tao and sold all over the place in China.

>> No.10872471
File: 291 KB, 1440x2512, Screenshot_20230803-133142_Chrome.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>believing chinese propaganda
even the link you posted to what is essentially yahoo answers doesn't realize dreamv has a parent company.

>> No.10872476

reuters stock link. please don't share misinformation. there are chinese resellers but the company is japanese.

>> No.10872511

Sorry you're sad and boring, Anon. The thread is 4 months old, its dead and no one gives a fuck. I like when others share links to their finds, so I am going to share mine.

>> No.10872514

>chinese propaganda
>compared is to yahoo answers
Beyond it being a wiki, the entry is literally made by its parent company, Dream Vision Co Ltd is just the japanese division which you would know if you did read their wiki entry.

>> No.10872516 [DELETED] 

You must be really know if you don't know the yumetenbo's china origin.

>> No.10872518

you must be really now if you don't know yumetenbo's origin being in china, it's been known as replica manufacturer for a reason

>> No.10872525

This is not true. All the facts are right there. The parent company of dreamv is a different japanese company. Please do research.

>> No.10872526

there are no sources on that page, anon. it might as well be yahoo answers. this is literally not listed anywhere else other than that page. and the claim is that they moved to the japanese market in 2000s despite the japanese company being established in the 90s. just google it and you'll see it's not chinese and the japanese company moved to the chinese market. i can't believe how dumb people itt are.

>> No.10872527

NTA but you should lurk more. No one does that other than annoying newfags. Post a collage of your stuff and reply to anons asking for links because chances are no one will like 90% of your taste.

>> No.10872528

Fuck, guess I am an annoying newfag. People have shared finds in Taobao threads for years.
Why don't you post some finds and make the thread a bit more interesting? There's not exactly anything exciting happening.

>> No.10872530

you're the newfag i like the link posts

>> No.10872542

Anon is probably one of those pro CCP retards we have lurking around here. Anyone who thinks Chinese Wikipedia is a valid source of information is missing a few screws. They must think made in China means they created it, kek.

>> No.10872608

Yumetenbo's headquarter is literally in Shenzen, that shit ain't Japan but keep pretending your china sweatshop trash is jp burando if it makes you sleep better at night.

>> No.10872661

Nta but I also find it annoying, nobody asked for this stuff. Do what you want ig but don't expect people not to complain about you copying your favorites list unprompted. It's basically asking for criticism.

>> No.10873021

thanks for sharing, sorry the others are salty. I'd rather see people posting and sharing, rather than collages and then 10 responses asking for individual item links....

>> No.10873400

Sorry if it's a dumb question, but I'm a little confused with registering a Taobao account. I had problems in the past with the phone number I used and I guess I tried too many times and it flagged me for suspicious activity. I'm using a new phone number and different wifi, I just registered the number and that seemed to work. But it didn't ask me to put in a username and password, and when I click on items it says "Sorry, we have detected unusual traffic on your network" and I need to slide a bar to verify. Also when I click on my profile, the username seems to be some random name I didn't make, and I have no idea what my password might be.

What is going on? I am so frustrated, I just want to browse Taobao, does anyone know what I should do?

>> No.10873401

I encountered this so much until I gave up and downloaded the app.

>> No.10873418

>Yumetenbo's headquarter is literally in Shenzen
it's not their factory is there. i wish some of you had critical thinking skills. dreamv is japanese fast fashion but it's still japanese, made in china or not.

>> No.10873419

>10 responses asking for individual item links....
There wouldn't be 10 responses because anon has zero taste. Half the shit she shared is bootleg.

>> No.10873438

Thanks for posting nonna! The little pearl bunny jewelry is my favorite.

>> No.10873440

back to lolcow

>> No.10873441

So instead we get 10 responses like this and >>10873438. You newfags are absolute retards.

>> No.10873465

Everyone and their grandma has been saying nonny and nonna on this board for a few years now, it's kind of cute. Times and language change, get over it.

>> No.10873516
File: 92 KB, 952x1920, 363852543_619866450250470_5080114594511757441_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am happy you like them! I actually got one recently and would really recommend them. Its a decent lump of pearl and a lot larger than expecting, but very cute and more pearlescent in person.

Half.. literally 2.. mmmkay. What do you like, Anon? Happy to share some links to other stuff you may be interested in? Just trying to make the boring thread a bit more interesting instead of the usual "REEEEE CCP" we get every thread.

>> No.10874345

this looks like absolute shit.

>> No.10874348

That's because disgusting femcel crossposters use the term here. Go back.

>> No.10874369

scrote here, therefore best opinions
the details and overall composition are top tier, the material of the blob is top tier, but the shape of the blob is meh

>> No.10875557
File: 52 KB, 750x1000, O1CN01IV3FDQ1t5LjDfoGgl_!!666475850_jpg_80.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you know where I could find some similar cute underwear/pyjamas on taobao? Pic related is from To Alice. I've searched in the spreedsheet but to no avail

>> No.10875661

literally anywhere. etsy, any random chinese fashion storenvy, anywhere. this PJ design (bloomer and cropped cami) is so popular you'll find hundreds of variations if you just search for "roomwear" "loungewear" or "pajamas"

>> No.10875666

sheeeeit, hoelita is my fetish

>> No.10875670

it's just pajamas you weirdo

>> No.10876036

I get it, "it's not sexual" it still is to me, sorry, anonette-chan I have failed you

>> No.10876276
File: 573 KB, 1080x1080, 地雷系Jirai_Kei_3814886336.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anyone have the search term for Jirai Kei? Didn't see it in the dictionary.

>> No.10876307

Literally the japanese spelling, but good luck getting rid of the self-harm tools in your recommendations after having searched it once because most cn jirai stores also sell those.

>> No.10876353

What the fuck

>> No.10876515

Sorry some reason I assumed it'd be in Chinese. Thank you for the answer!

>> No.10876553

Is it considered acceptable to ask for an update about a custom cosplay? Or should I just wait for the seller to be done? I ordered from DearMimosa and it’s been about a month if that helps.

>> No.10876613

if the maker gave you a timeline and you're past that: absolutely ask
if the maker gave you a timeline and is still well within the deadline: it's a little pushy but asking for a WIP isn't necessarily a dick move, but don't push it if you're told no
if you weren't given a timeline: politely ask if they can give you an estimate on the remaining timeline, and go from there.

tldr it's never rlly rude to ask for an expected timeline if you weren't given one, just don't be that guy who messages every day/week asking if it's done yet or be rude/pushy about it.

>> No.10876622

this happened to me and now half my feed is deco'd box cutters and glittery hobby knives.

>> No.10876750

Thank you anon! I wasn’t given a timeline, so I’ll ask.
Can a Chinese speaking anon proofread? I don’t know if this sounds polite enough.

>> No.10876754

This also happened to me. Is it really a subculture in China? I know about it in Japan.

>> No.10876769

你好 问问订单号[insert order number]的进度 谢谢(Hi, just asking about [order number]'s progress. Thanks!) would suffice, there's no need to be so polite about it. They are a business and you paid them for a service, you have a right to know the progress. Some people will take advantage of the customers who don't ask for progress and keep putting it off if you don't bug them about it so don't be shy about asking for an update (of course don't spam them every day unless they're really jerking you around but asking once or twice doesn't hurt).

>> No.10876844 [DELETED] 

It is, made it unbearable to follow ACDC RAG on Twitter becauseevery time they reblog customer pics with a massive amount of hashtags it's a Chinese jirai girl that also posts self-harm pics (the most popular one being @yuhuiyuhuiyuhui).

>> No.10876848
File: 117 KB, 1170x895, F2oFgpKWwAATOwF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes, but anyone outside of it makes fun of those girls.

>> No.10877259

Thank you anon! You're right, I should've gone into it with that mindset. For some reason I've been dealing with this as if they're an individual cosplayer rather than a business.
I sent them the message on the 27th but they read it that same day and still haven't responded. How long do I need to wait before being worried?

>> No.10877378

I normally give them a few days to a week depending on how I percieve the shop. Probably too patient, but I'm not typically needy.

>> No.10877454

Can you link what you bought so I can check the description for turnaround time?

>> No.10877479

Sorry for the mobile link! My friend also bought a custom sized cosplay from this shop two weeks ago and the warehouse already received it, so I think that’s why I’m so anxious. Thank you so much anons for holding my hand through this.

>> No.10877520
File: 16 KB, 628x308, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Looks like the turnaround is 45 days (it says "will ship within 45 days of payment"). Not sure why your friend got theirs so early, maybe they were lucky or something. I would say wait until the 45 days is up and if they still don't do anything, message them again either on the day of or one day after if you want to give them a bit of leeway. Do not put it off for too long though, otherwise they may jerk you around.

>> No.10878403

What does 现货掉落 mean? It's translated to 'spot drop' but I don't know what that means.

>> No.10878441

Usually "spot" means it is in stock

>> No.10878578

Sounds like preorders that people dropped so now the shop is selling them as regular stock

>> No.10878638

I am so fucking tired of taobao's captcha
I just want to view taobao I have to refresh the fucking site ten times because it never loads aaaaaaaaaaaa

>> No.10878715

it means that the item is in stock and preorder has ended, usually they put it on a listing that was a preorder final payment page. it's just to let customers know they can order it without being a preorder now. most shops only a certain number of preorder items and then sell the rest directly.

>> No.10878823

This is less of a taobao question and more of a Chinese cultural question but I felt like I might get an answer here.
Is there a specific reason that on taobao I generally see the weight of objects expressed in grams or kilograms but often see the weight of people expressed in catties (in size charts for example)?

>> No.10878935

It's just how it is. The jin (catty) is the common weight unit in China and it's 0.5kg. Official measuring system in China is the metric system hence the grams and kilograms, and the conversion is very easy with the jin. People will express their body weight in jin or kg, for example. G/kg I guess sounds kind of more technical? It's hard to really explain other than gut feeling and "this is how it always has been" as a Chinese person.

>> No.10878948

also do that in UK with stone for people's weight. don't use it for anything else.

>> No.10879031
File: 113 KB, 1444x1137, shipping.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can anyone explain how the shipping cost is calculated? Is it a flat 74 yuan for the package size and weight regardless of what is in as long as they don't exceed the package size and weight? Sorry if this is a dumb question, as this is my first time buying directly through Taobao instead of an agent.

>> No.10879041

KEK we were here first scrote.

>> No.10879162

no you aren't these are the only quality posts here

>> No.10879183

From what I remember about ZTO, shipping is a set cost for the first 0.5kg. Since your package is under 0.5kg, it gets rounded up.

>> No.10879190

There's a flat rate starting cost up to 0.5kg, then it goes up every 0.5kg for air freight. For boat freight minimum weight before it goes up by the kilo is like 3kg or 5kg or something much heavier.

>> No.10879231

Thank you so much!

>> No.10879327

Has anyone got link for closed Rocking horses with tassels ?

I found theses one but I wanted to see if there's other listings

>> No.10879364

A lot of them are just missing many sellers and items. Is there an easy way to create one? None of my phone numbers worked when signing up and none of the old entrance methods like facebook work anymore.

>> No.10879567

Most people reccomend using a VOIP line to signup if you can't use your original phone number.

>> No.10879663

Are blades/cutting knives prohibited to ship from China?

>> No.10879713

Yes. At least Taobao proper won't ship them overseas.

>> No.10881384

What are some good terms if I just want to find general fantasy-esque or interesting/alternative looking mens clothing? (preferably not cosplay). Wuxia or xianxia type stuff would be neat too.

Not looking to buy, but I like using taobao to find non-western looking clothing for art ref/inspo. So even if its like, doll clothing or something unique like that, I'm down for it.

>> No.10881386
File: 1.70 MB, 896x1344, 0_0 (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

(To be clear, I've absolutely already looked up the terms for 'fantasy menswear' 'wuxia/xianxia' etc. Hoping someone knows something more obscure or chinese-specific that would give more alt or modern-historical mix clothing, kek)

>> No.10881416

maybe 古装 for chinese fantasy related clothing?

>> No.10881443

I dunno man, no matter where you look, it's going to look costume-y as fuck because that's where the Chinese aesthetics are and have been at since 1990s. So much is over-the-top and nothing is "traditional". You're almost better just getting regular clothing or commissioning if you want something for daily wear.

>> No.10881540
File: 46 KB, 300x400, O1CN01VBeebu2HeCm8LK75x_!!2216388069175.jpg_400x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks anon, I'll give that a shot! There are some adorable wuxia-esque children costumes shops, I've noticed, kek (picrel)
Thanks, but I really just want artspo, so I'm ok with it being 'costumey'. It's more the 'ideas' I want. The reason I don't want cosplay is because they're such specific char designs that it doesn't really give me much to work with.

>> No.10881541

Sorry for another double post, but I realized I forgot to ask:
I've read about some kind of Chinese street fashion that is a mix of traditional hanfu with modern fashion. Does anyone know if there is a Chinese term/name for this 'trend'? I see lots of posts online talking about it being a 'thing' but couldn't find anything giving it a name, if it even has one. Or if there is a term for 'street fashion' in Chinese other than the literal/direct translation of the English term?

>> No.10881586

日常 汉服 中国风 just try combos

>> No.10882180

Would anyone have suggestions for nice stores that sell cotton blouses for goth lolita? I've found many cotton blouses for sweet, but almost nothing for goth.

>> No.10882584

Would anyone be interested in a link dump? I have a few decent items to share

>> No.10882714

have you looked at surface spell? https://shop35467425.world.taobao.com

>> No.10882806

Damn, I finally got to making a new taobao acc and alipay, searched the stuff I wanted just to see they don't ship to the EU. fml
I looked into superbuy and the shipping is so damn expensive. How do I go about using superbuy in the most efficient way? I wanted to buy cosplay stuff... is it even worth to use superbuy for forwarding or do I have to stick with aliexpress prices?

>> No.10882807

do it