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>insane demands from cosplayers, more so than an actual paid shoot
>lack of effort from the same cosplayers to shoot on a day that isn't a con.
>cosplayer can't be bothered to watch a few youtube tutorials on how to pose.
>thinks posing like a scene from an anime is the same as posing for a real life photo
>will book multiple photographers for the same outfit on the same day for reasons???
>will post private conversations from (you) in their cosplay group chats
>will facetune any image you take
>will suddenly want to shoot with you if you have any form of clout from bigger cosplayers

While I still enjoy it, I mostly now just shoot for friends/less popular cosplayers. A few of us photographers actually do have our own group chats, and its pretty civil and we don't really shit talk other models, we actually hype eachother up. The cosplay chats i've seen though are pretty fucking vicious.

Any other photographers want to chime in on their experiences?

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>cosplayer can't be bothered to watch a few youtube tutorials on how to pose.
Learn to give direction. Any good photographer should be able to do this when a model runs out of pose ideas

>will book multiple photographers for the same outfit on the same day for reasons???
Don’t be so jealous. More photos=more social media content for a cosplayer.

Or who knows, maybe they think your portfolio is all over the place and don’t want to risk getting nothing but shit photos from you?

>will post private conversations from (you) in their cosplay group chats
If you aren’t being a creep, what’s the issue?

>will facetune any image you take
Learn how to edit your photos and they won’t do that

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>Learn to give direction. Any good photographer should be able to do this when a model runs out of pose ideas
If you plan on doing any form of modeling (and yes cosplay photography is a form of modelling) you need to learn how to pose, the only time a photographer is giving direction is to fix small corrections in your posing. models should come prepared with a list of ideas of what they want and the photographer is there to help you create those ideas.

>Don’t be so jealous. More photos=more social media content for a cosplayer.
I'm not even going to touch this one, but this would never pass in any other community but for some reason its an ok thing to do in the cosplay community.

>If you aren’t being a creep, what’s the issue?
Correct, but I don't like having my cold calls posted in group chats those tend to be personalized to the cosplayer/model i'm reaching out too and take alot of energy to write up.

>Learn how to edit your photos and they won’t do that
big eyeroll

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It's pretty fun if you're selective with who you're willing to work with. Haven't had a terrible experience yet but I'm sure it'll come up as I hit up more conventions.

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>>will post private conversations from (you) in their cosplay group chats
Exclusively shoot men and you can mostly avoid this.

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Not that anon but It's honestly hit or miss. Some people will just flake on you. It's best to just move on when they flake and find something else to do unless you're a good friend of theirs and don't mind waiting/rescheduling. Most of my friends are good about it though.

Best to just do it as a self-fulfillment exercise and not for clout or efame. It's a lot easier and simpler that way.

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>will facetune any image you take

When it comes to online cosplay pics everyone will just assume you do it so you better fucking do a subtle/believable shoop or people will think you are uglier irl than your un-tuned photo.

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Social media has ruined the human species

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>If you plan on doing any form of modeling (and yes cosplay photography is a form of modelling)
Pretty shit take. Come back when you've at least shot weddings or normie boudoir.

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models don't pose themselves, are you retarded?

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Clearly never worked with professional models before.
>assuming I haven't.

Whos photos are you jerking off to in the threads below

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they literally don't real actual models are supposed to represent the company they're modeling for, so the photographer is the one directing the posing. cosplayers aren't pro models though, so that's probably why you're confused. even if you're a pro photographer for normies, you need to be able to direct poses or you will get no business.

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A big red flag for cosplay photography is a guy who shoots mainly women or only women. It means that their “photography” is mostly fap material.

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Nice try half my content is men.

Don't be mad though if 90 percent of models are women. Women are more likely to model for men.

Male models are unicorns.

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Is something wrong with you? Can you stop responding like people are talking to you?

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Your thread reeks of red flags. You’re just showing everyone that you’ve never been to photography school and call yourself a pro when you’re just an amateur. I hate this type of photogs and sadly they’re an epidemic in the cosplay community since real photographers can’t be arsed to spend time on us. Real photographers knows how to pose their models. They learn it in their degree. They also know how to edit because what kind of photogs gives up their raws? (Although I’ve had photogs edit me in a way that looks nothing like me and I wish I’d just had the damn raws myself). If cosplayers book more than one photogs when its their first time shooting with that photog you can’t blame them. Some are truly shit and won’t be able to produce a good photo. This shit is why I never pay for a cosplay photog here and only grab shoots here and there from the hallway photogs, my money won’t be spent on shitty half arsed work. Praying for an actually good photog I would pay to pop into my existing local scene desu.

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Sorry OP but you just sound like an entitled cunt, especially if someone is paying you for a shoot. Do some free ones instead and then people won't blame you for not helping them get good poses/shots, it'll be on them (and besides, you should be helping them out and working with it to avoid that?)

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Buying 50 dollar cosplays from China to dance infront of a cellphone for (((content))) doesn't make you a real cosplayer.

But you seem to misunderstand. You imply that I don't know how to edit. But you think it's perfectly acceptable to alter the features of your face to thirstrap some moids into paying 10.99 a month?

I haven't done cosplay shoot in 4 months. Too busy shooting thirst trap content that actually pays. But I have a strong portfolio and get hit up from cosplayers weekly. Not all cosplayers are bad. I'm like the tripfag above. It's good until you run into a bad one. Then it sours you.
Nope if it was a paid shoot I wouldnt be moaning. These are cosplayers reaching out to me with their ideas and as an artist I wanna follow through and create something together but it always seems less like a collab and more like free paid work.

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no one wants to pay a literally who with no talent.

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>most good cosplayers are super self conscious and just need me to reassure them
>My wife really helps calm down the women, especially first timers, who are nervous
>If one of the sluts make my dick twitch I'll make her an offer
>More often then not I can just give them drugs and/or booze and then we can take spicey pictures
>Make sure they're on tape signing a consent agreement that they want to have sex with me
>Wife joins in sometimes
>Make money from the women I fuck or my wife bones
Life is good as a photographer. Only problem is other photographers on my scene are super jealous of me. Little faggots are butthurt they don't have rizz (or they're dykes, same difference)

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nice larp coomer

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What the fuck is larp? And I'm not a coomer, I'm a actually 45 so I'm technically a gen x.

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>If you plan on doing any form of modeling (and yes cosplay photography is a form of modelling) you need to learn how to pose
Bullshit. You don’t need to be a pro model to book a shoot. That’s fucking ridiculous.

>the only time a photographer is giving direction is to fix small corrections
Sorry you’re such a bad photographer that you have no idea how to work collaboratively with clients

>this would never pass in any other community
What the absolute shit are you talking about here? It’s a photoshoot you weirdo

>big eyeroll
I’m serious about the editing dude. You aren’t as good as you think you are. I have literally NEVER had a cosplayer edit my photos further after returning them. It might help you to ask them directly what kind of editing they want for their photos. That’ll give you an idea of what people want

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>assuming its ok to make your eyes huge, and chop your face in half to appease coomers for followers

Keep larping as the photographer you think you are anon

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Is this bait or do you really not speak 4chanese?

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>assuming its ok to make your eyes huge, and chop your face in half to appease coomers for followers
Are you high? Wtf are you on rn nonnie?

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not a good example, but extreme facetuning like this.

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Maybe stop clout chasing clout chasers who have body dysmorohia

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i'm not going to be the one to say it, but yes 90% of cosplayers are clout chasers hence the last point on my post.

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Lol are you based on the west coast or something? Because that has not been my experience

>> No.10845025

ding ding ding. The midwest cosplayers I do regular work with are actually the most legit chill people ever and I fly out to them to work cause its always alot of fun. I think anon's are finally starting to understand.

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Lmao yup I’m from the Midwest. The attitudes and general vibe are very different

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You make a lot of assumptions about me as well. I take pride in my cosplays each one of the cost me about 200-500$ because I love accuracy.

I also don’t “dance in front of a phone” because cosplay is a hobby for me not a livelihood.

Also, I never edit my own pics and I don’t sell contents. I’d rather be “unpopular” online because I don’t alter my features than be a disappointing sight irl. I get a lot of attention at cons for the quality of my cosplays when you look at them irl and thats good enough for me

The point of wanting actually good photogs is to have a chance to capture what the cosplay really looks like, instead of some shitty shot that can’t even capture it’s beauty properly.

Anyway you keep rambling about having a strong portfolio and Ik you probably dont wanna expose yourself but it’d be nice to see some proof to back you up

>> No.10845120

youll never get any proof from any of these larpers.

i actually know one of the "photogs" from socal who used to do cosplay photography until his gf dumped him and outed him for being a weird pedo.

i see him post here from time to time talking a big game about how he was an ex-pro when in reality his work is mid and hes never been paid for a photo in his life outside of a handful of clueless cosplayers who didnt know any better.

>> No.10845123 [DELETED] 

If he got paid, he's a pro. Don't be a hater. Also, if he's actually a demonkkkrat groomer, out him here so we can warn people.

>> No.10845125

he cant be a groomer because females wont talk to him, regardless of age. hes safe in that way. until he finally snaps and actually rapes someone

>> No.10845127 [DELETED] 

Why would you defend a pedo?

>> No.10845134

not even the point.

point was take whatever people calling themselves established photogs here say with a large grain of salt. shocker most of them are full of shit. also this is 4chan.

as far as pedo fucker goes he hasnt acted on it yet, just on multiple occasions has let people know that is his preference after hes had a few drinks

>> No.10845141 [DELETED] 

You're actively covering up for a pedo. You're part of the global problem. Reported for pedophilia.

>> No.10845143

Getting paid doesn’t mean you're a pro??? A lot of photogs in my area call themselves pros when they aren't actually pros at all. And they get paid because they consistently advertise being open for bookings at conventions and request payment upfront

>> No.10845144 [DELETED] 

Professionals are paid for their work. Amateurs do not receive payment. If he got money he's a pro.

>> No.10845145

so charging some genshit to take a picture of her cosplay with a shitty iphone 6 camera and a ringlight 10 bucks makes me a pro?

if you still say yes i think that makes you a retard and me still not a pro

>> No.10845147 [DELETED] 

You made up a scenario that never happened and will never happen to pretend you're right. If someone pays you for pictures, you are a pro.

>> No.10845149

I think you're the pedo photog and are just spamming this nonsense to change the subject

>> No.10845150 [DELETED] 

I'm not. I'm trying to get the pedo defender to out the pedo.

>> No.10845151

Dude literally ANYONE can request payment upfront for ANYTHING. Doesn’t make them a pro. Ever heard of scams? Ever heard of people with a high delusional ego? No forreal with the scam exemple, you know of this popular Times Square Scam? A person in a mascot suit approach you and incites you to take pictures with them. You do, on your own phone, then they harass you for payment. Does that make them a pro mascot? No they’re literally a retard who bought a suit and harass people to make ends meet. Shitty photogs who get paid are retards who never went to photog school and claim to be good from experience even tho their photos are still shit after 5 years.

Also whoever first mentioned there being an active pedo, fucking expose them

>> No.10845153 [DELETED] 

If you're scamming people and getting money from it then you're still a professional. You're just a professional scammer. So sorry you're butthurt and wrong. Maybe you could die?

>> No.10845154

My god someone is really butthurt. Do you wanna be a professional shit-eater? I’ll pay you.

>> No.10845155

amateurs can still get paid, retard.

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I had no idea I’d have to learn to pose before hiring a photographer. I thought it’d be like Christmas family photos or wedding photos or school photos lol. Thanks for the heads up I’ve always wanted to hire a photographer but haven’t yet

>> No.10845159 [DELETED] 

No they can't. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/professional
: of, relating to, or characteristic of a profession
: engaged in one of the learned professions
: characterized by or conforming to the technical or ethical standards of a profession
: exhibiting a courteous, conscientious, and generally businesslike manner in the workplace
: participating for gain or livelihood in an activity or field of endeavor often engaged in by amateurs
a professional golfer
: having a particular profession as a permanent career
a professional soldier
: engaged in by persons receiving financial return
professional football
: following a line of conduct as though it were a profession
a professional patriot

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you're conflating skill with profession. an amateur who sucks at photos can still conduct themselves as a professional and take money from idiots like you do.

>> No.10845162

So amateur football players don’t get paid?

>> No.10845164

anon is just a moron and doesn't know shit about photography.

>> No.10845166

What’s next? Professional blood donators because they get paid? Professional 15 yo babysitter on her first gig because she gets paid?

Oh but since you think so many cosplayers are amateurs, shouldn’t you call that 20$ shein sailor outfit ethot a professional because she gets paid?

>> No.10845167

All this back and forth nonsense about the definition of pro just to stop a nasty pedo from being outed

never change 4chan

>> No.10845168

Yes? Do amateurs get paid where you live?

>> No.10845169

Is he the one who got kicked out of ALA?
If so, it was time. His actions needed to catch up with him. But there are too many photogs who creep on minors, so I could be thinking of someone else.

You're still a groomer if you act like a groomer, even if parts of the community rightfully shun you.

>> No.10845175

Right like why is this dude so hellbent on pro common WE NEED THE FUCKING PEDO OUTTED

>> No.10845191

do you not live in the US?

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Good ones will help you pose and handle the rest of the shits but they're rare and you really want to prep as much as possible since most cosplay photogs are amateurs looking to practice or have wildly overinflated estimates of their own skill level.

>> No.10845216

I do and amateurs dont get paid. Are you talking about NCAA D1 atheletes? They’re pro now. That was the whole argument against it.

>> No.10845226

why the fuck would i post photos so that i get outed? My girlfriend is a cosplayer im not stupid to never get future work for the few good cosplayers that actually exist.

>> No.10845228

You don't have to learn how to pose, who im complaining about are career cosplayers who spam photographers for collabs, show up and put minimal effort. A collab is suppose to benefit both parties. Not a cosplayer clout chasing a popular pro photog for free photos to seem more legit. What annoys me here is i've obviously triggered cosplayers who love to take but never to give.

If you don't know how to pose explain that to your photographer and he will gladly help you. There are plenty of good books and resources on youtube too.

>> No.10845230

jesus christ you are really full of yourself anon. you are so defensive you feel attacked by my post.

Just accept that I am indeed a professional, I produce fantastic work. I am not outing myself so that I don't get futurework from other cosplayers, i know this board is filled with cosplayers and career cosplayers. I am just making general anonymous grumblings on the other side of things. You honestly can't be this dense and think that shitty abusive clout chasing cosplayers exist can you anon?

>> No.10845244

>lack of effort from the same cosplayers to shoot on a day that isn't a con.
this part always annoyed me.
if i have to pick particularly annoying memories it's the flakes. at least if they flake a few hours beforehand you can make alternative plans because you're at a con. but those times just sitting around waiting in some random spot for a cosplayer who doesn't show up for an entire hour or more right at prime time...
quite a few photogs in my region have been cancelled. including another only within the past week or so. it's safe to say that i'm pretty much over it. but i will say that being cosplay photographer is like junior training wheels for someone who might want to be a wedding photographer someday.

>> No.10845255

Why were they cancelled?

>> No.10845256

An actual groomer couple. Fucking disgusting

>> No.10845258

Yeah out of everything in this thread how did this get overlooked. That's fucking gross.

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>> No.10845282

>have wildly overinflated estimates of their own skill level.
like the fag itt

>> No.10845288

im not taking the bait, just trying to get me to dox myself, im not retarded

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Never taken a hall snapshit or con floor snap before?

>> No.10845299

Lmao this thread got straight retarded

>> No.10845303

con photography a.k.a. sorry we are coomers and shoot only femoids

>> No.10845307

Maybe you can take a deposit to discourage flakes or at least walk off with less damage?

>> No.10845308

From the very beginning. I was honestly hoping to get some more information or tips, but this was doomed to begin with.

>> No.10845311

I wouldn't be surprised if photographer creep is having his friends flood the thread to avoid people posting about him

>> No.10845312

This is why you only work with females, even if they are dykes that's still better than a coomer

>> No.10845313

fems can be coomers too

>> No.10845315

the dykiest dyke is still better than a scrote

>> No.10845316

I'm not making an equivalency between being a dyke and a coomer

>> No.10845347

Any suggestions about nip slips? Do you delete the photo? Do you point it out or just pretend everything is good?

>> No.10845349

Omg. I dont think I’ve been caught on camera with a nip slip but I’m so embarassed because I’ve only ever had a con nip slip twice and BOTH TIMES WERE IN FRONT OF THE SAME PHOTOG

>> No.10845351

Double posting because forgot to add but if you dont delete the nip slip/point it out then delete, then youre a pos creep

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File: 2.79 MB, 3971x5957, 1672361831803151.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What do you want to know? I'll try to answer as best as I can.

>> No.10845371

I always get a pic of my models sucking my dick at some point. Why would they care about a nipple? You dumb holes need to touch grass.

>> No.10845372

Cosplay dykes are the biggest coomers/groomers/predators I know in the community lol

>> No.10845373

you forgot prooner

>> No.10845374

I never had a nip skip, but I had some pics where my aureole was sticking out. I had to tell the photographer to take it down and the delete the photo. He didn’t because he posted it again several years later. It’s why I don’t do skimpy cosplay anymore.

>> No.10845375

I never had a nip skip, but I had some pics where my aureole was sticking out. I had to tell the photographer to take it down and the delete the photo. He didn’t because he posted it again several years later. It’s why I don’t do skimpy cosplay anymore.

>> No.10845378

i never had a nip skip, but i had some pics where my big hairy balls were swinging out. I had to tell the photographer to post it everywhere and enhance the photo. He didn't because he never posted it even several years later. It's why I don't do skimpy cosplay anymore.

>> No.10845389

I didn't have a particular question. It's more like seeing how the other side of the lens does it as a cosplayer. And boy, if this is what it's like, I think I'll just have to learn how to photograph myself.

>> No.10845394

I generally do photoshoots with female photographers, you cannot trust men at all.

>> No.10845396

Don't do photoshoots with moids.

Also let's not pretend girls are any less professional

>> No.10845397
File: 2.62 MB, 3971x5957, DSCF6760.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pretty much lol, unless you want to seek out those with established portfolios/reputations and nuke your wallet in the meantime.

>> No.10845412

That's like 50% of the reason I got married. My wife always makes the young little bi-curious girls or dykletes comfortable.

>> No.10845415

male detected

>> No.10845429

Is that supposed to be an example of a good photo?

>> No.10845431

Not that anon but it looks like a decent photo, what is wrong with it?

>> No.10845433

Back in 2019 or some year pre-pandemic right before AX, there was a list of predator photographers that was linked in the thread. The length of that list and each offense was chilling.

>> No.10845435

You weren't kidding about the wallet part. I have a little hobby camera, but absolutely no good shooting space (or really any other equipment). I once wanted to book a studio for my friends and I since we would be in LA for AX anyway, but got DAMN.

>> No.10845439

Do y'all ever travel to /p/ or talk about your cosplay photography there? I've visited a few times to read the sticky and peruse the stupid questions thread but the feeling I get is that it would be a very unwelcome topic there so I never brought it up. What are your thoughts/experiences?

>> No.10845457

You can find me tripfagging about it there. They're usually nice if you aren't too autistic and don't spam images in the wrong threads.

>> No.10845466

It's just retards with 3rd world cameras spamming Terry. Noone has talent in there and will be condescending dicks if anyone with a shred of talent shows up

>> No.10845478

photogs in real life aren't going to be as retarded as this thread is and will be happy to share info and stuff, or let you shadow them on a shoot. if you're friends with them just ask to tag along, or if one of your cosplayer friends is having a shoot with someone, ask to tag along. if you ever go to fanime half the photogs are just standing around chilling with people between shoots, randomly asking people for snapshots from time to time.

in all honestly photography is pretty easy as long as you get some reps in and read some basic stuff like composition and lighting

its a hall snapshot. it's fine. when you're in an area packed with a bunch of people in the background you take what you can get.

/p/ is uh... like cgl but photos. still autistic, but with photos. you'll still need the thick skin like you do on 4chan in general.

>> No.10845497

Nice larping virgin. If anyone has ever touched you its the ugliest foids of the roster

>> No.10845502

Post a good one then.

>> No.10845566

Yeah, I can’t believe how many creeps are on the scene.

I am calling out
-John Rivers
-Esteban Guevara
-Eric L

You make photography a worse place

>> No.10845567

Who's Michael? I know one who messaged my friend with really weird creepy messages.

What are the stories?

>> No.10845575

Post pics of yourself if you think youre better.
Grow up kid. Sex work is work.

>> No.10845579

How much do you pay to do photo shoots with cosplayer. I pay cosplayers around $50-100/hr + transportation, is that too low?

>> No.10845582

0 because they should pay me if anything.

They are not real models.

And the only time you should pay for one is if you have a passion project that actually needs a well done cosplay.

>> No.10845583

Depends. Do I want to smash? If so, I pay for the plane ticket, room, and meals and give the slit some booze/drugs. Otherwise anywhere from 10bux to 200 an hour.

>> No.10845584

Dude can you actually fuck off.
Anyone can fuck a girl with lowself esteem it's not hard which half of cosplayers are.

>> No.10845588

Photographers are worth 0, anyone with a phone can do what a photographer can do. Anyone can take a photo, but not anyone can cosplay.

>> No.10845590

Yes that's why my dm box is filled with people begging to collab. To get them sweet sweet iPhone pictures and not actual professional work loll

>takes skill to buy cosplay from China
>anyone with a camera can take a photo
>works with sexual deviant mood in this thread that shoots with an entry level digishit small sensor camera
>gets assaulted because she went over to his place for a "shoot"
>"all men are creeps"
>proceeds to repeat the steps and gets assaulted by a lesbian schizo

>> No.10845592

If anyone can do it why do you seem so angry? Why should I leave? I always get written conssent and I get consent on video. So you tranny feminists can cry to your daddy

>> No.10845594

Grooming teenagers on vrchat as a 40 year old doesn't make u cool Arizona faggot.

>> No.10845595

>She was of legal consenting age you sick fuck
Hahaha, you're a living stereotype.

>> No.10845598

this x100. any time I check a photog's insta portfolio and it's all/mostly women I instantly devalue their opinion. saying this as a guy cosplayer btw. if I could i'd kick all coomers out of the scene desu.

>> No.10845599 [DELETED] 

Agreed, they give cosplay the horrible reputation that it has, that photographers are creepers, pervs, and groomers, not artists who happen to photography cosplay.

Thanks, you GWC degenerates for ruining it for the rest of us.

>> No.10845600

Agreed, they give cosplay photography the horrible reputation that it has, that photographers are creepers, pervs, and groomers, not artists who happen to photograph cosplay.

Thanks, you GWC degenerate pervs for ruining it for the rest of us.

>> No.10845601

To be fair, most cosplayers are women and pics of women will get more views then pics of men, just how it is

Just as long as it's not all a bunch of ass shots

>> No.10845602

All women have to do is say no when I offer them drugs, booze, or money for sex. But they enthusiastically do anything for attention and cash. Dumb whores make their choice and you blame me? If women didn't do it and it wasn't profitable, I would focus on my day job. Go white knight elsewhere.

>> No.10845603

While cosplay is a female-majority hobby, there is a significant population of male cosplayers and it takes a special kind of perv to ignore this substantial population. Unless they literally do cons that are 99% women like a Yaoi con, there are zero excuses not to have at least some shots of men.

>> No.10845604

>pics of women will get more views then pics of men
That's because male photographers tends to phone it in and half-ass photoshoots with men. It's pretty obvious when a person is not trying.

>> No.10845605

Most models are women it's just the way of the industry.

I work with alot of male models but they at unicorns.

>> No.10845606

Gay and bi men love Yaoi.

>> No.10845607

Just because you keep repeating a lie doesn't make it true.

>> No.10845608

Sure. Go to any local Facebook model and photography group and let me know how many male models there are. Or any agency website page.

>t. Agency signed photographer

>> No.10845614

I hate that photographers push the hypersexualization of CIS Fem cosplay. If they ignore it, it will stop.

>> No.10845630

Fuck, now I'm scared this is me. A bunch of the details are wrong, I've never charged for cosplay photography and *did* make money shooting outside of it, including a while where it was one of my main responsibilities in a full-time salaried job, but I know my ex made up a lot of shit about me as damage control for the fact that I dumped her for cheating and just generally being an abusive cunt and it sounds consistent with some of the shit people have said she claims about me.

>> No.10845635
File: 2 KB, 125x125, 1652131539112882.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>middle aged balding photographer

>> No.10845636

This is why you never believe the first side of the story being told to you about someone unless you hear it from multiple sources or confront the person directly about the accusations. People lie all the time

That's 90 percent of con photographers.

>> No.10845637

You must be joking, right? Girls will sexualize themselves regardless.Only takes some phone selfies to start an OF.

>> No.10845638

The only people that approach me for shoots are women...

>> No.10845639

Ignore these anons, they don't realize generally men don't want pictures of themselves.

>> No.10845640

Don't worry about it bro. Most guys don't care if they get a photo shoot and are content to just hang out even if it isn't recorded. There's much less demand by men for photos. You have to go out of your way and ask guys if they want to shoot than the other way around.

>> No.10845643

the only red flag that exists if the guy is a peace of shit. If he's worked with lots of models they probably has a good reputation that they want to uphold.

>> No.10845644

If a guy does normal photography but also does "sexy" photography is that an automatic blacklist?

>> No.10845660

That tends to happen when you are gay.

>> No.10845662

Any photographer who photographs any skimpy cosplay is a thirsty creep. We judge very harshly.

>> No.10845665

Depends on how well the "sexy" stuff is and how your interactions with the photog go. Sexy stuff isn't inherently a red flag (see boudoir photogs and whatnot) but a lot of flags pop up when the dude just wants to fulfill base desires and doesn't have the skill to masquerade as a professional.

>> No.10845666

Imagine being such a woke retard that you hire a gook in a wheelchair

>> No.10845671

I really think this has to be judged case-by-case. Obviously there are some situations where it's a red flag, guys with portfolios full of a million different girls in halfassed skimpy cosplay, but I think if somebody's portfolio has a lot of the same girls repeated and they're serious cosplayers it can be the opposite of a red flag, since it means these girls were willing to come back multiple times.

>> No.10845683

>"you should shoot with anon, he's great and safe to shoot with"
>"dont shoot with anon he seems like a creep because he only takes pictures of womenz"

jesus christ, cosplayers are fucking retarded

>> No.10845687

just disregard 99% of this thread if it's not actual photography talk.

>> No.10845753

wow nice job outing yourself pedo

>> No.10845775

I never shat on sex work?? I shat on claiming to have sex pics from every photoshoot. If youre a sex work photographer then okay but were talking about regular cosplag photography here most models dont suck photog dick

>> No.10845776

why aren't we shitting on sex work?

>> No.10845831

How many dicks have avoided your sliced up cottage cheese thighs and rotstink cunt flaps?

>> No.10846029

If I make money from a costhot showing the goods and/or sucking and fucking then Im engaged in sex work. Youre super bigoted.

>> No.10846042

Your lack of synaptic connections is astounding. You have the reading comprehension skillset of a 5 year old. Heck they’d probably understand better than you.

>> No.10846043 [DELETED] 

If you're pwned and wrong, then just attack attack attack, right? Fucking child.

>> No.10846140

Wow I'm the op and this thread proves that 90 percent of con goers are actually fucked in the head.

>> No.10846174

Well Toronto been a shitshow as of late...
lost dumpling saying he giga chad banging all the e-thots.

Alex rose not being able to deliver any images for a year.
Proving both genders suck at being photographers.

>> No.10846182

but anon, she has sEvErE dEpReSsIoN

>> No.10846194

she wasn't depressed enough to take people's money.

>> No.10846203

Not them,
but prove it.
If you're gonna brag, you're gonna back that shit up or shut the fuck up.

>> No.10846207

i looked up lostdumplings.
fob cosplayers are so cliquey i find. I'm suprised their drama was even made public on instagram. Judging by his profile pic dude was kinda ugly too.

who is alex rose i couldn't find their instagram.

>> No.10846208

Found alex rose. She charges too and can't deliver. Yikes.

>Proving both genders suck at being photographers.

I think the real morale of the story is as a photographer stay away from cosplayers unless you have a passion project in mind. Learn to shoot regular models.

>> No.10846232
File: 2.65 MB, 1200x1807, renaissancefbsizesigg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anyone knows photogs similar to lilian liu? she is more doing fantasy stuff but i like how her images kinda look a bit like paintings

>> No.10846255

i'm sorry but this looks terrible.

>> No.10846257

Nah it's fucking fire

>> No.10846258

sorry for your shit taste then

>> No.10846259

This looks amazing

>> No.10846292

Not taking the bait nice try.

>> No.10846298
File: 1.76 MB, 2070x3456, Vader.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I did my first cosplay photography-gig a few weeks ago and had a blast, everyone i asked to take a picture of was pretty cool about it. Although i was nervous at first i just went for it and ended up getting some pretty good shots

>> No.10846299

That's terrible

>> No.10846302

what do you think looks good about it? or is everything being shiny distracting you from how bad it is?

>> No.10846325

editing + lighting
you could probably replicate it with some lights and a few hours in lightroom/ps
pic kinda rel but obv I'm nowhere as good

>> No.10846327
File: 3.90 MB, 3971x5957, DSCF1284.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

forgot image

>> No.10846333

Surely you can recognize the obvious bait, right anon?

>> No.10846356

ah, we've talked before and you have seen my work :)

>> No.10846357

Pose, editing and lighting, it's actually a great photo.

>> No.10846358


Check out her instagram. Her work is actually really good.

>> No.10846366
File: 2.26 MB, 1365x2048, DSCF6791.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

find me at AB or AX and i'll buy you a drink or something

>> No.10846439

Still think it's about (you) huh.

>> No.10846443

It's terrible. Stop selfposting. It doesn't look like paintings, it just looks bad editing and lighting.

>> No.10846467

All these photos are horrible, please don't tell me this is representative of "the best" in this field.

>> No.10846560

what's the best way to retouch skin? I know seperating color and details each into a layer but it still doesn't look that good

>> No.10846561

"the best" don't selfpost on 4chan of all things and the people here won't post the best because it's not them. you'll want to look at some of the russians and chinese/japanese/koreans. although it certainly helps when you have access to good models and good studios/settings. if you have a pretty model you can half ass the photography aspect quite a bit.

>> No.10846827

Photographers put these stupid words on my photo. How do I remove it?

>> No.10846841

photoshop. is it their name though?

>> No.10846896

it's not just the lying about banging girls that lost dumpling did, he's had multiple instances of just delivering bad service. withholding pictures, not giving refunds, being late for his own shoots, etc etc but it was never brought to the front because of the lying about banging shit

I hate how fob cliques are so closed off, I just wanna join :(

>> No.10846897

I wonder how this would look if there was some more empty space for the top part of the pic. Some older art pics I see usually leave some white space, not a photographer just curious

>> No.10846909

This looks really familiar, who is this?
suntec convention center?

>> No.10846910

t. a dude cosplayer who got shafted by a photographer
You're part of same group with 80% of lady cosplayers who also get no attention from photographers because guess what, you're average looking and no-one really wants to waste their time shitting up their portfolios with ugly photos.
get real.

>> No.10846911

>This looks really familiar, who is this?
Some viet insta influencer i met I'm SG
>suntec convention center?
Yup, I was in Singapore for AFA. Nice country and nice food. I'll post more pics from then if you want.

>> No.10846912

>Yup, I was in Singapore for AFA. Nice country and nice food. I'll post more pics from then if you want.
Glad you enjoyed yourself there. Love to see more of your shots. Didn't know both of those were yours.
is this also in SG?
What sort of beginner body & lens would you recommend for cosplay photography?

>> No.10846932

ugly people are only income and pay bills when you do photoshoots with them.
pretty people help build you porfolio.<div class="xa23b"><span class="xa23t"></span><span class="xa23i"></span></div>

>> No.10846942

desu you could say this about almost every con photog though

>> No.10846970
File: 678 KB, 4059x4059, DSCF0632 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Glad you enjoyed yourself there. Love to see more of your shots. Didn't know both of those were yours.
>is this also in SG?
Nope, Anime Expo 2022. Met a hoshi on the way back from the con outside.
>What sort of beginner body & lens would you recommend for cosplay photography?
Depends on ur budget but just grab any decent body from the last 10 years + a 50 f/1.8 lens if ur just starting out. I currently run a Fuji X-T3 with an assortment of portrait primes but I have to deal with Fuji's meme tier autofocus.

>> No.10846973


No one owes guys any photos especially when most are dressed the same way. We have enough photos of Spider-Man, Robin, Deadpool, Power Rangers, and whatever common shit is worn today.

You want photos, dress differently than 75% of the other male cosplayers at the convention.

Like Deadpool, cool. Go have fun! To us, you're like the 75th Deadpool we've seen in the past hour.

Style it different, like a mash-up variant of Deadpool.

>> No.10846974

t. str8 male

i went to yaoi con once

got laid by 2 hot females

would go again 10/10

>> No.10847261

it's so weird seeing east asian cosplayers without facetune

>> No.10847450

A little piece of advice: the moment you start hiring good photographers/video makers instead of relying on simps, most of your photo problems will magically disappear :)

>> No.10847714

>no-one really wants to waste their time shitting up their portfolios with ugly photos.
this is the true meme. years later I look back at all my cosplay photography and all the paid shoots I did I don't want to show anyone, certainly not in my portfolio. it feels like a joke because all those shoots were for significantly less money, too. and wasted time during what was supposed to be super vacation fun time

>> No.10848152

>wasted time during what was supposed to be super vacation fun time
This is exactly why photographers shouldn’t do paid shoots at cons, just photograph what interests you and ignore stuff you don’t. Cons become a vacation and not a “job.” The bonus is many years later, you can look at the photos with pride instead of burying it in a HDD and pretend it never happened. Bonus, cosplayers also don’t hate you.

>> No.10849018

Any recs for LGBTQAI+ cosplay photographers? I can’t deal with het m*n anymore. We need more representation from queer spaces.

>> No.10849038

Most cosplay photographers do it for the passion of being in proximity to hot young chicks at a massive discount below market rates.

If you want real professionalism you'll have to pay a premium.

>> No.10849119

I don't even wear "sexy" costumes, I crossplay as male characters but I've never done a cosplay photoshoot because photogs seem to be mostly male and I don't want to deal with a creep (I'm not saying they're all creeps, but there definitely are a few who are into it for that reason)

>> No.10849120

Why did you reply to what is very clearly a troll?

>> No.10849129

Most photographers are queer or trans, why else would a guy be making $100k, $200k, $300k a year and have no GF.

>> No.10849130

They work in Computer Science.

>> No.10849131

Damn got me

>> No.10849142

Yeah, a dude making dosh and not being in a relationship is a huge red flag. Any girl would love financial stability.

>> No.10849203

Lmfao too true. In CA it's all hobbyists, myself included

We're all nerds who can't approach women, perfect meal tickets desu. Just dangle some cosplay sex and boom instant marriage

>> No.10849263
File: 2.43 MB, 2400x1600, DSC_0030alt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If anything, I'm afraid to ask for photos since I'm not professional at all. I don't like to be a bother.

>> No.10849400

> Lmfao too true. In CA it's all hobbyists, myself included

What a coincidence that most of the complaining about creepy photographers comes from California. Makes you think….

>> No.10849451

That all the women are mentally retarded and take niceness for sexual harrasment? (so they can complain for clout)

>> No.10849570

I would love for a convention to ban professional equipment like how Disney bans expensive camera equipment. That would make the convention a much safer experience.

>> No.10849571

Just ban men and cons will be better

>> No.10849572

If you aren't weird about it you'll be fine. If you're really paranoid about it, don't approach women who have any kind of "sexy" cosplay

>> No.10849682

Yeah, you need a little bit more practice. Read up on lighting, composition, posing, and more.

>> No.10849683

For me? It's banning lardasses. Mostly the women, but not exclusive by any means. I'm sure that's something you'd have absolutely no firsthand experience with (but ironically).

>> No.10849686

Absolutely not. I need the lardassses to make ME look hotter when I'm standing next to a few of them. They're quite useful in that regard.

>> No.10849742

Don't be. People aren't expecting professional quality from a hobbyist. Many people are just excited to have their photo taken. You can sweeten the pot by posting it online for them to use.

>> No.10849743

Ban unstable pronoun people. Key word is unstable.

>> No.10849904

I will say, this image worked because the guy is wearing sunglasses.
If he wasn't the bright sunlight would be such a buzzkill.
If you did this on purpose and took advantages of the sunglasses, v noice
It's an acceptably good hallway con shot. If you're using Lightroom or whatever else you could use a local adjustment brush to darken the overly bright areas, like most noticeably on his badge

>> No.10849905

Also, a content aware spot brush will remove the photographer from the reflection on the glasses in about 2 seconds of effort. Keep the reflection of the chaos emerald in his hand because that's dope imo

>> No.10850007


Leave cameras, but get rid of the light stands that can be tripping hazards or potentially deadly like the idiot at Colossalcon that tried to hand a power cord over the water using light stands

>> No.10850123

>like the idiot at Colossalcon that tried to hand a power cord over the water using light stands
No fucking way, someone can't be this stupid

>> No.10850124

On one hand...I'm wasted like 95% of the time during ColossalCon. On the other...I'm almost certain someone told me this story while I was there too.

>> No.10850179

I think banning tripods from high-traffic areas would be a good idea. Some conventions do have this rule, but not all do and it's very annoying. I think tripods would be acceptable in low-traffic areas of cons, like in the back of a panel room to film or just in areas where there aren't a lot of people (any convention with a very large venue has a few of these, usually on the upper floors). As a compromise, photogs could use a monopod for stability in higher traffic areas, they're much less of a tripping hazard and have a smaller footprint than tripods.

>> No.10850326

this was like 2015, right? I remember seeing a pic of it

>> No.10850381

They're using light stands for off camera lighting, not stability

>> No.10852437

Aspiring shutterbug here

How did you get your foot in the door? Is there an entry fee? Did you have to post your schedule to the organizers or did you just kinda show up?

How much does it pay?

>> No.10852870

how to do it: just offer up some free shoots or whatever. take some nice hall photos to show you aren't a rando guy with camera to get something going.
you don't need a schedule. hell, you don't even need a badge. a lot of people just hang outside the con's ticketed areas and just shoot. make your own schedule. i usually will shoot during my down time between events/panels/concerts etc. if you're going to arrange to shoot with a bunch of people then you should have some sort of schedule though, just to manage your time.
pay: depends on where you are, but in general, kind of shit. it's pocket money, but you have to judge whether it's worth your time. if you're not going to do anything else at a con besides shoot then go ahead and charge some money. and remember that with pay equals pressure to perform and to give returns.

>> No.10853777
File: 2.02 MB, 4992x3328, IMG_1793.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Most of this is going to sound basic to the point of comedy, but:

-Enjoy photography to start. I always took 200 to 300 photos over a 2 day con, I was doing that with my crappy Lumix point and shoot ten years ago, and I still enjoy it. But obviously you know if you enjoy it or not, but it helps to know you'd do it even if no one was offering to pay you.
-Have a camera you enjoy using, and practice a lot with. Something you don't need to necessarily switch out (as you would a phone). I cart around a DSLR (a 6DM2, in other words nothing fancy), and a couple of good event lenses. You really don't need a full-frame DSLR, but you'd be surprised how many people see someone carting around an anachronistically-chunky looking camera with a 24-70mm lens with a big plastic hood and will actually ask you if you'd take their picture. It's something I'd use even if I skipped going to cons in a given year.
-Have a website--I have an irrational hatred of Instagram and social media more broadly, so I just went and made a cheapo website on a free provider. It could be better, but fuck, it looks better than an Instagram page.
-Have business cards for said website. We're probably getting into the unnecessary here, but I started handing out business cards. Not sure how useful it is (I get about a dozen business cards from cosplayers which I almost never look at), but few photographers ever seem to have business cards (I guess they'll just give you their Instagram if they want).
-If someone asks you, have a rate in mind. Wedding photographers charge, without exaggeration, $500 an hour. That seems insane, but fuck, that's the market I suppose. If you quote a fifth or a tenth of that, and you explain that it's what you think your time is worth, I've yet to have anyone who asked to pay me to photograph them decline (then again, most people don't ask). Be upfront about how you'd like to be paid.

>> No.10853778
File: 2.29 MB, 3328x4992, IMG_1819.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


-Have a gimmick. Again, not necessary, but still. I carry a Canon CP1300 around sometimes, which prints surprisingly good-looking 4"x6" postcard prints via dye-sublimation, which I've calculated costs roughly thirty to forty cents per printout. I charge $5 for them on the spot; frankly, I could probably charge twice that in the right circumstances, the bigger obstacle is whether people are willing to wait for the printout. Mostly it's just a means to get said foot in the door, and it doesn't hurt that people extremely happy for the opportunity.

Other things: there's not a fee, but then again, I'm far from being any sort of professional despite being paid on occasion. I don't post my schedule, I just go where I feel like going and stop to take photos between panels; effectively what I've always done. Do I think I'd ever make a living off of it? Absolutely not, but technically I've made more money at cons then I've spent. just by a couple hours of photoshoots that I generally had fun doing anyway (weather permitting).

Hope some of this helps.

>> No.10855931 [DELETED] 


>> No.10860172 [DELETED] 


>> No.10860184

elaborate lol

>> No.10860207 [DELETED] 
File: 652 KB, 1763x1322, Gia.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Excellent cosplay outfit


>> No.10860208 [DELETED] 
File: 587 KB, 1762x1321, Kill_City_2_Brian_Kahrs_Aurora_Cruz_6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

another great outfit


>> No.10860282

you're ugly as sin, newfag. you look like a blown out stripper

>> No.10860304

I'd smash it in all halls you jelly foid.

>> No.10863024 [DELETED] 


>> No.10863474

I don't think I ever shot a "nip slip" but I'd probably just either not use the pic or edit it out.
Last year I ended up with a pic that was showing slightly too much stuff under the skirt (I think it was just a weird piece of ass but I don't remember) so I didn't use it, later on I was looking for a new pic to edit and saw that the pose was good, except for that detail. So I deleted the part with photoshop remove tool and it actually looked good, cosplayer loved it.

>> No.10863475

I only pay for non-cosplay content if it's a personal interest of mine, never to shoot a cosplay.
Cosplayers profit from posting cosplay pics more than I do, it's always in our shared interests to do TF and I don't know of anyone who pays to shoot cosplays.

>> No.10864334
File: 68 KB, 1080x1350, 356944079_1369425010345532_3522221437993635803_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CuHZMntLYJx

In Italy we have this yearly gathering where cosplayers and photographers meet up exclusively to take good pictures. It takes a lot of the stress out of taking pictures at conventions and it produces some really good stuff, as you can see here (the Heisenberg in the pictures is @Clary_Creepy on IG if you wanna check her out).

Personally, I've kinda given up on cosplay photography, I only shoot with my friends when we have the occasion to do so.

>> No.10865873

>If so, I pay for the plane ticket, room, and meals and give the slit some booze/drugs

lmfao bro i get it for free

>> No.10865976

I can't stress this enough.

yes, they do because they practice posing.

0, they should be paying you.

let me see your iPhones use strobes, you dumb bitch.

no, just don't ask for sexy photography.

no, the best wouldn't be in this thread or at cons. we're just average or below.

photoshop ai.

none, most are trash with their canon rebels. If they are good, you can't afford them and they wouldn't do any shoots at a con. just go fine the asian guys like dtjaaaam.

just do it, its good needed practice

>> No.10866009


>> No.10866303

Photographer that left the scene a while ago here, but I look in on /cgl/ from time to time, and seeing this thread, I am so happy I left.

It's also interesting to see that the overall quality of cosplay photography has not advanced one iota in the years I've been gone. The photos in this thread would get the photographers physically thrown out of a serious magazine or model agencies' offices. Possibly from a window.

>never been to photography school
Who the fuck would pay good money to get a photography certificate, much less a degree? Learn by doing. Spend that $ on gear.

>> No.10866308

The photos in this thread are not what the real good dudes are doing that's just some random anon.
Also lol magazines in 2023.
But yes 90 percent of cosplayers are a joke now and chasing clout and abusing photographers along the way.

>> No.10866310

Also, this gender wars bullshit is so FUCKING TIRESOME.

If a male photographer wants to shoot women, it's because he fucking likes women. You didn't buy his camera, or his memory cards, or his lights, you didn't buy his plane ticket, or con ticket, or his hotel room, so who the fuck are you to say what he can or can't shoot? Your opinion is less than worthless.

It's crazy, because I love anime / comics, cosplay, and cosplayers. But this childish, "the photographer was attracted to me, ewwww" shit is corny.

And if you want to keep it a buck, the way cosplayers as a whole treat photographers is the reason why good photographers charge so much, AND why good photographers ignore everyone not in their friend group, or isn't vetted; every shoot with a random is potentially a reputation altering event. If you take one more picture of her better looking friend, or type something that's misconstrued in a chat... it's over.

Imagine going out to have fun taking pictures at a con and meet new friends, and running into a girl with the mindset "you cannot trust men at all"? lmao

I have NEVER had a single beef or even an unhappy moment shooting with a dude at cons, because they're all chill. Women come into cons with the mindset that everyone with a penis is going to be slobbering on them, WHILE SIMULTANNEOUSLY dressing in costumes that were DESIGNED BY THEIR CREATORS TO BE AS SLUTTY AS POSSIBLE. Imagine wearing Shimakaze or 2B whoever the fuck the current champion whore costume is, then getting mad when men look at you. It's mind boggling how you can complain about how bad the community is, and not even see a little bit about how you contribute to making it bad.

>> No.10866313

>share your experiences
I had some good experiences. I had some really terrible ones too. If I had it to do over again, I would stop trying to make friends with everyone. Focus on myself, rather than chasing cosplayers. They will snake you for the slightest crumb of attention or clout.

The image is everything. If you can put out amazing shots every time, people will come to you. Ignore the fatties and uglies. The potential hit to your portfolio (and reputation) isn't worth the little $100-200 or whatever you'd get for a con shoot.

Take the best photos you can of the best looking cosplayers you can, who have the best looking costumes. Keep all your communications G-rated, and charge as much as you can. Cause make no mistake; these cosplayers don't give a FUCK about you. I can't believe how much fucking work I had to do sometimes; drenched in sweat, carrying heavy ass equipment around in summer heat, hungry, thirsty... I think someone brought me something to drink like once, out of years of con work. Pretty soon, you'll be able to go to any event you want, and cosplayers will pay for it.

>> No.10866320

I've been to photography school(prof was a former Brooks instructor) and honestly, it was a waste of time. Everything that was being taught there were literally things I can easily find on Youtube and you'll unironically find better techniques on Instagram and tiktok reels.

Calculating exposure? You don't need to do that when dslrs and mirrorless these days show metering information. Once you know the key factors regarding the Exposure Triangle, you're pretty much set.

The only thing you really need is just learning how to read a grey card and editing on Lightroom, both having a lot of guides available on Youtube.

From there, you either gain the eye or you don't, but you'd have to be utterly bland or boring to end up being on the latter.

>> No.10866413

I don't care, the amount of "females" complaining about "being creeped" on" by Photographers vs the massive amount of cute and attractive women who are fighting to get any amount of attention/promotion they can on social media or whatnot. As for sex, for a ex military skinny 31 year old bald guy like me I have never met a group of girls that willing to have sex for very little in exchange. I can't remember a con that I haven't gotten laid at. Youngest was a 19 year old cosplaying as Azuki from Nekopara last year, I'm only putting that out their because it makes many /cgl/ denizens mad. I personally don't care, what people do in the bedroom, nor give any fucks if people go to cons for casual sex. It seems to be a lot of self-victimization. There are so many women why go after ones who aren't looking for male attention anyway?

Ultimately its the Photographer that invested in the tens of thousands of dollars of gear and lenses, taking the shots and post processing them and ultimately the holder of the rights and publishing of said photo unless there was an agreed before hand contract. The unfortunate fact of the matters is photographers can pick and choose who they want and don't want and there is always a larger talent pool then those who need the talent. It has been this way in nearly all talent related fields.

You sound extraordinarily entitled, but I'll entertain you anyway. The fact if a Photographer has a degree vs one is irrelevant (and very quickly becoming so with AI) in the Pro side. What matters (as in making $$$) is being reliable, knowing the gear and producing. If I can find a model that works better for the particular shoot you better believe I will use that model vs one that that would require more work, drama or post. That just basic business sense.

My advice is to find a friend that can take photos and direct him to your needs if you really want the raws so badly.

>> No.10866417

You think I photograph people to be a professional? I just want people to have nice pics my dude.

>> No.10866442

based post. This is how I feel too, i do have a lady friend who has the "all men are pigs" attitude and it's really tiring. It's almost like projection of something that happened 20 years ago and now all men are evil.

>> No.10866619

There hasn't been a nice pic in this thread. With the exception of that Lillian Liu shot. I like what she did, and I'm really hard on cosplay photographers.

>> No.10866652

Love the women cosplayers.

>> No.10866702

Reading this thread there are alot of angry catfishing femcels no wonder why cons still try and push mask policies still.

>> No.10866882
File: 364 KB, 1170x1738, IMG_8296.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’ll add one of mine. Contacts broke day of cosplay unfortunately.

>> No.10867142

This whole photo is out of focus. Wh-Why can't you guys see the most obvious things? What tf am I even looking at?

>> No.10867647

The cosplayer is always right. All male photographers are rapist misogynistic creepers.

>> No.10867648

>t. lesbian sexual predator

>> No.10867665

maybe his lens is really really soft

>> No.10867775

Alex recently said she wanted to end her life. Still no refunds.

>> No.10868015
File: 167 KB, 1200x675, How-to-start-your-photography-career-slr-lounge-1200x675.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's crazy that there are almost 250 replies here over 3 MONTHS, and the only positive comment about a cosplay photographer is the one I made

>waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh, why won't photographers take pictures of us

Because you treat them like absolute shit, that's why. Imagine being a fat 3/10, and being entitled to someone's time, talent, and labor, all the while calling them perverts, then being shocked nobody wants to work with you.

>> No.10868034

>It's crazy that there are almost 250 replies here over 3 MONTHS, and the only positive comment about a cosplay photographer is the one I made
Well maybe if more photographers werent talentless disgusting perverts you would see more compliments

>> No.10868038

thatll be the day anon

>> No.10868059

Quick question, which type of lens have you been using that works the best? I'm using a 50mm and that's it, usually do more portrait or mid body shoots, but most cosplayers want the full complete body even I do talk to them and explain what I'm looking for to shoot.

Also I want to complain to this 2-3 photo fags who bring full equipment studio like to the cons, most are for hobby but jfc, is cringe.

>> No.10868072

use your legs and just back up then. you're going to take more than one photo, right? they get their full body, you get your portraits

can't argue with the results on bringing out all the bullshit. if they are fine with being planted in place, more power to them.

>> No.10868080

>wants to do a job
>asks what tools he needs to do the job, because he's obviously unqualified to do the job
>doesn't want to bring the tools to do the job
>talks shit about the people who actually bring what they need to do the job theyre hired to do

This is why cosplay photographers are a joke

>> No.10868100

Oh yes, I explain what I like to do, quickly show them the pics, then ask them what they would like to do and start giving some directions to pose after they have do their own movements. I usually take between 3-8 pics per cosplayer.

Nah, what I meant is, the ones who bring the equipment don't get paid, they do it for hobby and to fuck around.

>> No.10868229

Any tips for removing the words on someone's photos? A photographer posted some good pics of me and I hate how their words are all over the photo.

>> No.10868231

Step 1: But mirrorless dslr camera, some lenses and some lights

Step 2: Take your own pictures

Step 3: Edit them but dont put any words on them

Step 4: Profit???

>> No.10868263

Ask them if they can take them out. If it's a watermark, learn to photoshop, but unless it's huge and over your face or some shit just leave it be

>> No.10868492

>don't be good at your hobbies & carry around good gear
okay bozo

>> No.10868764

photoshop ai

>> No.10868765

since you're new, i'm gonna say you have a crop sensor camera so like a "18-50mm f2.8" lens or something close will work.

>> No.10868771


but when will you cosplayers stop blaming the algorithm and realize your content is garbage and some of you are too ugly for people to care. Last thing i need to see are fatties in bunny suit with a hank hill ass.

>> No.10868790

They want full body pictures because they worked really hard on the entire outfit and don't want half of it to get cut off.

>> No.10871193 [DELETED] 


>> No.10873035 [DELETED] 


>> No.10873039

No photographer is gonna out themselves here lol but for the record all the big con photographers are on this board but noone is gonna say shit about how they feel. We just blacklist problem cosplayers just as much as we also blacklist problem photographers.

>> No.10873860

Wow that bellybutton got fucked up in photoshop

>> No.10874264


Ask them to remove it. Doing it yourself is violating their copyright, and the photographer could legally sue you depending on the municipality.

>> No.10876237

I’m going to a con soon and I was wondering if it’d be cool to bring my camera and hit up random cosplayers to see if I could take their photo but I’m not really sure the etiquette on that cause I’m still new to photographing ppl. Do any of y’all do that sort of thing?

>> No.10876256

yes that's totally fine, if you see any cosplayers off to the side that look bored ask if you can do a mini photoshoot to practice and give them your email address/socials to request photos. bonus if you get the courage to ask a small group

>> No.10876259

Gonestly watermarking is low tier shit man. I just don't do shoots of people that act like assholes. Imagine suing retarded women over that shit.
It's literally vibed based
Just have non sus vibes

>> No.10876265

just don't ask anyone who's eating, sat down, taking their costume apart, or clearly in a hurry to get somewhere

>> No.10876648

Thanks, appreciate y’all.

>> No.10876917
File: 1.54 MB, 1632x3264, IMG_20230806_183921.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What are some cheap but effective tools/gadgets to use for smartphone cosplay photography?

>> No.10876930

As far as photography goes there are only two things that matter for gear
Glass and lighting
The absolute cheapest way to do things is a ring light on a tripod, preferably that hold your phone
If that's you I'll say avoid overhead strong lighting with that wig
It's shiny and the reflection makes it look unnatural, go for soft enough overhead lighting that there is no reflection or as little as possible

>> No.10876933

> smartphone photography
Bring a mirror to bounce light at the subject because indoor top-down lighting is awful

>> No.10876936


>> No.10876937

sigma 18-50mm f/2.8 is my go to for cons
I keep the rest of my glass in the safe
If you're doing snapshits you NEED an auto zoom and auto focus
Unless you're going full tripod and lights set up at a con prime lenses are a bust
>but I'm poor
Gkod photography costs money

>> No.10876939

>the ones who bring the equipment don't get paid, they do it for hobby and to fuck around.
As a pro who goes to a LOT of cons I'll tell you that if you knew anything you'd know that ourside of huge shit like Anime Expo the guys who vring lights and stuff use cheap Amazon shit. I'm pretty much the only actual photographer who regularly goes to smaller cons but I get paid and get hotel and shit lol

>> No.10876964

I do professional photography but not for cosplay. It's not a way to make a living. My wife and I will use it to fuck hot sluts for booze and cash, but otherwise I just do it for friends at this point. Not worth the money they pay. 1 wedding is like 5 cosplay sessions at a con. Conversely, a hooker for a long weekend threesome and filming it costs like 5k. I can get the same fucking and sucking with some weed, booze, and sharing my hotel room.

>> No.10876977


>> No.10876978

>Reee, sex haver get out!!!
Sorry that sometimes nerds fuck, incel. Deal with it.

>> No.10877005

How ugly are you? Holy shit man I get 10s at cons just by walking up to them get a grip uggo

>> No.10877012

NAYRT & Its not that part
>1 wedding is like 5 cosplay sessions
What cheap garbage weddings are you shooting?

>> No.10877031

Maybe you do, maybe you dont. What you dont get is a business contract and filmed consent to get paid for plowing some needy teen poon while your wife tongues your balls. Instead you get drama and feels instead of emptying your balls and doing more important things in life.

>> No.10877032

I live in rural North Florida so weding pics only is 2500 bux. I charge 500 for my semi pro cosplay stuff

>> No.10877067


Yep if cosplay photography paid for real then you wouldn't have cosplay photogs like Darshelle Stevens or Lauren Pihl doing porn on their OnlyFans instead of just doing shoots or scamming folks

>> No.10877075

I go for fun, to make images that I enjoy and proud to share, and to make people happy that I shoot with, and lastly to get a little better each time

>> No.10877122

Just getting into photography and wanted to take pics of cosplayer for fun, which mm lens do you champs go with?

I'm using a crop sensor so my 35 becomes a ~50 and I think that's what I personally like. My use case would just be inside the con hall so at most like 3 meters of dist.

>> No.10877123

Wait just scrolled down and realized it got answered lmao

>> No.10877196

35 and 85 or equivalents. Never got along with 50, always found it makes pics look "flat" and snapshotty compared to wides and teles and it always seems to be the wrong lens for any situation I find myself in. Back when I was doing photography for work I shot FF Nikon and had a 24-70 and 70-200, found some program that'd chart out what focal lengths I was actually using with them and 90% was around 35 or 85 so I just bought the equivalent primes when I downsized to APS-C Fuji.

>> No.10877405

>Be a photographer.
>End up shooting deranged grown ups playing dress up on their orgie meetings.

Must be like being a fry cook. Whatever you do you cant get the smell of your workplace out of your clothes. Wherever you go people will pick up that unique scent of stale sweat with a bouqet of talcum, crusty make up, body fluid drenched polyester, dehydration breath, lukewarm hot dogs and a just a promising hint of substance induced intercourse with a dash of lube.

>> No.10877422
File: 491 KB, 220x275, 1672514987395102.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why are you even here then

>> No.10878212

that's the point

>> No.10878266

>will book multiple photographers for the same outfit on the same day for reasons???
this is absolutely normal, and in fact highly efficient.
Not every photographer has the same style, so if you want to see your costume in a variety of styles, it's the best way to do it.
It's very weird you'd expect a costume that wasn't specifically made for you to shoot to be exclusive to you, particularly just for one day.

Most of the rest of your points are valid though

>> No.10878269

this is big
but also, make sure your phone camera can save in an actual raw format, or it really good at processing on the fly.
That photo has a ton of noise, and that amount is fairly hard to get rid of, and it's very common for phones.

There ARE lenses for phones, some are a little fun but most are pointless.
But if you're interested, I'd suggest looking for a phone telephoto lens. The big issue about phone pics is digital zoom can really ruin things, and getting in close warps the face. So a telephoto lens (not really comparable with a normal telephoto lens though) can mean you can stay a good distance back while getting a closer shot

>> No.10878527

Every time I book a photog I'm not friends or mutuals with, they ghost and I never get pics back despite them going to more cons and opening more bookings and posting edited pics of their friends.

Any way to avoid this? What's an appropriate time frame to ask people for photos back without looking like an ass?

>> No.10878542

Ask the following weekend for the photos, some photogs would just rather edit on their days off from work and it doesn't take that long to edit con photos.

>> No.10878562

>they ghost and I never get pics back
Did you pay them?
Even for a free shoot that's a dick move, but doing paid shoots should guarantee you'd get pics back.

>> No.10878594

The situation I’m talking about I paid for the shoot (sadly). It was a con I don’t usually attend so I thought I’d try booking with someone new that I saw on an fb group.

>> No.10878616


Stop booking with photogs if they have no refund policy and ask you to pay with friends/famly that allows them to scam suckers

>> No.10878629

That's common? I've never seen any photog that has a refund policy in my area, friend or not.

>> No.10878632

Ouch. I always ask for a time frame of when I can expect the photos back immediately after I finish the shoot. If we're talking 5-10 photos with minimal editing (no special effects), I wouldn't expect to wait longer than a month if I paid.

>> No.10879766
File: 261 KB, 1290x1096, F5myIyBa0AAj8K0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10879767

>Eurogeat Kasumi
Kek people been talking shit about him for 20 years
I'm sure he posts here too

>> No.10879804
File: 38 KB, 458x240, JasonLaboy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

can all the creeper photogs get yeeted already? just saw someone else getting out in the group i'm in

>> No.10880920

>>insane demands from cosplayers, more so than an actual paid shoot

Just don't work with them.

>>lack of effort from the same cosplayers to shoot on a day that isn't a con.

Actually relatable. I hate shooting at cons.

>>cosplayer can't be bothered to watch a few youtube tutorials on how to pose.

Also relatable. Just copy poses from the series.

>>thinks posing like a scene from an anime is the same as posing for a real life photo

I mean, it's cosplay. At least try to recreate scenes.

>>will book multiple photographers for the same outfit on the same day for reasons???

Who cares?

>>will post private conversations from (you) in their cosplay group chats

Eh. As long as you're not a creep no one cares.
>>will facetune any image you take

Don't send them the raws.

>>will suddenly want to shoot with you if you have any form of clout from bigger cosplayers

That's how clout works

>> No.10882414

Many photographers offer refunds if they're running late or can't make it to a shoot or con

>> No.10882450
File: 1.36 MB, 1632x3264, IMG_20230924_164158.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Aside from not disturbing a cosplayer while they are eating or clearly watching the presentation, what else do you people observe so that you can nicely ask a picture from them and not get rejected?

>> No.10882458

How can I start as a cosplay photographer if I don't know Photoshop and only have a half decent camera with one lens that can shoot 4k photos?

I am also have no connections.

>> No.10882649

Lightroom is more important than PS. Shoot in RAW/NEF format and you can do minor adjustments later. Work to the strengths of the lens you have and practice your portrait framing (use your mom or friend for practice). Business cards go a long way, post your pics online (Instagram, Facebook, personal website etc.) and link to them on the card. Eventually, if your photos are good, you'll get shoot requests from cosplayers.

>> No.10882654

my r6 mark 1 is being delivered today :3c

>> No.10882668

he means he doesn't know how to edit photos, not photoshop as a program. have you never seen people use the term photoshop generically?

>> No.10882691

There's a distinction between "don't know Photoshop" (implying the program) and "don't know how to Photoshop" (implying the editing term)

>> No.10882712

just because OP can't write doesn't mean you're not a retard.

>> No.10882776


Congrats anon, the r6 mk i is a great camera. It's my main body and I pair it with an EF 50mm 1.2 and an EF 70-200 2.8 for all of my cosplay/general portraiture and wouldn't trade either combo for the world, nailing focus when shooting wide open with the R systems' eye AF is a game changer.

>> No.10882928

I will check out some ef lens when I have extra funds lying around for now all I got is a nifty fifty to practice with. what sd cards do you use?

>> No.10883039


can't go wrong with nifty fifty 1.8, honestly even with my EF 50mm 1.2L i don't shoot wide open half of the time, am usually at f/2 for a lot of shots.

i use uhs-ii PNY 128gb elite x-pro v60 cards, nothing fancy since i only do stills but reliable and cheap at like $30 each.

>> No.10883062
File: 1.44 MB, 1200x1800, RCCC.Day1.2023.DeSomer.HR-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'll answer photography questions if anyone wants to ask. Cosplay has such a symbiotic relationship with photography that would be crazy to pass up if you are looking to explore photo concepts.
I find it really fun when someone allows me enough time to photograph them with some direction.

>> No.10883961

Man, what the fuck is this?

You want to "answer questions" and teach, but you post something that looks like a slab of washed out grey pixels?

I know you probably posted some other guy's terrible work ironically to get hate replies, so 7/10 just for making me type this.