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yesterday i told my gf i wanna cosplay as eren and then she laughed and was like nah you dont look like him at all, you cant pull off the look. tf is this bitch on about? thoughts?

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you look too western, not in a good way.

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you can definitely, she's thrown off by the facial hair

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you need plastic surgery

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men all look the same

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can't tell what variety of brown you are but no either way. what gives ugly men the confidence to self post here so frequently? your gf was right. you have some severe narcissism if you think that looks at all like you kek

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eren is brown and a roach, hes literally me. stay jealous you pessimistic loser.

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keep calling your gf a bitch because she said you don't look like an anime boy, it'll definitely change your looks

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Why are you calling your gf a bitch? Cosplay whoever you want, no one actually cares. But please do something about your hair because yikes!

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You look like a DYEL that being said just do whatever you want. Why would you let the opinion of others change what you want to do?

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>Why are you calling your gf a bitch?
maybe she likes it? why do you care?
>But please do something about your hair
thats anime hair you uncultured swine
ok tranny, back to r*ddit with your ass.
dont worry bro i got an insane sleeper build you just dont see it

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Who fucking cares? The person on the left isnt real.

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isnt that the entire point of cosplay you stupid fucking frog?

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>thats anime hair you uncultured swine

Says OP about his balding bird's nest.

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Hes a made up jacked femboy. If youre over the age of 15 and not on tren you wont look like Eren. Hes not meant to be realistic so why care?

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looks like a young jared leto with some filters.

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the ai art on the left looks nothing like you, that's a cute white boy while you're a shitskin with poop eyes and a giant nose.

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I think you would pull it off easily, all the haters here are just angry because you look better than them

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