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yesterday i told my gf i wanna cosplay as eren and then she laughed and was like nah you dont look like him at all, you cant pull off the look. tf is this bitch on about? thoughts?

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you look too western, not in a good way.

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you can definitely, she's thrown off by the facial hair

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you need plastic surgery

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men all look the same

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can't tell what variety of brown you are but no either way. what gives ugly men the confidence to self post here so frequently? your gf was right. you have some severe narcissism if you think that looks at all like you kek

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eren is brown and a roach, hes literally me. stay jealous you pessimistic loser.

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keep calling your gf a bitch because she said you don't look like an anime boy, it'll definitely change your looks

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Why are you calling your gf a bitch? Cosplay whoever you want, no one actually cares. But please do something about your hair because yikes!

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You look like a DYEL that being said just do whatever you want. Why would you let the opinion of others change what you want to do?

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>Why are you calling your gf a bitch?
maybe she likes it? why do you care?
>But please do something about your hair
thats anime hair you uncultured swine
ok tranny, back to r*ddit with your ass.
dont worry bro i got an insane sleeper build you just dont see it

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Who fucking cares? The person on the left isnt real.

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isnt that the entire point of cosplay you stupid fucking frog?

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>thats anime hair you uncultured swine

Says OP about his balding bird's nest.

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Hes a made up jacked femboy. If youre over the age of 15 and not on tren you wont look like Eren. Hes not meant to be realistic so why care?

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looks like a young jared leto with some filters.

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the ai art on the left looks nothing like you, that's a cute white boy while you're a shitskin with poop eyes and a giant nose.

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I think you would pull it off easily, all the haters here are just angry because you look better than them

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>brown eyes
>eyes too far apart
>eyes slight downward tilt
>bridge of nose too wide
>hair too thick
>skintone peasant light brown

Nah mate you aint it

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erenfags, everyone

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Fix your hair, trim your brows, shave your face a little, then don't for 2 days. You'd pull it off

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he needs some Asian/White dna to make him look a bit more exotic, as of now, he just reeks of shitskin

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just fucking do it man who cares. cosplay is more of a body and outfit thing anyway unless you're an online prostitute with an onlyfans. that series was worse than the shittiest arc of bleach though

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Your gf was right, you look disgusting and the image on the left is an attractive AI. What makes you think you look anything like that? Are you on drugs?

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eren is a shitskin like me. its literally a turkish name. if i put on green contact lenses i'd be literally him. stay jelly and keep seething incels.

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Lmao, he's white and you're not. Wide nose, face too narrow and short/weak chin is a bigger problem though. Personality's shit too, but you don't need that to cosplay. You do you though.

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You don't have any such gf

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you could cosplay as one of the turks they drunk with

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Besides your terrible attitude, I have to say that Eren is standard generic looking male anime protagonist with a few lil extra steps so like pop in some greenish blue contacts and have fun dude. Tbh does it really matter if you look 100% like eren lol

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imagine being this insecure and pathetic kek

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Just cosplay as a titan and go

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Your girlfriend is right and should break up with you

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Your girlfriend is wrong and should break up with you.

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Eren is cute, you aren't.

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shit taste, as expected of a sonic fag, probably a furry too

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you're ugly, get over it.

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i bet you are an ugly virgin seething because i look better than you and actually get laid. you wish you were me. the sonic fanbase is one of the most autistic out there, full with weirdo loser degenerate permavirgins and you are one of them. you can post your face to prove me wrong tho (spoiler: you wont) until then, keep your mouth shut, mouthbreather.

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not my post, imagine seething this hard over a reaction image though kek. there's probably no more than like 3 male posters ITT including yourself and if you actually thought you were attractive you wouldn't be here selfposting and begging for approval from strangers on the internet. an ugly swarthy hairy moid and a shitty attention whore personality to go with it.

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ew, tranny. get out of my thread. i can smell your axe wound from here. my last (you), tranny subhumans arent worth my attention.
>there's probably no more than like 3 male posters ITT including yourself
lmao, ywnbaw freak

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>my last (you), tranny subhumans arent worth my attention.
sorry you got btfo, i know it's an embarrassing thread with your face tied to it but hopefully it won't stay up too long given how slow this board is kek
>not knowing /cgl/ is the terf board
back to /r9k/ with you dumb tourist, you fit right in with the attention starved trannies over there.

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you dont look like him at all

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lmao @ that jewish nose on the chinlet pic

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Keep seething lol

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ignore the toxic lolcow and cgl femcels, I think you could pull it off if you got cyan contact lenses

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lying is a toxic trait anon LMAO

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Legit starting to wonder if OP is not the guy in the pic and this is someone who hates him / wants to make him look bad for funnies

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Nah this is just the average behavior of a bpd male.

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You can pull of the cosplay for sure (bec its just cosplay its not that serious) but there's no way in hell you have a girlfriend bro you talk like a cuck.

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You deserve it why you ask that bitch go do what u want to do!!! That sucksss

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based roach op

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it's more indicative of bpd that female (supposed) oldfags keep falling for this. it doesn't matter if it'd actually him or not because either way what he wants is attention and every time a man selfposts you lose your minds

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how is this shit thread still up lmao what a fucked board

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No one dises Pepe like that and lives...

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You look fine, but please do yourself a favor and stop calling yourself that. It's doing you no favors in the personality department

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You’re trying way too hard, this dude isn’t even 1% balding, maybe a little bit dry hair but even then…Are you a girl? You have to be, either that or a gay/feminine/closeted guy.

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Women find that messy wavy hair attractive.
Seething because OP genuinely looks what people would call attractive, so you resort to racism, and you call anyone with self confidence a narcissist out of jealously because you hate yourself. I can tell you're ugly as fuck.

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Wow there's a lot of schizos in this thread u are very hot lol yeah u could pull it off

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white knighting yourself is pretty pathetic dude

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This is an old dox from /xivg/ shitposters on /vg/, stop replying.

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you look like a cockroach