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Happy feel: I finally met irl with the person who wanted a dakimakura of me here. We had a blast

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Nah, we already broke up a while ago.

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Nevar fargot: This is where the name Jojo came from. It's my greatest drunk trivia when hanging with weebs.

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>sold a dress that I loved but didn't wear anymore
>got bought by an ita
>they posted coord pics, they can't coord for shit and it does NOT fit them
Press F to pay respects

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>Biggest con of the year in 2.5 months
>I even had some stuff done on my face last year and was eager to see the improgement
>my weight loss has been slow and steady but I need to lose 1.5lbs a week consistently to have my goal shape which is 2x faster than what ive been having

Its fucking hopeless. Im not even glad Im saving 1000usd by cancelling the whole thing before I fully accept im done for.

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I'm about to sell off some old dresses that I don't wear anymore and I'm terrified this will happen, I know it's irrational because I wear classic but it could still happen

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im gonna buy your used dresses and coom on them. please dont wash beforehand

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fine buy you're paying 5x the price

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Hurry up and ship plz Wunderwelt, it's been 10 days

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I will never understand this mentality in the lolita community. Idgaf what happens to the stuff I sell on LM. If I cared that much, I wouldn't sell it. It's not your dress anymore; they can make pillowcases out of it if they want. Let it goooooo.

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Get help

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if you buy me the dresses i will send them to you stinky. including pics of me sweating in them!

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*telegraphs my hooves*

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Are you the girl who took her Jojo daki to prom?

In happy news, my sister's hot friend is going to be cosplaying a slutty vtuber.

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the really good personal trainers on youtube are expensive.

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You want your stuff to be taken care of. I wonce sold soem bloomers, and a month later they'd been sharted in.

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> Are you the girl who took her Jojo daki to prom?

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>a slutty vtuber
in other words a vtuber

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I love my friend so much. Just needed to say that.

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NTA but I tend to get emotionally attached to pieces so it feels nice to see them go to someone who will love them as much as I did

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omg anon you're my hero that picture is ICONIC

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>Happy feel: I finally met irl with the person who wanted a dakimakura of me here. We had a blast
Did you fucked too?
Or is he/she just using you as a Dakimakura now?

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I've made good progress with a lot of issues I had in my life. My OCD therapy has gone very well, I'm no longer a toxic perfectionist, I am exercising regularly, got some overdue dental work done and also have a dental night guard now for teeth grinding, I make time to DIY regularly, I wear lolita more often because it makes me happier, made a new friend who I now hang out with every so often, diet is going very well (I introduced more protein and I feel so much better physically) but I am still miserable most of the time.
The biggest remaining problem that I haven't been able to make any progress with despite a lot of effort is my sleep schedule. I've been struggling with it for years, trying to solve it on my own (with melatonin supplements, gradually scheduling earlier bedtimes, getting some sunlight in my eyes right after waking up, skipping sleep entirely for one night hoping that I would be able to go to bed on time the next day, etc, all the standard advice) before asking my GP for help because it's way more embarrassing to have this problem than anything else I've dealt with. GP didn't say anything I hadn't heard before. I brought it to the OCD therapist and she said it was probably part of my OCD and that she would address it near the end of my therapy. I'm near the end of my therapy and it looks like we're not going to have time to address it. I just recently found out it's called delayed sleep phase syndrome. I'm regularly functioning on 4 to 5 hours of sleep because I have to get up in the morning just like most other people but can't get to sleep early enough to get at least 7 hours. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about it, I might wait until I'm sure it can't be addressed during OCD therapy anymore and then see if there's any specialist locally that I can afford that doesn't have a year long waiting list.

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>admit to my comm that I gained 10 pounds
>mfw the comm elders say I must go through "the hot oven" as punishment
>mfw the full comm stands in a line with their legs apart and I have to crawl underneath them while they spank me mercilessly

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Nah, we just chatted and played Project Diva mostly. It was fun.

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Sounds like a frat.

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>younger sister is doing laundry
>makes fun of me for having holes in my underpants
>"When your friends post cosplay pics I need to reach my dick FAST."
>mfw she gets legit offended

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I miss butthole inspection day

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I wonder what happened to the Tomoko anon. Hopefully he found his Tomoko. I'd like a Kobayashi gf. She is calm, patient, and understanding.

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you memed on her on god-mode, be glad

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kill yourselves

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An old purse I've been searching for on the secondhand market for years finally appeared, two online listings at once. They were cheap and I was so excited that I bought both of them to make sure I got at least one. Once they arrive, I'll finally be able to take an item off my "you're probably never going to find this" shopping list, and that makes me happy.

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Going to a con soon where one friend group doesn't like the other friend group, but that group also has someone else I know that someone doesn't like. Trying to make time to see everyone who is coming from out of state or haven't seen in forever while also juggling events, scheduled lunches and dinners, etc. I'm gonna lose my mind.

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It's something I guess

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