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is being into cosplay at age 30+ cringe?
I don't mean token master roshi boomer

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Depends on your cosplay. A 37 yo man dressed as Naruto is a bit cringe ngl but if you're doing a Wesker cosplay from Resident Evil or something then thats extremely based

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you're closer in age to a 3000yo demon loli that a 19yo is poorly cosplaying as, so no, not cringe

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It's about your level of taste and acting your age. There are plenty of cosplayers over 30 who aren't cringe at all. Most people who are older also have more money to invest into cosplay and materials, so they can make more complex and sophisticated builds than teenagers.

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Anyone who's over 25 should frankly stop going to cons

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It'll be cringe if you try to cosplay young characters. Stick to adult characters and you'll be cool.

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Cons are for 40 year olds to talk about episode production trivia
Soon you'll understand too

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If you are a man its ok
If you are a woman its cringe

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>No you can't cosplay after a certain age its cringe!

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>I took this picture
Zased. Here's hoping he comes back to Sakura again. I'll be on the lookout.

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If you LOOK 30+ irl yes.

nonwhites and gifted whites get a longer shelf life

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Arabs and hispanics age even worse than whites and pajeets are just ugly.

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Also black men only age a little bit better than white men on average and black women don't age any better and because of how dark their skin is and their facial features they make any serious cosplay look silly. Since south east asians are usually ugly and too short the only desirably races to be are chinese, koreans, japanese or pacific islanders, or gifted white.

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This, but not in any way ironically.

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Only poor ones do. Poor whites age the worst of all

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are you kidding? just look at all the gross old white people. whats with the old lady cut?

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poor anything ages bad, and by poor I mean people who can't figure out how to do shit and just sort of "give up" on themselves. gross.

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imagine when you discover that most of cosplayers that you follow are 30+ yo hispanics
''muh world noo she is not a korean but colombian? nooooooooo''

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This. A lot of Hispanic people look younger than their age and also even Asian sometimes.

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triggered latinos

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I dont think it's cringe unless you're doing cringe shit. It's not so much the costume, but the actual play part of cosplay that makes it cringe. Fuck I hate autistic cosplay skits and cringy faggots that think they're Kirito. Like bro, you're a balding 40 year old man, please develop yourself beyond a 14 year old.

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Why would you be cosplaying after 25? You should at least be married and having a child or two on the way by that time, at the very latest 28 (if you look young). People don't want to see fat balding males at cons who failed at life.

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con population used to be predominantly fat balding males respect your elders retarded zoomer because one day you will undoubtedly be a fat balding male who has failed at life

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How many of these threads do we need? Just go you faggot. In my experiences, the coolest and chillest people I meet at cons are those in their late 20s to 30s.

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Only shitheads think that.

Are you a shithead?

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Dumb , over 25 is the people who actually have money $ to buy stuff and sustain the CON, not the teenager who don't buy shit and don't use deodorant

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Cosplaying over 18 is probably cringe.
Last time I cosplayed I was 16. Nowadays I only dig watching quality cosplays from japan and that's it.

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It also depends on how old you look. Some people just don't age at all and are pushing 40 yet they still look like they're in college.

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This. A lot of this.
>hanging out with someone at Katsu
>could have sworn they weren't old enough to drink was carded at every bar we went to
>turns out they were 34
>friends who are 23-25
>never got carded everyone thought they were closer to 30
>happened without makeup or cosplay on as well
>mfw I have no face

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How old do you think are the people running cons, genius.

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These to be quite frankly desu with you, familia

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this, most of my confriends are 20s to 30s. they most autistic peeps (not in a good way) are closer to early 20s and below

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>they most autistic peeps (not in a good way) are closer to early 20s and below
We're even past the point of "Those goddang kids who just wanna look at their phones all day". Most of these types struggle to form a coherent statement anymore.

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100%. Met my GF in college, same age as me. She still gets mistaken for high school/college sometimes, always petite including face. I look young-20s. We're both early 30s.
We just go and enjoy ourselves and have the funds finally to actually cosplay right. No one bats an eye, and we aren't creeps (both /fit/ and hygenic, just got for the fun, etc). We've had no problem just being part of the fun crowd, joining up with random cosplayers, all that good stuff. My brother is about my age, and he's just an obvious lovable fat nerd with his husband, super inoffensive and magnetic personality so everyone just loves the shit out of him no matter age.
Meanwhile I see mid-20s dudes who obviously don't take care of themselves, walked out of their man-cave in their moms basement for the first time in 3 years, greasy dudes with 0 social awareness creeping everyone out. And then I see a literal Rick Grimes lookalike to the point I thought it was Andrew Lincoln, like literal 100% identical, and he was cool as shit and everyone loved him.
It's all about who you are honestly.

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not really what I meant, they're more "we love to stir drama shit up all the time and I act like a total bitch because I self diagnosed myself with autism"

pretty much every shitty fanbase is because there's too many tiktok/tumblr kids in it, like MHA, danganronpa, etc etc.

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Impressive humbebrag, I wonder if you're truly as youthful and socially normal as you think you are

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Fair enough. Of course, what you're describing is much worse, but it also seems region-specific. In one area, the younger types don't seem to indulge in much stirring of the drama pot, in others you'll even have the older crowds do it. Not a good look for either one, and yes, how mainstream a series gets seems to correlate with that perfectly.

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I dunno bruh, I've seen too many Lebanese MILFs to believe this.

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>Anyone who's over 25 should frankly stop going to cons

Its the over 25 people who really put money and manage everything about these cons

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Don't care. Some of these people in those awesomely crafted Transformer, Darth Vader or Master Chief suits have 40+ year old men inside them

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people can do whatever the fuck they want as long as 1) it doesn't break a law, 2) they don't hurt others against their will.

"Cringe" is telling others what they can or should do.

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Confirmed, but there's an important addendum there too: "Cringe" is also telling yourself what you can't do because of outside "judgment"

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yes, but sometimes things are actually cringe

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yes you should be having kids not dressing as an anime girl

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