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Where can I find cute but actually good quality maid dress? Thanks <3 no taobao bullshit pls I want something actually nice

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I ventured out of my comfort zone and got an AaTP dress too long for my standard petti. What brand/length do y'all recommend for between 90 - 96cm dress length?

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am i retarded or is it fucking impossible to find shoes suitable for oldschool especially in anything other than black or brown. i just want some nice white antaina platforms or something. everything i find is shiny aliexpress trash or £100 shipping from some shady website. any anons know the answer to my pain or should i just settle for the fact we are inundated by ita cheap garbage everywhere at this point

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>white antaina platforms
If this is what you want, why can't you order from Antaina? They have a ton of old school appropriate shoes in white

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Just order from antaina. It shouldn't be more than, idk, 70~80$ incl sh.

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milky ange

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seconding this.

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Are you supposed to wear necklace chains over or under peter pan collars? I feel like both ways look stupid

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I like these, I’m gonna get one, but they’re so chaste I also want something my bf will think is slutty and cute too…

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Gulls, you owe me the following:
. sweet lolita thread
. sweet OTT lolita thread
. military lolita thread
. classic lolita thread
. fairy kei thread

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>slutty and cute
then buy from aliexpress or fredricks of hollywood or something
you're not going to get quality slutwear anywhere

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look through archives because there is simply not enough people on this board anymore

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why not just fucking make them yourself? no one owes you anything

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I don't have the directory nor the knowledge to fish for the right keywords and content

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again: no one owes you anything. if you won't take the time and research to do it why should anyone else here do it for you? stop being lazy and lurk moar

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yeah I get it, you're a salty retard, kys

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What's the best place(s) to look for more "in depth" information on lolita fashion? Brand history, academic papers, accurate timelines, first-hand accounts, etc.

Interested in both English and Japanese language sources.

Also interested in archived Japanese forums discussing lolita circa 2000s or early 2010s. If those are, in fact, something you can find and look through nowadays.

Thanks in advance gulls.

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where would i be able to buy a male school uniform/gakuran that isnt shitty cosplay quality

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and you're a lazy newfag that can't even be assed to look through the archives and just wants to be spoofed. fuck off back to facebook

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depending on your height, you can find real ones secondhand on jp secondhand shopping sites like mercari or yahoo japan auctions. they cost a bit, but they're real uniforms.

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thank you anon i will check out those sites. im about the height and size of a middle/high schooler so i have a good chance of finding something

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this is why /cgl/ is nothing but coomer threads now, congratulations

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you rang??

im ready to coooooooooom

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you'll probably want to look up jp school names and such to find them more easily.

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How do I tell newbies in my comm that they look bad in their aliexpress dresses and that they need to put more effort in what they do and if they just want to spend 20$ for a whole coord they will never be able to wear lolita?
There's another member in my comm that is seen as being very knowledgeable but she keeps spoonfeeding them bad infos. Like telling them to buy btssb replicas.
I don't know if there's still hope for them or if I should just quit.

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I think Fyeahlolita has some good information on it and a lot of it's quite old too if I recall correctly. There's also a few Tumblr pages with old translated stuff but I don't think I could find them anymore.

LiveJournal also has a lot of old discussions about general goings-on in the community if you're interested in that sort of thing?

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you could just tell them directly but be polite about it

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Not quite a question but a request to anyone reading, would you mind passing a link or two to artist that you like that specialize or draw a lot of jfashion?
Im mainly interested in mori girl/boy and ouji but I like anything and would like to find some new artist.

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If they've been to meets in their aliexpress and seen actually well-dressed lolitas but still wear cheap shit, they either can't tell the difference in quality or don't care. I wouldn't get involved in trying to "educate" them. I'd maybe say something about the replicas though because I thought that was universally hated wtf

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No, it’s because you’re too stupid to make a thread, retard

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Does anyone know where I can buy or download a digital copy of So Pretty/Very Rotten? Or maybe there's someone who owns it and would be willing to scan it themselves? This book seem impossible to find now, and every active listing I see is like $100+

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wow i had no idea, it's so expensive now... that's a shame. i'll try and upload my copy when work slows down. unfortunately the publisher retired so the book is out of print.

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Lace Market currently dead?

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It's not thar good desu, I was thinking of selling it for 1/4 of that price lol.

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No, kys. It's because our jannies aren't cgl users anymore.

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For me also dead since yesterday.

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kek, tell 'em

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Has anyone ever bought teaparties from Sosic Shop before? Any opinions? I want cute flat shoes to wear with lolita but my options are limited in terms of size and I'm unsure about their quality.

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Pretty decent. The insoles are pretty hard though with 0 arch support so I put in some gel inserts.

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seconding this. They're stiff and flat, so your feet are probably going to hurt without any cushioning soles.

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Does any have any advice for getting rid of used lolita socks. They aren't in the bad condition but I feel weird about selling used socks.

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Donate them, throw them out, use them as rags. Pick your poison. Ultimately I think it would be better to sell them on LM at a starting bid of $1 though, but I understand being iffy about selling used socks.

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Does anynonnie know the socials of the girl in this photo? I found this pic in the archives and have been searching but can't find any account. I like this coord a lot, I hope there are others still online.

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A digital copy doesn't exist afaik. If you know Spanish there are a TON of Spanish copies out there for cheap.

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Scanning an indie book to share for free is pretty scummy. Support local artists, and ask the authors if they would try republishing it.

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There is no way to support them through the purchase of this book. The original publisher went out of business and the two authors have already said they don't plan on reprinting through another publisher.

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jane mai has done fuck all in years. she sold her entire lolita wardrobe and left the fashion almost immediately after this book came out. you're the only one who cares

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You can always purchase other stuff they do in support silly, they may not always be lolita related but they both do work that is purchasable. I do agree that its an uphill battle to get a new publisher but its not impossible to self publish or for them to release a scanned version themselves if they wanted to.

None of that justifies stealing their work, if they havent released scans its on purpose. Jane isnt the only author btw, it was a duo with the translation of Novala essays by a 3rd person.

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thanks sperg, i didn't mention an because she's an ita who can't draw. realize what website you're on and if you care so much go ask them yourself

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>its not impossible to self publish or for them to release a scanned version themselves if they wanted to.
but they don't want to, as i previously stated, so it's not going to happen.

>if they havent released scans its on purpose
because the book is in a strange legal loophole of being impossible to reprint because the publisher doesn't exist anymore. the authors might not have the rights to upload a scan themselves.

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the authors are cringelords who cares, piracy is never wrong especially in a case where they refuse to reprint it lol.

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>piracy is never wrong especially in a case where they refuse to reprint it lol.

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Is it safe to dye a cotton garment from brown to black?

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Sure, but the threads (almost always polyester) and that lace (looks like it's not cotton) may not take the dye the same as the main fabric.

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She's formethereisyou on Tumblr

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Giving $100 to a scalper for a secondhand book does absolutely nothing to benefit the authors. It would only be questionable to upload a scan if the book was still for sale. Currently, uploading a scan only benefits the authors because it’ll enable a wider audience to read an out of print book. People who otherwise wouldn’t have sought out their works could become fans -> sales on their other items.

If you actually cared about “support” you’d link the handles of the other authors and share their works that are currently for sale, but instead you’re virtue signaling.

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Trashy.com used to fit this description despite the name. Idk if it's still decent quality anymore though.

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>i'll try and upload my copy when work slows down
Please do, anon! I'm sure I and many others who can't get ahold of this book anymore will greatly appreciate it, and it's always good having scans of out of print books and magazines available for archival purposes

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I just received this stupid headdress but I can't even wear it the way the stock picture displays it, any help please?
The top keeps falling behind and can't stay right

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Does anyone have the taobao shop link for YUPBRO lolita?

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You could try using spray starch. It helps to stiffen fabrics. You can find it in the laundry aisle. Be careful with it. Since it's starch, it has the potential to attract bugs. So I'd only use it when I want to wear the piece and then wash it out afterwards. My other two thoughts are shove it full of tissue paper or see if you can try to line the middle part with craft foam/eva foam.

>> No.10844937

Thank you for your help, I'll try it asap!! I've spent hours trying to make it look good but I'm starting to feel scamed like those AP lolitas who purchased the floppy nakayoshi bunny bonnet

>> No.10844942

Here you go

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Hi gulls, I just received a lolita dress in the mail and the BO is unreal. I have no idea how I'm supposed to get rid of the stench on the dress. It's a rare classic piece with chiffon so I don't want to do anything to damage it. I tried to air it out but that didn't do anything. Any tips?

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spray on vodka

I don't know how this is going to affect chiffon or the dyes in your dress so use this at your own risk

>> No.10845009

it sounds weird but put it in the freezer in a garment bag. helped save a blouse i got recently

>> No.10845014

There's this stuff for cat pee smell that works for human odors like this

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just wash it with vinegar

>> No.10845061

just pay for drycleaning if you're really worried

>> No.10845065

dry cleaning is not that effective at odor removal, the advice to use vinegar and/or vodka + more airing out will be more effective.

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Seconding. The authors don’t even care

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Kek. Nu Moitie do be trashy

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As somoene who has gotten rarer dresses that have had RANK BO in them, it's fairly easy to get out providing you're not dealing with something that runs. (Normally this is cotton prints that have red and sometimes darker colors like black or brown.)

Chiffon is polyester and there's less concern. But always do a swatch test somewhere that isn't noticable.

Soak the dress in a mix of water, peroxide and baking soda. You can also spot treat specific areas with a more concentrated mix of baking soda / peroxide and let it sit before soaking. Then you can wash out with some gentle detergent.

This works really well for removing sweat stains as well, btw.

If there's not a ton of super-delicate items on the dress that aren't removeable, you can put it into a laundry bag after that and let it go through a spin cycle. Then hang to dry it. You'll probably need to steam it a little afterwards.

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EU folks, has anyone ever tried to mark down the value of a DHL parcel on Tenso? I usually do it with EMS because they don't ask much informations about the product whereas DHL wants you to specify each item with URL links

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Why are lolitas who joined during the pandemic a literal cancer

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What height range is lolita best for? I'm not that tall (163cm) but my AP skirts and some of my BABY JSKs sit higher above the knee on me than I expected. Is it just the way I'm proportioned or something?

>> No.10845342

5'2" is considered the ideal height for lolita, probably because that's the average height of Japanese women

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you dont need to do the url unless its like food or skincare. pls read what it tells you

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Because they're trend hoppers with no real passion for lolita, most have left my com already

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If you're above 160cm then AP and btssb can end a little too high above the knee depending on the dress (source: wonder tea party, personal experience). I'm 164cm I've had more luck with btssb sometimes being a bit longer though. If you have a shorter dress our height is not so tall that you would absolutely need an underskirt, but you can deal with shorter dresses by wearing bloomers and/or longer socks so you're not showing a disproportionate amount of bare leg.

>> No.10845352

I'm probably an outlier being 180 CM, but I don't really have any problem wearing lolita (though I am used to things being a little short on me so maybe i'm just blind to it kek). I usually buy dresses that are in the 85-90 CM length range anyway (and skirts in the 50-55 CM range) and that's comfortable for me, but I am planning on getting a cute underskirt just as a backup plan. If your dresses are too short on you for your taste, nothing is wrong with an underskirt!

>> No.10845356

I'm 172, and I don't really have any trouble with dresses being too short. I wear a lot of gothic and old school, so I don't have a problem with showing some leggy. I have way more trouble with dresses not hitting at the waist and often sleeves being much too short. Baby and Meta tend to come through for me for blouses, and I want some more Moitie blouses because the sleeves are quite long but I hate how poly feels.

>> No.10845366

I also relate to my dresses not really hitting my waist, after a while I just gave up and started wearing skirts lol. Question for shorter lolitas though, do the dresses actually hit your natural waist? Any of you? I'm curious because it never really seems like it.

>> No.10845438

I‘m pretty short and I often have this problem too because I’m busty and my bust pulls them up :(. Many dresses are already cut high waist though

>> No.10845486

I'm 160cm and flat chested and most of my dresses sit anywhere from 2 to 5 cm above my waist. I've just accepted it at this point. I'd prefer dresses to actually sit at my natural waist, but it's a unlikely to happen.

>> No.10845627

Does anyone have any(non-ott) coords saved that use ribbon combs in their hairstyle? or any tips on styling them? I bought some AP ribbon combs because I thought they might be a cute, small accessory for simple hairstyles like the ones Baby does in their ribbon comb product pictures but I severely underestimated how big they'd be (approximately 9 CM/3 1/2 inches wide). Now I have no clue what to do with them.

>> No.10845680

is a salopette coord lolita? i mean it doesn’t have the same silhouette usually (depending on the salopette and petti i guess). but they are popular. is it about how you coord it? i’ve literally been confused about this for years

>> No.10845699

Would it be too cringe to make lolita vlog while I have eating disorder? I want to make something to share to my online jfashion&lolita friends (doesnt have to be youtube public video) but I'm afraid my ed will show and it will gross everyone out.

>> No.10845704

Yes. No one wants to see a holocaust victim

>> No.10845708

no you should do what you want. idk who would give a shit besides oversensitive freaks with too much spare time ( ie. the majority of the board you’re asking kek)
we’re lacking in lolita video creators anyway

>> No.10845709

Is there any way to restore tartan that's puckered due to heat, or is it done for?

>> No.10845720

As long as you don't bring attention to it, you'll probably be fine. Don't body check, don't talk about your size, don't complain about clothes being too big.

>> No.10845726

Do it anon! It's important to do things you enjoy and engage in your hobbies :) Wishing you all the best!

>> No.10845746

Since Lolita is modest then it should be fine as long as you don't body-check or have weird weight talks to your audience. It's no different than SH scars in that regard. I think that staying positive and enjoying yor hobbies may encourage you to find help and recover from your ED one day.

>> No.10845748

>It's no different than SH scars in that regard.
wrong. people with self harm scars are disgusting.

>> No.10845755

Not here to defend cutters but why you think looking like a Auschwitz victim is perferable to some faded scars on someone's arm?

>> No.10845765

oh i didn't say they weren't, just that cutters are gross.

>> No.10845802

If it's a binge eating disorder and you're obese, go ahead! The community will trip over themselves to kiss your ass. If you're anorexic/bulimic and or even just visibly underweight, don't bother.

>> No.10845808

I have one pair of AP ones as well that I was clueless what to do with as well. I use them to pull back the section of hair behind my ears. I looked up a video of how to use hair combs first. You put them in almost opposite of how you think you would to get them to stay. I can try to find the video again if you'd like. It wasn't a lolita specific video, just ones about regular hair combs, but I found it helpful for getting them to stay in my hair. I leave some hair framing my face and then have the bows pull a small section back up and away from my ears. I don't have any pictures. I hope this helps.

>> No.10845809

how would your ed show? Your ed is not your weight. If someone is underweight that could be for other reasons. Sure people could assume it's because of AN instead of some other health issue.
If you don't show any ed behavior (body checking, purging, etc) or talk about your ed or do any weird typical red flag AN stuff like go on rants about how fucked up it is that people consider granola to be health food or that anyone above bmi 18 is grossly overweight, etc, you should be fine.

I think there could be a place for content that talks about EDs and j-fashion/lolita in the same context, but obviously not in a pro-ED way. There was a lolita who talked about becoming healthier after going to therapy for emotional eating, although I don't remember her name. That was pretty well received but be careful about posting personal stuff online, even if you choose to talk about it in a recovery focused way it can follow you. Once you put it online it's no longer in your hands.

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Buying a copy from a scalper doesnt support the original artist either. Just the person profiting off another work.

>> No.10845861

You could try ironing it while gentle pulling the fabric into shape

>> No.10845885

Thankfully most of them have left or gotten bored on my side. Trendhoppers gonna trendhop, so now they're selling their dresses since it's no longer cool to be alt.

>> No.10845901

Gonna be honest I just put alligator clips on mine and use them like clip in bows

>> No.10846059

I was honestly thinking of just prying off the little comb teeth and attaching alligator clips to them. I might try that if I really get desperate kek.

I'll look up some videos, thank you anon!

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anyone have worn pics of Trompe l'Oeil Lace JSK by IW?

>> No.10846171

Anyone post reviews on the recent moitie luckypacks? I didn't expect them to do two so close together.

>> No.10846223

What exactly are sample dresses?

>> No.10846229

I bought an usakumya a few month ago but never wear it because the bows on its head and neck don't match most of my wardrobe.... Any ideas on how to fix that?

>> No.10846236

You make them to test a factory or pattern, it isn't really a thing for lolita brands nowadays but it used to be used as an excuse for why replicas had variation from what they should look like

>> No.10846237

Replace them?

>> No.10846250

No. Buy an entirely new coord for the usakumya. That is the way

>> No.10846254
File: 629 KB, 1080x1226, Screenshot_20221118-105528_Firefox.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

clip some other bows on top of the standard ones. depending on the size of the kumya, they may also be able to wear bracelets as necklaces, hairties, wristcuffs as dresses. also you can get other kumya-themed accessories so the kumya colors can be balanced throughout the coord - kumya hairties, kumya bag, kumya shoes.

>> No.10846256

this. both you and your kumyas deserve an amazing closet.

>> No.10846260

How did I not thought about this before! Thank you !

>> No.10846313

Good, they are hard so I recommend buying a half size up to allow for good insoles.

>> No.10846314

Even though I'm 150cm, most waists on OPs and JSKs still hit me at the bottom of my ribcage, if not underboob. I got DDs though which also does not help. Moving down strap buttons sometimes makes the dress longer than I like though, creating a whole different fit problem.

>> No.10846481

What times are the ClosetChild drops? Are they random?

>> No.10846517

When does wunderwelt update? Is it random or specific times?

>> No.10846545

Just sign up for their newsletters and they email you everytime

>> No.10846592

How does Chinese Lolita Updates know about new releases before they've even been put on the taobao stores?

>> No.10846593

maybe the brands announce them beforehand on weibo or wechat

>> No.10846607

Generally the big ones are 7pm JST

>> No.10846782

How do I use 4chan thread filters so that all the cosplay threads are hidden but not the friend finder? It has "cosplay" in the description so it gets hidden too. Sorry I´m too stupid to figure that out.

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File: 390 KB, 500x600, ita magnet dress, but imagine it&#039;s like 20cm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Would it be legal to recreate brand name clothes in doll sizes and sell them, as long as the brand's name and logo aren't used anywhere on the item or in the sale listing?

>> No.10846855

I've made some before, but just for myself and I based my design on a 2002 release that the brand can't monetize anyway. I feel like your case is more of a gray area, since brands do release collabs with doll companies, and if it's a frequently rereleased/newer piece, the likelihood of you stepping on their toes is much higher. You'd probably need to consult an actual lawyer if you want to start a business selling doll-sized replicas.

>> No.10846898

It's art theft if you're using a print, but you could probably get away with design replicas.

>> No.10846903

Along the same vein, I've been thinking about making replicas for my dolls, but just for me. I'm not planning on selling them. I'd like to twin with my dolls. I'm interested in making a print replica. I know even if I'm not planning on selling it that it's still illegal. I wonder how the community would view it. It's still art theft even though it's for personal use.

>> No.10847099

Has anyone heard of the brand Chamber of Pastel? I'm wondering if the quality of their tartan heart apron skirt is good.

>> No.10847169

I'm looking for good socks on taobao that are NOT roji roji. Do you have any reccomendations?

>> No.10847231

I see them on IG against my will all the time and most of their items look like cheap regrEtsy tier quilting cotton. Save your money nonna.

>> No.10847277

if it's just for you, then buy a tote bag, headbow, or a damaged dress in that print and use that

>> No.10847297

You... can't do that. Brand prints are scaled for human clothes, the design won't even be visible on a doll dress, even a large BJD.

>> No.10847346

ah, I was thinking of how the kumya outfits are made of the actual fabric, so they're not exact replicas of the full-size dress, just matching. won't you lose all the detail anyway by scaling it down that much

>> No.10847367

Help a newfag not getting scammed please, could you tell me what are the good stores I should check out?
Looking for something not too frilly and with a light green palette

>> No.10847404
File: 209 KB, 1000x1000, 22_000000003045.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Emily Temple Cute?

>> No.10847419

How do I get stains out of the old type of AP socks? I bought a set of the 2011 Honey Cake socks and she didn't tell me they're stained as fuck, I don't wanna damage them.

>> No.10847470

Has anyone washed their usakumya rucksack and avoided rusting/ rust stains on the hand magnets?

I’m retarded and I’m too scared to fully submerge my kumya in water for fear of rusting.
I’ve done my share of spot cleans but its just too raggedy to not fully clean.

>> No.10847478

Blowdry the hands and the fur around the metal on the back with a hairdryer

>> No.10847502

Does anyone know where to contact the owner of lolitahistory? I have some scans I'd like to submit and noticed a few broken images/links I want to point out

>> No.10847529

rust doesn't form in a few hours. just wash and dry it normally. i swear some of you have no brains.

>> No.10847536

She is a mod in the lolibrary discord: https://discord.gg/2Gpgqdc

>> No.10847686

>complains about stupid questions in the stupid questions thread

>> No.10847687

So many secondhand Usakumyas have rusted paws though...

>> No.10847700

I sold a dress recently, about a week ago, and the buyer has only told me today(the day it was delivered) that the address was incorrect, and is being uncooperative while I'm trying to help them get the dress. She won't go to the 'incorrect' address(was her verified paypal address which is about 15 min from her 'correct' address), will not call usps, won't contact her post office, and will not do anything to either report the issue or reach out to anyone.

Am I just retarded? Should I file the usps claim on my own to get my dress back? I have no clue what to do at this point...

>> No.10847705

Did they not message you details after buying (paypal for invoice, name and address)? USPS doesn't show the exact address it's heading to on tracking information until it gets there, so I could see why they didn't say anything until it was delivered. I'm guessing they recently moved and haven't had the chance to update their paypal information, but if that's the case I can't see why they wouldn't warn you prior and provide the correct address.

>> No.10847706

They only told me today, I'm gonna call their post office tomorrow and hopefully can see if they can send someone to that address in hopes of doing a return to sender. She said it was removed from her account but it was the only address I got before shipping. It should have appeared on the invoice that I sent her. I wish she would have warned me sooner because I could have gotten it intercepted.

>> No.10847707

That's not on you then, honestly. I don't see why she doesn't just go there herself given it's only 15 mins away and it was her own mistake. Props to you for still trying to help though

>> No.10847720

try to get it back. it sounds like she's being scammy rather than lazy. i accidentally did this once and traveled 45 minutes to go to my old apartment and get it.

>> No.10847729

Thanks! Time to get on discord, I guess

>> No.10847747

Thank you but I'm not a fan of prints

>> No.10847749
File: 47 KB, 480x640, 0B8A2D20-8258-47AB-ABB0-EB903D0DC569.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Baby releases mint/green solids every now and then

>> No.10847751

This fucking bitch. she has the dress and is now trying to do a chargeback… if I report her account would it at least get her banned

>> No.10847781

Isn't it Raine Dragon?

>> No.10847797
File: 244 KB, 736x919, 1331c2f94b356ad5b8ac4599259d5630.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What is this haircut called? I thought it was called a wolfcut but zoomers apply that to literally every hairstyle that's longer in the back and layered

>> No.10847801

where can i find cute bonnet/half bonnet for sweet ott coords ?

>> No.10847804

Think this is more of a jellyfish cut

>> No.10847822

I was planning on printing the fabric myself. Depending on the type of printer you can print on cotton. I suppose some details would be lost, but I want to make 1/3 dresses so I think a good amount of detail would remain.

>> No.10847884

Would a classic dress from IW look weird with RHS?

>> No.10847885

They aren’t the same fabric, they started taking small parts of the print or making new drawings and arranging them differently for the mini Kumya dresses.

>> No.10847888
File: 73 KB, 480x640, 1v9dyfiAKO7cm9NpexFw3WUidMBoUxreS0cQ1Blo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nvm I'm a dumbass. Some of the cuts don't use the parts of the print that are on kumya jsks so I got confused. Ironic considering I own the skirt and the kumya jsk. Pic related.

To be honest, BABY is smart to add the smaller parts of the print that scale well for kumyas. You can charge 1/4 of an actual dress for 1/10 of the fabric and labor.

>> No.10847914

Pics of the dress?

>> No.10847923

Oh yeah that's the kind of stuff I'm looking for, thank you

>> No.10847924

Thoughts on dearmylove? Yes I know it's not lolita but I like some of the stuff anyway, I don't know if the quality is good or not that's why I'm asking. Otherwise I'm open for store suggestions with a similar vibe.

>> No.10847930
File: 16 KB, 345x437, qUZAcmhBR9hnRVEpLdXry33Z01l7wXiT2IJRLxtH.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It would be IW's Square Neck OP

>> No.10847931

NTA but I say do it anon, would look cute

>> No.10847934
File: 1.02 MB, 1170x1163, 23D89671-550A-44DF-9537-FE46586FFAB8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Physical drop maybe

>> No.10847935

Idk but you should definitely do it. Hope she doesn’t get through with the charge back. So shitty of her. Maybe you can take legal action against her

>> No.10847948

Yeah, I've reported it to usps and backed up my side of the PayPal dispute with proof of shipment, like the package label and two separate proofs it was delivered. That way even if I lose the PayPal dispute there is a chance that the USPS will pay me back the cost of the dress, but I have my doubts.

>> No.10847959

I think it would be fine with RHS, assuming they're matte white or a matte matching pink. If the RHS material is shiny, it would clash with the dress imo.

>> No.10847999

Why is it that the Closet Child coupons never work for me? I'm logged into the correct account but always get the error "入力されたクーポンコードに誤りがあります。"

>> No.10848002

Thank you for the input, gulls. My RHS are thankfully the matte white kind. Unfortunately, this OP's shade of pink is kind of hard to match (especially with the rest of my wardrobe), which is why I was hoping it wouldn't look weird to coord it with white accents and white RHS.

>> No.10848196 [DELETED] 

where are some good places to buy lace trim? I'm looking for high quality gothic tulle lace and/or high quality embroidered cotton lace. Price isnt important but I'd ideally like to find somewhere that can get it to me by the end of the month. I know its a stretch but I'd really like to find something burando quality

>> No.10848198

Does anyone know where to get high quality lace? I'm looking for gothic tulle lace and/or embroidered cotton lace. I know there are a bunch of lace sellers on etsy and ali but I'm not sure if any of them are good. Ideally I'd like to find a place that could get my order to me by the end of the month. I have no idea if its viable but I'd really like something brand quality. I'm fine with spending a decent amount on it

>> No.10848207

I've heard good things about laces.taobao.com.

>> No.10848263

Do ClosetChild stores in Japan require an appointment to visit them currently?
I noticed the Harajuku store recently has extremely limited hours, but that's about it.

Anon, I think the coupons are only for trading clothes in, not purchases. I'm assuming you're overseas and wouldn't be submitting clothes for them to evaluate? If CC has regular coupons for customers to buy from the site, I've wasted so much money throughout the years.

>> No.10848501

for some reason I can't access taobao through my computer and all attempts to make an account have failed, maybe if I can find some stock pics of theirs I can try to figure if anyone is reselling their stuff at least

>> No.10848514

I can no longer access my Wunderwelt wishlist, are any anons having the same problem? It's been going on for a few days now. I've never encountered this issue before, so I don't know if this will be resolved soon or if I should email them about it.

>> No.10848538

I had the same problem but found it doesn't happen when you set language to Japanese

>> No.10848669

You're right, that seems to fix it. Thank you for the help, nonnie!

>> No.10848681

I've been getting my lace from this ebay store lately. https://www.ebay.com/str/laceking2013 Most of the listings are for 14 yards, but there are some for smaller amounts. I've been happy with the quality. It seems like the items ship from different places depending on which laces you order, like some of them are manufactured in Korea so they ship from there while others ship from Great Britain. I think my last order arrived within two weeks. They have a lot of really cute laces at good prices, and they always list the fiber content.

>> No.10848699

NTA, but this store is a nice find for eyelet lace. Thanks, anon.

>> No.10848724
File: 708 KB, 1125x1124, C97851E6-A3C8-4AE7-B772-37D5F86B0C54.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any recs for nicer dresses similair in style? Tyty :3

>> No.10848754

Are the brand replicas on taobao worth it?

>> No.10848793

sure if you want to be ostracized by everyone

>> No.10848844

can a kind lolita point me to various high quality tartan prints? I've seen some, and I remember liking some but I have trouble thinking I ever liked it with that massive heraldic-like thing at the bottom.
>t. non lolita but love the fashion and have for some time now

>> No.10848845

original anon here, this was a really good rec. I also managed to access the first recommended place and realized that I'd heard of them before I just didnt know their url. thank you both

>> No.10848847

Baby The Stars Shine Bright frequently rereleases their tartan dresses, and other brands release tartan dresses with no print on them periodically, but it's more of a fall/winter thing and we're heading into spring/summer. HEIHEI is known for doing tartan stuff, but that isn't necessarily "lolita".

You could find some secondhand on lacemarket but you'd need to make an account and be verified.

>> No.10848955

What does everyone think the next big lolita trends will be? I predict old school is going to come back in a big way, but sweet old school. Not necessarily the black and gobelin, but more pink and white and basics.

>> No.10848959

That trend already happened 3 years ago right before COVID

>> No.10848960
File: 395 KB, 1024x1000, MTXX_MH20230410_213757635.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A Moitie revival and a shift to more muted colors and long lengths~

>> No.10848963

>Moitie revival
not at this rate

>> No.10849156

How are you pretending to predict anything when this has been going on for a few years already?

>> No.10849157

It's not that big of a trend, i mean like the next sweet boom level trend. What are your predictions?

>> No.10849162

those are really good, thanks anon

>> No.10849164 [DELETED] 

Is it at all acceptable to message someone who owns your dream dress and ask if they'd ever consider parting with it? I don't want to be rude, but if possible would like to exhaust all possible options when it comes to obtaining my DD

>> No.10849166

Is it at all acceptable to message someone who owns your dream dress and ask if they'd ever consider parting with it? I don't want to be rude, but if possible would like to exhaust all options when it comes to obtaining my DD. It's one of those "only 5 were ever produced and all of 2 people own it" dresses

>> No.10849171

???? dont do that lmao

>> No.10849172


>> No.10849176

Absolutely not

>> No.10849183

>would like to exhaust all options
You're confusing someone simply owning your DD as a "buying option."
I've had people message me multiple times like this and it's incredibly annoying. They get an instant block from me. Asking someone to sell you something "because it's your DD and it's super rare" is an insult. What if it's also that person's DD that they spent years trying to find too? Just leave people alone.

>> No.10849299

What dress is it?

>> No.10849300

Then they can just simply say no why do you bitches take everything so personally.

>> No.10849303

why do the LM mods take so long to reply? I tried reporting a scammer and they haven't replied, it's been 4 days and they left me on read

>> No.10849306

nayrt, but I'd say it was that about that big. And since it happened so recently, there's no reason it would come again so soon.

>> No.10849307

If you're offering like 10k, sure. For a super rare dress with only 5 ever made AND it being unsolicited, you better put up big or don't even bother

>> No.10849308

It’s pretty rude unless you’re offerring $5k or some other ridiculous amount of money that’s proportional to the rarity of the dress, or have one of their DDs to trade. Even then some people would get offended.

If you can’t handle a negative response then don’t ask. Why are you such a clueless bitch?

They’re unpaid so they don’t have much incentive to care.

>> No.10849309

That anon wasn't me... I'm the OP and I simply asked a question because I didn't want to break any unspoken rules

>> No.10849310

Get over yourself, imagine looking this hard for something to be offended over kek. It's a slight faux pas not someone holding you at gunpoint forcing you to give up your dress.

>> No.10849311

when has any egl main piece, even among the rarest and most desirable ones, sold for 10 or even 5k? you must be delusional.
I personally bought several rare pieces by just asking politely. nobody's demanding you sell them anything, stay mad.

>> No.10849313

Rare =/= only a few ever made. OOP's dress is on a whole different level of rarity and should offer something outrageous if she really wants the dress. There are sellers who wouldn't be offended at an unsolicited offer even if it's above market price, there are sellers who would be. But if she wants to not fumble the sale and can afford it, she shouldn't risk it and just offer very high.

>> No.10849316

Why don’t you stop calling people bitches if you don’t want to be called a bitch back? Get over yourself.

>money that’s proportional to the rarity of the dress
Hope that helps. For a dress with only 5 in existence, I’d say that’s proportional. That aside, the Kira Kira OP set sold for 7k a year or two ago. I don’t think it’s even that rare in terms of numbers- there’s definitely more than 5 of them. And the Kuragehime collab dress sold for $5-10k several times, but it’s since been rereleased.

>> No.10849317

Still wanna know what the damn dress is

>> No.10849448

Is it in bad taste to request a personal SS use a coupon for an item? There's a 10% off coupon I haven't used for a shop but I don't want to be rude.

>> No.10849452

not at all. my ss has even offered me coupons before.

>> No.10849455

Personally I don't like people messaging me out of the blue and that's partially why I wish LM would let me obscure my purchase history so these messages stop. I'm sure some people don't mind so there's no harm in trying, as long as you don't get mad if I choose not to reply (because the answer is no).

Now that I think about it, is it against TOS to make separate accounts for buying and selling?

>> No.10849516

I have a really autistic question here
I ordered a dress from metamorphose and I currently don't have any room for it in my closet so I have yet to take it out of the packaging. Will the black hanger they package it in somehow stain the dress? It's been touching it since shipping and it's fine now but will leaving it in the packaging make it stain later? This probably sounds retarded but I'm just worried idk

>> No.10849529

It won't stain. it's just a cheap plastic hanger.

>> No.10849540

Are Moitie bat bags in leather made out of good quality leather or is it just ok tier ?

>> No.10849579

I have one and it hasn't sustained any damage but it does feel like low quality bonded leather. If I hadn't bought it first hand I wouldn't really trust it was leather...

>> No.10849670

I'm doing some research on the Japanese online Lolita community, because I want to understand how different the culture might be compared to western/english-speaking online communities. Do anons have any resources that might help (translated forums/academic studies/studies or retrospectives done by jp lolitas)?

>> No.10849721

What's a good setup for taking my own coord pictures? I don't have any friends to take photos of me... Should I bite the bullet and get a tripod for my phone?

>> No.10849731

You should watch the Chatelier Pierrot streams on the English AtePie IG. Connie talks a little bit about Japanese lolita culture and could probably take a few questions through DM.

>> No.10849738

i just set a timer on my phone and put it on a shelf

>> No.10849739

I disagree that a high offer makes asking okay. It comes off as "give me what I want because I have money."
I've experienced Chinese lolitas cold-messaging me and asking to by my dresses for high prices. It grossed me out because it felt like they assumed they could have whatever they wanted by just throwing money at it. For me, having the dress is much more important than having the money, because getting the dress again would be a hellscape. I think asking anyone to sell their possessions when they haven't listed it for sale themselves should remain taboo in the community.

>> No.10849740

the way you be polite about these things is all in how you approach the topic. Ex. you see them in a shitty replica:
>oh is that an xyz replica? hey if you like this style you should get the real thing, the quality is totally worth it and you would look amazing in it!
then proceed to tell them where they can actually get the real thing. This way you are:
>calling out the replica trash
>complimenting them to make them feel better
>and educating them on how to get better shit.

>> No.10849744

I disagree with all the 'don't ask' peeps completely. Of course it's rude and tacky to ask, but it's pretty common in most hobbies for collectors to ask anyway. If you never ask, you'll likely never get the item you want. Sometimes you have to take the chance and be assertive about what you want even if the answer will almost certainly be no.

For you having the dress is more important RIGHT NOW but that could change at any point in the future. For plenty of other people they'd rather have 10k in their pocket than an old dress in their closet, even if it was their ultimate dream dress.

>> No.10849766

Thank you, anon, I'll do that! I've just taken a peek at a few of them to see the topics, and it looks like I might get some good info.

>> No.10849768

I think the people who are saying "ask if you want but be prepared that the answer is very likely a no" are being fair enough. It makes sense to prepare them for reality and acknowledge you can't expect them to say yes just because you asked. Some people will see it as a hard no, no matter how much money you throw at them.

>> No.10849769

Someone having a collection isnt an invitation for you to ask them to sell stuff to you. If they are talking about sell stuff, sure, but otherwise you are being annoying.

People who ask me this stuff get put on my selling blacklist.

>> No.10849803

Are there any other companies that make old school style ringlet wigs like Maple Wigs? I have no idea how to buy from Maple but I gather I can't buy direct.

>> No.10849828

if you have long hair and ever tie it in pigtails or a braid or anything like that, you can use a comb ribbon to make a plain hair tie look cuter. they can also be just placed wherever if your hair is up in a bun or similar style. tldr: up-dos

>> No.10849831

I sold a dress to someone who messaged me about it, at that time I didn't think it was rude and I was actually happy that the dress went to someone who loves it so much. I didn't know so many people find it rude. I sold it for the same amount that I paid, since I'm not in it for the profit and I don't want prices to go up in general. I asked if she'd send me coord pictures and she never did. Tbh I kind of understand that too since it's a dress that doesn't photograph well.

>> No.10849885

Does anyone have any tips for reviving a pathetically droopy waist bow so that it stands up again? I've tried steaming it into place, but it hasn't helped (I'm currently not in possession of an iron so if any anons have alternative suggestions to that it would be greatly appreciated)

>> No.10849896

Spray starch and pin it in place while it dries?

>> No.10849897

just sew it in place

>> No.10850006

warning you against the Dream Holic one, it tangles super easily and can't be fixed or styled with heat tools. One of the ringlets got jacked up and the only way to fix it was with a hairdryer and a sharpie as nothing else would curl it.

>> No.10850110

I have one and I think its pretty good, I don't have any high end designer bags but I think its on par or slightly nicer than the dr martin satchel I use most of the time. I did get mine secondhand and I think its a very early release so the quality could be different than other anons bag

>> No.10850126

if you have heat tools with temperature control that starts below 100C you can use them on DH wigs. But like you I was so disappointed with the DH fibers (which tangle too easily, get kinked up too easily, frizz, arrived with fried looking ends) that I would advise against buying any unless you can get them for 15$ or less.

>> No.10850127

I mean you could just use a shopping service, there are a million and one videos explaining how to use one of you don’t know how. I don’t think that there are any wig companies that would sell a comparable priced quality pre-styled wig with this exact style. The other option is to buy a wig that can withstand heat styling and just use a curling iron on low. There are also literally thousands of videos from cosplayers and shit on how to style wigs.

>> No.10850130

If I use it on low it just doesn't do anything at all or makes it fall limp. I'm so mad I wasted my money on that thing.

>> No.10850296

Does anyone have any recommendations for specifically lolita alterations? I ordered a skirt in a custom length from Antique Beast and the measurements were completely fucked. I know there's Thistledown Emporium but her waitlist she posted a second ago filled up in literal seconds.

>> No.10850340

Find a local tailor with good reviews that has experience working with formal dresses.I wouldn't trust Thistledown Emporium with my brand. Her sewing looks really sloppy based on the pictures she has on her Facebook page.

>> No.10850343

>more important RIGHT NOW but that could change at any point in the future
It's almost like people would make a listing to sell a dress if they wanted to get rid of it, so there wouldn't even be a reason to ask!

>> No.10850344

why didn't you just give her the right measurements to begin with?

>> No.10850389

I asked for a skirt to be 50 cm total and it came to me 63 cm in length.

>> No.10850396

you sure you're not just retarded?

>> No.10850553

Do you guys think Baby will ever make a MTO or rerelease of the hawase doll in black x black or should I just give in to scalpers?

>> No.10850621

…you mean, the colorway released three months ago? you should have arranged an order with a SS, but seeing as it was on lottery reservation and a completely new colorway, you’re likely paying for demand, not getting scalped.

>> No.10850644
File: 256 KB, 2048x1540, bf49bbedbb64df264fc44948b71352408c0aee0dr1-2048-1540v2_uhq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone have the inside measurements for Moitie's coffin ring box? For whatever reason none of mine came with one. I'm curious if one of my mini-dolls or acrylic stands can fit inside.

>> No.10850786
File: 87 KB, 600x720, NGjeN0dKI3vjJCPqpSmlHFN8X5Fqomlg4Lkn61Gp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did AP USA already release Lyrical Bunny Parlor?

>> No.10850808

It only comes with certain pieces so you probably didnt buy the ones that do. In any case the chance anything like that could go in is slim, its not big enough to really put a doll in. the bottom part is only an inch so it would need to have tiny legs. and its only 4 inches high

>> No.10850809

How much of that depends on phrasing? NTA, but I've asked people to keep me in mind if they ever decide to sell certain pieces and now I'm worried I pissed them off.

>> No.10850819

Not yet. Maybe this week.

>> No.10850874

Thanks anon, I had a feeling it'd be too small for a plush. Though now it seems unlikely it'd fit my acrylic stand either if the bottom is only 1inch.

>> No.10850891

Do you remove the spare buttons from the tags inside your pieces or do you keep them on there? I've removed a few for fear of losing them while I'm actually wearing the dress, but now I feel like I've made a mistake and will misplace them anyway

>> No.10850892

This would be the perfect storage case for that miniature Koitsukihime BJD

>> No.10850893

It makes sense to remove them from the tag since they're not secured very well and they can feel annoying.
I would remove the button, put it in a small zip lock bag and put a little piece of paper in it that has the name of the dress and the brand on it. Little baggy goes into a box where other buttons reside. Bonus points if it's the butter cookie container.

>> No.10850899

If your worried about losing them maybe you could sew them more securely to the inside of the skirt lining, where they're out of the way but still attached to the dress?

>> No.10850906

The black x black jsk is releasing today if you'd be fine with that

AP USA is always 2-4 weeks behind. Candy Petit Heart is tomorrow, so LBP won't be for another 2-3 weeks.

>> No.10851274

Is dropshipping even allowed on LM? I keep seeing people offering it.

>> No.10851276
File: 103 KB, 1080x301, Lm rule number 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Very much not allowed, since dropshipping would mean the item isn't in their possession. If you see it, feel free to report it. Secondhand sales have gotten so junky the past few years. Makes me sad.

>> No.10851280
File: 49 KB, 293x599, classicalcountry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what southern us comm is less of a cesspool? im just getting into the social aspect of lolita but theres no comm in my state, i find the stuff i hear about the texan comm to be extremely offputting so im wondering if the other southern comms are any better.

>> No.10851282

Yeah I know of at least two accounts that are dropshipping. They just show default pics and refused to answer when I asked them if they had pics of it and if they would it ship from the us.

>> No.10851285

report each listing, and in the comment mention that the account has done this multiple times

>> No.10851288

What is the best way to clean head bows with metal wires on the band? A dumb ass seller told me they washed an AP head bow I just bought from them and naturally the metal rusted. I would like to clean it without causing further damage.

I also have other head wear from AP that are stained but not washed yet out of fear they will rust. Any advice would be helpful.

>> No.10851296

I'm not from Texas but have met them at cons, and most of them are perfectly normal. Even the ones I've read about being crazy online were still nice and polite to me when I met them. Every comm has a handful of retards, especially in an alt fashion like lolita which inevitably attracts genderspecials, weebs, and attention seekers. But people usually get to know the normal people in their comms and hang out with them privately anyway. I wouldn't be too worried about it until you judge them for yourself.

>> No.10851299

Stop wking the crazy Texas chans. They were polite to you the one time you met them? How cute. If they were jealous of you or you tried speaking out against the psychotic shit they’ve done, they wouldn’t be so ‘nice’

>> No.10851300

lol calm down

>> No.10851301

Don’t you have people to bully in your discord? Shoo shoo.

>> No.10851317

Ayrt. I brought them up because OP says she's near them. You're are exactly the type of terminally online person I'm referring to kek. Real life is nuanced and an entire comm does not consist of evil bitches.

>> No.10851318

Also, literally every comm has SJWs that will freak out and label you a transphobe or racist if you disagree with them. My local comm has already done that to people. You can't escape crazy bitches in any lolita comm, so the best you can do is to avoid befriending the lunatics and try hanging out with the normal ones

>> No.10851351

>the stuff i hear about the texan comm
Not to wk but your first problem is that you think there's only one comm in Texas. There are at least 5 different big ones and probably more micro-comms that don't do big events as well, and not everyone in the bigger ones even talks to everyone else because there's just too many people.
Just go meet people and make friends with the ones you get along with. If you don't get along with anyone then don't hang out with them. You don't need a big group of near strangers to enjoy the fashion or even lolita-adjacent activities.

>> No.10851352

This so much. The nonna freaking out about your posts is clearly either someone who is a lolita at heart keyboard warrior hellbent on obsessing over old milk and drama, or was personally slighted by someone in the minority of psychotic TX-litas and can't stop posting about it while the major victims have moved on.

>> No.10851366

see >>10851280 this is exactly the kind of person you actually need to avoid. not everything posted on the internet is true, and crazy people like this are the kinds of people you need to steer clear from

>> No.10851384

I deconstruct them to take the wire out then put it back in after washing. You can also change the wire out for new ones

>> No.10851390

there's also plastic wire available for this exact kind of thing according to the japanese sewing mooks. You might be able to get it outside of japan, no clue what it's called though.

>> No.10851425

metal doesn't rust spontaneously. why the fuck is this meme still around?

>> No.10851436

nayrt, it's probably still around because people are washing things with metal in it and they say it rusts.
Some people claim it won't rust if you dry it quickly. I have experience with this so hopefully someone else who does can chime in.

>> No.10851437

* I have no experience with this

>> No.10851455

i've never had issues with metal rusting so i have no idea why it's such a prominent fear. there's so many claims about it rusting and staining the bows from the inside somehow? i just can't believe it.

>> No.10851460

Does anyone know what if I can still order from maidenclothing? How come they were still active on twitter after they said they’d stop accepting orders in 2021? What happened?

>> No.10851466

I've washed many AP headbows of varying ages, and only one of them ever rust (probably because I was attempting to use diluted bleach, it was kind of dumb diy).
I somehow cleaned all of the rust off with Bar Keepers Friend (the powdered kind). I scrubbed it in with a wet toothbrush. It had just rusted though, so I'm not sure if it will remove old rust stains.
In general, I wash headbows by putting them in a bra lingerie bag on a delicates cycle with other small items. Afterwards, sometimes I use a hairdryer to dry the ends and middle of the headband to give it a headstart. Then I shape the bow so it will look nice when it air-dries.

>> No.10851499

Yukine's box
Sheep Puff
Red Maria

>> No.10851501
File: 61 KB, 368x500, NEOBK-2272788.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hi all, I completely forgot the name for the fashion style based off the school uniforms? I think it was Jap named and they use both western and Jap style uniforms. I wanted to look for inspo and I can only find fucking seifuku or very lolita results. Thanks!

>> No.10851509

nanchatte? theres a thread somewhere that u can search urself

>> No.10851510

do you have the link for yukine's box taobao ? can't find it via google

>> No.10851512

I think that's close to it, so I can probably find it through there! thank you so much anon.

>> No.10851517

I want to buy an item that won't sell to proxies. Does anyone know of a proxy service that can slip under the radar and buy it for me?

>> No.10851534

From where

>> No.10851539


>> No.10851552
File: 62 KB, 308x402, Hannah-Miles-Figure-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>jap jap jap

>> No.10851581

Yahoo Japan Auctions

>> No.10851590

Personal SS accounts are just as obvious as the big companies. If their feedback is too high the seller will ban them.

>> No.10851591

Depends on the seller, I've made it through with a personal SS a couple times. I agree it's not fool proof but it can't hurt to try.

>> No.10851630

Which one did you use?

>> No.10851985
File: 42 KB, 600x720, PrincessINLMTO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Have anons gotten their princess in love sets yet?

>> No.10852090

just wash it gently retard

>> No.10852091

all of these brand release dresses at different lengths. It's clear that you've only owned a few dresses, so maybe think twice before answering questions.

>> No.10852092

long waist cuts do.

>> No.10852104

>if I report her account would it at least get her banned
yes, there's been scammers like her before

>> No.10852105

no, we can ALWAYS tell

>> No.10852121

Work on your reading comprehension. I said "CAN end a little too high above the knee" not "all dresses will be too short if you're 164cm tall".
I also said "DEPENDING on the dress" as some are longer than others. Also "btssb SOMETIMES being a bit longer". I'm fully aware that all brands release dresses of different lengths, that is evident from the way I phrased things.

that depends on your torso length.

>> No.10852142

because lolitas are retarded.

>> No.10852145

>I personally bought several rare pieces by just asking politely
same. I think you can go pretty far by being polite. If you say, "hey, no idea if you're even interested in selling x, but if you're ever considering it, I would be willing to pay x. Sorry to bother you, have a nice day!." If that offends you, you wanted to be offended.

My theory is that the other anons ITT are upset when they don't get a chance at rare items due to a sense of entitlement. They're mad that you would be circumventing them to get whatever it is.

>> No.10852155

>trying to argue with a month old, innocuous post made by someone speaking from personal experience
?? anon, get a grip

>> No.10852156

This 10000%. That's why they always request or demand that someone sell anything remotely rare or desirable as auction only with no BIN in DD and WTB threads.

>> No.10852208

Does anyone else not have the option to ship with EMS anymore on Wunderwelt?

>> No.10853050

if I go to a burando store while in japan will they let me in if I'm dressed very plainly (not in lolita, just in jeans/tshirt)? I'd be going there to actually buy stuff and not just gawk if that makes a difference.

>> No.10853051

Yes. I got mine at the beginning of March. They was the Japanese MTO though. I'm not sure when the US was estimated to be delivered.

>> No.10853052

Just checked - I'm in the USA and my only option is DHL. Is EMS maybe affected by Golden Week?

>> No.10854160

Anyone have experience buying from IW with Tenso? They ask that you change your Paypal address to the one you inputted, but Paypal is region-locked so I can't add a Japanese shipping address. Do I just put the Japanese address into the address field jankily and apologize profusely?

>> No.10854425

Is there any good examples of coords that use 4 or more colours? or any advice on how to balance it all out? Bonus points if non sweet please