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how much of cosplay is just "I want to show off how hot I am but don't want to be called a slut"?

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how much of manga/anime is just "I want to make characters I get off to but don't want to be called a coomer"?

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>ugly cosplayer
>"ewww gross fat uggo butterface cringe kill yourself"
>hot cosplayer
>"she just wants to show off how hot she is but doesn't want to be called a slut"

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Who are you quoting?

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How much of that is just being a woman in general?

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A decade ago that was like 20% but nowadays it's 80% of it.

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pic related (it's also who you responded to)

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im a man. im just tired of idiots that are angry at hot women for existing and discourage them from posting cosplay

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But Oda openly admitted he was making female characters as fap fodder for middle schoolers.

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Yeah that’s the point. Why call the cosplayers sluts when they aren’t the ones who came up with the designs?

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>haha im not a slut theyre slut characters made by coomer toxic men
kys. There's a huge difference between a fantasy character made in a fictional story and e-thots using up a character to lazily whore themselves out harder than a junkie prostitute in an alleyway.
Go shill your OF somewhere else

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I can tell you’ve never made a cosplay in your life

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>get a random wig from AliExpress
>put on some whore heels and a generic sex shop outfit
>smartphone photo
>coomer profit

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whats wrong with wanting to look sexy
especially if you dont usually dress that way

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If you do that you'll look like absolute shit. There's a ton of work that goes into it to get a decent result, even if all the parts are premade. For starter, wigs don't style themselves.

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incels just want any excuse to shit on women. most male anime fans are happy that the community has so much gravure shit in it now.

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The point of looking sexy is to get sex (from me). I genuinely don't understand why you women have such a problem with this concept.

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Nobody cares, you dumb fucking retard. For a woman to be attractive she just needs to be younger than 30, skinny, and use a bit of makeup. That's like 99% of cosplayers regardless of how good their cosplays are. And once a woman has this, most men would gladly date her. Men simply don't have that advantage if they don't have naturally handsome facial features.

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True but if you're a man you're not 100% limited to genetics to have "handsome facial features".

Practice mewing, chew mastic gum, cut sodium intake the bare minimum and generally get in shape/lose weight in general and you too will eventually have a chiseled face and not have to whine about it on 4chan my friend epic win

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How long does mewing take to get a decent face?

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It's a pseudoscience with absolutely no studies beyond one quack saying "trust me". Disregard these idiots.

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t. triple chin neckbeard

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cope. no amount of trying to shape your face with your tongue will make you attractive. Get jaw surgery or try other things, but mewing is snake oil for desperate retards

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Who is the cosplayer?

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>Cut sodium intake
What does this do?

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Hot women are nowhere near as pretty as they think they are. It's good to take them down a peg.

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makes you lose water weight

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No one listens to retarded haters. You want to make a hot girl feel disgusting and bad for years? Offer her money for sex in a public place. If the hold gets angry just play dum and say she looks and acts like every hooker you fucked, so sorry honest mistake.

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enjoy being laughed at because a hot woman and her friends now think you need to pay for sex.

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>No one listens to retarded haters.
Yeah fag, disregard all the failed self-shill thread attempts during the past few years.

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If the costume and demeanor are accurate, then its not a problem. Its weird when they do sexy versions, or they act out of character when posing/etc.

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>"oh why are men such coomers?"
*walks around with cloth that grips her ass and puss as much as possible*
funny how that works ngl

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to be fair, most /cgl/ers are obese lolitas that cover themselves from head to toe in frills

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>ways to get banned from a con

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And yet somehow you don’t see lesbians presenting moid/coomer behaviors

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>woman cant be coomers
Have you ever met a woman?

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these mental gymnastics are beyond pathetic

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All of it

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What I heard about lesbians, they do
Especially butch lesbians

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Yeah you look up actual dykey looking cosplayers and the comments are full of fimps (female simps)

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it's just femcels thinking only evil men can enjoy that kind of stuff.

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>And yet somehow you don’t see lesbians presenting moid/coomer behaviors

Have you been sealed in some remote basement since like the '60s?

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they don't have to be lesbians, ask your grandma about her classmates wetting their panties thinking about male rockstars or cinema actors.

To say straight females can't be simps and behave like coomers is like to pretend they also don't fart and don't defecate.

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too true. Look at any female cosplayer. Half the comments are clout chasing/promoting themselves (make them visible! you ever notice how the high follower count cosplayers always get pinned?) and the other half is creep femoids posting creepshit comments but can never be viewed as creepy cause they are a girl ;)

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creepy females? are you insane?

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Two staged PR photos from 50 years ago isn’t proving your point

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i can tell your a child cause I dont think you realized how insane beatle mania was that it was meme'd in popular culture up until the 2010's when wokeism writing took over.

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How about masses wetting their pants at concerts of the Rolling Stones? All fake and staged too?

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It's all fake and CGI!!!!!!11111111

Just look at this totally fake video from Elvis Presley concert. It was rendered by IBM on their most powerful mainframe!

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you're not just a delusional dyke but a zoomer too, I see.

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don't even have to go back that far. just look at crazy kpop stans writing smut about real people on twitter.

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Ah yes because a huge crowd of women could not possibly get by five widely spaced police officers

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The point was not even about policemen

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we get it, you're mad that you've been repeatedly rejected for being fugly.

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Both ideas can exist at the same time moron.

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>Why call the cosplayers sluts when they aren’t the ones who came up with the designs?
Because they choose who to cosplay as.

There's a reason you don't see many people cosplaying plain or petanko characters, they all go after the characters that let them show as much skin as possible. And if it's not part of the character, they'll sex it up somehow. I've seen plenty of 'sexy Velma' costumes. (Yes Velma, from Scooby Doo.)

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>sexy velma
dont they realize she's like 14? why are they sexualizing her?

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How many times are these retarded topics going to be recycled
It’s like cgl is caught in a bait thread loop

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Maybe something skintight but not leaving boob windows or tastefully covers some parts. It’s possible

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based BRAPwoman