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how much of cosplay is just "I want to show off how hot I am but don't want to be called a slut"?

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how much of manga/anime is just "I want to make characters I get off to but don't want to be called a coomer"?

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>ugly cosplayer
>"ewww gross fat uggo butterface cringe kill yourself"
>hot cosplayer
>"she just wants to show off how hot she is but doesn't want to be called a slut"

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Who are you quoting?

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How much of that is just being a woman in general?

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A decade ago that was like 20% but nowadays it's 80% of it.

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pic related (it's also who you responded to)

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im a man. im just tired of idiots that are angry at hot women for existing and discourage them from posting cosplay

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But Oda openly admitted he was making female characters as fap fodder for middle schoolers.

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Yeah that’s the point. Why call the cosplayers sluts when they aren’t the ones who came up with the designs?

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>haha im not a slut theyre slut characters made by coomer toxic men
kys. There's a huge difference between a fantasy character made in a fictional story and e-thots using up a character to lazily whore themselves out harder than a junkie prostitute in an alleyway.
Go shill your OF somewhere else

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I can tell you’ve never made a cosplay in your life

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>get a random wig from AliExpress
>put on some whore heels and a generic sex shop outfit
>smartphone photo
>coomer profit

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