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I wanna do a cosplay of the lady in black from demon souls, recently finished the game and thought she was really cute. This is a scuffed prototype more or less, I'd appreciate tips and ideas on how to make it work, preferably not with a huge investment. Thanks ^^

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The dress will be the hardest part imo, and no, I am not trans

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Oh also, feel free to tell me if this isn't the right board for this sort of post, I don't lurk here at all

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Also the eye thingy... but I reckon hair on top of sight line is a cute and serviceable alternative that won't make the character unrecognizable, I for one only really spotted it after looking at the image more thoroughly, thought she just had an "emo" cut

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You want to fuck her, not be her. Just embrace your natural self, you look good dude.

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Her bandage dress design is pretty poopy and i feel like it would be badly translated in real life

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Yeah it's a preety old looking game, not exactly the greatest

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True I do, but Id still like to try it out, not exactly a cosplay person and I feel like I could make it work with her

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We have a cosplay help general for questions like this

And a crossplay help general if you need help or advice on crossplaying in particular (makeup, padding, proportions etc.)

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Gotcha, thanks anon

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this loser can kill a thread with his rat face and everyone's nice to him? please cure your brain diseases

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directing someone's on-topic question to appropriate threads to avoid future thread-killing does better than being mean for no reason. It's not as if this board is so fast that a thread from last fucking year is going to be missed once it's bumped off

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fair, you should try cosplaying characters that this character would want to be with, better results

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Too close to home becomes competition

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