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FAQ (last updated: January 22nd, 2023): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-URQl5wxxBzP4-VWfMKfLG8ZqOkGt9Yoyo6Qbm333vs/edit?usp=sharing
Cosplay recommendations thread: none atm
Crossplay/crossdressing thread: >>10839846
LARP thread: >>10813669
Sewing general: >>10817921
Makeup, hair, skincare general: >>10809295

Taobao thread: >>10803045
Aliexpress thread: none atm
Stupid j-fashion questions thread: >>10836263

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Previous thread: >>10828624
Unanswered questions from the last thread:

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has anyone commissioned custom cosplay from taobao before? bhiner has a feature where you give them a request and they try to find it but i havent heard back from them for a while

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It’s faster to Google “(series name) in Chinese” and look on Taobao yourself. All they’re doing is plugging in the series title into the Taobao search bar and giving you the first result.

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that sucks then, ive looked and there arent any sellers for what im looking for lol

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Reposting from #10843587
Does anyone know a good website/custom made outfit store I can get for a Kemono Friends Shoebill cosplay outfit? I'm male but it would look androgynous and unassuming I think, but all the ones I see on ebay and others seem questionable qualities.
I've NEVER cosplayed before but I'm willing to do it for personal enjoyment at some point

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Anyone got any tips for a Jalter cosplay? Mainly the jacket, thinking of looking for a really thin leather or something and altering it. Unless any more material/fashionable anons can point me in a better direction

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Where would I find a green gi, cape and belt for this?

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Very stupid question: is there any way to lighten 100% polyester? I know chlorine bleach will destroy it, but is there any other way? It's a very dark blue and I want it a shade lighter.

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I'm not great when it comes to fabrics myself, but her jacket doesn't look like leather to me. It looks more like the same cottons/wools/etc. that military jackets are made of. Something heavy and tightly woven. Not sure about the dress though. Oh anime clothing, you so silly.

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No, if it won't take bleach then there's nothing you can do. You can only go darker.

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Ahhh, yeah, does remind me of military jackets a bit now that you say it..
I figures the dress was like, just some slightly looser (?) Tube dress or somethin

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The dress looks like it goes over the shoulders from the v-neck design in the front. It's just form-fitting.

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True true, good catch. I looked around some more just now and found like, ONE official looking nendroid that has the jacket off, and it is not a strap dress.

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Oh good researching! Are you trying to sew, alter from premade clothing, or buy the outfit?

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Is there some kind of fabric paint or easy-to-make blend of various fabric paints that closely resembles the color of fresh blood, won’t dry as a lumpy mass on the garment, and is washing machine safe (that is, won’t come off in the wash)?

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Id like to find something close to it, then alter it. I don't really have skills to like, make something from scratch, so i figured that way is the best to have something that looks good and like "real" clothing

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i don't have a qt cosplaying gf.
can one of you help me?

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No but I’ll attend conventions with you in full S.T.A.R.S. Albert Wesker cosplay if you pay for my costume

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Okay, here's some keywords to use when searching the pieces.

>navy blue long sleeve single breasted trench coat jacket
>add fur trim and gold bias tape. intermediate sewing skills or a very clean glue job.

>black mini or short bodycon dress, quarter or babydoll sleeves.
And you'll want to pay attention to the closure type. You could go for a front closure and then just put the zipper in (I think that's what it is in the picture? Just make sure you have enough seam allowance to do so) or you could find one with a zipper in the back or side and just add the silver stripe in front with heat transfer vinyl or more bias tape.
>Add black scallop trim
>Just be aware that if its bodycon, its most likely going to be made out of stretch fabric which means you'll have to treat the fabric differently for whatever adjustment you plan to do.

Or of course, you can buy a costume and just swap out the shitty parts with some better quality ones. That's always a good middleman solution.
Anyway, I hope that helps!

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Any European stores for good quality wigs? Used are fine too.

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thinking about using something like this sewn in to keep thigh high boot covers and arm covers from slipping down, would this work? would just elastic be enough?

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Thanks thanks! those keywords are super helpful, def is making stuff "click" with me more searching for stuff online.
The dress has a front zipper mhmm. but yeah, might go the route of just popping a silver stripe on the front instead.
Thanks again for the help! Exactly what I needed!

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ime getting paint or makeup to look like blood is primarily an issue of application. Blood, even when dried, isn't as opaque or evenly colored as paint is, and it doesn't have a matte finish. Most of the best blood application I've seen uses a mix of shades, even when it's supposed to be fresh mixing in darker reds or even burnt browns adds to the feeling of realism.
Some quick googling came up with this video demo of multiple mediums and application methods wet, dry, and post-wash: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2bYg1nZEsE

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they already make these. just buy them.

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You could also just make the zipper nonfunctional and glue it on the front too lol!
Anyway, good luck! :) Happy to help.

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Ohhhh I see what you mean, I yeah makes sense

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Hello /cgl/

Now I really don't know the first thing about cosplay or anything of the sort really. It's my first time on this board.
But I really like Coraline the movie, and thought to myself it'd be nice to get some gloves like she has in the film

The thing is, how the hell would I go about getting something like these? I have less than 0 sewing skills so I doubt I could make them. I looked on Etsy here in the UK and the prices were around £50/$70. Seems really steep just for some gloves?
I don't care if they're cheaply made if they're accurate to the movie, but I also plan to actually wear them in cold months so hoping they're up to the task.

Any help please? I think this is the most apt board to ask, any pointers you could give would be appreciated.

TL;DR want coraline gloves. how get coraline gloves?

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>I looked on Etsy here in the UK and the prices were around £50/$70. Seems really steep just for some gloves?
Cheap gloves that you'd find in retail for $10 or less in a fast-fashion store are that cheap largely because of scale, they can charge so little because they are producing large quantities of them and working in generic sizes. A bespoke item of clothing will necessarily cost more because that scale is not a factor and the maker is working to a more specific size.
That price for handmade gloves likely represents DAYS of work - they have to hand-knit out ten individual precise fingers! Also factor in that you are looking at four separate colors of yarn worked into a specific pattern.
However the positive side is that something handmade by an experienced sewist will be higher quality and longer lasting than that cheap pair that wears out in a few months. Ultimately it's up to you if you think the gloves are something you'll get enough use out of to be worth the investment.

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I'm doing a few 3D printed parts from PLA, as the surface of it kinda sucks I want to use putty and sandpaper to smooth out the surface and fill in minor gaps where parts join.
Would it be a reasonable idea to do it like this:
1. Sand the surface with medium grit sanding sponge (for round surfaces)
2. Clean it with IPA
3. Coat it with plastic primer
4. Smear 2-component putty all over it
5. Sand it down again in several steps to smooth out
6. Primer it again
7. Paint it (airbrush?)

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Thanks for the response, appreciate it.
So I guess the pricing is inescapable?
Is there anything I could do in terms of getting a cheap alternative, or mocking up something myself somehow? Obviously while still being actual gloves.
Anyone got any ideas? I did find instructions online if that means anything:

I do appreciate you explaining it to me though. From what I gather the ones on Etsy are actually generic size, they don't seem to be hand measured. Is Etsy generally reliable quality wise? Instead of Etsy, is there somewhere else I could look for such a service do you think? Either online or otherwise? Obviously I'm no expert but I dunno if the Etsy prices are inflated but worse than that, they only seem to have a kids pair left. Some others I've seen seem to use a too bright shade of orange, pic related. I'm a dude, I think I can pull off the gloves if they're darker shades but not if they're vibrant.

I'm torn on the pricing. I think I could go up to £30, at a stretch £50 but beyond that I'll struggle. While they're liable to be better quality, how long will the really last? Could one loose thread kill my whole glove for instance?

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First I will sand with 120 or 150 and sand flat parts with a power sander. I fill seams with bondo or 3m glazing putty, but check how big the gap is or if there is any flex in the joint if there is fill it with superglue. If you wanted to use putty over the entire print thin it with acetone and brush or spray it on. I sand my putty with 220 and will start coating with multiple coats of filler primer which i also sand with 220 until the last coat. Sand the last coat with 400 - 1000+. You can airbrush or just use spray paint and you don't need primer after the filler primer. Skip the plastic primer.

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So I have a fabric suit that I put a fair amount of time and money into. I'd like to have a dirty version for an upcoming con, but would also like to be able to was it to go back to a "clean" look in the future. Is there a good way to temporarily add weathering effects?

I saw a recommendation for brushing on black and brown eyeshadow, but I'm worried about that just falling right off and getting everywhere. Is that a good idea, or is there a better way? Or should I just bite the bullet and commit to painting it.

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You should just get a duplicate cheaper suit. Once you do some true weathering, it's going to have an effect on the suit.

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>find instructions online
this is actually really helpful, especially when figuring pricing. start by looking at the yarn they used/recommended. 4 different colors/balls, £8.50 apiece brings the cost up it £34 just in materials. this yarn is on the nicer side, though, so you could feasibly cut the yarn cost in half.
the next thing to consider is skill/labor. the pattern is labeled as "intermediate" by the author, so maybe not a good first project for a knitter but definitely feasible for anyone with some experience. if you wanted to, you could try looking into local knitting circles and see if anyone is willing to take a commission on this (offer to buy the yarn so you get the right colors etc) or you could try learning to knit yourself. knitting really is not very hard, the biggest separator in skill-levels is not whether something can be done but instead how long it takes and how consistent the tension/knit-sizes are. if you really wanted to do this on the cheap, you could buy the yarn yourself for maybe £17, get some needles for another few pounds and spend a month or so practicing technique and unraveling before starting in on this project.

a lot of words for not that much advice, but general gist is consider yarn cost/cost of construction (you say you could go up to £30 but even doing it yourself you would be saving <£10 from that figure) and that you have to also pay for labor. talking to someone local and in-person who will do commissions will be better since you can get measurements etc. taken to have them be a better fit. if you buy the yarn and offer someone money to do it, though, you will probably still be looking at ~£40 total to compensate them for their time so £50 isn't that unreasonable.

>one loose thread
yes, a single loose thread could unravel the entire glove. BUT not if you spot it in time. the pattern makes mention of "weaving in ends" which is something you can do yourself

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Any tips for a Medic cosplay? I already have the weapons sorted. Gloves would be an obvious find. Not sure about the clothes and equipment.

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For Sailor Galaxia's suit, is it two separate pieces (top over skirt) or are they attached? I've made Sailor Jupiter's suit before by attaching the skirt and band to a leotard. The cosplay on the left has it as a separate top and bottom but the reference pic on the right makes me think the skirt is attached to the bodice.

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How easy is sewing? If women can do it, it must be braindead.

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Cheers, thanks Anon

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I'd say it's up to interpretation. My guess is that the person on the left decided to make it two separate pieces because the material they used is so stiff that it'd make it harder to move in. However, the skirt portion is so short that honestly I don't think it'd make much of a difference if they were attached.

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Oh and I also forgot to say: excellent taste and I wish you all the best anon :) After a mini project, I'll be continuing work on my Sailor Jupiter costume.

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It would help if you posted an actual reference.

>> No.10845314

is easy, women and children can do it

>Doing it well without injury
This is the hard part that requires experience and talent

>> No.10845341

>This is the hard part that requires experience and talent
You mean handsewing right? Sewing machine is suppose to be dumb proof with the needle guard.

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I'm using pic related as a starting point so might as well make it one piece. It'll also be easier to add more coverage to the butt than finding shorts that won't peek out under that short skirt. I have two-way stretch material, so there's some wiggle room.

And thank you!! I wore Sailor Jupiter to AX right before COVID and had so much fun. Sailor Galaxia's a dream cosplay of mine. I haven't kept up with Crystal so I didn't even realize season 5 was being adapted to a movie and releasing this summer. I'm wearing this to a local con in May, so it'll be good timing!

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>with the needle guard.
If you have a needle guard. Most people just don't put their hands under the needle

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How do I make wig styling as permanent and unmovable as possible? Could I brush two-part clear resin onto a wig like pic related to make it virtually plastic?

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That's not two-part resin, anon. That's definitely a 50/50 solution of tacky glue and water. That's the common stay-fix solution. There's a great book on it by Cowbutt Crunchies called "The Art of Extreme Wig Styling"

>> No.10845392

I was thinking about using resin or something AFTER the glue. A clear coat that makes the wig feel solid and plastic-like so it can be dusted/wiped clean without disturbing the hair fibers, but still allows it to look like hair (even if it's super glossy). I'm thinking of making a wig for a sculpture that doesn't need to be wearable/comfortable for a person, but instead needs to be long-lasting and durable enough to be cleaned.

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I wouldn't recommend it, but you sure can try.

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When I cosplayed the Medic I was in a bit of a time crunch so I bought the jacket premade and went without the backpack. But as for the rest:
Shirt, tie, and pants were just stuff I already had or could easily thrift. I ended up leaving out the vest, as you can't see it under the jacket and skipping a layer helped me keep cool.
Actually a bit trickier than you'd think (at least for red), in the end the ticket was searching for "chemical resistant" PVA/PVC gloves to get the right length and appearance. You can get a pair for under $20 and they'll look a lot nicer than dishwashing gloves.
I wrapped a big strip of foam in faux leather (attached with fabric glue). The "buckle" is simply a foam panel which connects to the belt with velcro.
After I made the belt, I put on non-elastic suspenders and adjusted them to get the fit I liked. Then I measured out their length and cut that out of faux leather, cutting wider at the shoulders to match the way he looks ingame. I harvested clips and adjustors from thrift store suspenders, then attached the rear to the belt with velcro.

>> No.10845402

Anyone got any good ideas on how to make or approximate gauntlets?

I'm only going for a mid-level costume, not professional level, so the £100 options available are way beyond what I'm after, but there aren't really cheap equivalents that I can find. I'm prepared to make some, but I'm not sure how to approach it.

>> No.10845437

EVA foam and a pattern, my friend. Either KamuiCosplay or PunishedProps certainly has a pattern available for purchase and videos on the topic. If you can wait to use coupons on your materials, you could definitely reach your budget.

>> No.10845453

>got a new Singer as my first sewing machine
>threaded the top and the bobbin
>start to stitch fabric
>gets jammed after a bit
>find out the thread isnt even picking up the bobbin thread

Is the bobbin suppose to be loose like that where it's tilting to the right and left?

>> No.10845456

to add

>top thread is getting tangled in bobbin area and jumbled up around the back attachments in chamber
>have to remove the outer ring and the curved object to unjam the thread

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Is it looked down upon to wear the same cosplay all 3 days of a con? Apparently some people see it as unhygienic.

>> No.10845462

The fuck? I mean, if its some latex body suit and youve been marinating in it for 13 hours then yea, might need to give it some scrubbing on the inside. But unless your an absolute ham beast that's drenched in sweat just walking, wear what you want and take proper hygiene steps (shower, deodorant, under clothing, ect.). I usually give my armor sets a wipe down if its bad, but generally I only cosplay a few hours and change out for after con.

>> No.10845479

>needle guard
Hahahah the average person ain't that smart, and 50% of the population is even dumber. All it takes is a second's distraction to get your finger under the needle despite "guards"

>> No.10845480

Do you have photos of your setup

Treat it like regular clothing. Would you wear your regular clothing for 3 days in row? When it's grimy with dust and food smears, or soaked up sweat in the pits and groin? If it's too gross to wear normally, then it's too gross to continue wearing a con (unless you spot-clean to an acceptable degree)

>> No.10845485

Try fiddling with the bobbin and top thread tension. One at a time in small intervals to see what's wrong.

>> No.10845492

When you insert the bobbin, pull it to the left with your left hand. While still holding it, turn the dial forward to make the needle go down and back up, and it will catch the bobbin thread and pull it up. Then it and pull it out a little through the top.

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File: 2.17 MB, 4032x2268, 20230324_080350.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Do you have photos of your setup

Tried that. It's not even catching it. What's worse, the top thread is just feeding down into the bobbin area. And as an aside, turning the knob/ or pushing the pedal seems to be having the thread pull out of the needle instead of pulling from the top thread so it eventually moves out of the needle and I have to rethread. That's happening this morning, however. Don't know what changed. Everything is set up right.

>> No.10845536

I wonder if your bobbin spool size is wrong

>> No.10845537

It's the one that came with the machine but I would not be surprised if they fucked that up somehow

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File: 83 KB, 648x824, coraline-3[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>4 different colors/balls, £8.50 apiece brings the cost up it £34 just in materials. this yarn is on the nicer side, though, so you could feasibly cut the yarn cost in half.
That would be for a full ball of yarn though, right? Which I'm unlikely to use completely on the gloves. I think anyway, I don't know.
>you could try looking into local knitting circles and see if anyone is willing to take a commission on this
Hmm, not a bad idea. Although I know of no knitting circles or where to find such knitting circles. I probably couldn't even pick out a knitting shop on a high street, I'm clueless with it. Do those instructions look good to you to where I could link them to someone and they could just follow it?
>learning to knit yourself.
The problem is I don't think I'd have any use for it after learning it. Is it worth my own labour time spending all this time knitting at a competent level for just this? I'm not sure it's cost effective from a time standpoint.

Thanks for all the advice and help. Ultimately I wanted to know if the pricing was fair and from what you're saying, it is.
It seemed extortionate but then I didn't know much about it.
I also wondered if there was some cheap shit alternative I could do instead, but doesn't sound like that's the case either. I considered maybe dying some existing gloves, I have some grey ones but who knows if that would work and it's not like I'm some dye expert.

I'll have to think about it. I might reach out tothe seller and see what they say. I think £50 pushing it for me, it just doesn't sit right with me spending that much on gloves. I like and do want them but they're not even in the film that long either.

I guess my options are just Etsy or infiltrating knitting clubs.

>> No.10845559

it's too big and in backwards.

>> No.10845593

I took up to the sewing place where I got it. Found out that the spool was not clicked in all the way. It was loose the entire time. So now it works properly. Time to become a sewing wizard.

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what do you call this type of leotard/one-piece with a skirt/half-skirt?

i have more reference photos if needed, but searching "corset skirt" and "corset leotard skirt" and things along those lines doesn't really come up with anything other than just corsets themselves or leotards... or skirts etc.

and if there's not really a name for it, are there tutorials on attaching something like a half-skirt to a leotard/corset? just really hard trying to find when can't really put a specific style or name to it - or even just a style itself

>> No.10845625

There isn't a specific name for this type of thing. It's made up. There isn't anything like it in real life. It's just a leotard with a skirt sewed on. You could maybe look at ballet costumes, but I'm not aware of something similar. It looks like the person in the picture top stitched hers on. It's hard to say if she hand sewed or machined sewed it on, but hand sewing would be easier. I'd alter a basic leotard pattern and sew the skirt on top. For the skirt you could maybe use a rectangle 3 time wider than you want the final measurement to be and then pleat it and then as I said hand sew it to the leotard. I think that might be the best way to do it. Just look up leotard patterns and tutorials along with a puff sleeve tutorial. Look for a leotard pattern with sleeves. You could also draft a circle skirt pattern for the skirt instead of doing pleats.

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File: 60 KB, 522x547, DyLwu8EVsAAEfvK (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wasn't looking for an exact replica of this cosplay/design, but thank you for the information!

this is another reference since it's different, but it looks like she either layered it underneath the corset/leotard or sewed it underneath (you can actually see the outline near her crotch area underneath so it looks like it's just a separate piece entirely). i see a lot of general cosplays with corsets/leotards and frills or skirts/half-skirts on top OR underneath, so was just wondering what the general style is considered - but it seems there isn't a general style for it.

thanks again for the information, will keep it in mind.

>> No.10845667

ntayrt but are you mentally disabled?

>> No.10845668

he types like a troon, so yes

>> No.10845669

>There isn't anything like it in real life.
Actually it's called a half-skirt leotard and is used in dance (like ballet etc.). It's not an anime thing.

>> No.10845676

no, but i don't sew or work with clothes, which is why i came to the stupid questions thread. and i wasn't looking for an exact breakdown of the referenced photo either, which anon gave an entire explanation for.

and i'm not a troon, just don't know my fashion, sorry to disappoint you faggots.

thank you for an actual response. i asked BECAUSE i've seen it so much, there's no way it's not some sort of style.

>> No.10845737

piggybacking of the froganon but is it weird if you go with the same costume 3 days in a row from a social perspective? Do people get "tired" or lose interest in your costume? This might sound highly autistic (and it is) but I just don't have any experience with cosplay events and their unwritten rules and norms.

>> No.10845740

Is this KinpatsuCosplay in the picture? If I recall she did the costume. And she would definitely have a tutorial on how to make it that you could follow if it is. Even if it isn't, I believe she did do Bowsette so she would still be a good resource. She likely has a pattern you can buy too

>> No.10845751

First time ordering an custom cosplay guy from last thread here. Found a guy and he seemed active and trustworthy from all my research on him, we settled on a cost, and monthly plan.
I paid the first half on the second week of this month, the final payment would be next month (April). So I thought I would receive updates on small props or something, but I didn't. Would the work begin on full payment in general for stuff like this or its fine asking for updates? The deadline is months away (September) so I'm just worried if he took my money or something. I don't really know how early is 'too early' to ask for updates, since this is plainly different from commissioning art and the like.

>> No.10845757

>Would the work begin on full payment in general for stuff like this or its fine asking for updates?
Based on your deadline, it's possible that work hasn't begun yet but it wouldn't be a faux pas to ask how regularly you two will communicate on the progress. Framing it that way might be less stressful on you and might come off less like "hurry up already". It will also give you a timeline of when to roughly expect an update. If you paid using a reputable service like Paypal, you don't have to worry about your money being taken. You'll get it back if he doesn't deliver on his promise.

>> No.10845760

A few thoughts:
- A great deal of con attendees are not attending all 3+ days of a convention (for instance, students unable to attend Thursday/Friday)
- You're not going to see everybody at a convention unless it's quite small, many times someone taking my picture has told me "oh there's someone here cosplaying [another character from the same series]" and despite keeping my eye out for them I've never found them
That being said, I have several friends who will wear the same cosplay multiple days or bring the same outfit to every convention and it's totally fine. You might get a "oh hello again!" but nobody is enough of a psychopath to confront you with an "oh, same costume AGAIN???"

>> No.10845766

Thanks for the answer anon, in retrospect my question sounds a bit narcissistic/paranoid but your post makes a ton of sense. Just for the record, what's your definition of "quite small" for a con? And does it get annoying to be asked for photographs?

>> No.10845769

>Just for the record, what's your definition of "quite small" for a con?
Like, "AA/vendors hall/guests are all in the same hotel ballroom"
>And does it get annoying to be asked for photographs?
I don't usually cosplay extremely popular characters but even at the most intense it's only the annoyance of "another person sees you getting your photo taken and jumps in, extending how long you're posing" and that's over in a minute or two. More often than not someone who recognizes your character will just compliment you rather than ask for a photo.
I wouldn't worry about "can't walk around" level of getting swarmed.

>> No.10845773

sounds fair, you mentioned that you have friends who do cosplay but did you ever go alone to a convention while cosplaying? And even if you didn't, do you have any advice you could think up from experience?

>> No.10845779

Yeah I go solo (or just split off from the group) semi-regularly.
My biggest advice is to not over-think it, people are there for the same reason as you, you're just dressed differently.
Make sure stuff is comfortable, beyond just trying it on and looking in the mirror, is the costume (especially shoes) something you can wear for hours and walk around in?
I'm not great at making conversation, but if someone is open to chatting I'll sometimes talk for a minute or two before we go separate ways. Talking about costume details or how you made/found a specific part they compliment you on is an easy 'in' for conversation.

>> No.10845782

>My biggest advice is to not over-think it
>I'm not great at making conversation
what's the social etiquette in general when it comes to approaching people if you want to chat for a bit, especially if they're a group? Are people more approachable in those contexts or do you have to do the same body language analysis like in a normal social setting, like a bar or whatnot.
And secondly, what are some things that annoy you about cosplayers at events? Excluding generic/basic things like bad hygiene, people being horny trying to touch other people etc.
Thanks for the continued responses btw

>> No.10845794

People are generally more approachable, like I'd never talk to someone at a bookstore but someone digging through longboxes at a con I might go "oh that's a good series!"
>what are some things that annoy you about cosplayers at events?
Cosplay (at least for me) isn't the same as larping so although it's cool to get my attention by saying the character's name or fish for a signature line I don't like it when people try to carry on a full conversation in-character (especially if we're cosplaying characters who are canonically at odds with each other). Just talk to me like a person.
Also don't "jokingly" correct cosplays, like "where's your [prop]?" or "hey [character], where's [co-star]?" because it comes across as more disparaging or annoying and there's not really any good answer. Stick to talking about what they DO have.

>> No.10845976
File: 47 KB, 480x720, cf6b8b508e374330a96e55135be30916.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm hilariously bad at patterning. Any clue on how to do this Aqours winter uniform?

>> No.10845994
File: 956 KB, 4096x2891, 1679719755213573.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

might be just the new game hyperfixation talking but im thinking dante ligmacumpany might be a fun cosplay
pretty stumped on the head tho
the two circles on the front dont map to where eyes would be so they wouldnt make viable eyeholes, and it just looks plain bad to cut them, so i was thinking a solid sheet of plastic or something with one way window film?
how feasible of a solution would that be?

i also have no idea how to make the fire so suggestions would be appreciated

>> No.10846001
File: 1.41 MB, 1722x1025, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do I adjust an existing pattern? I have never done this before or created my own pattern.

I'm looking to make these adjustments to a chestpiece I already tried out just using the default pattern and it turned out pretty well, I just don't know how the changes would be reflected on paper.

>> No.10846094
File: 499 KB, 593x680, Jalterbench.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jalter anon here. I've looked everywhere for a close enough jacket with no luck...and have regretfully settled on a black thrift store jacket that could turn out alright for a super-amature.
But I had a wild idea, does anyone know if I could like, boil dye the whole jacket from black to Darker blue at least? The fabric is 67% cotton, 30% nylon,3% spandex and it has a polyester lining

>> No.10846103
File: 245 KB, 2048x1550, found this.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My paimon costume is finally complete. I just need two items:
-The crown
-contacts for his glowing eyes

Any ideas for either of these? I am going to paint my face under the mask for blackness's sake

>> No.10846104

Also, should I paint my eyelids ot be all orangey?

>> No.10846138

prefacing this with this isn't a brag, i produce good cosplays but im shit at con culture and im new to it. but is it common for photographers that come up to you at cons to never send you photos? i understand trying to advertise or taking a couple pics and handing me a business card, but i don't get how a photog will approach me, take 20 photos, ask for my social media, write it down, and then absolutely never contact me or put the photos anywhere. specifically recently-ish(january) i went to a con and photog offered to do a photo op of me and my friend and i haven't seen anything since. am i autistic??? surely that's too time consuming of a business model??

>> No.10846148

I seriously don't know where else to get shoebill cosplay from, any ideas at all?

>> No.10846151

I actually did a Kaban one when that show was first airing, it was really amateur but like Kabans outfit, shoebill's is kinda just normal clothing mostly with the stripes on the sleeve/shorts openings, which you could do with like, ribbons or something. For the wig, I suppose just buy one

>> No.10846179

Take a basic jacket/uniform top pattern with a sailor collar. Extend/widen the front panel to make it double-breasted. Widen the sleeve ends then gather them into cuffs. Always make a mock up for anything you're not sure about and unwilling to have less than perfect.

>> No.10846180

You can probably search on Etsy and similar sites for an available pattern, or use existing free ones for guidance:



>> No.10846205

Oh so, final question on this, just want some opinions really

Can a 30 something yo dude pull off these gloves for every day use or are they going to look either too feminine, or too "childish"?

>> No.10846267

YMMV but I've found people are generally complimentary about slightly more out-there clothing choices. I've worn parts of cosplay as regular outfits or to non-costume parties and concerts (nothing fantasy or sci-fi, more stuff like pendants, belt buckles, jackets) and it seems to go over well.
Your gloves are kind of in that niche, too, where they can pass off as 'normal' because they're not so fantastical or extreme to obviously be a 'costume'.

>> No.10846271 [DELETED] 


>> No.10846328

I used Simplicity 8160 for a similar looking costume and it was very easy. I'm a beginner-intermediate sewist and I found it easy to do. The skirt is literally just a huge rectangle that you fold and the bodice is pretty loose so it's not hard to fit on your body. The hardest part will be the stripes which you'll need to go slow and watch your tension on. Thankfully you can just use some single fold bias tape.

>> No.10846330

When making an adjustment to a pattern you either need to use math to add however many inches and curves to add (or take away) to your existing pattern or take apart your mockup and trace it onto paper. I find the latter easiest.

>> No.10846331

>does anyone know if I could like, boil dye the whole jacket
>from black to Darker blue
No. You can't dye darker. If you bleach it, the color would be reddish brown, not blue. You can try color remover, but I wouldn't count on perfect results. It MIGHT get you close enough to dye navy.

>> No.10846332

> is it common for photographers that come up to you at cons to never send you photos?
Yes, you're not paying them. They have no obligation to send you anything.

> surely that's too time consuming of a business model??
Idk about that. Some people are just trying out their skills, others just get busy and forget or didn't like how the photos turned out I guess.

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