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Last thread: >>10829325

Post heinous price gouging, scalping, bad secondhand etiquette, and seller sperging here.

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what a fucking moron. just rip the bag open.

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*facepalm* That is why I always tear open mailing bags and rip the tape off boxes.

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All I can read is "I'm a nervous, immature seller who can't admit and take responsibility for my own mistakes so avoid me at all costs".

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Luckily, I’m not a poor fag but this seller really is sniping me from Japan's second-hand markets to up it a few hundreds.

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I think she gets them from xianyu actually, but yeah.

Sugar Hearts is a meme dress. It has a handful of rabid fans (myself included) and I always see the white jsk listed for $1000+ but it rarely ever sells for that much. A girl in the UK was trying to sell hers late last year and she wanted a lot for it originally, but I think it was sub-£500 by the time she gave up and kept it (or sold it elsewhere.)

CC listed one today for 165,000JPY. It doesn't even have an AP label according to their description. I'd say they're wildin but someone bought a Milky-Chan bag from there for 55,000 recently, so

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>Cuts open actual dress
>"It was insecurely packaged"

What does the security of the packaging have to do with cutting into your dress like a dingbat. You just KNOW she had some catty messages for the original seller, even though this is 1000% your fault.

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To be fair, the mailer could've been overstuffed and the dress just shoved in there with no additional packaging, which could increase the risk. I always make sure to double wrap everything and leave some extra room in the mailer, if I ever do use them. But if she hasn't figured out to use blunt scissors just on the flap to open them, it's still entirely on her.

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Just stretch it open with your hands. I'd rather have it be wrapped on the slightly tight side to protect from water.

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This. I've never even worried about having this happen before, let alone actually cut into a dress. It strikes me as really careless. Even if the mailer is overstuffed, it's pretty easy to slide your scissors along a corner or end to get started, and the slide along. As long as you're not using razor sharp sewing shears or something you won't tear anything doing that.

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I never cut a dress, but I did accidentally cut open a cute bag that came with some charms I bought once because for some reason the bag was stuck to the top of the box despite there being plenty of room.

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>Just stretch it open with your hands
I have had mailers that wouldn't rip open no matter what, so you had to cut into them first.
Also, I feel like an expensive dress shouldn't be stuffed into a mailer without protective packaging anyway, so I'm not worried about water damage if I tape everything shut. I once received a $700 OP stuffed into the thinnest mailer as is and I'll never understand it.

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>CC listed one today for 165,000JPY
I came here to post this. It makes me cry every time CC lists something over 800 USD. I don't want to pay customs on something that's already grotesquely overpriced.
I hope one of AP's next MTOs is Sugar Hearts. I'm sick of seeing things for $1,000+.

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I mean desu it’s kinda uggo, especially this cut. But yeah I think CC might need a reality check here. Scrolling through from high to low, they’ve got a lot of good stuff but some crazy aspirational pricing, especially since most of it looks pretty heavily used.

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Poop poop gay food poop go post your it’s shit somewhere else it’s so fucking pedo and lame

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Oh yes I read too fast, putting a dress in a mailer on its own is something I've not encountered before.

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I see so many unboxing videos of people using box cutters on soft packages when they absolutely shouldn't. It makes me irrationally angry.

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Lol wtf, back in like 2014 this sat on mercari for weeks for under 15k, wtf happened

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no it didn't. it's always sold over retail.

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I bought the mint jsk and headbow for $350 usd in 2014. At the time, that was still a good deal over retail. (lolibrary says 28k yen)

I don't think I've ever seen it drop much lower. The exception might be around 2015-2017 when OTT Sweet wasn't popular. (Got some good items back then for good prices) Or something that was badly damaged or missing parts.

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I have no idea. It really feels like this dress exploded in popularity out of bumfuck nowhere. Nobody wanted this for like a year when it came out.

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Wasnt the full set of this like 20 bucks? And she wasnt 30 for jist the bolero???

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Forgot the pick because Im stupid

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You don't get it anon, it's old school

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CC has been listing quite a few high priced listings but I don't think they sell...

I think US sellers were selling it for over $1k some time last year? Don't quote me on this. If someone wants to pay that much for it then you might as well try to sell it for whatever people seem to be buying it for, a bit like good old Melty Ribbon Chocolate

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>>10843949 $45 for crustyass used plain UTKs, get real.

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That cracked me up. It's easier to just order new ones from BABY

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This looks like something you'd find in a gypsy flea market lmao

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If your shit has stains because you eat like shit and sweat toxic waste, clean the fucking stains, period.

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There's a crustier black pair for $50

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I didn't mean this kek

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Throwing a dress on the dirty ass carpet not even spreading it out properly and expecting nearly 200 for it

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Thats what I dont get about some of these second hand prices. Why am I going to pay new prices for something I can get brand new straight from the store, like...

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emergency sale

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hasnt she been trying to sell that for months now

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Would look better as an iron cover desu

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>actually plus size
that explains it

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A $500 starting bid for Milky Chan that has actual holes/rips sewn up badly.

AP please rerelease this dress so we can all stop our idiot behavior.

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saw this earlier and kekked, i don't think ap re-releasing a newer, cheaper version will help anyone though. in a perfect world we would ban all slobs from owning lolita

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what's the slobby behaviour, the sewing job or the holes?

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First time Ive seen it under a grand

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I still think about that thread a lot.

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That’s a lot of sweat for that price.

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selling replicas on lm is so embarrassing

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From her listing:
>Its very good quality and passable for the original

It literally isn't, Little Bears Cafe has a very thick and textured fabric. The replicas I've seen online like this are cheap fabric that looks extremely and obviously different in texture. See picrel for an example. Plus the pom poms are the wrong size on the replicas too, among other things.

There are even near decade old videos on YouTube showing the differences between replica and original for this specific print, and that's from back when replicas were more common/less universally shunned online, and people still admitted the quality was much lower than the original.

I feel bad for anyone who would buy this thinking it's comparable.

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Kek. I have a damaged AP dress I wouldn't get much money for that I'm seriously considering cutting up for some random DIY stuff. Not an iron cover though...<div class="xa23b"><span class="xa23t"></span><span class="xa23i"></span></div>

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does she think we’re all actually retarded

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vinted reseller kei

>> No.10849449

did you see her listing a plain milk cutsew for €65?? the delusion

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Fril is almost unusable by now, almost every listing is by a mercari reseller/scalper. And of course they're fucking chinese too, judging by the icon.

>> No.10849541

Literally all of the big sites are shit at this point. WW and CC both just have boring kawaii/goffick stuff and the actual quality pieces are absurdly overpriced. Mercari, fril, and y!ja are all completely overtaken by scalpers. LM is basically all taobao and western indie trash. Xianyu is fine if you're just buying newer BTSSB and AP but all the sellers are insane. I feel like people have just went back to only directly trading with/selling to their friends since the pandemic.

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closetchild isn't meant to be only lolita, that's why it has different categories listed at the top. you know, the whole "lolita, casual, gothic, punk" thing at the top of every page?

>> No.10849567

I wish Fril had a selection to omit new goods (similar to Mercari where you can search by condition). It would be easier to look for actual secondhand goods since it's flooded with scalped Taobao.

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Kumya collectors are the Disney adults of the lolita community

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The sad thing is that even if you did that, you'd still get 80% of the results by the same 1-3 "people" reselling second hand from mercari for a 5x markup.

I get what she means though. The amount of lolita vs general jfashion became pretty disproportionate and overpricedbif you compare it to pre-2020 WW/CC. Both now have pieces that would normally sell in a heartbeat sitting on their website for months or even years because they're overpriced and too stubborn to make meaningful reductions.

>> No.10849648

The Japanese market has been bought empty, it's that simple. All the good stuff has been bought up by the west and now also China between 2008-2018, then Covid and the economic crisis hit and the mass deaths and quality decline of brands happened, so even the new stuff is getting rare at this point. All the lolitas I know including myself have become hoarders because we all know there is simply nothing to replace our older pieces with and hunting down pieces now is a full time job, it's just too stressful and not worth the hassle.

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$150 for a shitty dollskill bag bruh

>> No.10849811

The secondhand market was not being bought up in 2008 wtf. It was a buyers market until 2017. Plenty of good items were being listed for cheap until then.

>> No.10849812

Is Fril used more often in the west? Japanese lolitas prefer Mercari so I only use that. The prices are crazy on occasion but fme there are less scalpers on Mercari.

>> No.10849838

>It was a buyers market until 2017
tfw joined the fashion in 2018 and only got a well-paying job in 2020

>> No.10849884

Same... It bums me out that I missed out on the golden age of lolita. Now the market is just flooded with middling new releases and Chinese crap.

>> No.10849964

i got in at 2019 and was still able to get some decent pieces secondhand, but it's much worse now, i hardly bother with secondhand anymore

>> No.10850010

There's still good stuff occasionally but there's no chance of us getting any remotely good deals anymore because it immediately (and I mean within minutes) gets bought up by scalpers who camp on websites 24/7. And I don't get it, because judging by the fril scalper, barely anyone buys their completely overpriced shit, most of their listings being sold are stuff for <20k yen. It doesn't look lucrative at all.
They just clog up the search on fril and yahoo auctions, rob anyone else of having a chance at mercari and artificially increase the price. It's cancer.

>> No.10850059

to be fair, the fril scalper recently sold an OP that was originally around 10k yen for 80k, so even that single sale probably makes the scalping gig worth it for them. all they need is one rare piece and someone dumb/desperate enough to buy it

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This seller is constantly listing filthy socks. I blacklisted them when I saw a pic of their gross hairy legs on one of the listings. Wish you could block people on LM

>> No.10850097

That's so foul. I really wonder about the people that let their socks get to such a filthy state. If just washing them in the washing machine doesn't do the trick, then it only takes a couple minutes to scrub it in the bathroom sink with some detergent to get the stains out. How do you not feel disgusting when the bottoms of your socks are literally black and you don't try to do anything about it?

>> No.10850098

nayrt but I had a pair of socks that were permanently discolored on the bottom after just wearing them once with shoes with a red leather insole. I tried just about everything (except actual bleach) trying to get the color transfer out.
This is an unusual scenario though since most shoes worn with lolita are fake leather and won't do that.

>> No.10850107

Half of the lolita shoes I've ever owned with any red inside has had irreversible color transfer to my socks. Cheap fake leather bleeds just as bad as nice stuff if not worse.

I don't think there's anything wrong with keeping older pairs of socks with foot stains in your wardrobe as long as they're clean and not visible when worn, but someone trying to resell it is kind of gross.

>> No.10850122

It happened to me too. It's not that uncommon. It's just gross when they're trying to sell their dirty socks tho

>> No.10850125

It seems I have been misinformed. I looked up the way to get those stains out and landed on a page talking about formal menswear and it said it wouldn't happen if the insoles were leather. I don't think I own any fake leather shoes with red insoles but now I have to check.

I definitely won't be selling any permanently discolored socks, that's gross indeed.

>> No.10850205

i had it happen because i didn't take off the sale sticker on the inside of the shoe and the ink rubbed off onto my sock. lesson learned.

>> No.10850211

Most my socks are stained like this but I definitely wouldn't try selling them

>> No.10850226

Same. No matter how well I take care of my socks, this just kind of happens eventually after tons of wear.

>> No.10850234

>it said it wouldn't happen if the insoles were leather

weren't leather. It said it would only happen with real leather, not with fake leather. Guess it's a gamble

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i know chanyeol's scalping is beyond old news but god i hope this bitch dies

>> No.10850547

Someone has gotta buy something from her and file a paypal dispute just to teach her a lesson one day.

>> No.10850592

What would that do though?

>> No.10850690

i wish there was some way to prevent this behaviour, but I can't think of anything that would work. i've just been refusing to buy her listings

>> No.10850854

If the moderators of these platforms actually cared to implement rules against them, the scalpers would disappear off the face of the Earth overnight

>> No.10850856

That makes sense anon but you forgot to account for the fact that:
1. LM mods are lazy af
2. It's a lot of tracing the origin of something and energy to decide if something is scalping, just regular overcharging, or simply priced for an item's high demand. The only true solution would be to force every item to be an auction.

>> No.10850858

I think it could be effective to implement a rule against serial scalping/reselling and create a report form for users. We all know people like >>10850504 are scalpers, so community reports could make the process more streamlined. The fact that the mods simply wouldn't care as long as people are using their platform is the biggest issue imo.

>> No.10850862

I couldn't really care less about scalpers, but I'd never buy from one so the ability to filter usernames from searches would be useful. I yearn for the function to block certain buyers altogether since there's a few known crazies I'd rather not have to deal with.

>> No.10850865

a block function would be great. I wish I could block certain brands from my main ‘feed’ too.

>> No.10850873

How do y'all not know about the extension that hides unwanted users? It used to get mentioned in every secondhand and LM thread.

>> No.10850887

Whoever is in charge of pricing lolita items on CC really needs to take their meds.

If they'd just limit the amount of active listings you can have, that would already eleminate half of the known scalpers.

>> No.10850999

How much damage disclosure do you expect for pieces that are 20+ years old?

Something I bought a while ago arrived with tons of undisclosed damage. Stuff like
>noticeable yellowing on the whites
>stretched elastic
>some loose stitching on the hem (but hem is still secure)

I get it's a really old dress so there's expected wear and tear, but this seems a bit excessive. I paid a lot for it but because I used a SS there's nothing I can really do now.

>> No.10851017

i would anticipate maybe a small amount of discolouration, or to expect to have to do some minor repairs in the future, but that much damage should really be noted in the description :(

>> No.10851019

honestly the yellowing can probably be cleaned and the elastic and loose stiches repaired by a tailor. it wouldn't be too expensive either. i don't sell anything so i've had to do things like get the shearing and elastic replaced on some pieces and have rips and tears in seams mended over the years. it was worth it to have the pieces like new again.

>> No.10851020

>yellowing can probably be cleaned
Lolita laundry is an age-old discussion, but can I get some anecdotes on what's worked for you? It's a synthetic material so I'm thinking oxyclean and bleach may not be the best options. I've seen some moderate success using distilled white vinegar or dishwashing detergent, but those pieces weren't as old.

With elastic replacement, have you do it on a chiffon material? I'm thinking I can test this by fixing the sausage sleeve on one of my older atelier pierrot blouses.

>> No.10851022

Which seller did you get it from?

>> No.10851233

you gonna share with the class or what

>> No.10851234

i've had success spot cleaning synthetics with bleach and oxy but you gotta be careful

>> No.10851265

I just wore a pair of white brand socks for the first time and the bottom of one got completely stained green by some kind of felt/lining in the insole of my shoe. No amount of scrubbing or stain remover is doing anything to lessen it. Can definitely echo this sentiment.

>> No.10851291

Did you use a SS for a Japanese auction? That’s normal. If you were a seasoned buyer you would know this. They hide the problem areas in photos or don’t disclose damages at all. I can’t tell you how many things I bought from Japanese sites that should have been thrown in the dumpster because of how destroyed they were. But you can’t return it even if you bought it from the seller directly.

Also the dress you got is twenty years old and is not going to be in brand new condition. Elastic rots, stitches get loose and so on. The fifteen+ year old dresses I have sound like they’re in worse condition than yours. Sorry to break it to you but that’s part of buying old clothes. You should expect the worst.

>> No.10851294

>not knowing about Melty Ribbon Chocolate
Newfag behavior

>> No.10851338

the pink collar jsk doesn't sell for that. period.

>> No.10851339

Someone bought her MCD listing for over $400 recently and I noticed in the description it said "can add barette for another $100". I hope to God some noob didn't waste $100 adding that barette.

>> No.10851341

That you should expect sellers to not disclose certain stuff because they're assholes is one thing. But saying you should expect 15-20 yo dresses to be in terrible condition just based on their age is another thing. Some of them are still in reasonable condition. I have some stuff from the early to mid 2000s that still looks and feels great, and at the most just needs new elastic. No yellowing, no bleach stains, no rips, pulls, snags, etc, despite being used quite often.

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File: 166 KB, 417x645, youlooklikeaman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nobody wants to pay burando prices for this bitch's cheap damaged taobao garbagebags and aliexpress accessories. I wish the admins would ban her so she could go back to bodychecking on depop instead.

>> No.10851404

lmao over 100 for taobao, she even says in the description that she dyed it so it's damaged too

>> No.10851421

I have a blouse that's approximately 100 years old and all it had was a small, easily handwashed out stain. Take care of clothes and unless they're literally worn every day or stored badly they'll usually be fine. It's not unreasonable to expect decent condition for that much money.
Or at least disclose damage and price accordingly.

>> No.10851435

I've bought over a thousand items from japanese sellers across various sites over the past 15 years sand I can count the amount of times something was seriously so damaged it was unsalvageable on one hand that's missing most of its fingers.

But the damage >>10850999 is describing is easily fixable at least, although kind of a pain.

>> No.10851465

>If you were a seasoned buyer you would know this. They hide the problem areas in photos or don’t disclose damages at all.
No, I get it. I was mainly wanting some outside perspective.

>Sorry to break it to you but that’s part of buying old clothes. You should expect the worst.
Generally I echo this sentiment but I guess I'm feeling a little burned because of the exorbitant price the seller charged. I'll give the dress some TLC and get over it, ultimately I'm still grateful to have one of my last grail dresses at the end of the day.

>> No.10851528

>undisclosed stains
>exorbitant price the seller charged
you bought from one of the scalpers, didn't you

>> No.10851648

people resell dollskill garbage for insane prices. and clearly they must be selling if people keep doing it. it's crazy

>> No.10852205
File: 95 KB, 821x868, 1670006847293.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why are new lolitas so flakey? Seriously, so many of the profiles I see on LM with a large amount of negative feedback are ALWAYS people who have joined in the few last days/months. And then some of these people have the audacity to complain that no one wants to sell to them and they're feeling ~excluded~

>> No.10852232

I think what you're seeing is very young people who are used to apps whose UX rly holds your hand (depop etc) just not understanding how the fuck something like lacemarket works and being too dumb to read

>> No.10852242

not only that but those users are flakey on those apps as well.

>> No.10852354
File: 92 KB, 700x700, w-89987-04_1080x.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The fact that WW is trying to sell this AP blouse with a huge fucking rip in it for 12,999 yen is a new level of insanity.

>> No.10852358

i feel like a lot of it is not understanding how LM works and that it isn’t instant gratification in terms of shipping, bidding etc…which is entirely on them. i think they also maybe aren’t used to how expensive buying certain pieces is and may get cold feet about it. who knows

>> No.10852380

yeah i think antisocial kids bid and then get spooked by the idea you actually HAVE to message the seller to work out the invoice and shipping, they're too used to integrated payment and total non-contact with sellers unless there's a problem.

>> No.10852402

Wunderwelt's prices have been fucking heinous recently. I've seen faded, yellowed, stained, obscure solid colored dresses being sold for 250+, and it feels like an insult

>> No.10852761
File: 86 KB, 862x294, topkek.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

chinese scalper or braindead newfag? take your bets

>> No.10852782

I was just looking at this listing. When the seller is from asia and has no feedback and puts more stock photos than their own I can't help but think it's a replica. Doesn't help that it looks so wrinkled and shitty in their pics. I'm leaning towards scalper though

>> No.10852802

I honestly prefer having to reach out to the seller/buyer since it helped me communicate that my payment got messed up. If I wasn’t able to do that they probably would have just cancelled the sale.

>> No.10852808

Recently? It’s always been overpriced except the first year they were operating. I don’t understand why gulls recommend buying from them.

>> No.10852816
File: 24 KB, 357x356, 92a60c21a79ff136d0ea6c189f649679c6571990v2_00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>someone bought it
LMAO still amazed how people get meme'd into paying scalper prices

>> No.10852940
File: 531 KB, 1417x691, sad garland.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

$200 for the ugliest western bootleg Happy Garland jsk

>> No.10852971

These are overly edited. The black on both socks esp ddc are much worse in person. MSDYTX

>> No.10853020

I actually like Sugar Cookie Circus though :( The black is meh but I think the mint is super cute. I just wish the bodice was different though because I don’t like the V-shape at the bust

>> No.10853040
File: 67 KB, 466x600, sadgarland_mint.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

literally WHAT are you talking about? the cookies look so misshapen and sad and the print is godawfully plain and boring and has no sense of color theory/color cohesion, it looks like a bunch of clipart smacked together. I have no idea why anyone would pay burando prices for this poorly designed and constructed shit.

>> No.10853047

they're also based on these disgusting ugly pieces of trash which i'm convinced give you the effects of lead poisoning.

>> No.10853053

Some people just don't have eyes, anon. It's awful.
I find a lot of people in the fashion see pastel colors + "cute" theme and think that makes a good dress. They ignore the quality of the print itself/the placement/details/proportions. I don't know what to call it, but more artistically inclined people can see how cheap and badly designed something like this is.

>> No.10853059

Honestly, fair enough. I’m not very experienced so I guess I don’t have much an eye for that kind of stuff yet. But I’m curious: what would make the colors more cohesive and the print more eye-catching? Like, what details would you add or take away to make it look better? (Not trying to start an argument btw, I genuinely want to learn how to better identify quality pieces)

Also maybe I’m wrong but I don’t really see how the cookies are misshapen, they just look like regular sugar cookie animals to me.

>> No.10853060

jesus christ that's hideous

>> No.10853072

>they just look like regular sugar cookie animals to me.
That's exactly why they look misshapen. I always remember kids making fun of how downsy the animals looked. Also those cookies are sweet garbage for kids, they're not particularly cute or nostalgic either. It's the literal walmart print of sweet prints.

>> No.10853083

I like the idea of a sugar cookie dress but this one isn't great, sorry anon. The border print is very basic and lacking in the charming details and beautiful artwork jp brand is known for, while the rest of the dress is trying to cram in a lot of colour and a lot more artwork. There's no balance and cohesion in the print. As for the actual design elements, the scallops are poorly executed and the bodice is a mishmash of things that could work individually but look awful on this dress, also I don't like the shade of pink they've used I think it clashes with the blue a little.

What brand pumped out this abomination?

>> No.10853099
File: 1.13 MB, 859x907, side by side.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is just grim, people having a hard time discerning quality. This dress is old bodyline tier. For comparison Wonder Cookie Bustier ¥27,090.00 vs Sugar Cookie Circus $245.00. Sugar cookies have been done multiple times and can be drawn to resemble them and look appealing.

>> No.10853105

the cookies look like normal frosted animal crackers to me, but the garlands are out of place and the scalloped collar looks weird as hell.

however i've definitely seen other dresses from the angelic garden in person and they're actually pretty decent quality.

>> No.10853132
File: 79 KB, 312x320, Feels_good_man.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Interesting thread OP

>> No.10853144

The most immediately noticeable problem with this is the border print is way too high above the hem, just makes the whole thing look unbalanced even from the thumbnail.

>> No.10853176

this dress would be fine for about $120

>> No.10853183

this is the ugliest thing ive ever seen sorry

>> No.10853198

Why are the photos on Mecari and Rakuma so bad? I mean, Japan makes some of the highest quality camera equipment and most people have decent phones that take good pics so why does everything on second hand sites look like it has been photographed on a first generation iphone? Is it to hide flaws or site image upload restrictions?

>> No.10853202
File: 174 KB, 850x850, CC Cat Rainbow Doll House JSK 11-850x850.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

CC Cat Rainbow Dollhouse was $35usd new according to lolibrary. I wouldn't even pay $10 for that. Do better.

>> No.10853244

nta but this also looks like shit

>> No.10853268

Ya, a lot of the fuglyness comes from bad design choices besides the actual art. The border print is too high as this anon stated, but also the waistband (it looks frumpy, it’s rare that a band like that looks good on a dress), the neckline is weird, it’s too high and weirdly angled for a JSK, you could maybe make something similar work for an OP but this looks like they straight up used a generic 1950’s sewing pattern for the design instead of actually designing something cute and whimsical.

>> No.10853304

you do realize that multiple japanese brands have done sugar cookie prints, right? and why wouldn't cute sweet treats be nostalgic...??

>> No.10853309

Why are bringing up a different dress?

>> No.10853314

Because those don't even look like the real circus animal cookies which are fully coated in icing and don't have a visible "edge" like that. So that print just looks like some fugly homemade cookies instead of evoking nostalgia for a specific treat.

>> No.10853317
File: 58 KB, 680x358, IMG_1501.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

new to this retarded argument but you have the only correct take so far. the problem with these animals is not that they look too downsy but that they don’t look downsy *enough*. they need rounded edges and blobby shapes to be cute, and the only recognizable colors are light pink and white, not dark pink. that’s what’s wrong with the angelic forest dress (in addition to like 600 other things)

>> No.10853461

God damn it your right

>> No.10853465

The shade of blue is also a weird choice ? It almost seems like greyish teal ? Which is an ugly colour in of itself but paired with a "sweet" motif is just horrible

>> No.10853550

>couldn't even find it yourself

>> No.10853570
File: 1.37 MB, 1080x1324, Screenshot_20230506-153704.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They did update the border print so it looks a little less awkward on the hem at least

>> No.10853573

This is an image board retard

>> No.10853575

kek. how much more do you need someone to spoonfeed you?

>> No.10853627

it's a link to the extension you fucking retard.

>> No.10853635

stop defending this poorly constructed garbage bag for the love of god

>> No.10853690

That looks much better than the original but why did they place it so high to begin with? It's such an obvious mistake

>> No.10853700

NTA from before but I'm also trying to develop a better eye for design and curious what people dislike so much about this one. (Design-wise not materials.)

>> No.10853757

APfags are salty. jk but I've seen it IRL before, definitely not old-AP tier construction quality but it looks nice and the print is very cute, people just dislike it because it's a Taobao dress that got a lot of hype for being the first decent looking OTT-sweet taobao design.

>> No.10853769

It’s giving bedsheet kei. You have no taste nonna.

>> No.10853793

Was probably just a cutting error, but the new placement means the ugly hemline is running right across the print and even more conspicuous (it should be invisible from the outside).

>> No.10853878
File: 402 KB, 1080x1567, Screenshot_20230508-191900.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Seems like Bodyline scalpers will never stop
Kill me now

>> No.10853880
File: 128 KB, 823x800, 1668468651.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Trying to flog a second-hand Infanta blouse and dress combo for a staggering £280 ($350), when one can purchase the same thing from Infanta spanking new for just £50 quid. The cheek of folks selling used Taobao dresses for around 50 quid already had me shaking my head. But this listing doesn't even bother stating the brand or giving a decent description. The absolute nerve of some people!

>> No.10853919

It’s disproportionate and the print is not saturated enough, so it’s blending into the background and the design elements are visually cheap. It’s not horrible but I wouldn’t buy it

>> No.10853920

They’re trying to scam some idiot

>> No.10853925

that dress is so fucking ugly I can't believe people even pay the taobao price for it

>> No.10853957

I wish they would scalp some Bodyline that I actually want to buy instead of this ugly crap

>> No.10853961

are you that coping poorfag sperg in the feels thread

>> No.10853965

No ? I haven't visited the feels thread in a while, but hearing this it seems like I'm missing out

>> No.10853981

I'm the sperg you were referring to, although not a poor fag. Lets normalize not mindlessly buying new stuff whilst you don't take time to wear certain things in your wardrobe, normalize not mindlessly consuming, normalize financial responsibility.
I was yelling about the prices people were asking for used, scuffed bodyline shoes (more than they originally cost), not bodyline dresses. Imo the only decent things to buy from bodyline are certain shoes and one variety of their rectangle headdresses is also okay.

You know I'm right nonny. Let me vent.

>> No.10854016

You really sound like the smarter one. Some idiots really think the only way to be a good Lolita is to own as much shit as possible lol

>> No.10854044

Thanks anon, I appreciate it. Some people really act like continuously hunting for the next item on your wish list is an integral part of lolita fashion. It's okay, maybe even good, to occasionally take breaks from shopping.

>> No.10854047

my bad anon, thought you meant dresses like the tasteless poor retard i replied to. carry on

weird projection

>> No.10854048

Gnomie pls. You’re poor and ita. Just leave.

>> No.10854067

There's someone on LM going around clicking the buy button but then messaging sellers that she has issues and buying stuff she can't afford. That you anon?

>> No.10854069

Yes it is how did you know?

>> No.10854073
File: 26 KB, 600x600, 1519229069987.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Lets normalize not mindlessly buying new stuff whilst you don't take time to wear certain things in your wardrobe, normalize not mindlessly consuming, normalize financial responsibility.

This should really be talked about more honestly. I'm not a poorfag but mindless buying stuff just makes me depressed. And I know a couple people that do it often and still have the audacity to complain about not having any money. The brand itas that don't realize that you can't buy taste make me the saddest tho kek

>> No.10854092
File: 24 KB, 359x266, at least you have lolita.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think shopping addiction is way too common in the community. Some of these people beg their local comm for money so they can pay for vet bills, rent, electricity, medical costs, etc. But then these same people buy new brand releases like 3 days later. Some are homeless/displaced and still continue buying. There are also people with mountains of credit card debt.

Even if it's not that bad some people are in denial of their shopping addiction. They think their monthly brand hauls are normal and everyone who doesn't consistently do that is poor and ita and doesn't love lolita fashion as much as they do. They just tell themselves they love lolita more and that's why they do it. But what it really is is self medicating. Even if they have a fully functional wardrobe they would still be unable to go 2 months without buying anything new, they would feel empty, have no way to relieve their sadness, get annoyed/irritated, etc. Any talk about budgeting/finances or taking a break from shopping will trigger them. Their only defense is to call anyone poor.
I know a lolita who spends hours every day checking updates on sales platforms, will always have packages inbound, she has a constantly updating wish list with 20+ items on it despite the fact that she's been wearing the fashion for at least 8 years. That sounds exhausting.
In my second and third year in the fashion I was also very enthusiastic about buying stuff. But once my wardrobe was big enough and versatile enough that I became a daily lolita I started to buy a lot less. I'm looking for 3 or 4 things at the same time at the very most.
I'm not saying buying a lot of stuff is bad, I'm saying it's stupid when lolitas act like continuous mindless buying is the only way to be a lolita.

>> No.10854098

I realized I may have a problem with this and it’s mostly due to stress. I feel rushed to buy things or else I feel like I’ll never be able to have them again, I have mountains of impulse buys I’ve never worn but refuse to sell. I have racked up a good amount of debt and don’t see an end until I’m mentally stable again. I didn’t used to do this, I’ve been a Lolita for 5 years and this didn’t become a problem until covid and don’t know how to go about getting any help/support

>> No.10854100

if it's FOMO that's giving you anxiety in an incredibly competitive market, I completely understand. If you're depressed and buying lolita seems like the best way to make yourself feel better I also completely understand. Some people have to go cold turkey by completely stopping their shopping until their debt is paid off. It helps if you avoid all sales platforms. You can still enjoy the fashion in other ways. Try some coord challenges/wardrobe challenges, take a look at those "100 lolita activities" lists that have been online forever. Meetup with lolita friends.
If you need a timeline you can try and calculate how much debt you can pay off every month as long as you don't spend it on buying more lolita. There might also be free programs near where you live that help people get out of debt.

>> No.10854108

since this is a buying/selling thread, is it unreasonable to give a seller negative feedback for ghosting you if you never actually paid them?
I bought a blouse on lm, and the seller noticed we're kinda local (2-3 hours away by car) and offered to do in-person dropoff to avoid shipping costs. We couldn't find a time that works, so I told her I'd just pay for shipping and then she kinda just stopped replying after that. I was gonna file a pp dispute and then realized we never actually completed payment. She did say there was some sort of medical emergency though, so I feel a little bad giving poor feedback

>> No.10854110

I admittedly buy/bought way too much in short bursts of time, but I don't regret it. I never asked for money from anyone else and never got into any debt. I'm actually thankful that I bought so much early on (I've been in the fashion for 6-7 years)
because the secondhand market is terrible/barren right now. So much so that I barely spend anything on lolita anymore because there's quite literally nothing to spend money on. I'm fortunate that my very aggressive spending led to almost obtaining almost all of my dream items too. It feels like a double edged sword.
One thing that helped is telling myself I will only buy brand because it's the only thing I like. I'm pretty picky and never got sucked into indie brands/etsy or taobao. I was also very set on only buying my favorite colorways and no substitutions. Still, I think from the outside looking in, many people would have said I had/have a shopping addiction. I just don't think I'm built to develop one as bad as other people because spending money on things I don't absolutely love makes me feel gross and empty.

>> No.10854147

I hope you get some help with that anon it sounds tough, have you considered going through all your impulse purchases and just trying them on to see if they fit well and look good on you? That might be a good way to start clearing out your horde and reducing debt

I feel the same way, my browsing is a bit obsessive but I'm way too picky to spend enough money to have a shopping addiction imo. I also bought a lot when I first started and have slowed down a lot now

>> No.10854153

A lot of lolitas have adhd or are autistic. Exccentric alt fashions attract these types like moths to flame. A lot of us are likely going under the radar due to high masking skills and being better at socializing in general. So we don't get noticed. We have poor impulse control. It's definately something I struggled with a FUCKTON before getting a diagnosis. Buying things is a good dopamine kick, but it fades quickly. As soon as the package arrives and is opened, you're already searching for the next thing.

I still struggle with it even after being in this fashion for 10+ years. The low yen exchange rate last year didn't help me at all. I bought / bought back a ton of shit. (Had to sell a lot of beloved items due to being furloughed in 2020-2021) I honestly enjoy collecting, wearing and caring for my items. I think the one thing that does help is sticking to brands and very specific releases or themes. I try to get new releases I really love 2nd hand to avoid FOMO. Getting them NWT a season later isn't out of the question. Hell, some of the shit I recently repurchased was 5-7+ years old, and I found many of them NWT or like new.

I really only support indie brands that I'm friends with since there's a personal connection there. I avoid Taobao because it's cheap, accessible, and one purchase turns into a massive haul quickly. It's really only used for filler (blouses, cardigans, interesting accessories etc) in my wardrobe. Quality over quantity is a good rule.

>> No.10854154

ok twitter

>> No.10854155

Anon is oversharing but poor impulse control is a real and very common symptoms of ADHD, especially in women, so in a female dominant fashion hobby centered around regular releases of more expensive than average clothing it's not crazy that people end up in poor financial situations. Overconsumption is already normalized among Americans especially and internet content has glorified hauls and large purchases forever. Factor in things like taobao brands that offer low price points to make those unsustainable buying habits even more acessible to people at lower income levels and even more items to choose from and its easy to see how we ended up here.

>> No.10854166

>try one more email before you do it, sounds like a decent use case for neutral feedback

>> No.10854203

ayrt. I did something very similar. In my second and third year I bought a lot more than most lolitas would within a similar time frame. But I could afford it and I wasn't impulse buying. I got all of the wardrobe staples/basics and it helped me get a fully functional wardrobe pretty quickly. My spending went down after year 3, as I was just looking for specific items to fill those last remaining wardrobe gaps. Once I got all of the wardrobe gaps filled I started working on refining my wardrobe, started selling stuff and buying stuff to upgrade existing stuff. But still pretty low on spending imo. I don't regret my choices and I'm still enjoying some of the items I bought early on. I don't like the experience of shopping/hunting/ordering (I think it's a bit stressful) so I think it's very unlikely I'll ever get addicted to shopping.

I'm also really picky and I have a set style that doesn't change much at all. I never liked anything from taobao (except for shoes), non japanese indie brands or etsy enough that I wanted to buy it. Buying something similar because I can't get the item I want wouldn't work for me either. If I don't absolutely love it, I just won't buy it. Otherwise I would just regret it.

good suggestions anon.

I understand it's like that for some people with adhd or autism.
I'm autistic and hate spending money even if I have it. It does not give me a dopamine hit/make me happy/give me joy. Only wearing lolita does. Receiving something and it's in good condition and just as good as I thought it was going to be, that's a pretty good feeling too. But that's directly related to the idea that I'll be wearing it. I'm not in lolita for the collecting. No judgement to anyone who is, everyone gets different things out of the hobby.

>> No.10854204
File: 460 KB, 1773x967, captura_100523005.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the audacity of this bitch

>> No.10854206

I'm assuming this is at least, in part, a personal issue with this seller. Yeah, she's raw boobing this dress that looks barely lolita, but at least she's not asking much for this (probably) mass produced garbage.

>> No.10854208 [DELETED] 

>fatty too stupid to crop out her username
Why am I not surprised? Good luck selling your scalped $550 MBP and your XXL normie skirts.

>> No.10854209

>fatty too stupid to crop out her username
Why am I not surprised? Good luck selling your scalped $550 MBP and your XXL normie skirts littlenola.

>> No.10854229

>pp dispute

>> No.10854243

(Not so)anon your username is showing

>> No.10854244
File: 4 KB, 1350x60, sainte.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stop selling to Sainte BigNola.

>> No.10854262

it feels too busy and eclectic like there's no direction in the design and it's giving me flashbacks to cheap OTT unicorn vom dresses from the 2010s that fell apart in two wears

>> No.10854281
File: 1.17 MB, 1024x1024, m19512303168_2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

a fatty on mercari stretched the shirring to the point it looks like it doesn't even have any and still had the balls to try selling the dress looking like this

>> No.10854282
File: 1.06 MB, 1024x1024, m19512303168_3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10854302

holy shit, how much is she asking for it?

>> No.10854307

looks like the buttons are fucked too

>> No.10854308

do gulls consider being around potheads to make a dress unsellable as with tobacco, or does the smell come out with a good wash?

>> No.10854313

Give it a wash and let it air out outside (away from the sun obviously). Pot smells tend to come out easier than tobacco smoke ime. If you sold it as is that'd be really impolite.

>> No.10854315

Imo the print is ok but the cheap fabric and details ruin it, the same way modern AP looks bad despite having cute art. It’s not horrible though, especially for the price. I think it would look a lot better if the models were wearing better quality blouses to balance out the cheapness. The lollipop is also pretty bad and looks like a bastard version of old AP props.

>> No.10854318


>> No.10854319

Well at least this way everyone can see it's been stretched beyond belief and avoid buying it.
Still hilarious that the seller somehow thought that was a good way to display it though.

>> No.10854322

That's the first thing I noticed and almost screamed.

>> No.10854345

I understand the back but what did she do to make the buttons on the front look like that?
And why does it still look like it's being stretched when she's not even wearing it, is that wrinkling permanent??

>> No.10854406

thank you! i always wash anything worn but wasn't sure if the smell would come back after being cleaned like tobacco smell often does.

>> No.10854421

She put it on one of those adjustable tailors dummies, but this one seems to be the plus sized version and adjusted so it's even wider. Literally the dress is too small for the dummy, this is the equivalent of putting shoe stretchers in your shoes.
Bye bye shirring. The upper skirt portion is hardly gathered anymore so it's going to look awful on anyone that big.

>> No.10854424

Oh wow what an idiot. Can't believe she chose that picture to try to sell it

>> No.10854487

Weed smoke comes out much easier than tobacco smoke. Literally never had any piece of clothing hold onto weed smoke after a wash, where tobacco smoke really sticks if you don't wash immediately and with baking soda impe

>> No.10854520
File: 271 KB, 368x500, jesus h christ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Description says "I paid a lot for it and I just want my money back"
Good fucking luck

>> No.10854567
File: 259 KB, 1080x1727, Screenshot_20230513-180910_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why do people pay so much for the AB horn headdresses? This is 4k yen new. Can people not wait 4 months for her to open up again?

>> No.10854571

It's already discounted to ~$130 too. (But wow, imagine buying a headbow for $218...) Still a bad price. It's funny because the most expensive headbow I ever bought was the same pink Cherry Berry Bunny one. But I paid around $80 total because the cheapest shipping option on CC was ~$20-30.

>> No.10854608

80 isn't much to get something instantly lol?
are you that poor???

>> No.10854615

I’d rather spend the additional 4k yen in the Antique Beast shop. At least it goes into her pocket. If you own any of her smaller headdresses like this one, you’d know 80 is too much for it. Just because someone has money, doesn’t mean they should waste it on overpriced items. Rich or not, you sound like you’re bad with money. kek

>> No.10854623

I own the headdress and it is absolutely not worth 80$. Her quality has dropped significantly in recent years.

>> No.10854629

lol no it hasnt the design hasnt changed. Its def not worth 80 but ab doesnt charge 80 for it. Go back to the ap thread with this quality has dropped shit.

>> No.10854637

You sure do sound like the scalping seller!

>> No.10854639
File: 55 KB, 700x525, ji6qfUIlPQc0cWQrO3JMStxpi48El9EvXufxKPma.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nayrt, maybe not this design but she has definitely cheapened out with some items. i bought picrel from her and when it arrived it was a paltry, flimsy single layer of lace with the flowers about a third smaller than the stock image

>> No.10854642

For real, I love my Antique Beast headdresses and when I made my order I got three for the price it would have cost me just to get one from the secondhand market. It is a pain to stalk the shop for when it opens though, I swear I spent a year one time trying to pay attention to when it opened for orders and I kept missing it for one reason or another but I still refused to pay the ridiculous secondhand prices.

>> No.10854643

She has a newsletter for dates/times she's going to open up

>> No.10854677

Yeah I am subscribed to it and keep up with it now when I'm looking to get stuff. I think the year I was trying to make an order she only opened it like twice and the first time I missed it because I didn't realize it'd sell out in like 40 minutes so I didn't go to check until it was too late and the second time I was out of town at an event where I couldn't easily keep track of the time or reliably have service/internet so I missed that as well. It was frustrating to me at the time but it is what it is

>> No.10854787
File: 33 KB, 1284x180, C51C2349-CA31-472A-938B-C8F2C8F2FC70.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wish this seller a very Die

>> No.10854788

Shipping is expensive; that is probably how much tracked international shipping costs.

>> No.10854794

Entitled retards like you are why people refuse to ship internationally.

>> No.10854795

depends on the weight of the item. If a seller is only offering the most expensive shipping option for a head bow or other low weight item then that's unreasonable. But if that's for a dress or 2 pairs of shoes or multiple items then it's not that unusual for low to mid tier shipping to be 50$

Some sellers say they only ship through EMS or DHL for safety reasons. Other shipping methods that are quick, tracked and insured also tend to be around a similar price point. Only shipping through EMS or DHL is what some sellers started to do during the pandemic and haven't changed back yet to offering more options. Also there's a possibility that only offering EMS and DHL internationally has something to do with sellers being cautious about shipping from EU to US due to some instances of american lolitas scamming european sellers by claiming the dress never arrived and other methods of paypal fraud or credit card fraud. Better shipping service and insurance can give the extra security needed for these sellers to consider shipping to the US.

>> No.10854797

you sound broke

>> No.10854805

Underage Twitterfag detected

>> No.10854809

Okay, show us a pic of yours then???

>> No.10854830
File: 1.71 MB, 3024x2354, 20230414_102917.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10854831

Did you ask for six roses instead of seven? The stock pic looks like it has one more than yours.

>> No.10854832

This one has less lace and roses. Sorry she mailed you a subpar head dress anon.

>> No.10854837
File: 3.63 MB, 4032x3024, F97FDEA0-7BBE-4197-B677-D67682AABB71.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this made me get up to check mine and... uh...

>> No.10854841

oh no

>> No.10854847


>> No.10854857
File: 63 KB, 600x450, 70726f647563742f32303233303430365f3137613061652e6a706700363030000074006669745f686569676874 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nope, i didn't ask for anything different. really disappointed, i really like all my other AB pieces i've gotten.

after i received it i went to go check her site because i was REALLY confused and she had updated the stock picture to be closer to what i had received, which feels kind of shitty to only change it AFTER people had ordered it expecting the prior version.

>> No.10854874

Stock photos are only an estimate. The headdress is a bad showing of her work. Dresses are known to have variations in lace that don't always match photos. Overall her quality is good but it won't always be identical. It looks like she may have been runing out of supplies when she got to that headdress. Sorry headdress anon.

>> No.10854875

this new image was uploaded this april i think according to the file name on her site, so no one whos ordered it was expecting this image

>> No.10854903
File: 187 KB, 514x572, moitie scalper.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wonder who is buying this

>> No.10854998

alcci, probably

>> No.10855014

It was a small handbag weighing less than a pound

>> No.10855015

I guess they don't want to take many risks then.

>> No.10855022

never ordered old AB but wanted to see what the hype was about so ordered some items- a bonnet, witch hat, and regular gothic hat along with the bat headdress. I love the headdress and witch hat, but the bonnet has a serious design issue in that it isn't really made for heads and is awkwardly round in the back, and the regular hat is kinda made of disappointing materials. All in all, not very impressed for the price tag. Did it used to be better? Or did people still just hype Antique Beast for only the headdress?

>> No.10855040
File: 68 KB, 1081x875, IMG_1108.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are WW just… not shipping orders anymore? I expected a GW delay but come on lads

>> No.10855051

I’ve ordered old AB and they always been hit or miss, but their misses aren’t so terrible that they would stop me from ordering again. I’d would order 3 or 4 items at a time and one was usually strange—too big for a human head, looks awkward on, flimsy construction, etc. The hype came from the one headdress everyone bought, because it wasn’t expensive, construction was consistent and it was trendy. They are a good supplement for a gothic wardrobe, but I wouldn’t pay too much for them.
I’ve never bought a main piece from them, but every time I see someone wearing one, it’s rarely fitted well.
By no means “buyer beware”, just buyer be aware.

>> No.10855074

Nayrt but most full bonnets from btssb, AP, and meta are oddly shaped in the back.
Brands tend to have their own shapes and like to reuse the same pattern. I haven't come across one that more or less followed the shape of the head (with the exception of a very old btssb bear ear bonnet, not the mother bonnet), but I don't have IW bonnets so can't speak about those.
Btssb often goes with the tall narrow back piece, which creates a more pointy shape in the back. I wish they would stop doing that. Meta's bonnets can be big, bulky (much bigger than the head), and are hit or miss depending on how many extra panels they use for design and shaping. They don't follow the head shape and tend to be wide on the bottom.
Their velveteen tends to be pleated instead of gathered because it's easier to sew.
APs bonnets often have a large round back piece, to which the mid piece is attached to with minimal gathers, and those gathers tend to pull upward creating an empty lumpy space at the top. All of the stiff IW, VM and MM bonnets that are also reinforced in the back are more like hats anyway because the resemble historical stiff bonnets most. So those don't follow the shape of the head anyway.

>> No.10855079
File: 24 KB, 657x443, Screenshot_20230518-024644_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Placed an order about a week ago and it showed up just as quick as the rest of the times I've ordered from WW. Maybe shoot them an email and see what's up?

>> No.10855083
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Sorry for being an idiot, but is Mercari JP working for anyone? It's been hours now, and no matter what I search for, nothing shows up. The main page displays just fine for me and I can see the recent/recommended listings (for the entire site), but clicking on any categories/tags just gives me this page again. I'm in the US, if that's relevant.

>> No.10855089

Domestic or intl? I used Tenso and their blog post before GW seemed to imply that domestic shipping in particular could be backlogged, but this is a bit much. Will shoot them a message

Werks on my machine. Clear cache/cookies maybe?

>> No.10855094

Oh you're right. The problem is happening with Chrome, but my other browser shows everything as normal on JP Mercari. I tried clearing everything on Chrome and it's still acting dumb. Might just uninstall/reinstall it later, but this is really annoying.

>> No.10855107 [DELETED] 

Bitch slap /aa22/ #1347
Asked /niger/? Edition

Welcome, this general is for the discussion of retards.


Pre-Installed Game: https:/me/.xml updates: https://github.com/rteard.com
Anon's Modded Pre-Install: https://pastebin.com/42JS3q6E

Install Guide:
General FAQ:
Niggerfaggot Guide and Resources (Modules, Tans, Props, Poses, and More):

>Character Cards [Database], now with a list of every NonOC in the megas:

>Mods & More:
Mods for dumbass(ppx format, the mediafire has everything):
/fag/ Modding Reference Guide (Slot lists for Hair/Clothes/Faces, List Guides, and More):
Booru: https://aau.booru.org

>HELP! I have a Nvidia card and my game crashes on startup!
Try the dgVoodoo option in the new win10fix settings.
Alternative: Update your AAU and see if it happens again. If so, disable win10fix, enable wined3d and software vertex processing.
>HELP! Required Windows 11 update broke things!
winkey+R -> ms-settings:developers -> Terminal=Windows Console Host

Previous Thread:

>> No.10855151

It’s fucked for me too on chrome

>> No.10855175

Yeah, it's still happening for me and has driven me crazy today. I've narrowed it down to something about being logged into my Google profile on Chrome. My boyfriend is able to search on Mercari JP like normal on Chrome. And if I use a "guest" profile I can also search like normal. (Also very strangely, incognito let's me search on my laptop, but not my phone... why? ). I didn't change any settings anywhere, and it just started happening yesterday. It's probably some update on either google/Chrome or Mercari's end that screwed us for now. Sorry for too much info that no one asked for.

>> No.10855373

In fairness this set actually fucked in person and the fabric was like indestructible. I bought a pink set secondhand for $5 years ago and it was incredible what a beating it could take and still look totally new. I can understand people who remember it seeking it out.

>> No.10855376

A shopping service named Hinano bought it for someone.

>> No.10855440

nayrt but thank you, I needed this

>> No.10855446

Even if you think you laundered it well enough to not have any scent, you should still specify it is from a smoking household and say it is marijuana instead of pot. It's not unsellable by any means but it still may have some kind of scent that a nonsmoker notices, so you want to be transparent. (Also it can be hell for you if you aren't, so save yourself the potential disaster.)

>> No.10855477

It's not like we can control that anon.

>> No.10855651

LMAO as if MRC goes for that much. Your newfag is showing

>> No.10855684

agreed. i can always smell it, doesn't matter what type of smoke. wash and disclose it and you shouldn't have issues

>> No.10855869
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you mean sample?? Regardless just put it on Etsy/throw it away and start over

>> No.10856025
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can add the headboard for $100 usd btw
common chanyeol scalping moment

>> No.10856026

headbow* f

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