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Last thread: >>10829325

Post heinous price gouging, scalping, bad secondhand etiquette, and seller sperging here.

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what a fucking moron. just rip the bag open.

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*facepalm* That is why I always tear open mailing bags and rip the tape off boxes.

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All I can read is "I'm a nervous, immature seller who can't admit and take responsibility for my own mistakes so avoid me at all costs".

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Luckily, I’m not a poor fag but this seller really is sniping me from Japan's second-hand markets to up it a few hundreds.

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I think she gets them from xianyu actually, but yeah.

Sugar Hearts is a meme dress. It has a handful of rabid fans (myself included) and I always see the white jsk listed for $1000+ but it rarely ever sells for that much. A girl in the UK was trying to sell hers late last year and she wanted a lot for it originally, but I think it was sub-£500 by the time she gave up and kept it (or sold it elsewhere.)

CC listed one today for 165,000JPY. It doesn't even have an AP label according to their description. I'd say they're wildin but someone bought a Milky-Chan bag from there for 55,000 recently, so

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>Cuts open actual dress
>"It was insecurely packaged"

What does the security of the packaging have to do with cutting into your dress like a dingbat. You just KNOW she had some catty messages for the original seller, even though this is 1000% your fault.

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To be fair, the mailer could've been overstuffed and the dress just shoved in there with no additional packaging, which could increase the risk. I always make sure to double wrap everything and leave some extra room in the mailer, if I ever do use them. But if she hasn't figured out to use blunt scissors just on the flap to open them, it's still entirely on her.

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Just stretch it open with your hands. I'd rather have it be wrapped on the slightly tight side to protect from water.

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This. I've never even worried about having this happen before, let alone actually cut into a dress. It strikes me as really careless. Even if the mailer is overstuffed, it's pretty easy to slide your scissors along a corner or end to get started, and the slide along. As long as you're not using razor sharp sewing shears or something you won't tear anything doing that.

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I never cut a dress, but I did accidentally cut open a cute bag that came with some charms I bought once because for some reason the bag was stuck to the top of the box despite there being plenty of room.

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>Just stretch it open with your hands
I have had mailers that wouldn't rip open no matter what, so you had to cut into them first.
Also, I feel like an expensive dress shouldn't be stuffed into a mailer without protective packaging anyway, so I'm not worried about water damage if I tape everything shut. I once received a $700 OP stuffed into the thinnest mailer as is and I'll never understand it.

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>CC listed one today for 165,000JPY
I came here to post this. It makes me cry every time CC lists something over 800 USD. I don't want to pay customs on something that's already grotesquely overpriced.
I hope one of AP's next MTOs is Sugar Hearts. I'm sick of seeing things for $1,000+.

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I mean desu it’s kinda uggo, especially this cut. But yeah I think CC might need a reality check here. Scrolling through from high to low, they’ve got a lot of good stuff but some crazy aspirational pricing, especially since most of it looks pretty heavily used.

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Poop poop gay food poop go post your it’s shit somewhere else it’s so fucking pedo and lame

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Oh yes I read too fast, putting a dress in a mailer on its own is something I've not encountered before.

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I see so many unboxing videos of people using box cutters on soft packages when they absolutely shouldn't. It makes me irrationally angry.

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Lol wtf, back in like 2014 this sat on mercari for weeks for under 15k, wtf happened

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no it didn't. it's always sold over retail.

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I bought the mint jsk and headbow for $350 usd in 2014. At the time, that was still a good deal over retail. (lolibrary says 28k yen)

I don't think I've ever seen it drop much lower. The exception might be around 2015-2017 when OTT Sweet wasn't popular. (Got some good items back then for good prices) Or something that was badly damaged or missing parts.

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I have no idea. It really feels like this dress exploded in popularity out of bumfuck nowhere. Nobody wanted this for like a year when it came out.

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Wasnt the full set of this like 20 bucks? And she wasnt 30 for jist the bolero???

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Forgot the pick because Im stupid

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You don't get it anon, it's old school

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CC has been listing quite a few high priced listings but I don't think they sell...

I think US sellers were selling it for over $1k some time last year? Don't quote me on this. If someone wants to pay that much for it then you might as well try to sell it for whatever people seem to be buying it for, a bit like good old Melty Ribbon Chocolate

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>>10843949 $45 for crustyass used plain UTKs, get real.

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That cracked me up. It's easier to just order new ones from BABY

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This looks like something you'd find in a gypsy flea market lmao

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If your shit has stains because you eat like shit and sweat toxic waste, clean the fucking stains, period.

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There's a crustier black pair for $50

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I didn't mean this kek

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Throwing a dress on the dirty ass carpet not even spreading it out properly and expecting nearly 200 for it

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Thats what I dont get about some of these second hand prices. Why am I going to pay new prices for something I can get brand new straight from the store, like...

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emergency sale

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hasnt she been trying to sell that for months now

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Would look better as an iron cover desu

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>actually plus size
that explains it

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A $500 starting bid for Milky Chan that has actual holes/rips sewn up badly.

AP please rerelease this dress so we can all stop our idiot behavior.

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saw this earlier and kekked, i don't think ap re-releasing a newer, cheaper version will help anyone though. in a perfect world we would ban all slobs from owning lolita

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what's the slobby behaviour, the sewing job or the holes?

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First time Ive seen it under a grand

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I still think about that thread a lot.

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