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Cosplay Constuction Thread!
What are you working on? What are some tips, tricks, or designs you like or want to share?

I just got a resin printer and have figured out that if you break the bottom film you can replace it with any clear plastic (ie a clear clothing bag or a few layers of plastic wrap) it installs like an embroidery loop

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I originally planned to make Sailor Jupiter this year, even bought the materials and everything but for some reason my inspiration fell through like a hot rock and so did my convention plans, so I switched gears to making a couple's costume of Barbie and Ken for the upcoming movie.

>I just got a resin printer
How exciting! What project(s) are you hoping to make with it?

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I WAS WRONG DON'T DO THAT UNLESS YOU USE MANY LAYERS, or thick vinyl will work too, I made it too thin like a dingus. -for use in emergencies-

I'd like to make a bjd as well as some wearable pieces

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The couples cosplay looks like a cute idea! The movie looks like it'll be fun

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>get Bambu P1P
>first print succeeds
>second print has this happening every time

I've cleaned the bed and recalibrated. What's the deal?

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maybe the machine isn't cooling down fast enough or getting too hot? or whatever seals the tip after it prints isn't closing all the way? I don't have this machine or style of printer so I have no idea I'm just guessing

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I'm planning to cosplay this guy for a con soon, and while I have everything I need already, I don't know how to do the hair. Some friends have recommended a wig or hair extensions, but I'm stumped

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You mean bad bed adhesion?
What filament and what bed temperature are you running?
You might want to increase the temperature.

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Working on making Spike's pistol out of foam. I know these days you can just buy a (nonfunctioning) 3D print, but I like the process of foamsmithing, getting it to fit my hand just right, and the light yet solid heft of a foam prop.

I cosplayed awakened Kira a year or two back (when he has those weird stripes in his hair), what I ended up doing was getting a base wig for the slicked-back look then adding in single weft extensions in the contrasting color. Same thing would probably work if you wanted to go for a wig.

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you're making the Ruger P85 in the photo or his trusty Jericho 941?
I'm making a pistol prop too but out of an existing nerf gun. Could use some recs on paints for spray and drybrushing, what kind of sandpaper I might need to use if any, and if I wanted to bandage the grip what I should use for that

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>I'd like to make a bjd as well as some wearable pieces
That's so cool! I'm obsessed with doll makers on youtube. I don't have the level of precision to take it on myself, but I have tons of respect for those who do. If you wanna share more of your project like the concept art, I'd love to see it!

Aw, thanks anon! I'm excited for it. I just finished up construction on the outer and lining layers of the vest today. Just need the flappy bit and then it's onto decor :)

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Essentially what the other anon said, though personally I would also suggest making small foam cores for each ahoge(?)/strand then covering it with paint and hair so that you don't have to fight it to stay up with just styling.

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>I know these days you can just buy a (nonfunctioning) 3D print, but I like the process of foamsmithing,
I love to hear that. So much of our hobby is accessible now and that's fantastic, but god there's nothing like the process of creating something with your own two hands.

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ntayrt, but I'd watch a few youtube videos of people using nerf gun bases. I think EvilTed and Punishedprops both have videos where they use one and they go over materials that they use

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Oh, the Jericho of course. I guess that's what I get for googling "spike spiegel gun" and not looking close enough at the random picture for the post.
I like to sandpaper at least the copyright info and Nerf logo off... you'll want coarse at first (low numbers) and then pretty fine for finishing (220 at least).
I don't have much advice on spray paints as I usually go cheap... just make sure it'll bond to plastic, be consistent with the matte/satin/gloss finishes you pick, and seal it with clear. One tip I will give is to put a bit o' tape over the screw holes, as even a little paint will (literally) gum up the works and make it harder to reassemble. You can always do some post-assembly weathering to cover up missed areas.

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I have no clue what I'm doing, but I need to do a little cleanup and start to do my strapping
I haven't a Scooby Doo how to properly do things like cutting bevels without fucking up everything, or even basic skills so I just tried to make things look passable

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I'm doing a few props to expand my repetoire. Some will go into future cosplays, some won't.
Going to start with Zagreus' Stygian blade as a "basic" trial run for building a sword. Doesn't seem too hard while I've been reading up on the basics of how people accomplish swords in cosplay. Biggest thing is deciding what thickness of foam I'll use and where I'll get a wooden dowel as the core.

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Finally got access to a large-scale 3d printer, now just need to find stl's, learn to print and work on prints.