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tewi cosplay that made tetasgore or keu shitt

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turn the exposure down so we can actually see it retard

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"hey guyyyys what do you think of my cosplay :3??"

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>high exposure
>mouth covering
bait thread but it's obviously edited so it's not obvious how ugly this failmale is (and how low effort the cosplay is).

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I didn't do the cosplay, a friend of mine did it, if I have photos I'll show them because I think I delete their Instagram

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that's my gf

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Just say that you hate your nose atp

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hot if a boy not if a girl

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How am I supposed to see the cosplay?
All I see is your face

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This!! Block out your face and post the outfit! Your face is fine, we don't need to see it.

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please be a boy