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I'm working on getting the finishing touches on my first cosplay for a con this month. I'm doing Dallas from Payday. If you have any constructive criticism, let me know. I have like two weeks to tweak it.

What I know needs work
>wearing a beanie under the mask
isn't correct but the straps make my hair look awful

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I also feel like an absolute sperg. does this go away?

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The beanie is my biggest setback right now, with my beard being the second. I'm not committed enough to the bit to shave so I need to find a way to mitigate the overflow.

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i don't know man I've never posted on this board before

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As a guy who plays Payday and has struggled with "how do I make a cosplay not just look like 'generic man in suit'?" I can offer a few tips.
If you don't want to use your hair (or a simple wig - you can go CHEAP since it'll be mostly covered) at least get a smaller or tighter skullcap beanie. Something like a spandex helmet liner won't be as bulky and can add a 'tactical' look that fits the character. Can't help you on beard styling (I get not shaving but even a trim might help) but it could be fun to add some temporary white coloring to match Etebari's salt-and-pepper beard a little closer.
Even if he has a black suit in promo pics his funky brown blazer is more iconic imo. Since you have a couple weeks it'd be worth it to cruise through local thrift shops to see if there's a cheap suit jacket closer to his ingame look - doesn't have to be identical, but if you get lucky and find a brown tweed in roughly your size I think it'd look nicer.
Also keep your jacket unbuttoned since that's how the character models look.
I can't tell if you're wearing something strapped on in the pics, but some more accessories would go a long way. Since you'll probably want a bag anyway for stuff you get at the con, try something resembling the duffle or shoulder bags from the game. Even something as goofy as fake money poking out of your pockets is something people would find fun.
Some cheap craft-store paint touchups would make your mask look nicer - darker blue for the star back, and maybe a bit of weathering around the eyes and brow to make the sculpt 'pop' some more.
not really, you gotta lean into it

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slather your beard in gel and hairspray so it sits very close to your face. easier if your hair is longer

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>helmet liner
this is a great idea. thanks anon
honestly just not in the budget this month.
yeah, I have a chest rig with SMG mags in it but after having done this I realized that going for a realistic concealable look isn't visually interesting and I may swap it out for my plate carrier. I also have the duffle and fake cash on the way

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do you know what shade of blue would look best? I get darker but I'm hesitant to fuck it up by going too dark.
I am a retard for not considering this. thanks muchly

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The shade of blue seems to vary across promo pics and cover illustrations but i would say, like... mid blue or a lighter navy blue. The reason I suggest it is your current one feels a little too pale so something generally bolder, deeper, or more saturated. But since I don't have the actual prop in hand I can't be super precise.

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Straight up should have bought the HEAT rig from Kommandostore baka

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cool idea