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>post accounts you follow
>ask for/share advice
>keep it civil

>act like a retard
>insult other people

*don't self-post if you're going to shit up the thread trying to defend yourself

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What’s Instagram currently like in regards to the algorithm?

I used to do pretty well on Instagram, but then I started taking breaks from social media to focus on school. Anytime I came back from a break, my interaction would be absolute shit. It started feeling like a waste of time to post at all.

At this point I don’t think I’ve posted in 2 years, but lately I’ve been feeling like a want to revive my account. Any tips, advice, or even just your general perspective on the current state of Instagram would be appreciated

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Lmao as if I'd give out my ig on 4chan
If you're a man and have an ig for any reason other than to showcase your photography you're gay infa 200% and that's okay but you should admit it

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God I hate scrotes. I fucking miss when this board used to be 99% women

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tiktok came and facebook shat the bed when they realized short form video content did much better than images so the algo gigapushes reels and shits on photos now.

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Way to out yourselves as newfags. You claim to want the old CGL but don’t even know ig threads are OLD, my op is literally a copy and paste of an old Instagram thread in the archives.
Also I don’t beg you to self post, it’s simply says don’t be a retard if you do self post since self posting isn’t encouraged in other threads.
How is this any different from asking for someone’s handle in COF and inspo threads? Grow the fuck up, ironically enough people like you is what’s killing the Lolita side of this board.

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Lolita is gross and lame looking

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Anon please. You’re not an oldfag by any means. Try again when you’ve been around for ten plus years.

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You have to make reels if you want anyone to see your posts since that what the algorithm pushes to the top of everyone's feed. I stopped posting and just look at friends' stories because my feed is full of annoying TikToks.

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Really? Ten years? You mean 2013??? Huh…Definitely no Instagram threads back then either.
Keep embarrassing yourself

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I’m sorry your reading comprehension is that bad rofl. Why don’t you post the actual og thread to that since you want to claim you’re an oldfag?

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is this bait or are you just underage

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PLEASE stop larping as an old fag, cgl was made in 2012 and you’re trying to tell me a thread created 1 year after that isn’t old? Wtf is a decade old thread new then?
I never called the year 2013 old, I called the thread topic old and I can tell you’re new by how hard you’re trying to prove yourself and how much you love shitting up threads

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/cgl/'s been around since April 2006, anon.

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Why are you calling me a newfag when all I said was that I miss this board being almost exclusively female?

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>cgl was made in 2012
Confirmed newfag

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You have to be a troll because this is the dumbest bait ever.

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kek did you think it began in 2012 because that's when the archive begins?

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Yes they really thought the beginning of the archives is when cgl started rofl.

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>PLEASE stop larping as an oldfag
>larps as an oldfag
This is why I can’t take anons on this board seriously

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Topkek. it's a mystery to me what board i was shitposting on in 2008 then if cgl only started in 2012

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I don't post much myself, but one cosplay content creator (a crafter, not the dancing kind) said that Insta will be stopping the monetary incentive for Reels. I don't have a source on it other than word of mouth, but I wonder, if true, how much it'll affect Reels content.

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that is true https://www.theverge.com/2023/3/9/23633249/meta-ends-reels-play-bonus-instagram-facebook

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I came from a time capsule in the past and I regret waking up, here.

this board has aids and died of terminal cancer in 2015

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I wish 4chan would incorporate banning people for infighting. it's just a waste of space at this point and everyone's always so fucking angry.

ya'll shit up my board when the newfags from the lolita community flooded in and you don't see me complaining (I stopped using this board because it's trash due lack of integration of culture)

you newfag fuckers came onto my board, took my memes, took er jobs, and then never thanked us for the culture and continued to piss it away with bad LJ egl era memes.

and I can promise half of you no one has been on this piss poor board as long as I have, so get over it you newfag fuckers. learn to integrate. learn to meme. stop being fucking retarded piss babies.

>2006 signing out

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Imagine bragging about still being here for so long. While your peers grew up and moved on, you're still here acting like a child. Sad.

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man i wish the board was creates in 2012. i was in high school when it was created, i'd be much younger...

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Instagram was pushing reels for the longest time. They went the same route as Facebook in terms of visibility- they want you to pay to promote your posts. If you don’t, your reach is low. Pictures get next to zero engagement which is baffling since that was the entire premise of the platform- sharing your pictures

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Anon....do you realize youre also posting here? Is this some kind of projection?

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Thanks, Coca-Cola Bear. I love your tv work.

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the difference is I'm not bragging about it

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Reels and Carousels (multiple photos in one post)
Carousels show up organically in followers' feeds twice, both times with different pics from the same post