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Good evening, /cgl/

I want to dress as Mario to my local cinema for the Super Mario Bros. Movie, launching on April 5th, 2023

However, I need to find a cobbler or a shoemaker who will design me these shoes. I’d also like to discuss the other aspects of the costume, I’m willing to drop some dough.

Where can I get a good costume designer, or at least the closest materials possible

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Looks like a rounded version of men's oxford shoes/boots. His overalls are just jean overalls. Shirt is a red button-up in the movie but is often just a red long-sleeve. He's a lower class plumber, a working man, his clothes aren't going to be fancy or tailored.
The hat and gloves is the only thing that's truly unique. You can buy them but they aren't going to be 100% perfectly accurate to the source

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You want custom shoes from an artisan for this? for movie screening? when else are you planning on wearing the costume? would you ever wear these shows outside the costume? you really think a plumber would be wearing bespoke shows and not some good old boots from the job lot?

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>However, I need to find a cobbler or a shoemaker

Try asking a bootmaker from your local Renaissance faire if they'd take the job.

example: https://www.sonofsandlar.com/

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That's what I was trying to say above in >>10842853, if Mario was a real person he'd be wearing hardy department store stuff like Levi's and Timberland. Stuff that doesn't matter if it gets dirty or ruined because it's cheap and easy to replace. He wouldn't be out here wearing one of a kind designer shoes and tailored jeans.

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Yes, I am Mario

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Ask your local mascot company to do it I work at a mascot company and we make shoes that exact size and shape all the time

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Low IQ posts
He is not dressing up as your average plumber, he is cosplaying a character and wants it to be accurate to how the character looks

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It will look stupid because he's trying to get the proportions of the costume even though he doesn't have the proportions of the cartoon. His feet will look like hooves

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He might as well make a mascot costume in that case

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Based helper anon

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Bumping for interest

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Mf just be Mario lmao!

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