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Last thread archived weeks ago and we've been getting a bunch of crossplay threads since. Normally, I'd approve 200% and say "Let's make that the whole board" even. But too many killjoys and derails make the return of a focused gen inevitable. (This also doubles as "The last three editions were numbered wrong edition") Be excellent to each other, Let's All Love Crossplay

Keep it /cgl/-related! Cosplay or J-fashion like Lolita/Brolita, Aristocrat, Kimono, Nanchatte, etc.!


ITT you may post:
- Useful guides that can be applied to crossplaying/crossdressing
- Questions, help, sharing advice to improve your appearance to pass temporary as the opposite gender (Male -> Female, Female -> Male)
- pictures of crossplay/crossdressing coords, selfposts
- personal experience/stories regarding crossplay/crossdressing

NOT allowed:
- Anything in sexual context/fetish stuff
- Anything related to gender transition like hormones, operation etc.; >>>/lgbt/ might be the better place for this
- Casual crossdressing without any /cgl/-context

Link collection:


Contact for suggestions or contribution: crossplay.cgl@yahoo.com


Affiliated Discord server: https://discord.gg/eBnVEtQ

Previous thread: >>10710799

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crossplay is a fetish but goodluck with your mental health issues

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>not allowed. Anything sexual, ie. Fetish talk
I shiggity diggity doo.

Anyways, not saying it'll be my last time ever doing it, but I'm 29 this year and planning a dress or two for the only con within six hours. Gonna go as a Sailor Scout probably, and just a generic maid weeb fuck. Yeehaw

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Please don't buy the generic amazon maid costume if you're doing a generic maid, at least aim for something that looks nice.

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It goes both ways

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yeah and girls who dress as men are fetishizers too. your point?

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you both look like shit and everyone else at cons hates you. ganbatte

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Never done makeup and I get by fine without it but it could definitely help me. The problem is (like with all crossplay things) not having anyone around to just call and ask for advice. Even if there is...I'd rather not, at the risk of them driving the conversation into unrelated stuff.
>Online tutorials
Of course, yeah. Still, in-person would be way preferable. Not even sure what to try applying yet other than eyeshadow.

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The mask mandates have made crossdressing for cons so simple, just a little makeup around the eyes with your outfit and you're golden, I hope it doesn't go away any time soon.

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You could use it anyway

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> test

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> test

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gtfo newfag

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i did it it was worth it

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you don't need a mask mandate to cover your face, but yeah it does make it look more real since everyone wears a mask, or atleast have until recently

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how smart is getting drunk in high heels?
i mean girls do it all the time.

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You just need practice. Wear high heels while you get drunk at home before wearing high heels and getting drunk in public. ^_^

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getting drunk at home is the root cause of alcoholism retard

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I think getting drunk is the effect of alcoholism

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yes but getting drunk at home destroys the drinking = outside barrier and i already fucked that up with drugs.

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nta but you having an addictive personality doesn't mean it's a bad thing.

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it does make it a bad thing for me.
back to the original question: if i already know how to walk in heels it's not that hard when drunk?

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Who'd you dress as?

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goth gf.

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Looking for an advice about kitsuke / kimono.
I’m looking for tabi socks, but the actual real socks, not the stretchy stuff you can find on amazon that feels like your normal puma socks.

Any idea where I can get that?
I’m located in west eu

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I'd try here:


Looks like they ship worldwide.

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Possibly newfag question, but what breastplate companies do y’all recommend? I’m ok with silicone upkeep if needed.

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just a styeofoam halfball??

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These looks nice, thanks

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I have one from Eyung. It's nice, but the silicone are very thick. Harder to hide but more durable, I guess.

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Please give a first timer your best advice

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Hi all! First timer here. Been crossplaying at cons for a year now.

I would strongly suggest fishing something out of the local facebook marketboards instead as you'll get it cheap but high quality. Look out for anything from Taobao or DokiDokiSSR. Be sure to pay attention to asian to american size conversion!

I would strongly suggest biting the bullet and making friends with a cosplayer who knows their way around makeup like someone working in film & TV makeup. Focus on being friendly and making people feel comfortable enough that they would consider coming to your house or something to teach you makeup. If you can't, start with liquid foundation in your general tone, an application sponge to dab it on, eyeliner, and setting powder, applied in that order. Once you get enough attention you'll have people at your fingertips to as the finer details. Good luck friend.

Smile! Just a little bit of gesture goes a long way into the believably of your crossplay. Acting more docile, learning the dutch smile, and making lots of eye contact help a ton. If you stare directly into the camera for photos you'll instantly be way more photogenic. Practice keeping your legs together when you sit, and covering your rear when you get up and sit down. You don't stop being a girl just because you stop standing.

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Or... OR...

Someone likes a character. So why not dress as that character?


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I think if you just stay realistic about dropping it once the testosterone starts kicking in you're fine.

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I am afraid. So, in July, I'm going to my first convention with a couple of friends. I'm AMAB. And, I'm going as Mandy, from Grim Adventures.

I've never done makeup. Or sewing. Or even hair products. And, honestly, I'd need to lose a little weight too, in the next four months. And probably shave my entire body. But I have a good face for trying this. And I think I could make it work.

I don't want to be one of those low effort people with a horrible cosplay. And I don't want this to suck, even though I want to do it. Any ideas what to do? I'm probably gonna lurk on here for the next four months, soaking up tutorials.

>first time at convention
>first time crossdressing
>first time at some big community event

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Have fun and you'll be a-ok! The big thing will be controlling your profile i.e. your shoulders, arm muscle, and legs as well as the shape of the wig. Maybe think about getting some friends to do a group cosplay

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July gives you a decent amount of time to get things started. Take your time, practice a lot. Make sure you see if you can talk with a lot of cosplayer friends/contacts with regards to it.

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Evening everyone, I was sent here becouse I have a question, planning on doing the level up lady from demon souls, never really "crossplayed" before but I reckon I could pull it off well, wondering if there's any good tips yall can give me, be it makeup or how to do her nice looking dress, not a lot of cosplays of her on the net so I'm not too sure what to do, plus walking barefoot on the convention doesn't seem like a great idea.
>picrel is a scuffed prototype I did to go clubbing

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Here's the Maiden for reference

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i'd recommend working on your double chin and a nosejob before you try and be a woman

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Mean?, im not trans I just wanna crossplay

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ugly girls get the same treatment. l2 cope if you wanna pretend to be a woman, ugly

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Not even offended but that's still rude and pointless

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I actually already always sit with my legs together I don't really know why, maybe an autism thing. My main concern is that I'll look too weird. I am going to first crossplay at a local convention where I know a lot of people so I won't look like a weird loser pacing around in women's clothing.
What is the best way to explain to someone why I'd be dressed as a girl?

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Ignore them, there's people on this board that think crossplay = being transgender.
Advice: get a wig, don't use your real hair. What's your sewing experience like? Her outfit is a cloak and a dress made up of either gauze or leather straps. Someone bought a black dress as a base and then wrapped fabric around it to get that look, maybe you could try something like that?

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From my experience, people default to dont ask dont tell when it comes to crossplay since its a can of worms already. Still, if it comes up the best policy is just to be honest and say you like it and be quick to add in that its not a gender or SID thing either (if theyre not trans or excessively liberal. Theyre quick to make it a homo/transphobia thing).

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Sugar waxing (homemade)
Any of you recommend this at all? How many days should I do it before a convention, and is it safe to do on facial hair?

>> No.10843752

If you wax your face you'll probably end up scratchy and bleeding all over with ingrown hairs, better and safer to just shave on the day. You could test waxing your face but it risks extreme pain.

>> No.10843753

Sorry, should have clarified. (It might bot change the answer) but I've had a good handful of laser hair treatments so I don't have much facial hair. Guessing its still a bad idea yeah?

>> No.10843756

If you don't have much issue with 5 o'clock shadow I'd just shave it, but if you do and are still thinking of waxing I'd go to a place for it

>> No.10843758

I personally still wouldn't do it because face skin is much more sensitive than leg skin, you could try pulling them out with a tweezer and seeing how that goes. How and why did you get them laser removed? How expensive was it? I've been thinking about doing it because I hate shaving but if it didn't even remove all of it it doesn't seem worth it.

>> No.10843759

There are places you can get this done?

>> No.10843760

Yeah? Spas, wax studios, some salons - search around your area and make some calls.

>> No.10843761

Hmm okay. Dont know how to shave with a razor but might try to find a place then.
Trans reasons, im still closeted and money is tight so im only like 3/4s done. It was like, 400 or 500 for a package deal of like, 6 or 7. Its pretty YMMV and I def will need to get some electrolysis to finish it off but even not finishing it yet has made a really big difference.

>> No.10843763

I think I'd die from embarrassment if I went to a salon

That's great good for you anon! So your money isn't wasted I hope it goes well. I think I'd like to do it but I don't want people to pick up on the fact that I'm a repressed tranner, I shave but I feel like people would notice if I just have plain skin without stubble. Cross dressing already reveals enough.

>> No.10843766

I worry about it so so much for ages but just go, they really don't care and as long as you are polite they will surely be happy. No doubt they deal with bitchy clients so...plus if you are repressed they prob will just assume you are just somewhere on the gay fem spectrum or something. Its saves sooo much time too

>> No.10843767

that's like trying to explain away being a pervert, impossible.

>> No.10843771

>I think I'd die from embarrassment if I went to a salon
cis men go to salons and get waxed too. Waxing your face for that clean look and smooth texture w/o having to worry about the hairs coming back right away.

>> No.10843974

>Anyways, not saying it'll be my last time ever doing it, but I'm 29 this year
As someone who just started this and is 26 this is incredibly demoralizing to read

>> No.10843977

Whys that?

>> No.10843978

3 years left until I have to give this up (unless scientists cure aging in my lifetime and make it affordable). Especially sucks considering COVID stole 3+ years from my prime.

>> No.10843980

Why give it up? I know a 40';s guy who crossplayed as the RE:Villiage lady because he had the height and face for it with makeup. There'll always be characters and outfits to fit your body

>> No.10843983

Oh that's partly due to how few cons I get to, and it seems like it's been less every year too.
For some reasons the feelings towards it have changed over time too. Maybe it was the attention received as a young guy that I'm just less excited by, or that half the attention now is from tranny ally freaks that want to wave support for something I'm not interested in.

Not all that worried about looking so perfect, the makeup skills have gone up and it can cover a lot. However the body isn't Mr skellymode Twink anymore, and it won't be going back to that any time. Don't let age stop you. I've just lost some interest over the years

>> No.10843986

Buy a corset

>> No.10843990

Not that anon but gonna piggy back
So for body shape I need

>Corset (optional since I'm thin but good to have?)
>Girdle (use towel to help pad)
>Just a bra and pads

The bra I'm the most hesitant on, because it almost seems too simple to me. Any advice I should have before buying a set of these?

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cure aging? are you retarded?

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you're looking to deep into it i just do it cause it's gay

>> No.10844073

Looks cute in this picture but you've got to wonder how he looks in person

>> No.10844077

tbf covering the bottom half of the face always makes a guy look more feminine

>> No.10844088

It's a field that we'll eventually achieve at some point. It's already happening today with people living longer while being biologically younger (look up young people from 40 years ago). Just in January there was shit with mice and editing cells to make them younger and older.

It'll happen at some point, it's just a matter of if it's in our lifetime or not.

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There's a reason he wears the mask lol. He has a fairly strong jaw.

>> No.10844125

it's not reasonably within our lifetime where if you're 30 now you can stay looking 30

>> No.10844131

Not with that attitude

>> No.10844134

Pic of his face?

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>My main concern is that I'll look too weird
While perfectly understandable, it's also the ultimate pitfall. Any and every convention will have crossplayers, male as female or female as male. (In many case, that's a good way to find someone who posts here too)
>What is the best way to explain to someone why I'd be dressed as a girl?
Well and truly sincerely? "I wanted to." The less justification, the more respect it garners. Acting in the assumption "I like the way this looks" signals to others that they also agree. (If they're at all worthwhile anyway)

>I would strongly suggest biting the bullet and making friends with a cosplayer who knows their way around makeup
Already got this base covered, and I do hang with a lot of them outside convention settings but it's rarely ever lowkey enough to have enough time for this sort of thing. Knowing what I'd even need is of course the first step, and it looks like you were able to help out there. I assumed foundation would be one of them, so that's a promising start. And thanks, for the tips and for spreading positivity

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I don't have one, I saw him in passing at last years lcs finals.

>> No.10844274

How hard is makeup really? I've only done foundation before.

>> No.10844290

my face is cute enough that I don't need to contour, just hide my shadow
Simple eyeliner is kind of easy, use a tool for cat-eye.
Go super easy with the blush.
I bought an eye shadow palette and brushes but haven't worn it yet

>> No.10844293

That's a man.

>> No.10844298

no shit

>> No.10844299

pencil for eyeliner, eyeshadow is literally just dusting on the top of your eyehole.
lipstick is ez, just rub it on the bottom lip and peck your lips together so it coats both

>> No.10844302

>all this cope and mental gymnastics

>> No.10844303

We are having fun crossplaying and you are angry and obsessed with us

>> No.10844304

Guys did I fuck up something? I bought a maid dress 2 weeks ago on Ebay and I’ve been keeping an eye on the shipping track. Well a couple of days ago it got stuck on Miami and its saying “ PROVIDER LABEL REJECTED”. What’s up with that? Do I have to do something? Its the first time that happened to me

>> No.10844305

maybe ask for a refund at the very worst

>> No.10844308

Send an email to the provider or contact ebay

>> No.10844444

Is there a good way to accentuate my figure in a one-piece dress? It seems like my waist and hips just get hidden by it, should I use pens to tighten up the area around it?

>> No.10844587

foam pads for your hips, literally take a mattress and cut it to shape. plenty of tutorials around for different types so yoj cam choose. just wear two pairs of tights over it, one large size just to hold the pads and one normal size to give you a natural looking figure.
doubles as a seat pillow too

>> No.10844642

I'm already using a girdle and stuffing that with a towel, so I should that on top of it and just making the proportions even bigger?

>> No.10844656

wym stuffing with a towel? i just use the foam, mattresses are thick so you have a lot of room to work with and cut down until it's right
also wym girdle, a corset?
i don't need a corset so idk about that

>> No.10844676

Where do you find high quality wigs?
Also I never bought shoes before, I'm reading women sizes are technically bigger but at the same time women shoes tend to be thinner, so what should you buy exactly? Your same size anyway?

>> No.10844691

I mean girdle as in a girdle. I'm not really sure how to simplify what I said further. I think you're misunderstanding my issue. The issue isn't that I can't have a femine figure, it's that my costume ends up hiding it so I need to find a way to keep it.

>> No.10844692

You can usually find high quality ones designed for characters on amazon. With shoes I usually take liberties because unless it's some prominent boots people won't take much notice at shoe detail, and you can find a pair of shoes with flat soles and that can take about half an inch off your shoe wearing height.

>> No.10844758

belt over the costume helps

>> No.10844770

How many days before a convention do you think is best for a face wax? Its like, red for a bit right?

>> No.10844779

I would do it 2 days before (so wednesday if the convention starts friday), gives a chance for your skin to calm down if you do end up having a bad reaction

>> No.10844871

For high quality wigs, check out Arda. If you're willing to import from Japan, Maple Wigs are also a solid option.
As for shoes, I would suggest you measure your foot to get an idea of what women's sizes would fit you. Depending on the shape of your feet and how flexible they are, you may need to order up like half a size US, or a few sizes up in EU. If you can go to a thrift store and buy some cheap pairs that'll help you get an idea of what size they should be as well.

>> No.10844892

Have you done it before? You should probably do a test run first.

>> No.10844924

I havent, no...is there a good home test thats close enough? I wanna do it for Anime Boston so i dont have much time now Id say

>> No.10844979

I'm sorry I can't help you here, I don't know anything about waxing I just thought it would be a good idea to test it first

>> No.10845020

ah, fair. Gonna go to some spas tomorrow and see what they say

>> No.10845050

nta but if you live in boston call around because only certain places will wax male faces (since sometimes a thick haired beard won't wax right and you end up ripping out skin with it) but there are places that do! depending on how fast your beard grows you'll need to do it a few days before the con. you can also go in for a consultation and they'll have a better idea based on your hair type. hope that helps.

>> No.10845331

What do you mean when you say dutch smile?

>> No.10845443

Im actually just a bit north of Boston, but I already went in yesterday and made an appointment somewhere just in case for those reasons.
But thanks for saying it still of course!

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Did the Helltaker thing before. thought it looked nice

>> No.10845781

that does look good!

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File: 180 KB, 1536x2048, 118294634_755826131919433_2406827438453008817_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10846280

face is all that counts bro, even just wear a mask

>> No.10846419
File: 13 KB, 250x188, Maya_Bench_Exasperated_1.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

mask or no mask your bone structure gives it away

>> No.10846539

women's masks are designed to hide ugly faces which means masculine faces. it's those more durable cloth masks that go over your nose and accent your chin so it looks smoother.
a long wig does the rest

>> No.10846554

Those masks are highly disturbing and would creep out everyone around you, are you serious or trying to cause him to get stared at and possibly even blacklisted? The guy in OP's image doesn't pass at all and looks like he's six foot but he looks okay because of the makeup he's wearing.

>> No.10846582

>Highly disturbing

>> No.10846595

Have you ever crossdressed? the mask literally sells it.

>> No.10846596

also what makeup? his face is hidden lmao

>> No.10846627

It's the kind of weird stuff that creeps people out, like diapers

>Have you ever crossdressed?
Yes that's why I'm in this tread
You can tell by the gradient of his skin and his lips he's wearing makeup not a mask, a mask is obvious

>> No.10846631

What masks are you even talking about? they are so commonplace now no way is anyone gonna find some "slightly different" mask on some sort of taboo level

>> No.10846633

Its a false flagging idiot. Pay them no mind

>> No.10846642

sorry, im prone to getting dragged into stuff like that. my b

>> No.10846671

>people here wear LITERAL human face masks

Holy fuck this is disgusting and creepy, how self unaware are you?

If you want some concealment just stick to the standard facemask/flumask like every beard shadowed/square jawed femboy on twitter. At least thats well accepted.

>> No.10846756

The weird face masks that are meant to look like women faces, made of realistic rubber. That's the kind of thing that creeps people out.


>> No.10846757

Or makeup and not try to hide how you look?

>> No.10846759

you miss my entire ppint so you can go on this demented tangent. really nigga?

>> No.10846787

>Never attribute to malice what can be attributed more easily to stupidity
Silly me, I forgot

>> No.10846858

>Simple long black tightish dress comes in
How do I fix this. Can I wear like 3 corsets or something

>> No.10847184

I crossplayed for the first time at a local Touhou con, it was fantastic. I got many compliments, I met many people, and got asked to take photos with several people. I don't really know how well I turned out (the makeup was the big issue, combined with having to wear a mask and glasses it causes smudges.

It was still fun, I think I'll do it again next weekend at another event.

>> No.10847253

please stop projecting

>> No.10847368

How did you get your fit?
I'd like to crossplay as a 2hu too but I don't know where to buy a high quality outfit

>> No.10847412

Little disappointed with the results of a face wax, lot of little hairs leftover

>> No.10847460

Any epilator insights would be appreciated. Cause the one time somebody offered me one to use (didn't know what it was at the time) I thought it looked horrifying. Then I asked my sister if she had one...and she said almost the same thing.

>> No.10847777

Damn that's good, did you use hip pads? Also your legs tonned very well

>> No.10847782
File: 404 KB, 454x847, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just where a facemask a good fringe and a facemask should be able to hide jaw line

>> No.10847841

Yeah but your brow ridge and shitty makeup still give you away.

>> No.10847851

Okay, time to stir the pot...

What is your (and other peoples') obsession with people passing or not on this thread? This is *crossplay* not *crossdress* or *mtf transgander*.

Seriously- if someone looks good in a costume- whether they "pass" or not- isn't that what matters? If they have a slightly heavier brow, or a somewhat wider jawline, and people can peg them as a guy... why do you care? If someone does a good job with the costume and the makeup and they look good in it, but people can tell they're a guy... isn't that beside the point?

Cosplay is about portraying a character. It's about pretending to be a character that you love. Or a character whose style you love. It's about looking good and enjoying yourself. It's about showing off your sewing skills or makeup skills or wig-styling skills. It's about meeting people at cons and getting your picture taken.

It's about whatever part of the hobby you enjoy.

And if for you, it's about "passing"- that's fine. Be obsessed with if you pass or not. But don't make other people feel like they have to pass. There's a lot more to this hobby than passing.

>> No.10847858

I'm just pointing out something that is relevant to the original conversation. OP was the one that brought up passing first. Passing is the whole reason people are talking about jawline and masks.

>> No.10847890

I didn't realise how bad my brow bridge was

>> No.10847894

No one would notice that except /tttt/ trannies who are obsessed with different ways you clock people. It's completely unnoticeable to normal people. He's probably jealous of you.

>> No.10847929

Recommendations for a corset?
I know zero about them, I just want something to hide under dresses to have a better shape
My chest is like 88 and my waist 81, still trying to lose some stomach so it could go a little lower, but I'm still pretty much a rectangle
There's so many corsets and I don't know what to pick, I'd like something budget friendly for starting out

>> No.10848118

no it doesn't, what are you smoking he looks fine, hot even

>> No.10848124

pads help, proportion your chest and butt so it masks your normal figure, but don't go too far cause ot gets too obvious. idk you'll have to eyeball it as you whittle the foam

>> No.10848862

ok so i was just thinkin "i'll get high and try to walk in heels" like some hardmode trial and now i can't even walk normally lmao. damn why are heels so easy and hard at the same time, like i can walk fine but then part of my brain stops being autopilot and suddenly i'm conciously walking and can't even take a single step man how do i make it more naturalother than "keep trying"

>> No.10848922

jfc men will literally think any slop you put on your face counts as good makeup

>> No.10848961

I just purchased a costume off of Amazon JP. It's passable, but far from something that could compete with the nicer stuff I've seen here. I've also seen sites like cosplayFU sell touhou costumes, but I can't attest to their quality.

On a related note, I went to a Touhou cosplay rave and a girl cosplayer was surprised to hear that I was a boy "otokonoko?" so I guess that's a sign I'm doing well despite still being relatively new to this all.

>> No.10849083

Are you really so insecure that you're intimidated by men crossplaying? Do you think we're gonna steal straight men's attention from you?

>> No.10849322

i mean i do that so i get the fear

>> No.10849369
File: 185 KB, 512x512, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's a copy+pasta that hasn't been updated in at least 5 years now. You're allowed to emphasize whatever you want, but the total fixation on "You do not pass" is a pretty obvious demoralization tactic. It may work on some, myself *not* included.

>> No.10849454

Does anyone have any experience with those fake silicone wearable breasts? I'm planning to cosplay a character with a pretty big chest and I figure I may as well treat that like another prop for my outfit.

>> No.10849559

I have foamy ones I've used forever. They don't jiggle, or feel real, but they hav perfect shape, won't give you back pain, and are cheap.

>> No.10849575

not them but where did you buy/how did you make?

>> No.10849584

I'm ninety percent sure these were the ones I got

I see now they have oval, and other shaped ones. Didn't have all the options back when I got em. Silicone might be what you want given prices have changed. Foam is probably far comfier tho.
Will have to get a skin adhesive. I have some roll on stuff that dissolves with water. Useful for other stuff too. Keeping stockings up, tiaras in place, etc.

>> No.10849650

i brought a breastplate off amazon that worked fine but just know that they get sweaty and kinda annoying after a while so it may be a case of running to com to chillout w/o boob plate on. Other then that they hide really well with chokers. I messed around with them a lot and woke my com mate up each day by jumping onto them and lying on them (they r a heavy af sleeper) they got be a roayner plate later so win-win

>> No.10849658

this isn't a breastplate you fucking moron. anon is talking about these tit vests like pic related. the things you linked are like bra liners and i can't believe you'd wear them with adhesive.

>> No.10849659
File: 22 KB, 466x626, 51cu8OUJRkL._AC_SX466_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

drooped pic.

>> No.10849673

In my opinion that would make you look like a clown and actually take away from effort you might have put in to your cosplay. I'd personally just wear a padded bra.

>> No.10849674

better than gluing ugly triangles on your chest. it's pretty convincing if you match it to your skintone.

>> No.10849680

I started HRT solely to look better in crossplay, am i making a mistake?

>> No.10849684

Making a permanent modification to your body for cosmetic reasons is usually a mistake, what response do you want?

>> No.10849685

I'm seriously considering this too, the main thing keeping me from doing so is developing breasts and dick problems. What are the other side effects though, does it really improve hair and skin? And if so, why doesn't that manifest in a lot of the choice people you see online?

>> No.10849694

If you want nicer hair and skin why not just take vitamin supplements like biotin and vitamin e?

>> No.10849711

Oh the irony of calling someone stupid when you're putting words in others mouth. Your woman thinking is on point.
Not sure how you'd expect to stick titties on without adhesive. A bra alone won't hold perfect without shifting.

>> No.10849745


Self-made Winners do whatever it takes.

>> No.10849767

or don't show cleavage and just use styrofoam for cheap? part of the fun is doing as much yourself as possible, not everything, but all details that can be variable and easy to make on your own.

>> No.10849771

anon was asking for big breasts. learn to read.
kek, calm down triangle tits.

>> No.10849779

I apologize, I should have been a bit more clear. I meant something more like this Anon posted.
What kind did you purchase and do they seem good enough to hold up for quite a few uses? They're kinda pricey but the only thing really keeping me from pulling the trigger is quality and I suppose I'm interested in how easy they are to clean after you're done wearing them since they probably get insanely sweaty.

>> No.10849889

I got mine from taobao and they're silicone filled with cotton which makes them less heavy and easier to wear. I've only worn them a few times but they've held up well. A friend got some off Amazon with cotton as well and they were the same basically so search for those. I can link the taobao ones if you'd like. You want to have your hair in a wig cap when taking them on and off because it pulls at even buzzed hair. And use baby powder to keep from sweating.

>> No.10849930

I don't know what you are talking about. Can you send a picture of that?

>> No.10850008

That would be very excellent! How is shipping time on stuff from there? I've never used it.

>> No.10850011

links plss

>> No.10850128

skin? yes, definitely. to the point it feels like that I am cheating compared to females.
I had oily skin and had frequent acnes, but now I only get 1 every three weeks or so (maybe even longer), and in doing so, stops further damage to your skin. I mean, if you are diligent on your skincare you probably can achieve the thing too.
Ideally, I still want several pass of laser to fix my skin's texture.
IDK how that works if you skin type is dry.
Also I think it makes makeup last longer because less sebum production.
For Hair? Never noticed any.
Side effects? You literally stop being a coomer and might alter your sexuality. However, you can cum anywhere without a tissue because on later stages you just, cease to ejaculate. Also HRT becomes a drag to take sometimes. My nose gained some sensitivity. Can't just randomly sit to a male anymore because sometimes it stinks a lot

>> No.10850133 [DELETED] 

I've been on it for about 15 years and I still cum but it's purely a clear fluid with no real semen to speak of, more like I'm ejaculating purely pre. Did you eventually stop that too? I figured I'd be about as far along as I could be in this process but maybe it's just different between people.

>> No.10850150 [DELETED] 

YMMV, but I masturbate to no ejaculate. However if I properly pleasure myself, precum does leak out, slowly.
It's just usually I don't masturbate for a long time

>> No.10850202 [DELETED] 

I'll probably only go onto it if I manage to knock a girl up, and if I fail to do that I'll probably suicide. My father didn't look too manly in his early thirties so I'll try my luck, because of whatever younger generations are less masculine too.

>I've been on it for about 15 years
When did you start? If it was in your twenties would you be able to describe how you look? I'm really not tying to be rude, do you just look like a really effete beta-ish male or do people confuse you as a woman?

>> No.10850206

Make sure you get the right underbust size or they'll split open.

>> No.10850207
File: 139 KB, 594x514, loli smirk.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good morning, folks. Hope we're having a sensible discussion here right now, and not some strange fuckery like--Wait, a second. What am I looking at? Oh. Right. Yes, carry on. Makeup, padding, skincare

As you were LG x

>> No.10850213

Don't delete my posts :(

>> No.10850238

Girls are fetishizing me? SWAG!

>> No.10850252
File: 408 KB, 1080x1080, RDJ moment.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

[To be more precise, they fetishize masculine traits, as they perceive them. But rather than looking for such traits in men they internalize them, and may also seek other women who feel the same way. This can be easily swayed to your advantage, however you would do well to know they are also highly inclined to label any dalliances as homosexual in nature, even when they are clearly not.]

>> No.10850338

I forget to answer. You know how highlight and shading is usually to make the face more contoured. Can it be made so the "contour" deemphasize your face's "contour"?

>> No.10850814

I have an Eyung breastplate. It looks good in photos and from 3+ meters away, but up close you can tell they're fake. Like anon I got the cotton filled breasts and it's not super heavy. I don't get too hot & sweaty in it, but I don't go to summer cons.
I think the main drawback is that it's hard to get on & off, even with lots of baby powder.

>> No.10851007
File: 2.82 MB, 512x288, 1682061411564832.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10851015
File: 615 KB, 2905x2820, IMG_20230421_154308.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

DESU that was me being cheeky over a conversation that got axed entirely. I do pop in here and there, but mostly prefer to just watch from the sidelines.
>be me
>go to range for the first time in years, in the company of weebs
>At least two confirmed crossplayers (possibly more)
>literally off the beaten path at the end of the line
>So only like five other guys there
>One guy steps to ask who has the anime girl car (me)

>> No.10851021

Who cares it's just crossdressing

>> No.10851045

>le quirky femboy shooting a gun like manly tough guy
boring and overdone joke

>> No.10852042
File: 373 KB, 675x1200, Style misato katsuragi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to crossplay as Misato. What do you recommend to do it the better way possible? (Never crossplayed before btw)

>> No.10852257


>> No.10852260

Also curious. I think she means a smile they shoes upper teeth as well as opposed to the smile resulting from a stiff upper lip

>> No.10852389
File: 1.40 MB, 2185x778, PXL_20230430_071349137.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I HATE eyeliner, but as I was redoing my entire eye area for the 50th time because of it, I got this effect from wiping away eyeliner from my eyes

How good does this look? Even if it's passable that's honestly good enough for me, anything to make eyeliner less of a pain to deal with

>> No.10852404
File: 222 KB, 1100x707, 1655427196740726.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wanna crossplay as Juri Han, but I'm an ugly man...

>> No.10852408
File: 1.96 MB, 3024x4032, 7B47F369-C145-43FC-AF17-023E6AC3F91D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh hey that’s me. i might cos her again today

>> No.10852447

You look better in this picture, not to say you look bad in the OP image. How tall are you?

>> No.10852506

So I thought about crossplaying as asuka from evangelion
What should I focus on for it to look good ?

>> No.10852536

6'1" lol. i agree that i don't look fantastic in this pic but the bad lighting in the one i just posted makes it harder to see flaws in my skin

>> No.10852598

not passable sorry anon

>> No.10852600

It's over anon, I took a break for a year and a half and now I've gotten back to crossplay I realised Twinkdeath is very true.

>> No.10852603
File: 87 KB, 925x911, yuyucos.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cool pose bro.

>> No.10852605

>Second time I make this thread
>Second time the person in the image stops by
Further confirms my belief: nearly all crossplayers post here. Did you get to go as Yoru-san again yesterday then?

>> No.10852647

Think of all the crossplayers posted who ignore it because they don't want themselves associated with this website

>> No.10852666

what is Twinkdeath?

>> No.10852685

A meme by people who think you have to be under 20 or you're an old man. It's just a demoralization meme. There are 40 year olds who can crossplay perfectly.

>> No.10852715
File: 1.56 MB, 3024x4032, 95E0B6E6-C8D8-4D26-98EE-62ACE98A1543.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i actually found out about this thread (and /cgl/ really) through someone else. browsing this board has been quite interesting to say the least

ended up not going as yor yesterday due to allergies making my eyes super it hy and red :(

here’s me with another yor crossplayer (their first time crossplaying). seems like crossplay is somewhat common at the cons i’ve been to so far which is nice to see

>> No.10852735
File: 381 KB, 1920x1440, 1673023367938761.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pic related is a 49 year old man. What's your excuse?

>> No.10852736

how do i get my eyes that big?

>> No.10852758

are you actually autistic? it's shoop'd to hell and back.

>> No.10852760

What if I became part owl?

>> No.10852762

now that's an idea!

>> No.10852768

I got hit hard. I thought I was fine up to my late 20s, then I when I tried to fit into my some of my earlier cosplays I realised I no longer looked the same, the scarring I have is also harder to hide and my skin is now rougher. My facial hair grows faster and is darker. I can still crossdress but now I feel like I need a mask and that it's a lot more effort than I put in

>> No.10852774

genetic can be bitch, my brothers don't have hair in their legs while I have thanks to my mother's side. Also how healthy you were in your life affects iirc

>> No.10852801
File: 1.22 MB, 2685x4028, 1681083234256299.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Make up is not photoshop lmao.

Take good care of your body. Don't do things which will disrupt your body's light build. Learn proper skincare. If you must get plastic surgery, shit like botox is much cheaper than you think and can produce fantastic results.

I'm sick of this demoralization shit, it's nothing but zoomers in their mid 20s trying to start a pity party because they're going through an early life crisis.

>> No.10852812

all that filtering

>> No.10853005

I'm completely new to crossplay, but more and more I find myself wanting to try it. I'm going through the guides and all, but I want to ask: I'm 32 years old, am I too old to be...cute?

>> No.10853159

>I'm 32 years old, am I too old to be...cute?
This is a question that keeps coming up in these threads, and the answer is always the same: it depends entirely on the character type you're going for, and your physical features. If you're trying to crossplay like a high schooler, odds are you are out of your depth and won't be able to pull it off effectively. However, there are TONS of cute character types that are easier for "older" crossplayers to pull off - business women, moms, elegant princesses, the sky is the limit! Yes, 32 is a little older than what is typical to be just starting out, but it really doesn't matter as long as you put the work in.

>> No.10853193

Do you all exclusively crossdress for cosplay or have any of you gone out for like a normal night out crossdressed?

>> No.10853194

>browsing this board has been quite interesting to say the least
Yeah, I bet. And we're not even close to the peak of what it used to be. For as slow as this place is sometimes it still can surprise.
>seems like crossplay is somewhat common at the cons i’ve been to
I wish it were MORE common in my areas honestly. It's a mark of quality for me. ...Well, actually it IS common, but almost always girls as Jojo or Genshin characters.

And damn, assassin Yor for FIRST time crossplay. I admire that kind of boldness. Are there any other characters you like to go as? Cause you're pulling it off like crazy.
If I can help it (as in, not going in a group), yes it's exclusive for me. And I have gone out many times in costume, whether it's off site during an actual convention or just cause I felt like it.

>> No.10853196
File: 908 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230504_211828_Gallery.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like crossdress out side of cosplay but I've never gone out side apart from throwing trash away. Female fashion is fun

>> No.10853201
File: 38 KB, 849x818, okkat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dropping here an ftm resource that could be linked in sticky, but it's fun watching you guys enjoying being feminine

>> No.10853284

This is the cosplay board, why the fuck would anyone here wear crossplay shit outside of cons

>> No.10853313

>we're not even close to the peak of what it used to be
how as at its peak?

>> No.10853324

Lolita people do it

>> No.10853600

do you know something like that but for mtf?

>> No.10853615


>> No.10853640

*Vaguely gestures at the whole link collection in >>10839846 *

>> No.10853681

yeah I know but it's always good to have more info

>> No.10853733

>but I've never gone out side apart from throwing trash away.
as in crossdress or in general?

>> No.10853798

I'm looking for some cute blonde and pink gyaru wigs, but i have a big head (24ish inch circumference) and i sure as fuck dont want to spend like 500 bucks on a bigass drag wig

>> No.10853802
File: 150 KB, 451x241, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Feels thread crossplay-crossover!
>Don't have anyone to ask for wig styling tips
>Don't have anyone to ask how to apply makeup
>Don't have anyone for help with applying a difficult part of an outfit
>Don't have anyone to fix a piece that breaks / tears
>Can't even clean my costumes in the open
Yes, this can all be self-taught. Still, it'd be a lot better to have someone around who knows better, so as to avoid messing things up further for myself. Hell, this isn't even limited to crossplay. I'd get dirty looks, prying questions and rude remarks in any situation like this, so having it involves skirts is just compounding that 10x

>> No.10853804

I feel you, everyone I know who even has the relevant skillsets in general are either too far away to actually help me, or they're not into the con scene and prefer fucking gaudy as hell drag shit, which is so unfathomably ugly and non-cute it literally makes me want to hurl.

>> No.10853951

have fun female friends.
women are way more open to gay shit

>> No.10853958

>gay shit
What makes you think everyone in this thread is gay?

>> No.10853960

the amount of gay shit

>> No.10853975

I do, and they were my first picks...but it's no different than most of my guy friends: everybody's spread thin and can only be arsed to all meet up for a reason i.e. a convention. And I'm NOT big on the idea of waking up super early the day of, spending hours getting ready.

>> No.10853992

Regular user of makeup here, you both Have pretty deep hooded eyes, which means it can be very difficult to do a wing or for the eyeliner to cover up any eyeshadow you put on your lid. I highly recommend learning to tightline or looking up tips for hooded eye makeup application, it really helped on my journey to learn makeup for my face type. I know cosplaying is different from everyday wear but i still think it will be of use to you two. Best of luck.

>> No.10854051

Dude I crossdress and I'm happily married to a woman, the fuck are you on about

>> No.10854189

Ok nigga are you seriously gonna tell me that what we are doing isn't faggy?

>> No.10854215

Fellas is it gay to like women

>> No.10854304

nigga stay in fucking denial ok

>> No.10854372

>and I'm happily married to a woman,
Lmao well at least one person is the marriage is happy

>> No.10854485

I'm straight as fuck

>> No.10854516

OK boomer, lemme 'splain this, because you obviously don't get it.

Back in your day, crossderssing was a societal taboo and the only people who crossdressed were gay drag queens because if society rejects you for being gay, why not have it reject you for crossdressing too?

Nowadays we are much more enlightened and we understand that gender expression and sexuality ARE NOT linked. Just because I enjoy pretending to be one of my favorite female characters does not mean I don't like having sex with women. And it also doesn't preclude me from thinking that men (including myself) are unattractive, gross hairy sweaty beasts.

Any questions?

>> No.10855133
File: 191 KB, 588x640, anime-konosuba.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Casual self-bump, just to say that (aside from being fun), Crossplay really is the only way to go for practical reasons too, since it's much more breathable i.e. how to avoid a heatstroke. Hell, I've felt my insides bubbling even in some more open female costumes. Also gif related, cause I would like to do Aqua (kimono) but I have a history of not getting along very well with super long wigs

>> No.10855155

crossplaying is just way more fun, can respect people for at least trying/wanting to improve/having fun and not letting the bastards get them down

>> No.10855340
File: 230 KB, 1100x1556, 7zvjkxro99611.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not like they ever really do in person anyway

>> No.10855464

>which is so unfathomably ugly and non-cute
What do you expect from a bunch of men who want to put their dicks up each other's hairy asses? Male gayness is inherently ugly and twinks/femboys/posters itt don't count because that's going for the female role and look.

>> No.10855486

Crossplay is 80% genetics(and modifying face through surgery/mones)and 20% actual makeup/style.

the same applies for cosplay.
The best coatumes/craftsmen tend to be fat and have plain faces at best.

The overwhelming majority of men will simply look offensive while crossplaying, through no fault of their own.

>> No.10855497

The makeup used for crossplay is intentionally done to make the crossplayer as cute as possible, and sometimes focusses on that more than actually on passing. What drag is is basically just blackface but for women, it's all about looking ridiculous and flashy and what fags think being feminine is like. Even if the person doing it has good genetics and a pretty face it will always look gross because drag is creepy looking and weird.

>> No.10855498

It doesnt need to be that deep anon, there are many many ways to tackle it and if you settle for only one you will always be disappointed

>> No.10855499

I don't understand how that's deep, it's a pretty simply observation. The makeup done by drag queens is gross because it's done by men who find gross men with facial and body hair attractive.

>> No.10855524

Mate theres like 500 filters there his face looks all smushed up and deformed

>> No.10855568

i can't find where anyone asked though

>> No.10855595

Kill yourself

>> No.10855606
File: 751 KB, 1125x1059, garbaggio.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wonder who's behind this post. No doubt, it's a charming, attractive young woman of a totally normal body mass index. Everyone loves being around her because she's just so positive.

>> No.10855608
File: 76 KB, 567x888, 4CED7F10-B8A1-4265-A666-464674F166B4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hamplanet detected. go back to twitter

>> No.10855619

>i can't find where anyone asked though
Did you expect a polite, intelligent response to that? He said he dislikes drag because it's ugly, so I said why I think it's ugly, then you got all sassy which is ironic since you're accusing me of being female. You started this pointless skirmish, if you're going to post trash posts like that you're going to get trash replies.

>> No.10855621

Is it cheating if you're a woman crossplaying as a male character who's dressed as a woman himself?

>> No.10855623
File: 215 KB, 450x614, AE18AC4B-4B64-4160-B969-B00A40F04321.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Depends entirely on which sex is more likely to dress as him

>> No.10855652

Yes, unless you make yourself look like a guy trying to look like a girl.

>> No.10855656

Follow your dreams. expect a good chunk of people to lose interest or be let down when they realize youre a chick though.

>> No.10855665

He does have noticeable beard so it's not like Astolfo-tier

Already done! It's just that the question of "is this actually even crossplay" popped into my head at the time. Going by the comments I overheard at the con, some people seemed to have some trouble figuring out if I was a dude or a chick, which is more than I expected.

>> No.10855667

nta but it's still crossplay technically. the character you're crossplaying is TRYING to look like the opposite sex, so the character is still their own sex, just dressed like the oppsite. there's an added level of you as a woman needing to appear like a man trying to dress like a woman.

>> No.10855676

Alice please see a therapist
This is clearly your deep self hate intertwining with your dysphoria, making you lash out at anything you see as masculine.
YWNBAW if you act this homophobic, all trutrans are fujoshi.

>> No.10855797

lol internet addicted zoomers are so brain washed by angled and photoshopped images by transgenders and by literal women pretending to be mtf trannies that they think an actual woman irl is a guy just because she's cosplaying a trap character

>> No.10855829

lots of unfortunate women that look like men and get transvestigated.

Almost all of them are anglos, funny that.

>> No.10855855

>they think an actual woman irl is a guy just because she's cosplaying a trap character
it's not that out there for someone to think a girl cosplaying a male character who's crossdressing is a male.

>> No.10855939

Your broken English is very appropriate for your anglo whining

>> No.10856023

dragqueens mad :(

>> No.10856324
File: 9 KB, 1024x156, sizing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

newfag here, how does sizing work for buying female cosplay for a guy
im looking at miccostumes and the chart says my bust and hips would be between M and L, but my waist being between L and XL
do i need to buy the biggest one just in case? that seems like it would be for fat women, and the bust would be loose as fuck, especially since i don't have boobs, tho from the user pictures it doesn't seem like the chest area is especially large
which one am i supposed to get, i know it's better to go a bit bigger than smaller

>> No.10856327

Follow the fuckin measurements.

You are fat and have a big gut, so youll have to buy fat women sizes. If its a dress or full outfit then yes, your pants will sag and you will have loose tits but its either that or a costume that you cant even wear.

>> No.10856332

is it possible to size that stuff down with some sewing? also if im high M for bust and hips but high L for waist do i get L or XL just in case

>> No.10856333

Always stick to height measurements if it's a costume made specifically for women. You may have to make some adjustments if it doesn't fit right.

>> No.10856335

i'm 10cm taller higher than the biggest one, i guess that means buying XL?

>> No.10856337

Yeah just go for it, but if this is your first time buying something I wouldn't spend too much money. You'll get to learn your body measurements that'll help you, I few times I buy things smaller than the recommended height for me and it looks good.

>> No.10856340

Buy based on your upper body size, then tailor the rest as generally speaking males have wider shoulders, so if you buy based on your lower body size the top will be tighter than normal

>> No.10856341

Being tighter is fine, and I've never found it to be a problem

>> No.10856429

Can't tell if this is a parody of /lgbt/ or you're serious

>> No.10856817
File: 2.21 MB, 2052x3023, crossplayme.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My first crossplay, so please don't be too harsh on me <3

I just want to know if you guys think that I have the potential to crossplay, and I would love some constructive criticism or things I can improve one ^-^

>> No.10856971

You're hot

>> No.10857397

Your makeup skills could use some work. Contouring and lipstick are still important even if most of your face is covered.

>> No.10858411

How do I smile? I was mogged by a girl doing the same cosplay I did during a convention and felt like my ghoulish attempt at smiling in the side by side is what made it feel awful, among other things.

>> No.10858431

Try looking at a mirror?

If you have thin upper lips and a long philtrum youre kinda fucked though. Smile very subtly unless you have a compact face face and full lips

>> No.10858436

needs wig

>> No.10858471
File: 409 KB, 870x657, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>thin upper lips and a long philtrum
What, like this?

>> No.10858475
File: 3.20 MB, 1093x1917, pic_with_wig.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How can I improve my makeup? I don't have any fucking clue how to contour.

I know I have thickass eyebrows that I need to thin out. Plus the wig isn't styled yet.

>> No.10858488
File: 63 KB, 787x597, 12312312321313.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah that's it. I used to have a 21-22m philtrum and thin upper lips, and it would always give me grief in the mirror cause I'd see it all the time and it sabotages you and autoclocks male whenever you crossplay and shit.

It's day and night difference after I had it fixed though now I need to invest in fixing my front teeth since it always shows.

Anyways you can alleviate it a bit by getting lip liner or lipstick to help shape it up a bit and help reduce that lip-to-nose gap. Practice a lot smiling while taking videos of yourself on the phone.

>> No.10858490

That's millimetres? I have 15mm from my nose to the top of my upper lip and 22mm from my nose to the bottom of my upper lip. Is that good? I'm now insecure about something I never before thought of.

>> No.10858493

You measure it from the center of the base of your nose to the center of your cupid's bow, ending at the vermillion line.

The googled beauty standard for women is 11-13mm. For men it's 13-15mm. Though the vast majority of men are at least 18-19mm+ from my observations.

Mines around 14mm.

>> No.10858502

11-13mm? Based on what head size? Women don't all have the same sized head.

>> No.10858504

11mm on a small head, 13mm on a big head.

If you're the size of andre the giant I don't think any of this matters.

>> No.10858506

It's 15mm, the 22mm came from me measuring came from me measuring to underneath so I guess in this case I win in this beauty standard. I still have normal male proportions and look like a man.

Did you get trans surgery? You look completely like a woman in your image.

>> No.10858522

What does the recovery for this type of surgery look like? Did you have something planned for your teeth? I'm concerned that I'm many thousands of dollars and painful recoveries away from being conventionally attractive, male or female. Is this how a bogdanoff is born?

>> No.10858598

I'm really tall (almost 200cm), kind of muscular (about 90kg), and have a pretty masculine face/frame.
But I really want to try crossdressing/crossplay?.Is it worth it to even try? Or should I just not bother, since I fit the mold so poorly.

>> No.10858609

I had a lip lift thats about it. Getting a nosejob next year.

You just try to keep your mouth closed and not stretch it for a couple weeks, eating is fine but there will be tightness.
I have fluorosis on my teeth so I'm getting a dentist to remove it, not sure I want to align it perfectly like the typical american though.

You become bogged through constant scar tissue buildup/filler and botox overload from having multiple surgeries on the same area.

Compare early tom cruise and black michael jackson's transformation.

Depends on your goals, if you want to be chill and just be a dude crossplaying its fine. If you have some secretly hidden troon/AGP tendencies or have an unrealistic desire to be some anime trap irl(nobody is) then you're opening pandora's box here.

>> No.10858611

Your nose and teeth look fine to me, I feel like you've got issues and it's resulting in you getting these surgeries to "fix" yourself. Have you ever talked to a therapist?

>> No.10858723
File: 2.46 MB, 999x1504, pic_with_wig_v2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tried again tonight. Wig is still shitty, excuse the lack of styling, and same with my thickass eyebrows. Need to figure out where to get them threaded.

I put on mascara this time, and I also tried to contour aggressively, but at the end of the day my jawline is pretty masc so I feel like there's not much I can do? Also I think I still have too much lip tint on.

>> No.10858724
File: 404 KB, 1394x1724, pic_with_mask.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I could wear a mask I guess...

>> No.10858725

idk, I don't really know what I'm doing with the makeup. I don't have anyone to help me irl either :(

>> No.10858728

eyeliner and eyeshadow would do wonders. use bright colors.

>> No.10858729

I actually have eyeliner and eyeshadow on. The picture is just taken with awful lighting, unfortunately; they would probably have to be weirdly exaggerated to be visible there. I'll try to redo tomorrow.

>> No.10858730 [DELETED] 
File: 3.23 MB, 4032x3024, 8BBA40B0-F9F4-4F51-BC8F-24A73A337003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Maybe this shows them a little better?

>> No.10858731
File: 328 KB, 1358x1462, pic_of_eyes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oops, didn't mean for it to get uploaded with a weird rotation... Sorry for spamming the thread with my pics, but here's the fixed version. (Too lazy to put wig back on.)

>> No.10858754

eyeliner and foundation nigga

>> No.10858806

Anyone out there have advice for jumping into male crossplay? Bonus points if it's focused on looking more muscular/angular (especially in the chin/arms), I don't have many character choices that aren't a bit on the buff side.

(Inb4 /fit/, I'm not sure how to start there yet.)

>> No.10858828

Even more? I don’t want to look clownish

>> No.10858855

you hardly have any tf do you mean "even more"

>> No.10858858

Hmm, maybe I just don't understand how much people are usually putting on? I've been applying enough to even out my complexion basically.

>> No.10858868

eyes are like one of the first indicators of being gendered correctly.

If youre masking its almost the only one. You really need to up the eye makeup and get circle lenses

>> No.10858875

I’ll try again tonight!

>> No.10858903

you don't need any lenses wtf are you on about, it's all in the makeup. there is no need to complicate

>> No.10858908

Circle lenses are almost always an improvement. This isnt even a crossplay specific thing

>> No.10858911

I don't understand, what's a circle lens?

>> No.10858930
File: 97 KB, 1024x848, C01D6F4D-74B3-45DC-8111-21C42292036B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

from google:
>Also known as big-eye lenses, circle lenses are a type of contact lens that feature a dark outer ring, designed to give the illusion of larger, more defined eyes.

i’ve personally seen vast improvements using contacts and don’t feel as confident and passable without them. it can be a bit of effort to get an appointment scheduled for a prescription, learning how to insert them, and waiting a few weeks for cosplay lenses, but i don’t regret doing so at all. it takes me 1-2 minutes at most inserting them so it’s barely additional effort

>> No.10858957

I'm interested in colored lenses for cosplay but is this thing really that noticeable?

>> No.10858966

i think it actually helps me a lot in particular because i have dark brown eyes. i typically use light brown or gray circle lenses, and it makes my eyes look a lot bigger. the contrast of the iris/pupil seems to contribute to that effect somehow. i’d recommend trying it out if you’re curious

for cosplaying characters that have a certain eye color, if your natural eye color doesn’t match it definitely makes a noticeable difference when you don’t use colored contacts (which it seems you already may know)

>> No.10858988


I wear those whenever I like to look nice outside (ie wearing makeup) and it's like the first thing people notice.

>> No.10859164
File: 725 KB, 823x488, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you're drawing your bottom liner too close and thick compared to your top. It makes your eyes look smaller. In general I think like other nons said, circle lenses might be nice, but the liner here stands out the most to me. its very tight to your waterline on the bottom, and I think drawing it out a bit and possibly changing the color of the bottom line to something softer would really open up your eyes more. See something like picrel, where the liner is drawn out a bit more and tapers at the bottom. Not saying you need to go full on glittery eyeshadow like this person, but the idea gets across here. You don't want to draw too far into the eye, 1/3 at most is a good rule of thumb.

>> No.10859166

90% of amabs have no business using eyeliner at the bottom.

You already(likely) developed sunken eyes and an expanded browridge post puberty sweetie, no need to accentuate it.

>> No.10859167
File: 627 KB, 634x516, moonrunes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

to clarify I mean the bottom of the eye being 1/3rd, not the top. It would also probably help to highlight the areas that you want people to see, like the inner corner of your eye. see picrel.

>> No.10859169

tell that to the non above, not me. I personally don't have an issue with it, and use contour pencils/highlight to get the affect I want. Nons eyes are sunken but I think they could get away with a little.

>> No.10859176
File: 395 KB, 950x650, 1665707098089000.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

(short) girl going to cosplay picrel who is 5'11

any tips to make myself seem more boyish?

>> No.10859195

I think I didn't actually use top liner so it makes sense that the bottom liner is a bit much.

In daily life I usually just use some bottom liner and no top but I'll give full top liner (and drawing the bottom out a little more) a try for cosplay.

>> No.10859197

shoe lifts or anything similar

>> No.10859201
File: 211 KB, 1392x1435, pic_of_eyes_v2_nofinger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

here is another attempt with more upper liner and a bit less lower, plus more eyeshadow + more mascara

I am still shit at applying liner, but if I practice every day I'll hopefully get better by AX lol

>> No.10859205

yeah this is better. keep working.
you don't need too much liner, tho personally i prefer more, along with the eye blusher idk what it's called in english, you know what i mean. With the mask you need to make everyone gravitate to your eyes.

>> No.10859208

well, you got to start somewhere. Just continue practicing until you find a look you feel comfortable with. You can end up surprising yourself when you improve your technique and try different styles - I ended up sticking with video game-style/character art makeup in general, so I never go out without looking like a video game character
If it helps, find vids with people that have similar eye shape and look over their technique, but so far so good. With the right brows as well I think you'd be fine

>> No.10859373
File: 368 KB, 1024x1024, ugksft.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Found this on another board

>> No.10859497

Ayrt, this looks much better. It really makes your eyes pop compared to the other pictures you sent. Good job.

>> No.10859576

Thank you! These comments are really motivating. I'll keep working at it.

>> No.10859710

Work on foundation & eyebrows next.

>> No.10859735


Foundation is quite simple to start out with, finding what tone suits you and getting a feel for what your canvas looks like before applying anything. Getting the foundation right makes everything else fall into place simpler and more effortless.

As for the brows, may take a little more time, but depends on how you want to treat them - some take them all off or reshape them. Honestly, I believe everyone no matter the background benefits from a clean-up/reshape. Really good looked after brows go a long way too

>> No.10859897
File: 538 KB, 540x1042, Mai_Shiranui.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anyone have a gif of a Mai crossplayer changing out of his cosplay?

>> No.10860205

At two events the past two weeks I've been shown to the female's cosplay changing room instead of the men's tents. Am I going to make it?

>> No.10860353

If you are obviously making the effort and not being a creep, you should always be led there

>> No.10860434
File: 87 KB, 588x599, MaiShiranui-Gargantuan-Cosplay-Trap-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You mean this guy, right? You might try his insta:

>> No.10860494

>humblebragging that you pass as a woman but also demanding more validation
kill yourself

>> No.10860614

#1 - you are obviously doing a decent job at crossplaying. Go you.

#2 - not to burst your bubble, but it's polite to assume people are the gender they present as, not their birth gender. So the people at the events must assume you're either a cis girl or trans. Either way, you don't just look like you're a dude who threw on a dress. Go you.

#3 - I'm not sure what you mean by "make it". Make it to what? What goal? Have a good time crossplaying? Get lots of compliments? Win an award? Be able to gain a secondary income through crossplay? Personally, if I have a good time and get some compliments, that's success to me.

>> No.10860630

>I'm not sure what you mean by "make it".
Literally nothing. If he just made a post to brag I wouldn't be too pissed but he tried to hide it in a question so as to avoid provoking someone enough.

>> No.10860631 [DELETED] 
File: 541 KB, 828x821, CDD6AD9B-FB88-4679-8C26-F5A966B672D2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I say let him have it really. This was named "The Positive Vibes Edition" for a reason, and we did good for the most part. Some humble bragging isn't gonna get me down, and we're all in this for our own reasons. He's happy so I'm happy, and that's enough.

Stay frosty, stay winning. New edition coming once we're at like page 9. As you were LG x

>> No.10860632
File: 241 KB, 372x471, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I say let him have it really. This was named "The Positive Vibes Edition" for a reason, and we did good for the most part. Some humble bragging isn't gonna get me down, and we're all in this for our own reasons. He's happy so I'm happy, and that's enough.

Stay frosty, stay winning. New edition coming once we're at like page 9. As you were LG x

>> No.10860637

Good attitude, anon. No matter the goals set and where you sit in life, let's set out to achieve them for others as well as ourselves. Requires a lot of confidence for many people and it's not fun to deter people from being explorative and having fun

>> No.10860650

I mean its considered common etiquette nowadays to gender you female as long as you have eyeliner, long hair and maybe a dress regardless of looks.

6ft tall people on reddit with a brow ridge and a duke nukem chin just casually remark how they pass for example.

In any case grats and dont fucking enter the womens room if you consider yourself a moid.

>> No.10860754

>it's not fun to deter people from being explorative and having fun
Telling people you're much better than them deters people. Passing isn't my goal it's to have fun look good and wear clothes I don't normally get the chance to wear, but it still brings me down to be reminded I look like a man.

Don't fucking enter the women's room if you're biologically male no matter what you pervert. And this isn't about just women's safety, if another guy crossdressing creeps people out that's going to reflect on all of us who do it.

>> No.10860761

you wouldnt let bailey jay use the womens room?

Damn nonny, show me what skull and face proportions you need to enter.

>> No.10860789

I don't know who that is but it sounds like a name they use in pornography. Even if trannies pass it's going to make people mad regardless, I don't understand why they're so entitled. If they don't want to change in the men's they can use a disabled toilet. Most trannies don't even pass anyway, and they are going to be associated with men who crossdress/do cosplay by a lot of people.

>> No.10860806

if people tell you that they are better than you, you should have the confidence to stand your ground and have pride in who you are and what you do. Don't let the bastards get you down

>> No.10860852

why does it matter if they pass. You wont even notice it.

There are literal rapists and murderers that walk by you on a daily basis and you don't even notice it.

>> No.10860934

But what if I am extremely insecure and anyone doing something better than me makes me want to quit for not being good enough

Still a guy, and if people discover it it still makes them angry. The people who dislike trannies still have a problem with passing ones.

>> No.10860973

Not ny problem terf.

>> No.10860977

>How people perceive me isn't my problem
I gathered that by the falsetto you guys occasionally talk in

>> No.10861264

>But what if I am extremely insecure and anyone doing something better than me makes me want to quit for not being good enough
Then you just won't improve for yourself - when people say don't compare yourself with others, it's true; you do your best with the hand you've been dealt. I don't pass at all, doesn't stop me. As for
>How people perceive me isn't my problem
It's about doing what you want and not giving a fuck

>> No.10861290

If you dont pass you get surgery. Youre literally given a tool that allows you to overcome genetic determinism.

>doesnt apply if you have the skeletal structure of an orc (bodywise)

>> No.10861295

Is surgery not expensive and painful?

>> No.10861321

You don't feel a thing, outside of the initial pain when they inject you with local anesthesia.

expensive? I mean, if you live in new york/california then yes the local surgeons will cost crazy amounts but you shouldn't be living there unless you make 150k a year anyway.
It's cheap as shit for europeans(go to poland/czech) and most US states (can also go to mexico)

>> No.10861393
File: 1.07 MB, 1599x900, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The iron is hottest now
>Already have a wig I can easily repurpose
>Was itching for a new costume before it even came on my radar
Do I dare? Yes, I do.

>> No.10861410

This is not /tttt/. If you're getting surgery to crossplay better that's very unhealthy. I wonder what your parents think and I'm not trying to say that in a condescending way. At least if you're trans they might understand.

>> No.10861424

I think anon is hard convinced that you HAVE to get surgery no matter what, trans or not like it is always tournament time and you need to compete with everyone

>> No.10861594

the ravages of capitalism have ruined mens' body image so much that they don't even believe they can be cute femboy without changing their body through extreme measures.
if you really want to, do workouts or shit to accent features. A lot of that definition just comes from clothes and makeup anyways. Your face can be covered with a mask, thank god for covid now it's not even obvious because everyone wears masks. It's amazing watching the fear in straigh mens' eyes when i go to the urinal

>> No.10861637

How are you supposed to look cute if your have manly broad shoulders?

>> No.10861691

>wearing a femboy copemask.

Yeah no. Literally everyone will just think you have a duke nukem jaw w beard shadow down there.

>> No.10861693

Yes, this is in general a help thread. That said, if you're suffering from body image problems or think that you need surgery to wear a skirt, this is not the place to come for that type of help. It's also not a place to spread negative concepts like "you can't crossplay unless..."- we are a crossplay positive thread.

>> No.10861765

true but you have to wear a mask to attend most cons still anyway

>> No.10861782
File: 1.40 MB, 3088x2316, F483C144-0744-4DD2-A7FF-A44EE1A77DE0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

“I’m looking for the young master….”
Roberta from Black Lagoon.

>> No.10861798
File: 334 KB, 854x710, 1449082655376.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>we are a crossplay positive thread.
Cheers, Anon-sama

>> No.10862085

Is 23 BMI too heavy to do this?

>> No.10862087

there is no magic BMI anon, just characters you want to crossplay

>> No.10862104
File: 1011 KB, 2047x1447, 509a51fe553214859dfd4fbb0fd50d5abd1bd7210fc11d5cf0402182d2bd33bf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh, hey. We've finally reached page 9 but it's still active. Thass cool. Also means more time to think of a relevant image and title for next time

>> No.10862355

well i don't want to post images if it will grt archived anon

>> No.10862358

actually idk if i should even post as there are some genuinely unhinged rabid nationalist homophoic types i know who are hellbent on "proving how degenerate i am" to all my friends and idk if them knowing i use this site will just legitimize their bullshit

>> No.10862396
File: 168 KB, 650x674, 1602346592629.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you know if those types come to this board? A lot of people don't even know it exists. And outside of that, it's not like anybody's demanding you to show your face anyway

>> No.10862399

I hope this is a larp anon, who cares what social website you use you make it sound like theres a group out there trying to get you

>> No.10862426 [DELETED] 

hooligans are something else man

>> No.10862427
File: 60 KB, 750x1000, IMG_20230604_163101_110.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hooligans are something else man, always gotta remind myself what happens if i get too comfortable.

>> No.10862434
File: 106 KB, 750x1000, IMG_20230604_163037_266.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

however i think it's only gotten this bad recently because of the internet, most hooligans start off young and all that neo-nazi imagery is fine on the field but you can't be exposed to it 24/7. I love some fucking good old fashioned hooliganism don't get me wrong. also it was carneval and NOBODY ELSE WAS IN COSTUME just me and my friend and nobody even knew it was carneval i hate my city why did we stop having fun.

>> No.10862435
File: 1.18 MB, 2161x3264, 20220926_211621~2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

also didn't even take good images of my face i had such good makeup on this will have to do, my hand was shaking sorry for the roughness i don't normally do my own makeup for costumes.

>> No.10862438

own it and become the hot hooligan gf then. You will always get shit if you don't take it in your stride

>> No.10862444
File: 68 KB, 490x612, IMG_20230604_163051_785~2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

never understood why hooliganism became so politicised. In my parents days literally everyone was a hooligan ni matter what they did, everyone was avant-garde and everyone did what they wanted. Communist hippie/punk type shit.
Yeah i have up trying to fit in it just makes me feel more sad and who wants to be sad

>> No.10862446

also they didn't cancel festivals like carneval i mISS CARNEVAL WHY DID THEY TAKE IT AWAY.

>> No.10862452

different times, now everyone wants to fight for something, it's pretty normalized at this point.
Thing is about fitting in is that you put the effort in with no guarantee of a return, especially the kind that you want, so all comes down to what you want. I've been doing this biz for well over a decade at this point and rather be sad doing this then trying to fit in and get jack shit

>> No.10862455

I think the anger is making people have less fun. seriously i and my friend were the only people in costume and my brother told me the literal carneval city didn't even organitze any party or anything. I don't like cons, can't get shitfaced on them, and i feel so discriminated because i want to party in costume at this point it feels like the world is trying to personally hurt me.

>> No.10862459

lmao i keep thinking i need to provide a source for my claim /his/ ruined me.

>> No.10862462
File: 27 KB, 462x232, 462px-Vestimenta_Femenina_Mexica.svg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

on the topic i was thinking of doing La malintzin, Cortez' Nahuatl wife and maybe i convince more people to also dress up for carneval so we can have a band of aztecs and conquistadors. for next year and i need to figure out how to pull it off without showing both too much skin, but being too covered so you can't even see that i'm wearing pads. I was thinking the skirt, maybe slightly shorter, and a short enough poncho to see my waist. I'm gonna have to shave my legs in that case tho, and idk if i really have to shave my arms all the way but idk how would i pull this off best. It gets really cold and i was thinking about just wearing some black skintight shirt and leggings so i don't totally freeze.
I found macaw feathers by the box for fucking cheap i thought they were expensive so i'm gonna go all out on the kitchyness. Main problem is most textile shops in my city are closed, google fucking sucks ass when it comes to finding new ones, and the one i frequented enough to get lower prices is literally gone like i don't even know where exactly it was it just stopped existing or some shit and someone immediately got the location. I was also thinking of painting like aztec shit on the poncho like human sacrifices and the gods and myths, mostly to flex how much i know on the topic. also idk if i should wear sandals, it gets to the negatives at carneval time, i was thinking i'll just wear moon boots again but i'll cover them so they look like some weird indian snowshoes. Also need to figure out how nahuatl women even acted, i always make an entire character for a costume so i can just pass as the costume, people look when it like someone is just out of context confused on the street like i came in from another world.

>> No.10862463

or if i find a gf in that time how would i convince her to be cortez and me to be malintzin or should i just man up at that point and be the man literally this time.

>> No.10862464

also do i do normal makeup or do i just make it look like my whole face is tatooed? In that case i could even get away with wearing a mask as it's zebra stripe logic for my jawline.

>> No.10862804

ok anon i just realised i am close friends with some of the leaders so yeah no shit nobody ever laid a hand on me lol. Realistically i am worried as the internet makes hooliganism uncontrolled and mob-ruled. I know they tell me it is now harder to organize the rabble.

>> No.10862978

6ft guy who wants to cosplay Kana from Oshi no Ko. Any tips for taller guys cosplaying smaller characters?

>> No.10863092

cut your legs down a bit