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Last thread archived weeks ago and we've been getting a bunch of crossplay threads since. Normally, I'd approve 200% and say "Let's make that the whole board" even. But too many killjoys and derails make the return of a focused gen inevitable. (This also doubles as "The last three editions were numbered wrong edition") Be excellent to each other, Let's All Love Crossplay

Keep it /cgl/-related! Cosplay or J-fashion like Lolita/Brolita, Aristocrat, Kimono, Nanchatte, etc.!


ITT you may post:
- Useful guides that can be applied to crossplaying/crossdressing
- Questions, help, sharing advice to improve your appearance to pass temporary as the opposite gender (Male -> Female, Female -> Male)
- pictures of crossplay/crossdressing coords, selfposts
- personal experience/stories regarding crossplay/crossdressing

NOT allowed:
- Anything in sexual context/fetish stuff
- Anything related to gender transition like hormones, operation etc.; >>>/lgbt/ might be the better place for this
- Casual crossdressing without any /cgl/-context

Link collection:


Contact for suggestions or contribution: [email protected]


Affiliated Discord server: https://discord.gg/eBnVEtQ

Previous thread: >>10710799

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crossplay is a fetish but goodluck with your mental health issues

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>not allowed. Anything sexual, ie. Fetish talk
I shiggity diggity doo.

Anyways, not saying it'll be my last time ever doing it, but I'm 29 this year and planning a dress or two for the only con within six hours. Gonna go as a Sailor Scout probably, and just a generic maid weeb fuck. Yeehaw

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Please don't buy the generic amazon maid costume if you're doing a generic maid, at least aim for something that looks nice.

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It goes both ways

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yeah and girls who dress as men are fetishizers too. your point?

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you both look like shit and everyone else at cons hates you. ganbatte

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Never done makeup and I get by fine without it but it could definitely help me. The problem is (like with all crossplay things) not having anyone around to just call and ask for advice. Even if there is...I'd rather not, at the risk of them driving the conversation into unrelated stuff.
>Online tutorials
Of course, yeah. Still, in-person would be way preferable. Not even sure what to try applying yet other than eyeshadow.

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The mask mandates have made crossdressing for cons so simple, just a little makeup around the eyes with your outfit and you're golden, I hope it doesn't go away any time soon.

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You could use it anyway

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> test

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> test

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gtfo newfag

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i did it it was worth it

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you don't need a mask mandate to cover your face, but yeah it does make it look more real since everyone wears a mask, or atleast have until recently

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how smart is getting drunk in high heels?
i mean girls do it all the time.

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You just need practice. Wear high heels while you get drunk at home before wearing high heels and getting drunk in public. ^_^

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getting drunk at home is the root cause of alcoholism retard

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I think getting drunk is the effect of alcoholism

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yes but getting drunk at home destroys the drinking = outside barrier and i already fucked that up with drugs.

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nta but you having an addictive personality doesn't mean it's a bad thing.

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it does make it a bad thing for me.
back to the original question: if i already know how to walk in heels it's not that hard when drunk?

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Who'd you dress as?

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goth gf.

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Looking for an advice about kitsuke / kimono.
I’m looking for tabi socks, but the actual real socks, not the stretchy stuff you can find on amazon that feels like your normal puma socks.

Any idea where I can get that?
I’m located in west eu

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I'd try here:


Looks like they ship worldwide.

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Possibly newfag question, but what breastplate companies do y’all recommend? I’m ok with silicone upkeep if needed.

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just a styeofoam halfball??

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These looks nice, thanks

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I have one from Eyung. It's nice, but the silicone are very thick. Harder to hide but more durable, I guess.

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Please give a first timer your best advice

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Hi all! First timer here. Been crossplaying at cons for a year now.

I would strongly suggest fishing something out of the local facebook marketboards instead as you'll get it cheap but high quality. Look out for anything from Taobao or DokiDokiSSR. Be sure to pay attention to asian to american size conversion!

I would strongly suggest biting the bullet and making friends with a cosplayer who knows their way around makeup like someone working in film & TV makeup. Focus on being friendly and making people feel comfortable enough that they would consider coming to your house or something to teach you makeup. If you can't, start with liquid foundation in your general tone, an application sponge to dab it on, eyeliner, and setting powder, applied in that order. Once you get enough attention you'll have people at your fingertips to as the finer details. Good luck friend.

Smile! Just a little bit of gesture goes a long way into the believably of your crossplay. Acting more docile, learning the dutch smile, and making lots of eye contact help a ton. If you stare directly into the camera for photos you'll instantly be way more photogenic. Practice keeping your legs together when you sit, and covering your rear when you get up and sit down. You don't stop being a girl just because you stop standing.

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Or... OR...

Someone likes a character. So why not dress as that character?


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I think if you just stay realistic about dropping it once the testosterone starts kicking in you're fine.

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I am afraid. So, in July, I'm going to my first convention with a couple of friends. I'm AMAB. And, I'm going as Mandy, from Grim Adventures.

I've never done makeup. Or sewing. Or even hair products. And, honestly, I'd need to lose a little weight too, in the next four months. And probably shave my entire body. But I have a good face for trying this. And I think I could make it work.

I don't want to be one of those low effort people with a horrible cosplay. And I don't want this to suck, even though I want to do it. Any ideas what to do? I'm probably gonna lurk on here for the next four months, soaking up tutorials.

>first time at convention
>first time crossdressing
>first time at some big community event

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Have fun and you'll be a-ok! The big thing will be controlling your profile i.e. your shoulders, arm muscle, and legs as well as the shape of the wig. Maybe think about getting some friends to do a group cosplay

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July gives you a decent amount of time to get things started. Take your time, practice a lot. Make sure you see if you can talk with a lot of cosplayer friends/contacts with regards to it.

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Evening everyone, I was sent here becouse I have a question, planning on doing the level up lady from demon souls, never really "crossplayed" before but I reckon I could pull it off well, wondering if there's any good tips yall can give me, be it makeup or how to do her nice looking dress, not a lot of cosplays of her on the net so I'm not too sure what to do, plus walking barefoot on the convention doesn't seem like a great idea.
>picrel is a scuffed prototype I did to go clubbing

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Here's the Maiden for reference

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i'd recommend working on your double chin and a nosejob before you try and be a woman

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Mean?, im not trans I just wanna crossplay

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ugly girls get the same treatment. l2 cope if you wanna pretend to be a woman, ugly

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Not even offended but that's still rude and pointless

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I actually already always sit with my legs together I don't really know why, maybe an autism thing. My main concern is that I'll look too weird. I am going to first crossplay at a local convention where I know a lot of people so I won't look like a weird loser pacing around in women's clothing.
What is the best way to explain to someone why I'd be dressed as a girl?

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Ignore them, there's people on this board that think crossplay = being transgender.
Advice: get a wig, don't use your real hair. What's your sewing experience like? Her outfit is a cloak and a dress made up of either gauze or leather straps. Someone bought a black dress as a base and then wrapped fabric around it to get that look, maybe you could try something like that?

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From my experience, people default to dont ask dont tell when it comes to crossplay since its a can of worms already. Still, if it comes up the best policy is just to be honest and say you like it and be quick to add in that its not a gender or SID thing either (if theyre not trans or excessively liberal. Theyre quick to make it a homo/transphobia thing).

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Sugar waxing (homemade)
Any of you recommend this at all? How many days should I do it before a convention, and is it safe to do on facial hair?

>> No.10843752

If you wax your face you'll probably end up scratchy and bleeding all over with ingrown hairs, better and safer to just shave on the day. You could test waxing your face but it risks extreme pain.

>> No.10843753

Sorry, should have clarified. (It might bot change the answer) but I've had a good handful of laser hair treatments so I don't have much facial hair. Guessing its still a bad idea yeah?

>> No.10843756

If you don't have much issue with 5 o'clock shadow I'd just shave it, but if you do and are still thinking of waxing I'd go to a place for it

>> No.10843758

I personally still wouldn't do it because face skin is much more sensitive than leg skin, you could try pulling them out with a tweezer and seeing how that goes. How and why did you get them laser removed? How expensive was it? I've been thinking about doing it because I hate shaving but if it didn't even remove all of it it doesn't seem worth it.

>> No.10843759

There are places you can get this done?

>> No.10843760

Yeah? Spas, wax studios, some salons - search around your area and make some calls.

>> No.10843761

Hmm okay. Dont know how to shave with a razor but might try to find a place then.
Trans reasons, im still closeted and money is tight so im only like 3/4s done. It was like, 400 or 500 for a package deal of like, 6 or 7. Its pretty YMMV and I def will need to get some electrolysis to finish it off but even not finishing it yet has made a really big difference.

>> No.10843763

I think I'd die from embarrassment if I went to a salon

That's great good for you anon! So your money isn't wasted I hope it goes well. I think I'd like to do it but I don't want people to pick up on the fact that I'm a repressed tranner, I shave but I feel like people would notice if I just have plain skin without stubble. Cross dressing already reveals enough.

>> No.10843766

I worry about it so so much for ages but just go, they really don't care and as long as you are polite they will surely be happy. No doubt they deal with bitchy clients so...plus if you are repressed they prob will just assume you are just somewhere on the gay fem spectrum or something. Its saves sooo much time too

>> No.10843767

that's like trying to explain away being a pervert, impossible.

>> No.10843771

>I think I'd die from embarrassment if I went to a salon
cis men go to salons and get waxed too. Waxing your face for that clean look and smooth texture w/o having to worry about the hairs coming back right away.

>> No.10843974

>Anyways, not saying it'll be my last time ever doing it, but I'm 29 this year
As someone who just started this and is 26 this is incredibly demoralizing to read

>> No.10843977

Whys that?

>> No.10843978

3 years left until I have to give this up (unless scientists cure aging in my lifetime and make it affordable). Especially sucks considering COVID stole 3+ years from my prime.

>> No.10843980

Why give it up? I know a 40';s guy who crossplayed as the RE:Villiage lady because he had the height and face for it with makeup. There'll always be characters and outfits to fit your body

>> No.10843983

Oh that's partly due to how few cons I get to, and it seems like it's been less every year too.
For some reasons the feelings towards it have changed over time too. Maybe it was the attention received as a young guy that I'm just less excited by, or that half the attention now is from tranny ally freaks that want to wave support for something I'm not interested in.

Not all that worried about looking so perfect, the makeup skills have gone up and it can cover a lot. However the body isn't Mr skellymode Twink anymore, and it won't be going back to that any time. Don't let age stop you. I've just lost some interest over the years

>> No.10843986

Buy a corset

>> No.10843990

Not that anon but gonna piggy back
So for body shape I need

>Corset (optional since I'm thin but good to have?)
>Girdle (use towel to help pad)
>Just a bra and pads

The bra I'm the most hesitant on, because it almost seems too simple to me. Any advice I should have before buying a set of these?

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cure aging? are you retarded?

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you're looking to deep into it i just do it cause it's gay

>> No.10844073

Looks cute in this picture but you've got to wonder how he looks in person

>> No.10844077

tbf covering the bottom half of the face always makes a guy look more feminine

>> No.10844088

It's a field that we'll eventually achieve at some point. It's already happening today with people living longer while being biologically younger (look up young people from 40 years ago). Just in January there was shit with mice and editing cells to make them younger and older.

It'll happen at some point, it's just a matter of if it's in our lifetime or not.

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There's a reason he wears the mask lol. He has a fairly strong jaw.

>> No.10844125

it's not reasonably within our lifetime where if you're 30 now you can stay looking 30

>> No.10844131

Not with that attitude

>> No.10844134

Pic of his face?

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>My main concern is that I'll look too weird
While perfectly understandable, it's also the ultimate pitfall. Any and every convention will have crossplayers, male as female or female as male. (In many case, that's a good way to find someone who posts here too)
>What is the best way to explain to someone why I'd be dressed as a girl?
Well and truly sincerely? "I wanted to." The less justification, the more respect it garners. Acting in the assumption "I like the way this looks" signals to others that they also agree. (If they're at all worthwhile anyway)

>I would strongly suggest biting the bullet and making friends with a cosplayer who knows their way around makeup
Already got this base covered, and I do hang with a lot of them outside convention settings but it's rarely ever lowkey enough to have enough time for this sort of thing. Knowing what I'd even need is of course the first step, and it looks like you were able to help out there. I assumed foundation would be one of them, so that's a promising start. And thanks, for the tips and for spreading positivity

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I don't have one, I saw him in passing at last years lcs finals.

>> No.10844274

How hard is makeup really? I've only done foundation before.

>> No.10844290

my face is cute enough that I don't need to contour, just hide my shadow
Simple eyeliner is kind of easy, use a tool for cat-eye.
Go super easy with the blush.
I bought an eye shadow palette and brushes but haven't worn it yet

>> No.10844293

That's a man.

>> No.10844298

no shit

>> No.10844299

pencil for eyeliner, eyeshadow is literally just dusting on the top of your eyehole.
lipstick is ez, just rub it on the bottom lip and peck your lips together so it coats both

>> No.10844302

>all this cope and mental gymnastics

>> No.10844303

We are having fun crossplaying and you are angry and obsessed with us

>> No.10844304

Guys did I fuck up something? I bought a maid dress 2 weeks ago on Ebay and I’ve been keeping an eye on the shipping track. Well a couple of days ago it got stuck on Miami and its saying “ PROVIDER LABEL REJECTED”. What’s up with that? Do I have to do something? Its the first time that happened to me

>> No.10844305

maybe ask for a refund at the very worst

>> No.10844308

Send an email to the provider or contact ebay

>> No.10844444

Is there a good way to accentuate my figure in a one-piece dress? It seems like my waist and hips just get hidden by it, should I use pens to tighten up the area around it?

>> No.10844587

foam pads for your hips, literally take a mattress and cut it to shape. plenty of tutorials around for different types so yoj cam choose. just wear two pairs of tights over it, one large size just to hold the pads and one normal size to give you a natural looking figure.
doubles as a seat pillow too

>> No.10844642

I'm already using a girdle and stuffing that with a towel, so I should that on top of it and just making the proportions even bigger?

>> No.10844656

wym stuffing with a towel? i just use the foam, mattresses are thick so you have a lot of room to work with and cut down until it's right
also wym girdle, a corset?
i don't need a corset so idk about that

>> No.10844676

Where do you find high quality wigs?
Also I never bought shoes before, I'm reading women sizes are technically bigger but at the same time women shoes tend to be thinner, so what should you buy exactly? Your same size anyway?

>> No.10844691

I mean girdle as in a girdle. I'm not really sure how to simplify what I said further. I think you're misunderstanding my issue. The issue isn't that I can't have a femine figure, it's that my costume ends up hiding it so I need to find a way to keep it.

>> No.10844692

You can usually find high quality ones designed for characters on amazon. With shoes I usually take liberties because unless it's some prominent boots people won't take much notice at shoe detail, and you can find a pair of shoes with flat soles and that can take about half an inch off your shoe wearing height.

>> No.10844758

belt over the costume helps

>> No.10844770

How many days before a convention do you think is best for a face wax? Its like, red for a bit right?

>> No.10844779

I would do it 2 days before (so wednesday if the convention starts friday), gives a chance for your skin to calm down if you do end up having a bad reaction

>> No.10844871

For high quality wigs, check out Arda. If you're willing to import from Japan, Maple Wigs are also a solid option.
As for shoes, I would suggest you measure your foot to get an idea of what women's sizes would fit you. Depending on the shape of your feet and how flexible they are, you may need to order up like half a size US, or a few sizes up in EU. If you can go to a thrift store and buy some cheap pairs that'll help you get an idea of what size they should be as well.

>> No.10844892

Have you done it before? You should probably do a test run first.

>> No.10844924

I havent, no...is there a good home test thats close enough? I wanna do it for Anime Boston so i dont have much time now Id say

>> No.10844979

I'm sorry I can't help you here, I don't know anything about waxing I just thought it would be a good idea to test it first

>> No.10845020

ah, fair. Gonna go to some spas tomorrow and see what they say

>> No.10845050

nta but if you live in boston call around because only certain places will wax male faces (since sometimes a thick haired beard won't wax right and you end up ripping out skin with it) but there are places that do! depending on how fast your beard grows you'll need to do it a few days before the con. you can also go in for a consultation and they'll have a better idea based on your hair type. hope that helps.

>> No.10845331

What do you mean when you say dutch smile?

>> No.10845443

Im actually just a bit north of Boston, but I already went in yesterday and made an appointment somewhere just in case for those reasons.
But thanks for saying it still of course!

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Did the Helltaker thing before. thought it looked nice

>> No.10845781

that does look good!

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