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How do you blow dry your hair without getting all sweaty? Is it autism?

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I think you may have a weight problem if you sweat when you blow dry your hair.

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your arms and shoulders are weak and shitty, or you're fat. or both! hope this helps

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You should mostly be pointing the nozzle at your hair on a brush, not so much at your scalp?

I have chronic fatigue so while I don’t get the sweaty thing sometimes I just get tired. I take breaks as I’m blow drying, and using a brush nozzle like the one that comes with a Dyson airwrap makes things easier.

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How tf are you sweaty after getting out of the Shower

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Not OP but for one, the steam from the shower if you're dumb enough to blow dry your hair in the humid bathroom right after you finish rather than moving to another room or leaving a door open to let the steam out.

Or you have the blowdryer up too high and are pointing it at your scalp?

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