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I want to cosplay Yorha No. 2 Type B from the 2017 videogame Nier Automata, but I'm a boy.

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not the first and not the last

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Yeah but my butt isn't anywhere near that nice or big.

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start doing glutes

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I'm retarded and can't keep to an exercise regiment. Besides, how big could my butt and thighs get over the next five months?

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better than what you have now when you go to whatever convention you're planning on getting railed at

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men can't cosplay as 2b because they will never be soft or cute, maybe with shoop.

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I dunno if I wanna get railed by con autists.
I'm soft and cute but have a very sad butt.

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do you want to have ass or are you genuinely too autistic to even try

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>do you want to have ass or are you genuinely too autistic to even try
To be honest - both. I certainly want to try, but I've never been able to keep to an exercise routine for more than a couple days,

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So what's stopping you now?
Remember, even keeping to the regime poorly is better than not doing it all all.

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It's partially mental - untreated "ADHD" and almost two and a half decades of reinforced bad habits, but also physical (I can do like 5 squats before my legs quake too much to continue)

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That's good, you know where your failure point is so you really just need to do that much every day.
Keep yourself to five squats a day for now, or try to tie the squats to something that you already do like 5 squats right after jerking off. It'll make it easier to form a routine that way.

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I could probably do more than five a day if I try to do them multiple times a day. To be honest, my legs are awfully weak in their entirety, so I actually do /need/ to start working out for reasons other than AGP.
I tried to start jogging in the mornings, but I stopped a couple days into the year because it got too cold.

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Jannies please clean up the incessant fetish posting for once in your pathetic lives.

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>if your cosplay makes your dick hard, you're not a heckin' valid cosplayerino

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posting /a/ fag pics isn't cosplay.

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Would you prefer the thread if I were to not attach any images to my posts?

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yes, and use the help thread and integrate better.

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I often get ignored in the help thread. I wanted to post in the crossplay general, but there isn't one up.

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well make one based on a thread from the archive? i'm not against crossplay but posting all those pics will rile up anons for sure and makes your look like a crossboarder.

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They could always try not entering the thread

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then you could try using the help thread like you're supposed to or accept suggestions instead of having such a pissy attitude.

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>having such a pissy attitude
that sounds a lot like you

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nayrt but I really do recommend making a crossplay general thread because this isn't the first help with crossplay related topic that people post outside of the general help thread. If you're not posting in the help thread because you get ignored then I doubt you're going to get a better reception if you just make a thread like this for every specific crossplay you want to do. Just make a crossplay general thread and boom done, we don't have this shitting up the board anymore and there's more of a chance you'll get help.

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If you have 5 months then for 1 week try and spend 15 mins working squats. Do 1 minute breaks between sets. Once you've built up some lower body strength start doing Glute bridges. You should be able to do 15 mins a night and remember you can watch videos or tv while working out as long as you remember proper form. If this works try to start doing more reps or lengthening your sessions.

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