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When at cons, do you talk about /cgl/ or pretend to be unfamiliar with it?

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/cgl/ is irrevelant to cosplay now
unlike back in the day when there was a community

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No since I’m not a foid obsessed with dressing like Bo Peep, covid conspiracy, and trannies I don’t bring it up at all

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this desu

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One and done. Discord, Instagram and even Facebook groups killed this place off. Its not 2010 anymore where all you had was coscom, ACP and here.

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>No since I don't talk to anyone at cons because I'm a smelly retard

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How would I even bring up /cgl/?

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Maybe I should have said 4chan(nel) in general, not just /cgl/. Revealing or hiding your powerlevel, basically.

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Depends, I might go to a meetup or walk by it to do a vibe check. More often than not it's full of people that are orbiting a single female or just people talking about stupid shit.

Kinda agree

>go to a con
>bring up 4chan out of no where
Yup that's going in the red flag collection

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I didn't mean bring it up out of nowhere. Sometimes it could be relevant to a discussion, sometimes you can tell from the way people talk that they browse this shithole

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I anyone asks I'll say /cgl/ or invite them to the local /cgl/ discord

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Last otakon i briefly talked to a venti cosplayer who mentioned being on 4chan, not /cgl/ in particular
Also one older black guy who was selling gunpla recognized one of my ebin 4chin meme patches so I assume he was here at some point as well

It's not surprising though, cons are a hotbed for autists like us

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>venti cosplayer
oh my god it took me 30 seconds to realize you didn't mean brittany

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why the hell would you talk about 4chan in public
fucking retarded newfaggots

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No one tell this guy that there used to be entire 4chan panels at cons and meetups still happen

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and nobody tell that guy that some anons choose to steer clear of those panels and meetups for good reasons

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the days of mudkips are long gone
4chan always had a bad rep but now basically 4chan = /pol/

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>bring up 4chan or cgl at a con
3 out of 5 chance I run into someone from pol who won't shut up about shit
1 out of 5 chance run into someone who isn't into anime just there for the game room
1 out of 10 chance I run into someone actually cool
1 out of 10 chance I end up meeting another person cosplaying

I use to look forward to it precovid but now it just feels like I will always run into someone either not invested into anything anime or cosplay and just wants to coom while talking about pol schizo shit.

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Oh yes, I can tell. You don’t have to speak up about it

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Because /pol/ infested all the other boards.

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