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A thread for telling stories about anything and nothing - funny, roommate horror, party shenanigans, creeps, things you wished you didn't see, etc.

>Be me
>Walking around con floor with friend I just met the day before
>He is fairly high at this point in time
>Tells me he wants to try and find some bitches to bring back to the hotel room
>I'm down, decide to try to be a wingman to him at the very least
>He is cosplaying as Loid Forger
>See thicc qt3.14 Yor cosplayer
"That's a really sweet Yor cosplay, my friend here has been trying to find a Yor cosplayer for a photo"
>She sees him behind me
>They start talking
>To my surprise, he has some fair rizz
>A second Yor cosplayer approaches, she seems to know the other one
>He hands me his phone and asks me to take a photo with both of them
>High off his ass, in between two Yor cosplayers, arms around both of them, both of them leaning into him
>He must be in heaven
>Unbeknownst to me at the time, his camera was on a delay for taking photos
>I click the camera button on his phone, it doesn't seem to be working
>I walk back with his phone to ask him what I'm doing wrong
>Camera takes blurry downward photo while I'm handing it back to him
"Oh dude it looks like you took a photo of our feet, hahahaha"
>He finds this hilarious
>Both Yors are looking at us with a mix of concern and disgust
>I'm able to recontain most of the spaghetti to our pockets by showing that it was on delay mode
>Take photos
>Both Yors walk away afterwards

Anyone else fumble the bag this bad?

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>No posts
Sad! This thread has potential. I'll start with some silly ones

>Holiday Matsuri, early afternoon
>Wandering halls when a high school age kid dressed as L approaches (no parents around, no friends around)
>Hey so like...what do you think of my waifus?
>pulls out phone to show a collage of anime girls
>Hey what do you think of my husbandos?
>Switches to a collage of anime guys
>Point being me cause there's someone I wanna take a picture with (and an excuse to leave)
>Get shots in, try to open my mouth, he pops out from behind
>Hey, what do you think of my waifus?
>Hours later chilling in the bar area with some other guys
>He's back again to ask again "Hey, so my waifus..."
>After he leaves, one tells me "Oh that kid. He told me earlier that he likes asking cosplay girls to step on him for pictures cause he gets off on it but says it's "a joke"
(Stepping signs weren't a thing yet)

>Ikkicon on New Year's Day during rave
>Impressed by the size-appropriate Chef cosplayer dancing with them
>He shouts "Hey, Spider-Man, come join us!"
>Confused cause there's no Spider-Men around
>Realize he means plugsuit Asuka...a man...with a full beard

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