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No way, I have the same fan

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Ew why is that phone case so fucking dirty, invest in some damn clorox wipes or something geez

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girl dont wear the cardboard cat ears pls

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You're a man

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I'd upgrade the ears, otherwise good

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Iron your blouse and get better ears

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Have you taken your meds today? Skip them. Stop taking them for months. Slip back into despair and start cutting yourself again. Eventually do everyone a favor and kill yourself.

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damn someones mad. anon ur chocola is rly cute, ur makeup is so pretty

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That’s not a Count Chocula cosplay..

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Looks like you and OP are big fans of........... Big fans.

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Sorry I hate it

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is this an homosexual man or what? The hands say yes, but the face is oh fuck so hot.

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Anyone can look hot w filters. Even beetlejuice

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I like it
Can I be your boyfriend?

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I think it's a perspective

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Cool, but why the fuck would you cosplay a character from a hentai game? That's just asking for weirdos.

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Not you.
Shit thread.

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