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Haven't seen one of these in awhile. I combined both topics because they tend to overlap.
Confess your sins. Tell us your salty opinions.

I'll go first:
My confession is that I enjoy watching bad wardrobe videos. Watching itas get excited about taobao and hot glue aliexpress accessories makes my bitter soul happy.
My unpopular opinion is that Dream Holic wigs suck and we should all gatekeep the fashion harder.

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>loves people buying garbage and thinking it's lolita
>we should gatekeep harder lol

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I think OTT sweet looks tacky and costumey. Especially when it's a cosplayer doing an OTT coord.

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I rather they buy garbage than buy brand that they'll treat poorly and throw away after they leave the fashion in 2 years.

I hate in general that people think cosplay and lolita even go together. The only thing they share is an orgin in Japan, and they have nothing to do with one another.

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My confession is that I don’t like any of the covidlitas. Since meets started happening I tried to host events and meet the new members. They tend to be chronically online and rude. They don’t have a filter either. I’m at a point where I want to give up on my comm because of them.

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If you are over 25, I think OTT sweet is a bit embarassing, unless you look younger I guess. But I have a dream that aging lolitas will realize this themselves and just switch to classic or keep it casual.

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Dumb zoomer take. I bet you think 27 is when life ends.

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Agree and I’m over 25. It only works if you have a youthful face shape, minimal wrinkles, and glowing skin. And even then, beautiful people like Misako still tone down their style. Those who don’t end up looking bad.

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It drives me crazy when people put *RARE* in the listing title on LaceMarket. Bitch everything lolita that hasn’t had a MTO is technically rare. Your sheep garden dress isn’t anything special, please learn how supply and demand works.

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I hate it and I hate when they put OLD SCHOOL too

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It's the zoomers and covidlitas Id wager.

Sneakers dont belong in lolita. By insoles or something.

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I know right? if it's old school PUT THE GODDAMN RELEASE YEAR IN THE TITLE

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I hate all the videos about normie's reaction on lolita and millions of videos like omg how dare you tell me somethig non-frilly peasant.
And I hate westwood hype. It's not that cool and chic, calm down

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I think even expensive sweet lolita looks cheap and tacky. And it looks kinda bad on anyone who couldn't pass as a teenager.

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i dislike prints

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Right? I feel like there's barely any lolita content nowadays other than "this person thought i was dressed weird"

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I’m 32 sooooo

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lolita DOES look like a costume, but only compared to normie clothes and less cohesive jfash to some extent. but that's because you have to think about what you're wearing and you can't just throw stuff together.

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Sweet Lolita shouldn’t even be aligned with the fashion anymore and should be taken out back with the pedophiles, DDLG fags and troons. The lack of gatekeeping has ruined Lolita’s reputation. Every time I talk about Lolita everyone asks if it’s that baby uwu fashion all the gross troons wear. Gothic Lolita may suffer the same fate as well but time will tell.

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in my opinion gothic can be just as garish as sweet with intense makeup, bigass crosses, tall heels, campy motifs. etc.
Toned down sweet can be as simple as a scalloped cardigan, a floral or solid skirt and textured tights.
It's not about the substyle, it's about how you wear it.

>Every time I talk about Lolita everyone asks if it’s that baby uwu fashion all the gross troons wear.
I feel like this is bullshit. I barely have met anyone who even knows the fashion. When they do it's just like oh cool, that japanese thing.

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Eh, I mainly blame gen z/alpha and perma itas for this. They are so thirsty to fit in with lolitas that they buy sissy-looking replicas and horrible accessories which make the fashion look even less polished and more juvenile. Then they scream to everyone that they're a real ~kawaii lolita~ and so the sweet substyle becomes defiled.

>everything lolita that hasn’t had a MTO is technically rare
Hard agree. They're just trying to feed on people's smooth brained FOMO.

I wear only sweet and started when I was 26, so I guess I'm super crusty now. I think 25 is still pretty young to be a "cut off" age for wearing lolita. But to be fair, I'm one of those people who passes as 10+ years younger than my age. I don't think there's an age limit for any style as long as you put together a good coord.
As an opposite opinion, think anyone younger than 16 shouldn't wear the fashion. I feel like 12 and 13 year olds wearing it just feed into the normie accusation of "why are you wearing children's clothes?!" when it comes to adult lolitas. I cringe when I see lolitas with kids asking if they can get lolita for their 9-year-old. Like just buy them princess dresses. There's tons of fluffy, hyper feminine clothes for kids. They don't need to infantilize lolita further.

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What wigs would you recommend, if you don’t mind me asking?

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99% of chinese brands don't appeal to me, some of it doesn't even look like lolita to me.
A lot of people don't know what casual lolita is.
Dream holic wigs are shit quality. I dislike most border prints. I dislike the move from cotton to polyester. I hate the vocal sjw overly woke cry bullies in my comm for making everyone else walk on egg shells around them. But the mods are on the side of the sjws. I hate dreads with lolita. If you have very visible dark arm hair or leg hair then remove it or cover it up with sleeves or leg wear. Beginners who complain about elitism and classism because they don't want to spend more than 60$ for a main piece (shipping and customs included).

the idea that there was a cut off age for sweet lolita, or even lolita in general, didn't used to be a controversial opinion at all. But then those late teens and early 20s lolitas got older and guess what, they did not stop wearing what they liked. 25+ is the right age to stop giving a fuck about what other people think you should wear so I don't think sweet or OTT sweet is "not age appropriate" for people over 25.

when misako isn't wearing more toned down styles she is still wearing full on sweet or full on classic.

I hate that there's no old school box you can tick on lacemarket to filter listings but I also know that people would not use it properly.

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I'm in the same boat as you, I think I'm too old for OTT coords now but still am terrified of being mistaken for an ageplay freak when out lol, once I turn 30 I'm probably going to sell most of my sweet pieces and fully transition into classic and gothic.

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I think prussian blue is the worst color in the world but I love old Moite, I hate finding a good gothic piece only to have it ruined by the blue accents.

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I think this fear of being mistaken as a fetish is so overblown by lolitas. It's like a boogeyman. Most normal people 99% of the time will just think it's cool, weird, or not care at all.

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Worst take I've ever read in my life

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I think the fear is a realistic fear if you're a contemporary sweet lolita. I've heard a lot of stories from people who had interactions with strangers who thought it was some kind of fetish thing.

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>I dislike the move from cotton to polyester
Also agree. Polyester has its place for certain design/structural elements, but overall cotton just feels better to wear.

I'm the OP, and the wigs I've enjoyed the most are Prisila. Maybe that's a beaten to death answer, but I'll never turn back.
They're somewhat costly if you're used to $25 wigs, but they photograph very well and most of them can take high-heat styling/teasing/etc. It's a huge shame that a lot of the styles are discontinued now and certain colors are hard to find. But (and I'll probably get cancelled for this) even Arda and Gothic Lolita Wigs/Rockstar wigs are better quality than Dream Holic. Both of those have a good amount of hair in the tracks and can be styled over and over.
My biggest problem with Dream Holic is that they look nothing like the glorified product pictures and have very little potential for volume/styling. The wigs themselves are some of the thinnest crap I've come across. They're limp, plastic-y, have very thin bangs, and the ponytail clips are just horrible. I bought two Dream Holic wigs in the most popular colors/styles because I felt like maybe I was missing out. Nope. I immediately felt scammed when I opened them. I wound up throwing them away. They are random-hit-or-miss-aliexpress-amazon tier, and I really don't understand why everyone recommends them.

Don't sell your wardrobe when you're 30. Throwing something away just because you hit a certain age just seems like you'll regret it. It's okay to "age" at your own pace.

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>My biggest problem with Dream Holic is that they look nothing like the glorified product pictures

They also deny this. They say the pictures look like that because of "careful lighting" and that you will achieve the same effect by using powder. But it's obvious they are using a combination of lighting and a soft filter to achieve the look in the pictures. There are lots of issues I have with DH.
-inconsistent quality depending on the batch/year you bought them
-the ones I have have very thin, shiny fibers
-the ends were fried on some of the styles when they arrived
-the thin weak fibers don't stand up to regular gentle brushing like other wigs do.

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I had no idea they made that claim. That's completely ridiculous.
Maybe I got a bad batch for the wigs I bought (pre-pandemic, for reference), but having horrible QC just speaks to them being bad news. I would love to see whatever the "good" quality versions are, if they even exist.
Totally agree with the weak fibers, and the fried ends.

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DH didn’t mail my order. This was before the pandemic so there shouldn’t have been a problem with lockdowns or shipping. After months of emailing about the status of my order with no replies I had to file a refund. I will never try to buy from them again.

Perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise since they sound like they’re shit quality.

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I've seen a few DH wigs from comm members irl and they looked good, that's why I decided to buy from DH. But my comm members bought them years before that. I bought mine at the end of 2018 and they arrived in the beginning of 2019. I talked about my disappointment with the quality to other people who got them around that time and they said they also had issues. One person bought a few wigs that were thin enough to see the tracks. Another said that the color gradient was not like the listing.
One person said it was because DH had just switched to a new manufacturer and they were still "ironing out issues".
Personally I like to customize my wigs by cutting the bangs, side pieces (if the style has them), the overal length, change the curl pattern occasionally, etc. But with my DH wigs that is a giant hassle because every time I comb gently some of the fibers get frazzled. I have to steam them out after every time I have styled and worn them, and even with proper styling they don't look their best because they can't handle combing. I paid their international price for them so I refuse to just throw them away.

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it's absolutely a blessing you got your money back, my wigs were a hassle to work with and just don't look as good as other wigs I have.

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this probably isn't totally unpopular but "peeking" bloomers needs to go. i don't know if i have ever seen peeking bloomers look good on anyone. maybe a true old school coord but those are few and far between. they make everything look so disproportionate and sloppy

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I wish there were more communities where taobao (discussions, questions, coords from) was banned. Or at least not the focus. CGL is kind of the closest thing to that.

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boy I just really love lolita fashion

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That's pretty interesting that other people were having issues. I just checked and I bought mine in November of 2018. They actually sent me the wrong ponytail clips with my order (completely different color and style, so it was inexcusable). I got the right clips eventually after they required that I send back the wrong ones, but it didn't make a difference because I knew already how crap they were.
I'm actually kind of angry that, if they knew the new quality was bad from changing manufacturers, they didn't offer partial refunds or even make people aware that the stocks photos were the old wigs. Did a bunch of people just get shafted with shit wigs? And is the quality the same now? I can't imagine it got better with the pandemic and inflation.

You're so lucky. I wish my order had gotten lost or never shipped. I would love my money back.

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they look out of place on coords that aren't pure old school. But I do love them in good old school coords.

>> No.10831777

I ordered on the 12th of november 2018 so I think we both got the crappy stuff. There was a discussion about wig brands and quality in 2019 and a lot of people came forward about DH. I don't know if the quality has changed from the ones I have, but I won't buy from them because it's not worth the gamble. They can't be trusted.

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people take "peeking" to mean down to their fucking ankles. it makes them look poorly dressed.

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Lolita is not for everyone. It never has been and it never will be despite the current crowd screaming that it is (or should be).

Anyone who got into this fashion after 2015 (especially during the pandemic) is invalid in my eyes unless they truly make the effort to understand the fashion. Most of them don't.

Fatties will never be able to look good in lolita. Fat = instant ita.

Minors need to stay out of the fashion or stay in their own circles. I miss when it was mostly adults.

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OK but if anon is "terrified" of being mislabeled that's on her. It hasn't happened to me in 6 years of wearing sweet, but people drum it up like it's this massive problem. Just get off the internet for a while yaknow.

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and weirdly proportioned! i hate that it’s usually the first advice poorly dressed give to tall lolitas, it’s going to look bad pretty much every time.

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I hate the "lolita is for everyone" take as well. It's not for men or any woman who tries to look masculine imo. There are only a few fat lolitas who I thought actually looked good. But what do they say? The exception proves the rule.

it might be more of an occurrence for people who live in urban areas where you get lots of vocal assholes on the street. It has never happened to me but I'm also not into contemporary sweet.

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I miss Tyler and the content she put out. It was entertaining and unique, and no one will ever be able to replicate it.

Also, this thread is full of trolls and larpers and it shows. The only real lolitas in here are the ones talking about the DH wigs. The rest of you are laying weak bait for the (you)s. Good luck with that lol.

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I do miss tyler last week lolita news. Why did she stop?

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>Anyone who got into this fashion after 2015 (especially during the pandemic) is invalid in my eyes
I'm an invali-ta. I joined after 2015, even though I vaguely knew about the fashion since 2010. Although, I agree that I hardly recognize people who joined in 2020 and beyond as lolitas. I tend to avoid people who tell me they just joined, or start asking me tons of newbie questions.
>unless they truly make the effort to understand the fashion
I'm curious, can you elaborate on this? Would that be watching videos, reading forums, knowing the ins-and-outs of the secondhand market, owning tons of burando and making tons of coords?
I personally don't know what makes someone a "real" lolita to me. I guess it would be an in-depth understanding of at least one prominent Japanese brand, having context/experience of buying both new releases and secondhand, and someone who can put together cohesive coords without relying on others' help.

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She turned into a porn stick degenerate flashing her titties in clubs.

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I don’t like mesh lace. It’s too bad (for me) because I like the unique little designs brands put on mesh lace to match prints, but it always looks cheap and plasticy to me. I’ve bought pieces with mesh lace from Baby, AP, and Atelier Pierrot and ended up selling every one. Everything in my closet has cotton lace.

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agreed. Cotton lace supremacy.

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Having a large wardrobe is kinda stressful and I'm jealous of lolitas who have small but tasteful versatile wardrobes. I'm thankful I'm able to afford having a lot of options but it's so much that it becomes a headache to keep track of. I've calmed down on buying recently and praying I can let go of a lot of pieces so my closet isn't so cramped.

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I think it helps if you use wardrobe organizing apps. I use "My everyday Lolita" aka MEL but I've also got every piece on my PC.

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Fuck Tyler and her stale piss takes. I’m glad she left. She wanted Lor’s clout and all she got was her shitty style instead.

>> No.10831828

NAYRT but I also call bullshit. I live in an urban area with vocal assholes and have lived in other major cities before and no one has ever thought my clothes are a fetish. You get harassed walking around + on public transit if you’re wearing anything feminine, my experiences in lolita are just barely worse than my experiences wearing normie skirts and t-shirts.

>> No.10831925

I just don't get why the baby SF store is so terrible at updating the fulfillment page. It's been 3 months since the last update

>> No.10831954

I’m sure it’s regional. In my country people love these modern freakshow-style “documentary” tv programs on subcultures and alternative fashions that are always edited to make their subjects look like deranged, pitiful freaks. Many people here therefore believe they know what lolita is all about because they saw it on the teevee and the teevee never lies. As a toned-down classic lolita I’ve escaped the worst of it but people still comment when they’ve seen pictures of me with my comm or even when it comes up organically with people who don’t even know I wear lolita. Once in my ita phase someone cautioned me against wearing a petticoat under my skirt because “people might think you’re one of those lolitas”.
The common consensus seems to be that it’s probably a sex thing. Like I’ve had friends and family members roll their eyes at me and call me naive for insisting it’s just clothes, and at meet-ups I’ve overheard men refer to us as “baby sex dolls” multiple times. They weren’t always heckling us, either. More like oh I know what this is, it’s those Japanese sex dolls from tv, remember? I’ve never had the guts to actually watch one of these programs but it’s pretty clear what they insinuate about us, even if they might not come right out and say it. I really envy lolitas who don’t have to deal with this.

>> No.10831975

a lolita told me she was cornered by a few guys when leaving a wallmart, they called her an age play freak and asked her if she wanted to come over, then when she ignored them they followed her a few streets and tried to cut her off. I asked her where they got that idea and she said it's probably the influence of people online who are associating age play with lolita. This was during that time when you couldn't go on pinterest looking for lolita fashion for your board without getting fetish content and when several sites were banning the lolita tag.

I'm from a country where every lolita style that isn't purely gothic lolita or very elegant classic lolita is assumed to be a fetish/sex thing by a lot of people who have also seen those "my strange addiction"/living doll episodes. If you mention the word "lolita" they're also sure it's a sex thing because the book and movies are quite well known.
Years ago when I was wearing sweet lolita and hadn't learned yet to not use the word lolita when talking to non lolitas my brother was like "you're too naive to realize this is a sex thing" and my protests just made it worse.

>> No.10831977

Damn that's wild. It's not a thing I've ever encountered here but I can see it makes sense that it's worse in some areas of the world. Fuck reality tv in general tho.

>> No.10831980

It’s true, and really sad. My girlfriend is trans, and she actually disliked the fact I wore Lolita and still somewhat believes that you have to be kinda weird to like sweet Lolita. She was first exposed to it in trans forums where sissies invaded and were clearly not actually trans. So because if this, she still has an automatic reaction that sweet Lolita = ageplay perverts.

She is unlearning this, and actually wants to wear classic Lolita with me, but I still wish she never learned about Lolita through the way she did

>> No.10831982

You mean *He?

>> No.10831983

To my knowledge I have never been in the ita thread before, but it's finally happened! I was in the background of an ita's coord pic!

>> No.10831992

I'm not surprised your gf has that association. Years ago when I was searching online for lolita content I accidentally found myself on a forum called "T girl nation" (I googled it just now and it appears to be gone) which was a forum for people who have a cross dressing fetish (men dressing in women's fashion) but also had members who were trans. There were some discussion threads about lolita, which is why it came up in my google search, but also discussion threads about sissy stuff and humiliation fetishes. It was what you would expect. People were posting outfit pictures of well known lolitas from the western comm and when people asked where they could buy the stuff they recommended sissy websites or ebay.
Some google searches in the past also linked to discussion threads about lolita fashion in age play forums. I remember that some people on "adult baby kingdom" (another forum that is now gone) had actually bought japanese brand and said they were in a lolita comm. I wondered which one.

Horrible, I need eye bleach.

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this you?

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Oh no, someone has fun outside of Lolita fashion, how horrible. You're just jealous that Tyler can look good in Lolita and club wear and has more to her life than one thing

>> No.10832010

Fuck you. Tyler was WAY better dressed than Lor.

>> No.10832012

Ok Tyler

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This reminds me of when I was on a gay pron site and discovered a man who wore actual lolita in his sissy videos and I'm sure he was part of some kind of comm, or at least photographed with other lolitas. What made it worse was looking through his older videos and they were all older man/rape-play videos. If I ever find his disgusting ass again I'll post him.

Also please dump your tranny bf, nothing good comes from those relationships.

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nta but she looks way better in goth/club wear than she does in sweet lolita. Both Lor and Tyler don't have the face for Sweet, their features are too harsh.

>> No.10832025

lor doesn't have the face for anything though kek. tyler looks better than lor in general but i don't think she has the face for goff club shit, she's too mousy and plain. the club stuff makes her look kind of like a troon.

>> No.10832049

Oh fuck I feel sorry for you that you had to see that shit

>> No.10832059

why the fuck should i care about some tranny's thoughts on lolita it is not for him. btw there is literally no difference between a sissy crossdresser and "normal" trans except one is better at hiding their degeneracy

>> No.10832061

Are you saying her shitty eyeshadow application and pasties peeling off her chest with seven bondage harnesses looks good? Are you ok anon or did you hit your head?

Nonna please lmao.

>> No.10832062

A man that is fully convinced he could ever be a woman thinks girls wearing dresses is weird, oh no!

>> No.10832063

when you put it like that... lol

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>tranny "girl"friend

>> No.10832076

>She was first exposed to it in trans forums where sissies invaded and were clearly not actually trans.
I'll give you a hint as to why: those two are the same, and every discussion of lolita I've ever seen on any trans forums/boards have been related to getting aroused or "skirt go spinny", I've even seen some troons plead with other troons to not get into lolita purely for the sexual arousal because it'll "muddy the image" for the rest of them, hope that helps. Also, don't troons hate gatekeeping and cherrypicking who's trans or not? It's what makes cryptoterfing so easy, so thanks. Doesn't take more than a few pronouns to fool one of you, that's why you have so many sissies.

>> No.10832078

I find OTT coords quite fascinating, but I wouldn’t wear them out unless to an event. It just isn’t for every day

>> No.10832079

you know what's up

>> No.10832081

Lolitas posting links to personal go-fund-me/donation sites need to be stopped. Or even lolitas posting Amazon wishlists, hoping people will just randomly buy them things. I'm so over seeing people beg for money for issues like moving out or medical fees for themselves or their cat. I'm sorry, but most people don't have money to just give away to a complete stranger. Most of the time I see these same people spending money on events/clothes/blah in the middle of asking for donations. I wish it was more taboo to ask people for money on the internet.

>> No.10832094

Thank you for bringing this up because this really grinds my gears. I hate the begging online, I hate that a lot of these people continue to buy expensive luxury things whilst at the same time begging online. If you can't afford to pay medical fees for your cat/dog then don't get a pet. High medical fees for yourself? Make a gofundme if you must but keep it out of the lolita groups. Ask your family and friends. Sell your luxury items. Yes, sell your brand! Paying your bills should be more important than lolita.

>> No.10832098

Easily avoidable nonna, don’t watch gay porn

>> No.10832107

People are actually like this? Why don’t they just get a job and sell their brand?

>> No.10832108

I’m ok with ones for medical stuff IF and only if they are selling/sold their brand to try to pay for it with that money. Otherwise it’s super tacky. You have things of value, try to sell them before begging.
I do think that one’s for pets are tacky in general; if you aren’t in the financial situation to pay for a big bill if it comes up for your pet, you shouldn’t have a pet.

>> No.10832113

It’s most likely a scam

>> No.10832118

A lot of zoomer women are like this

>> No.10832121

Fuck off, he's apart of a comm and I'm gonna found out which one

>> No.10832124

lmao reminds me of that one LM user who was begging for money for her pet but was still clearly buying dresses.

>> No.10832130

no way, where did you get this info? I wanna see this train wreck

>> No.10832136

A few instances in recent memory (only posting vague details because usernames = vendetta):

-a certain "gluten-chan" lolita who recently moved to Japan asked for donations for a mystery medical procedure
- there was some group of POC lolitas that asked for donations, while using very guilt-trippy language, for a trip that would only include non-white persons
- not lolita, but another jfashion person asked for donations for top surgery and then proceeded to post pictures at a concert, wearing jfashion
- another sort of well-known lolita has her amazon wishlist linked in her profile and constantly posts about it in her stories, mostly asking for home-related goods

There's been a ton more instances of asking for money in the community. It feels really backwards. I specifically don't like the "help so-and-so move out of their unsafe home." If someone is being abused they need to call the police. And odds are, if they don't have enough money to move out, they'll be homeless in a few months when they spend all the donated money.
In any case, wearing the fashion and asking for money is in poor taste.

>> No.10832138

I bet you think having tattoos, dyed hair, and piercings are also for teens

sucks to suck old granny looking fucks. not all of us have bad genes like you.

>> No.10832139

if you have confidence, it's an every day thing. if you're thin skinned, keep on wearing classic or old school

>> No.10832142

So you enjoy being harassed by strange men while dressed up as a toddler? You just need confidence?

>> No.10832147


Men will harass you whatever you wear . You could be wearing a trash bag and they'll still be making derogatory comments

OTT is not toddler wear and if you think so go touch some grass . I wouls go look at what toddlers actually wear but never know what kind of creep I'm answering to.

>> No.10832155

moids fuck off

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No but I enjoy having a chance to shoot them to death for trying to speak to me

>> No.10832164


>> No.10832166


>> No.10832168

You mean like toast and lolitadebtcrisis? I’m tired of seeing their cringe asses on my feeds. They beg for money then spend it on trips to Japan and more burando.

>> No.10832181

Gosh when did Lolita become 2012 Tumblr culture? Sell your lolita and be an adult ffs. It's just bloody clothes.

>> No.10832182

Probably claiming a "disability" or some other BS reason to not have to support themselves yet still engage in a luxury hobby. "I'm disabled and lolita is my sanctuary!"

>> No.10832184

> not all of us have bad genes
Huh? I said it only works if you have beautiful skin and whatnot. If you’re so doll-like and unwrinkled as all that at the age of 35 then go ahead, wear your OTT sweet, but then you wouldn’t have felt the need to “clap back,” would you

>> No.10832185

My confession is that as much as I love how it's relatively easy to rehome unwanted clothes in this community vs. it most likely ending up in landfill, I really hate selling stuff. And it's not even because I've ever had to deal with particularly rude buyers or anything, I'm just lazy. I know they don't pay much but I sometimes just wish I lived in Japan so I could dump all my unwanted stuff at CC and call it a day. Sadly I don't even live near a comm with proper swap meets.

>> No.10832187

Toast seems like she “moved” to Japan without a job (considering most jobs set you up with an apartment and bank account since it’s harder for foreigners to get and she talked about apartment hunting and getting a bank account), without knowing any Japanese. She probably thinks she’ll get scouted to model or something. I predict she’ll be back in the US once her tourist visa runs out unless she starts working at a hostess club illegally or something (although that’s hard to do without speaking Japanese)

>> No.10832189

I think it's silly to complain about people with tattoos and piercings in lolita. Not saying you have to like them (I don't) but this is still an alt fashion so there's gonna be "alt" people. It reeks of "lolitas should be lovelies!!"

>> No.10832219

alt doesn't mean edgy. lolita isn't edgy, this isn't the 80s. alt just means not normie. and tattoos and piercings have been normie for decades.

>> No.10832220

I hate it when Lolitas start dressing down on meet ups after you have taken pictures but the meet hasn't ended.
Like, yeah wigs and Pettis can be uncomfortable, but it's so weird to see someone in an beautiful or ok coord for only 1-2 hours and then having to sit next to them with their natural flat hair and sad jsk.
Like do they only wear the coord for pictures?

>> No.10832224

>Like do they only wear the coord for pictures?
Zoomers are guilty of this. They think lolita is just about the pictures and TikToks.

>> No.10832227

people from usa don't have a tourist visa for japan. she still only has entry for 90 days and it's heavily monitored.

>> No.10832250

>letting a wholeass man dictate what you wear because it will hurt his feefees
you wouldn't put up with this from a cis man, would you?

>> No.10832275

I don't like it when Lolitas mix fibres in their coord

>> No.10832279

LM girls selling their stretched out, damaged burando (coincidentally always with missing waist ties!) for max price. if you're fat just say so and save me the click

>> No.10832280

foam rocking horse soles need to die. please level the fuck up you're not 14

>> No.10832281

This is the most autistic thing I've ever read, and I'm autistic.

>> No.10832294

My pet peeves is when people somehow lose waist ties and other detachable parts of their dresses. Or find it later and try to sell it separately.

>> No.10832296

All lolita looks stupid to normal people, you idiot. The fact you're such a prick about people in your own fashion must be really isolating

>> No.10832297

Hey this is the unpopular opinion thread on the anonymous board. What did you expect

>> No.10832298

I still don't know how someone can loose fucking waistties. What do they do to the dresses ?

>> No.10832301

i always think that something about taobao dresses looks off for some reason

>> No.10832302

When people post things like "I'm looking for a pink blouse that will fit a 50inch bust, but it's hard to find anything because brands are so fat phobic". Then people post suggestions of pink brand blouses that can fit said bust but then that person says "it's not my style" or "It's way too expensive, I'm looking for something under 30$ shipping included". Someone suggests "I recommend making your own, it's a valuable skill to have as a lolita" and she says "I don't have the fucking time and I don't have a sewing machine, so now you're telling me that if I want something that fits I have to buy a 200$ sewing machine and invest a boatload of time which I don't have just because brands are too fat phobic to just expand their size range".

Basically anyone complaining about lolitas being elitist meanies, or anyone claiming that brands are fat phobic.
And it's usually the same huge sized americans who complain about brand sizing "I wish AP or any other japanese brand would do x in my size" but then shut their eyes and ears when other brands actually make things in their size. And a lot of these same people who complain about brand sizing would never shell out for brand if it was in their size anyway. They come up with all kinds of weird roundabout answers for why they don't want to buy from brands except "I can't afford it/I think it's too expensive" because they'll never admit that for some reason. The people suggest cheaper alternatives from non-japanese brands but they don't like that either because of quality issues or the idea that it's made from slave labor.
So to sum up;
-brands are bad for not making x in their size
-they would never buy from japanese brands anyway
-they don't have the time and the money to learn how to DIY
-they don't want to buy from chinese brands because reasons
They just want fairies to make their blouse.

>> No.10832304

Also people throwing tantrums in BSOLF because they asked for advice, got good advice but then didn't like any advice that wasn't kissing their ass and agreeing that their "lolita version of toph from avatar the last airbender" is lolita.

I cannot stand DollBe. Their designs are so awful.

>> No.10832306

fatties will cut up brand to make it fit them, i don't think they're above tossing the waist ties bc they're already far beyond the max dress measurements

>> No.10832307

When people take pictures of dresses they intend to sell, then throw the dress into the attic, basement, garage or rented storage outside of their home and then sell the dress without checking the current state of the dress before shipping it.

>> No.10832313

I wish I had an answer to it. I bought some dresses that didn’t come with the waist ties or brooches. I don’t want others to think I’m the one that lost them however.

>> No.10832314

I'm an American and I'm embarrassed at how far we've gone to make being fat "okay." Fat-phobia doesn't exist and being fat will never be healthy. Being 10-15 lbs overweight isn't a huge deal, but 50+ lbs and beyond starts to be egregious.
I screamed when people on FB were talking about the recent Milky Planet MTO and how they wouldn't purchase from a brand that "didn't listen to their consumers." Because... AP *is* making clothes for their consumers. They are a *Japanese* brand and of course they aren't going to cater to American sizes suddenly. There are plenty of people who want original sizes to be honored in rereleases. AP has even added a few CM to recent releases and it's just never enough for the morbidly obese.

>> No.10832322


>> No.10832323

>They are a *Japanese* brand and of course they aren't going to cater to American sizes suddenly.

yeah but when you say this then some people are going to say "AP is an international brand because they have stores in the US, France and China, so they owe us an extended size range. Can you imagine if H&M only made sizes that fit their swedish customers?" like it's the same dang thing.

Nasty attitudes towards fat people do exist (whether you choose to call that fat phobia or not), and fat people are allowed to exist imo and are allowed to wear lolita fashion imo. But I hate it when they complain about all of the stuff I mentioned. What they expect is unrealistic and unreasonable. The entitlement and lack of personal responsibility is what gets me most of all.

>> No.10832330

95 percent of the posters here are ugly as fuck

>> No.10832331
File: 632 KB, 1125x2436, 5392FBC6-7711-4CF8-9A4F-4CF753808C85.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i'm going to scream lol

>> No.10832341

agree but also 95% of lolitas in general are ugly as fuck

>> No.10832348

who the fuck cares

>> No.10832355

Lolita is a fashion for ugly girls and women, always has been. The only exceptions are the models (not all) and a few community members.

>> No.10832358

you, clearly

>> No.10832396

I know y'all would find me ita, I just don't care enough to change, because I like my style just fine. That said, I don't post my pics online either, because I do prefer not to be publicly mocked.

>> No.10832398
File: 372 KB, 1083x693, 4659EED8-643B-41C8-8A2E-746113A127B2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>cosplay started in Japan

>> No.10832406

Agreed, I can’t stand these people who come in claiming to want to wear lolita, make a million excuses for why they can’t buy or make the clothes, reject all our advice and then almost inevitably turn around and cry to others outside the community about how mean and unwelcoming the lolita community is. Ma’am what did you want us to do? Wave a magic wand and conjure a bunch of custom coords for you out of thin air? Even that probably wouldn’t be good enough.
I have a close relative who’s like this, and with her I’m pretty sure that lolita represents this fantasy she has about herself where she’s young and thin and cute. She must realise deep down that buying the clothes alone won’t make her thin and pretty, and seeing herself in the mirror wearing lolita but still weighting almost 300 lbs, greasy face, thinning hair etc. will shatter the fantasy. So instead of taking steps to start wearing the fashion she claims to love she sits around saving more pictures of ‘dream outfits’ to her Pinterest board while blaming the universe for cruelly keeping her from this dream.

>> No.10832414

I don’t want to post a lot of pictures online either, because really I don’t like mockery and not even criticism desu

>> No.10832418

Do you think lolitas posting online get mocked? When they are, they’re trying to purposely get a rise out of the normies like Gemma and Tempest Page do in their TikToks. Or the shit flinging comes from discordlitas who have no filter and are jealous.

>> No.10832419

link some non-foam ones then bitch

>> No.10832422

Same. I wear it almost every day. I don't think my coords are objectively bad, but being older and overweight means getting posted in /cgl/ regardless.
>Do you think lolitas posting online get mocked?
Yes. All the time. Especially the ones who don't fit a certain physical aesthetic. So I'll just be an offline lonelita, because wearing the fashion brings me joy, and I don't need the online acknowledgement.

>> No.10832430

Have you heard of Vivienne Westwood? They sell wood sole RHS!

>> No.10832431


Same nonnas. I enjoy the fashion more when I'm not having my photo taken. Other employees at work sometimes take my photo without permission and I can't even tell them no without anxiety because I have to see them every day.

>> No.10832433

>people from usa don't have a tourist visa for japan. she
That 90 day entry period is a tourist visa basically. Barring any extenuating circumstances you get the visa by default of you come from a country like the US.

>> No.10832434

Are they at least well dressed?

>> No.10832439

Why do you think BtSSB's mascot is a bear that wants to be a cute rabbit?

>> No.10832440

I miss her too, I hope she's doing better

>> No.10832441

I find that people who claim to "wear lolita every day" are either liars or consider a skirt and a cardigan "lolita fashion."

>> No.10832449

I hate the shape of the Vivienne Westwood ones. Link some that are chunkier.

>> No.10832452

I had a good hearty laugh at this one, thanks Anon

I had a friend who was really similar to your relative, was she ever mean or passive aggressive to you?

>> No.10832460

I heard DH wigs are shit quality, any recommendations on where to buy high-quality ones, preferably in pastel colors?

>> No.10832466

If you are not dedicated enough to lose weight to fit into brand clothing, then you should not wear the fashion at all.

>> No.10832469

I hate ouji so much. Please just wear aristo.

>> No.10832471

black and white striped socks generally look ita and retarded

if you refuse to ship outside of usa/uk you're a lazy asshole

>> No.10832479

there's this little indie brand called vw, ever hear of it you fucking retard?

>> No.10832480

oh now i know you're fat as fuck lol

>> No.10832484

She’s never outright mean but can be super passive aggressive. Whenever I have or achieve something she would’ve liked to have or achieve for herself she makes a point of saying how ‘lucky’ I am, like it just fell into my lap and I didn’t spend months or years working hard for it. We have a lot of hobbies in common but I don’t like to talk to her about them because she always complains about everything. She’s a very negative person in general. I think that’s probably true for most of these types who ostensibly want to wear lolita but don’t make any actual moves towards achieving that.

>> No.10832486

Are you ESL by any chance? I can't think of how else you reached that conclusion

>> No.10832492

gee sorry i don't want to spoonfeed this ita with shit taste. sorry i hurt your feelings tho americunt

>> No.10832497

I like a lot of AATP’s prints but the way their jsks are cut really turns me off

>> No.10832501

I think Bodyline should just be tossed instead of sold used. I'm so tired of seeing Bodyline clog LM and wish we had something similar but brand or high quality off brand (like Antique Beast) only.

>> No.10832503

girls in lolita be delusional, post on boards about fatties and meanwhile eat like dog shit on the daily and don't work out

>> No.10832504

>she makes a point of saying how ‘lucky’ I am, like it just fell into my lap and I didn’t spend months or years working hard for it.

My ex had that attitude. He would say "I don't have your willpower/endurance, I wish I could do X" to excuse the fact that he wouldn't even try beyond a lukewarm attempt. He started acting like anything I accomplished was a personal slap in his face. Meanwhile all he did was go to work, be financially irresponsible (we didn't share finances luckily), spend an unhealthy amount of time gaming and getting fat eating junk.

>> No.10832505

I don't mind the occasional bodyline pieces on the secondhand market. What I am sick of is seeing the same overpriced listings, the same handmade junk that nobody wants (are those blue and pink bunny bags still up?) and only see damaged versions of the bags I want.

>> No.10832506

no no anon, you don't get it. Being fat is both an aesthetic sin and a moral one. Being unhealthy but slim is just a moral sin.

>> No.10832508

did i hit a nerve? i don't have an ed like you nonnie i just don't eat my feelings ):

>> No.10832513

Idk how to explain to fatties that we can eat normally and not be overweight, we aren't ana-chans LOL the way that gets thrown around on here is such an obvious cope.

>> No.10832516


>> No.10832518

I don't know what fat people assume slim people eat. I've seen the term "rabbit food" thrown around a lot though.
There was a time a few years ago when I made a full english breakfast every saturday. A friend said "I don't know how you're not fat, you're so lucky".... I eat that once a week though, not every day. And some vegans claiming cheese and milk will make you fat. I eat cheese regularly, always have full fat milk in my black tea and use butter to cook regularly as well. Like I don't subsist solely on salads and vegetable stir fries. There's no food group that I've completely cut out. The biggest difference between that fat friend who said I was lucky and myself is that I normally don't snack, rarely have alcohol and that I prepare most of my meals myself. I don't think there's some mystical metabolism I was blessed with. We just have different eating habits.

>> No.10832520

I donate mine when I don't want it anymore
I think maybe someone will find it and get into lolita that way

>> No.10832522

nta but i eat whatever i want and work out and manage to keep my weight down. a bit of low weight high rep lifting and cardio every day does wonders. obviously not eating mcdonalds daily, but i never count calories or watch my diet. i notice fatties also tend to "hate water" or complain about sugar addiction. i drink sugar drinks sometimes but water and tea daily and don't get "cravings". it's about not being lazy.

>> No.10832527

I don't hate water but will prefer tea of some kind 90% of the time. The other 9.99% of the time is when I add a slice of lemon or some lemon juice to cold or hot water. 0.01% of the time I'm in the mood for plain cold or hot water. I probably "break" a lot of weight loss/weight maintenance beliefs because I used to do vigorous cardio 6 days a week + yoga and when I stopped doing both I didn't gain weight. I'm still not completely sedentary but I don't do any activity for the sake of maintaining my health or weight.

I had a friend who lost 20lbs fairly quickly because for the sake of saving money she stopped getting food delivered and instead started making more of her own meals. She was still drinking sugary soda and eating crisps (or chips for the americans) and almost lost enough weight to be a healthy weight. I think I am lucky in the sense that I don't like fizzy drinks so I don't crave it to begin with. The only time I was "addicted to sugar" was when I had been restricting calories for a long time, sugary junk was way more appealing back then. When I ate it (especially biscuits/cookies and ice cream) you could see fireworks going off in my brain. Now I'm eating properly junk food just doesn't have that effect on me anymore.

>> No.10832530

I don't mind Bodyline other than that cherry_sp girl who is constantly selling literally ridiculous, unfathomable amounts of Bodyline. Taobao and AliExpress on the other hand... throw it in the damn trash. Seeing JP brand, Bodyline, and Taobao all lined up at a meet made it clear to me that there are three rungs of quality. Four if you count new vs old AP, for example.

>> No.10832532

anon please, brands have always been making RH variants with wooden soles

>> No.10832539

I think you're just assuming your small experience goes for the rest of us. It's not that hard to wear lolita daily if you're either a student or have a job with a lax dress code. Not everyone wears OTT sweet and many people still wear lolita out but come home and change like anyone would after a day at work. For some it's the reverse and they wear lolita only at home almost as roomwear if they have nowhere to wear it. I've been on both ends of that spectrum though I hardly wear it daily anymore.

>> No.10832540

I've only ever had 2 taobao pieces and they were a petticoat (which is fine actually, not bad at all imo) and a blouse, I didn't like the feel of the fabric and how sheer it was. I've never owned anything from bodyline, but I want to maybe buy some bodyline blouses or even other pieces from them. So can you tell me how the quality of bodyline compares to taobao? I've also never had any AP stuff because I'm not into sweet, so if you wanna go on a rant about new AP and old AP quality, I'd like to read it.

>> No.10832541

>or consider a skirt and a cardigan "lolita fashion."
I've seen a lot of bad takes before but yours might be the worst

>> No.10832542

Well I think they would consider it to be casual lolita

>> No.10832544

Main piece (almost always a jsk), blouse, petti, headpiece, socks, footwear (not tea parties but passable mary janes, since I'm on my feet a lot). To work. Almost every day. There's a lot more daily lolitas out there than you realize, and I bet most of us aren't posting about it online.

>> No.10832546

Do people at your work ever give you a hard time?

>> No.10832547

I have a couple Bodyline blouses and they’re ok. I removed some of the lace because it was kind of yucky and there were a few stray threads to cut. I did lose some buttons on one of them so I suggest reinforcing them before wearing them so you don’t end up with missing buttons while wearing it.

>> No.10832552

don't help the ita, retard

>> No.10832557

No, they think it's cute. And at this point, on the rare occasion that I'm not in a lolita coordinate, that's when I get the comments and weird looks.

>> No.10832559

although bodyline is usually (always?) poly, i like their pieces with cotton lace and the simplicity of the designs since they try to have something for every substyle. their oldschool inspired headdresses in particular have clean, versatile designs and decent lace.
meanwhile with taobao pieces there's always random shit attached to it and the print is muddied with 100 different colors and poorly composed. this might be intentional because without a print and a shit ton of rickrack you'd be able to tell the jsk is made out of basically toilet paper. i've sat next to girls at meets in taobao jsks that are literally see through. on top of that every piece is trying to be 'unique' and never seems to match anything else even from the same brand. they probably appeal to itas seeking to be special and different. have you ever noticed that basically any concept has a corresponding taobao dress? like think of a random animal, you can almost certainly find it on a taobao jsk. they're designed by AI i swear.
i can understand using taobao for a petticoat though since they're purely functional, so long as it gives the amount of poof you wanted and isn't itchy.

>> No.10832564

IIRC the Bodyline rectangle headdress is a direct replica of BTSSB spin doll headdress

>> No.10832566

lolita only looks good on the fairest of maidens

>> No.10832567
File: 181 KB, 999x1500, cgl bait.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10832606

Yeah that sounds exactly like my friend. She'd also put herself down constantly too and wait for you to compliment her, I stopped doing it eventually and she got quite upset. Another thing she did was get really awful, unflattering haircuts in obnoxious bright colours, like she was trying deliberately to make herself unattractive.
If it helps I checked on her recently and she's lost a bit of weight, has a nice haircut and looks like she's bathed recently so there's hope.

>> No.10832607

>consider a skirt and a cardigan "lolita fashion."
That can be and very often is considered lolita fashion though? A JSK or skirt and a cardigan is often my daily outfit for work or anything requiring leaving the house.

>> No.10832612

But what if my skirt and cardigan are brand?

>> No.10832622

It’s probably covidlitas who think that only OTT counts because they only wear it for pics/videos for social media. They don’t realize that some people actually wear it as clothes. As long as you’re happy wearing it and it follows the rules, you’re good.

>> No.10832623
File: 188 KB, 1080x845, Delusion level 99.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to shake these people.
Introducing custom sizing to a brand like AP would absolutely cripple it's manufacturing. Profits wouldn't double, because these same people wouldn't want to pay 2x or 3x the price for a custom sized garment.
So I guess my unpopular opinion is: Posting on a brand's page with this kind of entitled nonsense should get them blocked from the store.

>> No.10832625

these retards never understand that a garment with a bodice has to be structurally redesigned to accommodate their rolls. this constant fattitude is so draining with the new wave of itas

>> No.10832627

I own the Metas and they're a foam sole with a wooden sticker on top, although it's a very high quality sticker. Not sure about the Baby shoes.

>> No.10832650

There have been entitled fat people saying this same thing for years. They're wrong though, profits would not double. They're grossly overestimating how many of APs customers are obese enough to need custom sizing. Custom sizing can be possible if the manufacturing process and scale allows for it. Brands that offer this usually usually have much smaller production runs and nearly always charge extra (as they should).

>> No.10832651

Why are you all so insane

>> No.10832655

Even if they did, I know their butterball asses would be complaining about the prices. You can’t win with fatties.

>> No.10832663

I mean… there’s always some dumbass who wants a print of a trans octopus holding a duck and playing basketball in vomit green colorway with a 500inch waist

>> No.10832664

If they wanted it that badly, they’d buy 2 dresses (or 3 if they’re that huge) and use the fabric to make a dress that fits. But no, they want a custom dress that fits them perfectly for the same price.

>> No.10832687

I'm a firm believer that lolitas who claim "I weAr lolita eVerYdAy~" but then say they don't take photos, probably don't do so because their "daily coords" are trash and the pics would be posted to ita threads.

Like lol, try to call it what you want, but your 'thriftshop lolita skirt' or 'closet lolita' coords with ugly ankle boots will never be lolita.

>> No.10832688

what if i just hate taking photos and don't use social media?

>> No.10832689

"pics or it didn't happen"

>> No.10832690

Agreed 100%. Even cute skinny Japanese models look stupid in ouji. I’d love to see more aristocrat, both male and female versions.

>> No.10832691

Entitled, Karen-lolitas who think the world should bow to their size and make anything and everything completely catered to them. How more toxic could you be?

I always remember the egl lj post of a girl who bought her "dream dress," AP Melty Chocolate JSK, then posted pics of the straps not being long enough to go over her shoulders and literally crying because "ap LIED about the bust size! My bust will fit but clearly their measurements were lies because the straps are TOO SHORT for my shoulders! I'm sobbing now everyone."

She posted pics of her crying while wearing the dress, and people were very quick to point out that her bust size wasn't the issue, but her rib cage. Because this girl was very...built. Big-boned if you will. And couldn't comprehend why her "bust size" wasn't the actual issue.

>> No.10832692

Just say you're insecure that people were insulting OTT, it's written all over your post

>> No.10832699

Do you post selfies of yourself wearing work attire or athleisure everyday? When you're going out wearing a t-shirt and jeans? No? Then ACKSHULLY that's because you think you and your normie coords are horseshit and would be posted to People of Walmart.

That's how silly you sound. Lolitas have lives outside of the fashion that occupy their time. Most people only use social media to keep in touch with family and old friends. If someone already doesn't share many pics online, even family pics or food or whatever, why would they post lolita coords?

>> No.10832702

imagine thinking if you don't put it on the internet it isn't real, i fucking feel bad for zoomers and their obsession with putting everything they do online

>> No.10832739

My unpopular opinion is that I don't think black women are suited for lolita and if they wanted to look good in J fashion they look best in gyaru or hime styles.

>> No.10832741

I've never understood this. Like yeah if they're fat with a giant nose then they're just ugly, and ugly white people who have those features are also unsuitable for lolita.

But what specifically about having darker skin is so bad for lolita? As long as they're thin, dainty, and pretty then a mere change in one color shade isn't some huge, image-breaking issue any more than having chinky eyes is.

>> No.10832747

nta but real ass, you bet anyone wearing OTT is going to post. lolita western community is just full of more itas than it is lolitas. now zoomers might do makeup alright, but they have the dormant mine of clolita being a trap to suck them in as newbies

>> No.10832750

you're the reason i don't post.

>> No.10832752

It's not just darker skin, if they're a black person with dainty and feminine features (ie. lots of Ethiopian women have these features) they would look beautiful in lolita but 90% of black women don't have those features. It doesn't just boil down to "dark skin" as I've seen middle eastern and hispanic lolitas that look wonderful. The natural hair of black people is also very hard to work with in the fashion, but wigs are already so common in lolita that it's fine to use those and some natural styles look good too. I don't think white women with facial features similar to the ones that black women have that clash with lolita should be wearing the fashion either but it's far less common, usually with white girls the issue is just that they're plain ugly which honestly would be easy to deal with if they put as much effort into their faces as they did with coords.

>> No.10832753

Idk if this is meant to be sincere or thread-ending bait, so I have no choice but to assume it’s sincere.
What in particular makes you think that black women don’t suit a modest style like lolita but do suit something more revealing like gyaru? Sounds like classic sexualisation of dark skinned women to me. Imo, black women look good in lolita as long as they’re not ugly (same standards as for everyone else) and can even get away with certain colors, especially pastels, that make white and Asian people look washed out.

>> No.10832755

I used to think this many years ago but I realized it was because all of the black women I had seen wear lolita were overweight/obese and had outfits that weren't proper lolita outfits. Like seriously, the first black woman I had seen claiming to wear a lolita outfit was some offbrand/DIY verging on ita mess that looked a lot more more historical reenactment of the era when black people were slaves in the US. She wore a white mobcap and a white apron over an OP. She was also very fat with a homely face so she ended up looking like a mammy. That was my impression of "black people attempting lolita" so I concluded that black people just didn't look good in lolita.
A while later I saw some black content creators that I thought looked really cute with good outfits. These people were a healthy weight, didn't have super ugly faces and wore decent coords. And when I think about it white fat women with homely faces and bad offbrand/DIY sometimes also end up looking like milk maid reenactors.

>> No.10832756

Gyaru styles are a lot more makeup heavy so they can get away with contouring and whatnot. Also I never said black women with these features are ugly, the features just don't suit lolita. Heavy makeup used to conceal these features also doesn't suit lolita. Also never said they don't fit modest styles, that's just silly. The only good coords I've seen black women do have been one picture of a sweet coord and a shiro coord which makes sense as these colors compliment the skin tones but again they were the very few types that had dainty features. Not every post that says something about black women on here is bait, you all agree as well and if you didn't there would be more images of good coords of black women posted without it being some clapback to "racism."

>> No.10832758

>modest style like lolita

modesty isn't about just the amount of skin that is covered. Lolita isn't modest because it's loud, unusual/eccentric, weird looking, etc.

The anon you replied to also never insinuated the reason she thought black women don't look good in lolita is linked to the amount of skin that is covered or not.

>> No.10832759

nta but it's one or the other. you're assuming what one anon meant.

>> No.10832760

nayrt but isn't the idea you need dainty features to suit lolita just another way to push eurocentric beauty standards? Like, if not every black woman without dainty facial features is ugly then why does that non-ugly person still not suit lolita? Why is it so important to have dainty features for lolita fashion?
I have no dog in the race because I'm white and don't have rough features, but I just don't understand where you're coming from.

>> No.10832761

Eurocentric beauty standards in rococo-era inspired fashion? How terrible. *eyeroll*

>> No.10832762

lolita and gyaru both aren't modest styles. I don't understand why you jumped to "sexualizing black women"

>> No.10832763

reducing lolita fashion to "rococo-era inspired fashion" is newfaggery

>> No.10832764

"Lolita is for everyone!!" is newfaggery

>> No.10832767

I agree, but I see no reason to exclude all black women.

>> No.10832770

Yeah well it's still not taboo to say 'no' so how about you worry about your own life and seethe less about other people's?

>> No.10832771

Black women with dainty features can pull off lolita, so I'm not even excluding all of them. Unfortunately I've only seen two examples of this being well done and these features are so rare even in black women that aren't wearing lolita that 90% of them should consider other styles. Or perhaps if everyone didn't jump down throats like this the second something remotely negative was said about black women we could actually give concrit and they could make it work instead of having a flood of black itas.

>> No.10832772

That person you replied to was not me, the anon you replied to, which is why they said nta.
I “jumped to” saying you’re sexualizing black women because you didn’t provide any reasoning in your original post about why black women don’t suit lolita. You only said, instead of lolita they should try gyaru. The difference between lolita and gyaru aesthetically is modesty. They are both OTT hyper-feminine fashion styles, but one is purposefully trashy and sexy, while the other is purposefully elegant and unsexy. So you saying black women should wear the trashy, sexy one but not the elegant, unsexy one raised an eyebrow. I’m still not sure what features of black women you think don’t go with lolita inherently.

>> No.10832773

nayrt but begging for money on lolita community pages is just bad manners and makes things awkward for everyone. It's a great way to temporarily slow down comm activity because people don't want to talk about what they bought or have coming in the mail or what they intend on buying when the begger's post gets crickets.

>> No.10832774

Why do you think people are jumping down your throat? no one has told anyone to kill themselves yet, very civil discussion by cgl standards

>> No.10832775

I didn't mean you specifically, I could have worded that better. What I meant was the community in general.

>> No.10832776

if these black women that have features that don't suit lolita according to you, but they're not ugly then why do you care?

I'm not the anon that said black lolitas should wear gyaru instead. I was still curious about the jump to "sexualizing black women" though, let's see what the original anon says.

>> No.10832777

thanks anon

>> No.10832779

Well, it's an unpopular opinions thread so I posted my unpopular opinion.

>> No.10832780

You're allowed to. But people are really curious about where the opinion is coming from/based on. And like another anon said, this is very civil discussion especially for CGL standards.

>> No.10832782

I think the oldschool trend is really annoying but it also absolutely makes sense holding new and old pieces, especially with bags and shoes by BSSB. I have a BSSB purse from 2007 that has outlived every recent bag and pair of shoes from them that I own. I hope the wagon jumpers are at least appreciating this and maintaining their pieces so they don't get tossed.

>> No.10832821

I'm so sick of poor people. I don't expect everyone to be able to afford new brand dresses but I swear every newbie now always starts with asking where they can buy lolita for under $30. If you can't pay more than Forever 21 prices for clothes either wait until you get a big girl job or learn to save and wait for deals. These are always the people who go on Amazon or Devilinspired and sort by cheapest and then end up with the ugliest most obviously cheap shit and start crying if anyone points that out.

>> No.10832822

Do you wear lolita every day?

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