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Hello /cgl/, I am a big brother who wants to take his little sister to a safe con and have fun in matching cosplays. Thing is, I don’t know many series people could both recognize and have us match, so Im outsourcing the thinking to the hivemind, and that’s where you come in.

Thanks in advance!

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Ask your sister what she wants to dress up as

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I assume you mean characters from the same series and not literally the same character

Off the top of my head, Twilight and Anya from Spy Family, or almost anything from any Ghibli Movie (except Grave of the Fireflies.. unless you wanted to go for an extremely dark theme..)

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Yes, characters from the same series!
Noting those down. Me and her only watched My Neighbor Totoro and Howl’s Moving Castle from Ghibli, do you recommend we watch a few more? Which ones, if so?

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She’s indecisive for the same reasons as me, especially because we don’t enjoy a lot of the same stuff. So we’re looking for common ground or new ground to see together.

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Spirited Away is mandatory viewing and prob your best bet here; her as Chihiro, you as any number of characters. Kiki’s delivery Service is great, you could cosplay as Kiki and Tombo.

Another thought is Taihei and chibi Umaru from Himouto.

I also think it would be insanely cool to see a cosplay of Shiva and Teacher from The Girl From The Other Side, but it’s a manga and I’m not sure if either of you would be interested in that.

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Sorry for samefag, apparently there is a short anime of TGFTOS now so do with that what you will

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I’m checking it out right now. Shiva and Teacher seem like a really amazing duo. I’ll put these two on the list. Thank you for pointing them out!

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Classic Little Sister / Brother Pairs
>Yu - Nanako - Persona 4
>Kyon - Kyon no Imouto - Haruhi Suzumiya
>Kyousuke - Kirino - Oreimo
>Taichi - Hikari - Digimon
>Sora - Shiro - No Game No Life
>Touyo - Sakura - Card Captor Sakura
>Chrom - Lissa - Fire Emblem
>The Demon Slayer people I guess

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>Grave of the Fireflies
do this, and post results
if unwilling to do this, we have
/thread at first reply

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kill yourself

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Personally, I'm a fan of The Cat Returns. Not for cosplay inspiration, I just think it's pretty underrated as far as Ghibli movies go.

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Chainsaw Man, Denji and Nayuta

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Yes yes please. Such an easy cosplay to acquire fhe clothing for and so many paor options to go with. Depending on her age and size when she's older you can swap her out through some of the main characters and go from Rico to Henrietta to Triela.

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