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>>10806620 Texas thread is autosaging due to Ikkicon discussion. Post about the con here.

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Where seagulls

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Where you fags at?

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Chilling in the vidya room atm. Got here a little early. Might go find some photos later.

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Thinking of trying Ikkicon as my first con. Only live an hour or so away, is it worth it to go today or just hold off for Saturday?

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This year is completely different than previous years
It's at a water park, and there's porn stars here
It's hard to gauge how you'll like it, but it IS a lot less crowded than usual.
If you like buying artist alley stuff it's good. They've got a pretty big gaming setup this year too

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Only stuff left tonight is the stip show and adult market stuff. Con basically starts Saturday as usual

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:/ well, already made the drive and bought the weekend pass. Might as well make the most of it.

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Where the fuck are the Phase Connect bros at

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This cosplay after dark panel sounds like the hookup general with the dudes asking how to get girls

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>porn stars
remember when anime cons used to be about anime and cosplayers did it for the fun of it?
im sure you're joking (not anymore really) but fuck i hate how anime cons became whatever the fuck gay pride shit with cartoons they are now.

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Any room parties right now or tomorrow? Don't feel like hanging around the con grounds to wait for an invite

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Not here. Its chill time tonight to get ready for a long day tomorrow and a long rave that night.

Sounds about right. At least the Saber cosplayer is hot.

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If you're referring to the Uruka and Pippa, we're not Texas Locals. Pippa's from Nevada and is currently doing a Japanese Backpacking Trip and Uruka (me) busy starting a new job. We'll be at Colossalcon Texas though. I convinced my fiancee to cosplay Panko so it should be easy to recognize us.

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You're fucking insufferable.

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Did anyone go to the swimsuit contest? Did they hand some poor girl a dildo on stage?

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hey y’all, gearing up to come out for day two. are there any food options at ikki or will i have to leave the venue?

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I didn't see a dildo but the black Jade cosplayer either intentionally or unintentionally showed nip and got DQ'd. I heard her ranting about it a bit later in the halls. Pretty funny

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The resort has a ton of restaurants, but they are all overpriced. Of you don't care about that you'll never have to leave.

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There are some food stuff there. I saw pizza slices being sold on the 2nd floor and fries and maybe hotdogs on the 1st floor area.

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What's going on with this con? Not even the venue change, just that it sounds like they did a 180 with the lewd stuff. For reference, I did both Ikkicon's 2021 and Colossal Texas.

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thank you! heading into idolfest - hope you all are enjoying the con. are any room parties lined up for tonight?

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Also wondering about this. Or orgies desu

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Special shout out to the girl giving out free condoms and lube in the hallway during Yokai Night last night! Was one of the last in line to get some, really spiced my night up!

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So is the con really pushing the 18+ stuff now or something? Last time I went was 2019 and it was very family friendly.

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Dedicated 18+ wristbands required area on Friday night. Market with drawn porn, collar, rope, and cuff vendor, shibari clinic etc. They had a swimsuit contest, burlesque and drag show. They weren't being bashful about adult stuff but kept it to that one night block on the slow day.

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Interesting, hope it works out for them without too many problems.

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Anything interesting going on tonight?

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Just the rave tonight and karaoke downstairs.
I'm sitting in the hall around the corner from the rave hoping someone will invite me to a party.

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Nah, they claim that but cosplay deviants has a booth in the dealers hall, there's someone selling 18+ bath bombs (which scare me. What is in it to make it 18+) and I've seen more asses hanging out at this con than all of the cons I attended last year.

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Don't tell me you guys missed the rave.

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I heard a teenager explaining to her friend that a race was "a dance but everyone's really close together"
Raves just aren't the same these days

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Alright, con post mortem now that my post-rave aches have left me unable to do anything else.

Friday seemed reasonably well attended given the smallish venue and that a lot of people were in WIP or just lighter cosplay to avoid going through the trouble of setting up the bigger stuff ahead of the big weekend. Yokai Night was definitely a more aggressive push for dedicated adult content, probably even more than I remember from Matsuri in Houston or San Japan which both featured literal hentai viewing parties. All of this seemed very well handled overall (though I've already read reports ITT about the cosplay panel devolving into a dating/getting laid advice panel. Staff were very careful about keeping minors out, or at least seemed to be. I skipped the burlesque (because I've already seen that particular show a few months back) and the drag (because lol) and caught the swimsuit show instead. This ended up being The Play(tm) as it basically ended up being a diet strip show with less cellulite and one more exposed nipple. I remember hearing that particular contestant complaining about how it was her outfit's fault they ended up disqualifying her.

Saturday, naturally, picked up substantially. Panels were overall decent and the only complaints I heard were some technical glitches with the fighting game events and a few of the staff being a little catty about enforcing opening and closing for rooms. Cosplay quality was definitely above average and it seemed like a lot of people even made at least a token effort at dressing as something, even if that was just a cape or a demon slayer shirt. We even had a few oversized cosplayers roaming the halls so that was neat.

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Saturday night the dance hall was about half full most of the time. It fairly quickly partitioned itself into three groups: the stage crowd, the circle and the everything else. I stuck to the circle and we all generally just taunted prodded and danced each other into exhaustion.

Sunday was definitely the "hangover" day. A lot less people stuck around for Sunday panels and those that did were definitely running on fumes. The panels were a little less organized than Saturday and a few ended up cascading into lateness throughout the day.

TL:DR - Overall pretty good deal. Would definitely do it again.

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I met this cute as fuck EGL girl in line at the photo booth and I've been checking my phone constantly for a reply back.

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>>Cosplay quality was definitely above average

I don't know what cons you frequent but it was mediocre at best.

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Post yours anon

>> No.10831683

He obviously means by volume.

>> No.10831738

Point still stands.

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>here's someone selling 18+ bath bombs (which scare me. What is in it to make it 18+)
A friend was suggesting that some bathbombs of that size will contain little figures or keychains in the center that you get to keep after the bath bomb has dissolved. So an 18+ bomb would just be something like that but with T&A.

>> No.10831805

No, it's definitely sex toys, website confirmed it

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Anyone know where you're supposed to go to see the photos taken from the photo booth near the dealers room?

>> No.10832474

only a few photos from day 1 are up so far

>> No.10832808

when I went by on sunday it was gone

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