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Are people actually going to cons during covid season? There is a new ducking variant out and I just saw on Facebook people going to convention without masks. Do you want to never be over this pandemic? Holy fuck virtual cons have been a thing for a while just do that idiots.

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COVID ended last year sweaty, the news said so. I caught it and was perfectly fine

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I been waiting for one of you doomer fuckers to pop up. Virtual cons aint happening. Last year multiple cons set and broke attendance records with the most notable being otakon. Magfest sold out every hotel in the national harbor and Katsucon is set to do the same.

WuFlu is endemic now. Take the vaccine or dont. Or just keep your ass home.

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Bait? NYS. Sincere? NYS.

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You have to go back to pol

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This is a troll thread right? COVID is like getting a cold at this point

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On whose authority, yours?

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Nice bait thread OP

Still a faggot. But nice thread

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Yes, yes people are. The only reason I wear a mask at a convention is due to con plague, not for covid.

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its one retard samefagging all over the board. most of their posts are them reeing about how covid is fake and everyone getting vaxxed is going to turn gaytarded. they're doing a reverse-bait this time

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