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New feels thread.

I forced my friends to watch all the Onceler scenes in The Lorax with me and now they hate me

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id love to smell your underwear holy soup chan

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The true Once-ler never shows his face. Not even in the 1972 animated short. Based Once-ler.
This one in Illumination's abomination has one. The film sucks.
Just watch the Nostalgia Critic's review.

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>Nostalgia Critic
kill yourself

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Over for oncels

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>wanted to get more into cosplay in late 2019
>start making basic stuff with EVA foam in early 2020, covid kills all my inspiration to do anything
>keep having the recurring thought that I should get back into it now that cons are back
>feel discouraged about actually doing anything as I am busy with general life stuff for the next 2-3 months and won't be able to touch much and have heavy doubts that I'll be able to finish anything and have it be presentable before con season in May, especially since the character I want to do most would involve both sewing and foam work
I know I should just do it, but it just seems overwhelming.

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My friends don't like me anymore because all I talk about is Onceler.

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anon wants to doodle your noodle, soup

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*takes a drag from my cigarette * Once-ler, huh….. It’s been 84 years…and I can still smell the fresh butterfly milk

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im getting myself an ai gf

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How is tumblr in 2013?

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I'm so mad... I fit into the measurements of a very cute bralette I bought off taobao with 2" to spare according to the measurements on the product page, but when I tried it on, there's a big gap between two of the front snaps when I button it up. And I'm already flat chested so it's not like I can lose weight and have it fit, it's my ribcage that's the problem

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bralettes don't have snaps or buttons.

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I really don't like this artstyle

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It has snaps in the front, lacks the structure that would make it a bra, and was sold with matching underwear, which makes it a bralette by most people's standards. I don't know what to tell you. Some bras and bralettes have closures in the front (like post-surgical bras, although this definitely isn't one)

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bralettes aren't unstructured bras, retard. they're just the term for pull over bras that aren't sports bras. plenty of bralettes have pads and structure as well. you sound like an idiot if you can't figure out what size you wear anyway.

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>Onceler thread
>Calendar still says it's 2023
>I haven't time-travelled back to 2012, a glorious time when possibilities were endless

Hey anon, fuck you

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>hear meowing from my bedroom
>my cat has clawed his way up ONTO my dresses that i had on a display rack and got fucking stuck
>none of them seem to be damaged but i'm paranoid i just havent noticed yet
come the fuck on

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>No drive to buy anything lolita
>Where to put my fun money now?
>Decide to buy some art commissions
>Get cool art, make artists happy
>Make a habit to tip, because I can
>Happen upon new artist
>Prices were cheap as fuck
>I get in touch and ask for a pic of my dnd character
>Artist happily complies, asks for like 10 bucks, including color
>Becomes more and more apparent that artist is a minor
>Still draws a nice picture I'm really happy with for their skill level
>I send 20 bucks to their legal guardian
>They're confused I paid 200% of price
>Calmly explain it was on purpose
>Get crying-smiling-cat gif
>Feels good man
>Notice note left on transfer website
>I was their first "real" commission ever

This shit right here is bringing the spark back into spending money. Art is where it's at now, gulls. I will buy more art.

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then why do so many brands market ones with hook closures as bralettes...

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Probably because the actual definition of bralette is incredibly vague and there's no requirement for it to have or not to have a closure.

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That's so cute oh my god. I really needed this cute story thanks for sharing

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>be me heard furry art makes a lot of money
>cant draw for shit but saw a yt vid about ai art and how you dont need an art degree to use it
>start a twitter to sell my ai generated art pieces
>didnt feel like i put too much effort into my work so I list some stuff for stupidly cheap
>felt down because people werent buying anything
>get a dm one day about a commission and I responded super fast before they could change their mind
>they sent me a description of what they wanted and I input it into one of the ai generator
>sent them the art and ask for $10 hoping they're okay with it and not ask for a sketch because the generator only produce color pics
>they send me $20, well to my parent's paypal because I got banned from charging back gacha purchases
>thought they were trying to scam me so I asked them about it to have proof in writing
>they said it was on purpose
>sent them a crying cat gif hoping to guilt trip them into sending me more money
>it didnt work
if any anon want some handmade in the usa art lmk. look at pic rel before you decide.

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because they're wrong?

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I love the way I look and feel in lolita but also I feel like I'm not pretty enough for it. It especially bugs me that it's things that I can't change... A wide face, a big doughy nose, small eyes... Sometimes it feels like dressing nice is just a way for me to cope with how ugly I am

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you gotta trace over the ai generated art, soup.

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Lots of ugly bitches wear lolita and look great just own it. Who cares, its for you.

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>dressing nice is just a way for me to cope with how ugly I am

I think a lot of us can relate. That's a lolita fashion tradition alongside "I wear what I like even if it doesn't suit me". Lots of lolitas do it because it makes them feel prettier than other fashion styles. Back in the day (90s, early 2000s) a few things were commonly said about lolitas (in japan) and one of those things was that lolita fashion attracted homely chubby girls who wanted to dress in beautiful things in the hope it would make them beautiful too, another thing that was said was that most girls dressing in lolita didn't suit the style. If you look at street snaps in publications from the 90s and early 2000s you will notice that there's a large variety of body shapes and sizes (tall, short, thin, fat etc), ages, variety in facial features but also that a lot of the girls and women weren't very pretty. Not dainty elegant fairy tale princesses, but usually just clunky, frumpy and frilly. But this makes sense because of the street fashion roots. It is an alternative fashion after all, I think some people tend to forget that nowadays. You need some degree of not giving a fuck about what other people think. Even the models back then didn't look as pretty, perfect and polished as they do now. Probably because most of them were staff and not models hired for the purpose. Today's models are a lot more homogeneous, plus there's filters and editing that everyone has access to these days. Social media has a lot to answer for.

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that’s plagiarism anon. you wouldn’t trace a human’s art so why would you do that to an ai? im gonna ss what you said and in 100 years when ai’s have rights im gonna show them what you said and get you canceled

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any lolita has made sexual use of the BRAP chamber?

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Can someone tell me wtf happened to this board? I used to come here daily like 5 years ago, and now I come back and there’s so many male coomer threads and not as much jfashion or cosplay crafting threads. What the hell? Was there a mass migration event?

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a single anon posting coomsplay theads helped

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I wish I was a white girl. Everytime I see a picture of myself in lolita I cringe. They just pull it off better than me, I’m so much uglier than them. I wish I had the confidence to take photos without filters. I wish I could stop editing my face. What do, nonnies? How do I regain confidence in myself?

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I guess the old janny/mod retired
Board has been dying for years though

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look at other lolitas of your ethnicity that you think dress well, or at least look at other lolitas with similar features who you think look decent.

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White girls are ugly tho. At least wish you were Asian.

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both of these are bait posts. Just eff off.

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Not bait nonny, just wanted to vent about my insecurities. I’m not saying other races are ugly, I’m talking specifically about myself.

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Why do you have to be like this Soup? I'm the original art-commission anon and for the love of god, sometimes good things do happen. I didn't include the back and forth chatter, the progress pictures or the fact that I asked them to change a thing about the background before the final transaction. I know AI art is a big meme right now, but please shut the fuck up.

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Is lolcow down?

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New lolita, I finally took the plunge and got my first two dresses. (Rose bride meta OP, and and old-school strawberry OP) I love them but I think they’d look so much better if I had a smaller chest and arms. I’m in the process of losing weight, but it feels slow because I’m not particularly big, just average/sorta curvy (39 inch bust, 27 inch waist) I really just fucking hate my chest and arms so much

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I’m going to cosplay a lolita version of Onceler at Anime Boston this year. Wish me luck.

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>I'm going to dress as a character while changing everything about character
You are prime reboot director material.

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you can cosplay a character in a lolita outfit inspired by their usual appearance, retard. Have you seen any fucking eeveelution cosplay ever?jhjktm

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Man, I can't believe people do costume-play in this day and age. Where's the fun I fun?

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almost getting banned from innocent worlds online shop for not paying their invoice even though they never sent me an email that they were charging me ಠ_ಠ

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Go ahead and see who recognizes you after you change everything about a character you braindead meat.

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That's shitty from them. What did you buy ?

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it was just a pair of tights that were way too expensive in the first place.. i’m not going to buy directly from them ever again kek

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>Nostalgia critic

Why would you ever watch Nostalgia critic? He's cuck.

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Man, I just really love lolita.

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My all time favorite series continuously has less & less cosplayers as its popularity wanes

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good fuck chainsawman

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why is every afternoon/high tea place in my city so kitschy? even nice hotels! i don't always want to feel like i'm at grandma's house using whatever nonmatching cups and saucers and pots she dragged out. sometimes it's quaint, but most of the time it just looks lazy and cheap, like the place couldn't be bothered to pay for a matching set. i miss the places i went where i used to live for uni.

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>mfw I realize people who fuck with me or mistreat me get their reputations ruined because i'm quite universally liked and well regarded in my area because I treat everyone well, have bought water for my group several times and is always on the conventions

I don't have sex with anyone but at least I have a good reputation.

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I had a dream about buying these shoes last night

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Cosplay is fucking dead as a hobby, there's not that much to fill a board with when it's all just thots buying costumes and taking photos in them for coomers. As for lolita I guess most of the old ones grew out of wearing it, or at least out of using /cgl/ as a dumping ground for comm drama, and the younger ones don't want anything to do with 4chan since they're all woke as fuck and think 4chan is nothing but alt-right incels.

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The new jannies are coomers and double penetration princess & co

>> No.10832213

You should

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fuark I used to browse this board in the old days and looking at it now... it's such a shame. it really infuriates me how it's almost like jannies encourage coomershit to infest the fun boards. there are a dozen decently fast coomer boards, why post big boobed cosplayers thread #500 on /cgl/, bumping off the actual good quality posts and actively contributing to its death? just so exhausting to powerlessly watch boards deteriorate. 4chan is a mess now. i just want to wear lolita

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The next thread to get bumped off the board hasn't had a post since Dec 31. It's not really that the coomershit has pushed other stuff out, it's that the other stuff has all died and only the coomer threads are still active now.

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I sang How Bad Can I Be at karaoke last weekend and plan to sing Biggering next time. I made the karaoke videos for both because the guy running the events couldn’t find ones on his own. I am determined to bring back the Onceler fandom. I’ll even sing in my lolita Onceler cosplay at some point

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Speaking of karaoke, I wish more places had more Yakuza songs than just the ones in 0. Let me sing Machine Gun Kiss, damn it.

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I sure wish /cgl/ was like it was it was in 2013. Lots of activity and basically no coomer threads. I miss all the threads about different j-fashion styles, and the weird stories gulls would tell about weebs they knew.

Anon, I love you.

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>tfw buy all my cosplays
>the one character i truly want to cosplay is too obscure for the chinese to have on hand

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Lolita Onceler cosplayer here again excited to say that weight loss is going well! I hope I can reach my goal by the time I have to start making my cosplay

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>on aliexpress
>see this
what year is it?

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I wonder how many seagulls were apart of that mean egirl gc that got leaked on twitter

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probably none? weren't there like ten people in it? and the cosplayer side of this board is dead

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Were they comfy in your dream? What did you wear them with?

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maybe lolitas have gc like that where they post people they don’t like to ita threads. are you part of such a gc anon? you should leak some logs if you are

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Im so frustrated, at first I was too fat for Lolita, but I managed to loose a ton of weight. But now my face looks way to sharp and masculine for Lolita. For fucks sake.

>> No.10833152

Congratulations anon get a soft feminine hairstyle and some soft make up and I'm sure you'll look beautiful in lolita

>> No.10833162

Thank you, I will try my best

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I hate trying to loose weight, I hate that I've gained weight during the pandemic and still haven't lost it. I hate that I don't fit half of my wardrobe anymore and I just wanted to be able to snap my fingers and get my old body back. I'm not even actually fat, but I'm almost hitting the overweight BMI and I have always been the only one in my family who isn't overweight or obese.

>> No.10833193

Instead of approaching your fitness and size from a place of hate, it can be helpful to shift your perspective to one of self love.

Love yourself enough to want to take good care of your body and make yourself proud. Love yourself enough to make and sustain long term healthy goals that keep you able to feel good and enjoy your hobbies like lolita. Love yourself enough that if you are at a healthy/slim size eventually but struggle with fit on a few pieces because of pesky things like height or bone structure, you will be willing to allow yourself to enjoy your dresses through alterations or custom pieces, or whatever feels safe and comforting.

You can do it anon!

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I’ve gained weight too and also been very lazy. Recently I accepted this, started selling off a bunch of dresses that are way too small (many I bought hoping to lose weight to fit into). I also decided to stop being so lazy and started following workout videos on YouTube. I do 4 to 5 ‘workouts’ (20 to 30 mins so not that much) a week. I feel so much better about myself and have been seeing changes and improvements in my body and muscle tone too. Focus less on the weight and more on personal improvement and accepting yourself and you will be great and feel better!

>> No.10833282

I've been gymmaxxing for almost a year and I'm still very far from being muscular enough to cosplay Terry Bogard. I am sad.

>> No.10833316

Realizing how hard I fucked up. Been going to cons since the early 2000s but never made any fucking friends. Now /cgl/ is dead and conventions suck ass and I'm just sitting here in my 30s knowing I'll never meet anyone I can relate to ever again and it's all my fault

>> No.10833317

I know that feeling too well. Try look up stoicism, it helped me a ton. To break it down: what happened, happened. It sucks, and you can acknowledge that it sucks. But don't dwell in it, don't let yourself right now be controlled by what you have missed in the past.
Think logically: what do you want ? How can you achieve it. Instead of pondering again and again what you did wrong in the past, concentrate on what you can do now

It's fucking cheesy but it's better than just feeling awful and doing shit nothing

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>finally had loose skin dealt with
>finally getting into cosplay
>get SIBO so I'm bloated 99% of the time
>don't want to work out and improve body because exercising while bloated feels terrible
>don't want to wear a lot of the cosplays I wanted to
>feel uncomfortable and disgusting in any cosplay
It's not fair.

>> No.10833332

Joining in the weight loss feels. I gained a little weight from indulging too much over the holidays and need to lose about 5 lbs before I'll feel good about myself again. I have SAD so its extremely hard to motivate myself and not be lazy. Most social activities involve eating or drinking, so its either go out and backtrack what little progress I made or stay in feeling depressed. I already have a gym routine so I just need to go on more walks and be less sedentary in my off time, but its really hard to do this time of year.

>> No.10833495


Thank you for the kind words and for sharing your own personal struggles. I started again at the gym and with my diet the day I sent that, wish me the willpower to stick with it this time.

I don't want to accept I've gained weight and sell the dresses that are too small, some of them were very hard to get and others I've made myself. Also, I don't want to face the same health issues I see members of my family suffering with because of their weight. I see my parents struggling to loose weight that will give them quality of life now that they are older, their bodies weaker and their metabolism slower and it's so hard for them.

No problem in not being super thin, but it's hard to be obese or very overweight and this is the path I'm going if I keep putting weight at every traumatic event that happens on my life and then being too lazy to loose it when things get better.

>> No.10833630

Fucking nothing I do works. I fail at everything. And if that shitheel brother of mine won't stop pushing me with his attitude I'm gonna go on a murder spree.

>> No.10833692

>too depressed to get my cavities fixed
I know I need to get it done before it gets worse, but I’m just on autopilot so hard that I don’t care about it

>> No.10833751

Most con attendees are autists. Good luck finding anyone that isn’t selfish and abrasive.

>> No.10833785

I'm glad CGL still exists even though it's a lot less active than it used to be. We can be honest here which is like a breath of fresh air and I like reading that at least some lolitas share my opinions. We can discuss sellers and stores without backlash or those comments being deleted. I actually have fun here sometimes. My local comm is pretty bland. Most of the discussion in my local comm is about taobao and AP, I'm just tired of seeing the same nu-sweet stuff all of the time. Now I could "be the change I want to see" and keep interacting there but I'd rather continue posting outfits to other sites and talk with online lolita friends I vibe more with and not sink much time in my local comm. The meets are too far away anyway and after I attended a few I stopped wanting to go, just don't think it's worth it. I could organize a more local meet but can't be bothered. Did I mention the itas? We have load of them and there isn't one ita thread here that doesn't feature at least one from my comm. At first I felt bad and thought "aww, but she's so nice" when I saw someone had posted an ita from my comm. I stopped caring. The itas don't care if they're posted here or they do care and that's why they never visit. Also nearly all of the well dressed lolitas have left or are almost completely inactive.

>> No.10833788

Once a girl in my comm complimented my dress and asked if I made it, probably because a lot of my stuff is self made, I said that I wasn't the one who made it and that it was from Mary Magdalene.

The girl said she didn't know Mary Magdalene, which I guess is ok, they are kind of dead for a while now.

Then I started babbling about how I loved their stuff and she should look at their old releases on lolibrary since she liked my dress, but she interrupted me to say that she don't know brands, proudly.

She then started babbling herself about how she didn't know any brands because she didn't care about brands and tags and that taobao has lots of pretty stuff too...

I asked if she didn't even know angelic pretty since it is so popular, someone at a lolita meeting, even if not wearing the best outfit ever, should know AP, right?

But she didn't even let me finish the brand name before stating again that she doesn't know any lolita brands.

This interaction haunts me to this day. I'm far away from being a brand whore, as I said, a lot of my stuff was sewn by myself. But to don't even know or pretend to don't know the brands that set the trends and that built the style you are supposedly wearing and on top of that being proud? I wish I could understand her thought process.

>> No.10833795

She seems like she wants to do "good" in the worst way possible. She probably thinks even just mentioning brand makes you an exclusionary brandwhore or something like that.
I also don't like ap, but I know their role in Lolita history and I appreciate them for it. Also they do release some prints I love, like classic fairytale.

>> No.10833796

Yeah, similar reason I'm here. I don't agree with everything on here, but at least it's entertaining.

>> No.10833802

she probably thinks liking or preferring japanese brand is elitist or something. She pretended not to know AP because she wants to be moral.

Once she finds out you can get japanese brand pieces for very reasonable prices second hand she might change her tune.

>> No.10833804

This is a thread stuck years in the past

>> No.10833806

Probably just need to eat more to bulk up
Good luck bro, ive been going to the gym a lot the past year or so as well

>> No.10833809

CGL makes me laugh a lot more than my local comm does. Keeping up with posts on my local comm page started feeling like a chore as well. I'm also sure there is at least one other person from my comm here because I'm not the one posting the local comm itas (I only like drama when I'm not personally involved or linked to it).
I don't always agree with people's opinions here either but my opinions are not unpopular or weird here when they would have not been accepted in my local comm except by a few sane individuals. Every time I see another lolita from my comm complain how AP is fatphobic according to them I feel the urge to bonk my head on my desk.

>> No.10833811

I guess she sees herself as a genuine enjoyer while everyone else is too caught up in the details. Kind of like when someone who just likes seeing grownups in shorts running after a ball real fast meets someone who recites thirty years of championship statistics and knows the detailed story of every other slavic or latino coach.

>> No.10833814

Are we the same person? I also tried to "be the change" and it was a waste of time. There are a few APfags but the most active people just talked about taobao and western indie, Anytime I would try and post my own coords or brand I was excited about I'd just be met with a bunch of itas complaining that they can't fit said brand. It was also a really hug boxy environment. It was to the point where there were obvious predators in our chats and showing up at meets and mods would do nothing, but I also felt like I'd be called an elitist for simply saying that I'm not into taobao or lady sloth. In the end I just gave up and came here because I don't have to feel so out of place and I can at least have somewhere to vent.

>> No.10833815

or when someone just likes red wine and doesn't care about the type or the vintage as long as it's cheap and they think it's tasty enough, who then meets people at the red wine enthusiasts meetup who take wine tours to famous vineyards and who buy and savor particularly elegant (but expensive) vintages.

When I put it like that the "red wine enjoyer" who prefers boxed wine because it's cheaper shouldn't go to the red wine enthusiasts meetup.

People can buy and wear chinese budget brands to the meetup, that's fine, but to pretend not to care or want to know about japanese brands which started it all is just barbarism.

>> No.10833818

>It was also a really hug boxy environment

Yes, mine too. I think this is almost unavoidable these days. It's not an environment conducive to concrit even if you ask for it and that's one of the worst things about it. But also the predators. There are two sissies in my comm, one very obvious one, and mods do nothing. Like you I'm also not into taobao. I wish I was, but 99.99% of what chinese brands release doesn't appeal to me at all.

>> No.10833822

> It's not an environment conducive to concrit
Ayrt and my comm is the same. We would often get itas who would receive (honestly helpful, gently worded and much needed) concrit elsewhere, then come into our server and moan about it so everyone would coddle them and tell them that people gently giving them advice were evil elitists and boolies. I'm talking for shit like being told to wear a blouse. Some of them do get posted to the ita threads here (not by me but probably someone else in the comm who is sick of their shit) and they get torn to shreds by anons. I don't even feel bad for them anymore because they're all so coddled by the comm that they aren't ever going to change.

>There are two sissies in my comm, one very obvious one, and mods do nothing.
It makes me really sad that 4chan of all places has become one of the only places women in this community feel comfortable to say they feel unsafe. People who say that /cgl/ is all horrible and has no place in the community tend to disregard this. When mods don't prioritise our safety and have created a culture within our comms that makes women and girls feel afraid to speak up, the last thing we need is less places to share how we feel, even anonymously.

>> No.10833824

>I'm talking for shit like being told to wear a blouse.
I can get really annoyed by people who insist they must be part of the lolita community but then have the mindset that the rules should be abolished and that lolita is whatever they say it is. People who ask for concrit (or advice) and then throw a tantrum when they get actual good and kind advice should not be in the community.

>> No.10833832

Same. People like Lor who insist that concrit is bad and lolita can be whatever anyone wants it to be have irreparably fucked up the western community. So many well dressed lolitas who give helpful advice and are nice to everyone get alienated from their own comms by people with this attitude and then everyone complains that all the sane, good lolitas leave or keep to themselves.

>> No.10833835

this is sad but true.

>> No.10833836

but then the "rules shouldn't exist" people claim that japanese lolitas don't care about the rules.

>> No.10833837

I wish coomers could have their own damn board. Technically /cgl/ is supposed to be a sfw board, but I can't get to the threads I want to see without scrolling past bare butts and barely covered bewbs. I'm not a femcel and I enjoy sexy stuff, too, but I don't come here for that. Are the jannies asleep at the wheel? Or am I bad at filtering? What's the deal? I just want to see lolita stuff and con horror stories in peace.

>> No.10833839

I think we're built with some existencial anxiety that drives us to seek comfort in eachother. We feel safe being among our own and interacting. Even if it is about trite and asinine shit like the weather. Gatherings revolving vaguely around your interests is a good place to find "your own". You go, you interact with people, you find that you are not alike enough, and you split. I wouldn't say anyone was in the wrong. It was just life as usual, including your annoyance.

>> No.10833842

I think that people who are passionate about lolita fashion want to know about the history and about the brands that made it what it is. The budget taobaolita who doesn't want to know about brands gets the same response as the 2$ boxed wine lover who goes to a wine lover's meetup but then doesn't want to know about the different types of wine or how wine is made, and then just gulps all of the glasses at the wine tasting without actually tasting it. True, the boxed wine enjoyer is there to drink wine just like the others but they are fundamentally different.

>> No.10833845

who the frick purposely doesn't want to learn more about their hobby? Being into lolita casually should be fine but this is on another level.

>> No.10833848

As someone said before, there used to be enough other activity on the board that the occasional tiddy thread wouldn't be such a big deal, but now those threads are the only active ones so they're constantly both getting bumped and replaced with new ones because the old ones are full before they fall off the board.

>> No.10833850
File: 72 KB, 512x384, 1677105.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like gundam and even I used to think that whoever can identify them just by their heads is a lifeless permavirgin. Newbies feel that you can get too much into something.

>> No.10833853

you probably can get obsessive about lolita and live, breathe and crap lolita, but I don't think there's anything wrong with that if you want to be like that. That person who didn't want to know about brands is still approaching it wrong though, since the history and brands are intertwined and you cannot separate them. I'm not the person who originally brought it up and it annoys me tool.

Being obsessive with gundam or lolita also doesn't exclude you from having a social life. I think the permavirgin remark is a bit of a tired stereotype.

>> No.10833858
File: 194 KB, 1500x1500, 71DbJgIRZXL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Btw since you sew, I want to ask. I have a pair of compression sleeves to throw away and I thought I'd practice sewing a pair of gloves out of them. Do you have any guides on making gloves out of stretchy fabric? I tried youtube but got tutorials on stretching leather gloves instead.

>> No.10833864

Stretchy fabric is a bitch and sewing gloves is hard. Unless you have an overlook machine and some experience, which I'm assuming you don't. I recommend you don't frustrate yourself trying.
Also, don't know any tutorials that might help.

>> No.10833881

Thanks for sharing your itas with us anon

>> No.10833884

I really wish I liked taobao designs because a good portion of my comm wears exclusively taobao and watching them get excited for new releases, plan matching coords, and make group orders makes me feel a bit like I'm missing out. But god almost everything taobao is so ugly and tacky with none of the details that made me love lolita kek

>> No.10833893

There's a difference between knowing every AP release by name and just literally knowing they exist and have a certain aesthetic
If I showed up to a Gundam meet (lol) and didn't know anything about Gundam it would be weird

>> No.10833918

ayrt, posting local comm itas is something I won't do. I think that is going too far and a betrayal of some kind. I simply stopped feeling bad for them when someone else posts them though. The only itas I post are hideous sewing projects and the occasional sissy off of the international groups because those are things that really do grind my gears.

I'm also pretty sure one of my commlitas is vendetta posting here as well. One of the commonly posted "itas" from my comm dresses pretty well but has no bangs and a bit of an unfortunate face. But nothing about her outfits is on the ita level. Anons point out that it's a nitpick of vendetta at best. That's just sad imo, like post actual itas and not just people you are jealous of because they have a huge wardrobe filled with AP and you don't think they deserve it because they don't look like a kawaii desu model.

same, I wish I loved taobao because there's so much of it and it's very affordable.

this. Insisting not to know or want to know about AP is just dumb.

>> No.10833921

I like some of the designs but I know the quality just won't be as good as the stuff I like and currently own. It's my same reasoning for not buying most new AP beyond MTOs and specific releases once I've seen them in person.

>> No.10833932

Sorry anon I was so tired I must have misread your post or mistaken it for another, how do all the itas feel about getting posted so often? Do they ever take any concrit to heart? I was posted once and I really improve because of it

>> No.10833940

No problem anon. The people in my comm insist they never go to CGL. I've never told them, they may not want to know and could shoot the messenger. Concrit culture in general in pretty dead in the western comm, but it's definitely dead in my local comm. Nobody asks for concrit. I doubt it would be given if it was asked (hugbox).
I like concrit culture and wish we could go back to how it used to be. I always ask for suggestions whenever I post an outfit in the outfit posting groups but receive concrit extremely rarely.

>> No.10833959
File: 58 KB, 500x333, lolipolice.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>show my brother pic of my cosplay friend
>mfw he zooms in on her exposed asscheeks and starts barking

>> No.10833999

I‘m too anxious to order from taobao because I have never used a shopping service and don’t know how to operate the website. Yes, I’m retarded. I think I could get it done, if I tried but I have been too anxious

>> No.10834017

watch loads of tutorials on youtube. Compare prices. Write down the steps.

>> No.10834063
File: 37 KB, 480x386, ddlc kms.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hate being socially wrong all the time. I hate being too enthusiastic and stumbling blindly into awkwardness! I hate this! I'm so stupid and I get to mad and embarrassed! I need to just isolate myself. And everyone whose opinions i respect and feel okay talking to about these things one-on-one is busy or has already heard enough of my shit! I dont want to tax their patience more. I hate myself for being so defective! Why cant I be normal?

>> No.10834163

>second hand prices have gone up but the yen has weakened, so it's actually cheaper than if I had bought it 5 years ago!
I'm huffing the copium

>> No.10834238

>be extremely into sewing and cosplay, but only for characters I love
>start to lose interest because new shows aren't really appealing/start to play way more western vidya than anime
>all of the western game characters aren't iconic/interesting, or they're mostly armor whereas I'm all sewing
>start considering switching to making streetwear/casualwear for me to wear when I go out
>get GF that I go to a bunch of events with (dates, bars, clubs, etc)
>urge to switch to streetwear/casualwear rising
>GF also cosplays but she buys all her shit, only sews dresses for events and such

I feel like busting ass to make cosplays isn't even worth it for me anymore, 99.99% of people don't recognize the effort, and I'm a guy so photogs and people never come up for photos. Feeling kinda guilty because most of my cosplay friends are seamstresses and I've been slacking really hard, finding it tough to find motivation to finish up costumes.

>> No.10834395

A lot of the time when my girlfriend and I are having sex and I'm holding her close I get a really strong desire to hold her really tight and cum in her. As soon as we're done having sex, though, I of course don't feel like that anymore and I feel really stupid for having that desire. Even sometimes when we're cuddling and I squeeze her boobs I sometimes fantasize about getting her pregnant so i can see her boobs get big and engorged. We use protection and everything, but I'm still afraid that one day the desire will be so strong that I'll take off the condom and cum in her for real. I don't want to tell her I have these fantasies because I don't wnat her to freak out. I'm not sure what I should do.

Any suggestions /cgl/ ?

>> No.10834399

I suggest you start being able to afford babies. What you're feeling is natural.

Kinda sounds like ADHD.

What if you cosplay as a female character. But with unnatural proportions so that you can hide that you are a man.

>> No.10834416

This is the most normal fetish anon, I'm not even sure if can be called a fetish. Maybe see if she's interested in birth control or an IUD.

>> No.10834440
File: 118 KB, 905x914, 5e4793f0943e0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Zoomers are so fucked
>Being a trans nonbinary abdl lgbtqiopp+ with an OnlyFans: totally normal
>Wanting to get girlfriend pregnant in loving monogamous relationship: disgusting and shameful

>> No.10834452

Wanting to get your girlfriend pregnant is a problem if you don't have the means to care for a child and you feel like you might loose control and go against her will. Wanting to get someone pregnant isn't disgusting and shameful, but taking of your condom in the middle of sex without your partner consent definitely is.

Don't worry, you are a responsible human being and desiring something doesn't mean you will do it. Someday, if everything goes right for you and her you will get her pregnant and you will have a beautiful family.

Also, I agree with the other anon who suggested talking to her about birth control, but remember it's her choice and birth control can have very bad side effects that she might not want to endure only for you to fulfill your wants. Proceed with caution and respect on this matter.

>> No.10834701

The problem is the expectation for the cost of living and rising children has risen to the point that it became too expensive.

Back then, mother breastfeed, now we must add the cost of baby formula.
Back then, they can always getting used pram, now they want brand new "state of the art" pram
Back then, we cook food for our toddler, now we buy them food in little jars
Back then we reuse cloth diaper, now we buy disposable diaper (expensive, bad for environment)
Back then we give them affordable clothing, now we buy them the newest Air Jordan or overpriced Supreme
Back then education was spread almost evenly. Now we must get an expensive house in a district with great school to ensure that they going to get good education

Too many modern parents overcomplicating their family life by adding more and more stuff with the classic excuse "I want the best for my children" For corporates it translate into: "We're willing to pay premium for our children's sake"

Enjoy your overpriced crap.

>> No.10834719

Imagine coming to cgl to LARP as a boomer and shill this shit.
>Being a boring grandpa REpublican is the new punk rawk fellow kewl kids

>> No.10834721

nobody thinks baby formula is better than breast milk. some moms can’t produce enough breast milk so they use baby formula as a filler. schools in nicer neighborhoods have better resources that would prepare your kids for the future.

>> No.10834724

Modern stroller safety standards have seriously changed. It's not a bad thing. A lot of the old cribs and strollers could be deadly.
I agree with your overall point though.

>> No.10834726

when is the "back then" you're talking about?

>> No.10834731

The way people parent has changed over the years, a lot of what you are talking about has to do with parents being overworked, not having time to cook, clean reusable diapers, repairing used clothes to pass them on... But even then raising a child has never been easy and with the resources we have today I would guess it's probably easier now then it was back in my grandma's time, at least when talking with my mother and grandmother who have gone through this experience, they believe it got easier over the years.

You probably have a distorted view of a glorious past that is being corrupted by whatever, but the truth is people are having less children because now they have the choice because of contraception methods being easily available and this is good. Less hungry families having to feed an extra mouth because of an accident good.

>> No.10834745

Yeah, all these are things people choose to do out of stupidity, suggestibility and too much money. You don’t have to do all that. People do it to themselves buying the most expensive crap for their children. It doesn’t have to be so expensive. You won’t make them a successful genius, no matter how much money you spend

>> No.10834749
File: 1.03 MB, 870x692, g.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>t. Lorenzo de' Medici
cute story though

>> No.10834772

Get a wife with big breasts?
Broke: Get a wife with big breasts because you're a horny bastard
Woke: Get a wife with big breasts because you want her to breastfeed your children properly.

>> No.10834779

Breast size has nothing to do with milk production, this has been studied. In fact women with larger breasts tend to have more issues because they're more likely to be overweight. Sorry to kill your boner.

>> No.10834784

Citation needed

>> No.10834787

Jesus christ you lazy bastard, fine
tldr you want to have more milk production cells, not more fat cells, fat is just fat.

>> No.10834807

people don't understand that breasts aren't just fat for some reason.

>> No.10834817

>breasts aren't just fat for some reason
That is true, baby needs milky and that straws gotta go somewhere

>> No.10834873

Hey, don't blame me, I'm not good at specific search and I'm a dude so it's not like I understand the right lingo to research about breastfeeding.
But thank you for the citations.

Also why not pay another woman to breastfeed your baby if you can't? It's win win for everyone. Your baby is healthy, she got paid and happy to help another baby grow.

>> No.10834897

nta but that's a thing. also this entire discussion was about saving money on children hiring a wetnurse isn't saving money.

>> No.10834922

How about volunteer wetnurse?

>> No.10834924

>scam people
>try to use pity against people
does your last name end in g?

>> No.10834937

first and last letter. my first name starts with a T

>> No.10835121
File: 167 KB, 1080x720, 1340270335312[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No, he's a bug

>> No.10835141
File: 136 KB, 797x1280, 9D4682F9-3F16-44BA-88C2-E4BEFD4A6D31.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

here’s another rare pic for you. kid soup

>> No.10835632
File: 131 KB, 347x299, lolihell.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Before I joined this comm I didn't know some girls shave their pubes but not their armpits. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around?

>> No.10835633

Depends on cultural standards on grooming I guess. But how did you find out? Was that discussed during a meet?

>> No.10835634

i passed on the milky planet MTO because i sold off a lot of my sweet a few years ago and i'm kind of regretting it. hoping that prices will go down fast secondhand once they start arriving..

>> No.10835640

I'm sure they will, there are already some from older releases stagnating on lacemarket.

>> No.10835642

Probably during butthole inspection I'm guessing.

>> No.10835643

"Cultural standards" of who?? Tumblrfags? Get real

>> No.10835651

other countries exist and there are differences in the personal grooming standards between countries. There are also differences in grooming standards within the same country depending on ethnic/cultural groups.

Shaving the cooter but not the pits is a bit strange to me but it might be normal to another group of people. I'm less interested in judging them and more interested in the whyyyyyy?

>> No.10835652


>> No.10835655

like how women in some countries don't shave their mustache, but will shave everything else?

>> No.10835656

or like in some countries it's the norm for young women to remove their arm hair, but in another country there's one arm hair rule for women with light hair and another arm hair rule for women with dark hair.

>> No.10835658

I remember being curious and reading Tijuana bible (pretty much proto rule 34 comics from 1920s and 30s) and what I noticed is that some women depicted with hairy armpits and vagoo.
To be honest I prefer clean shaven. So yeah hairy armpits gotta go just like hairy pubes.

>> No.10835663

>clean shaven
>hairy pubes

The thing that actually gets you clean is um,,, washing yourself.

>> No.10835675

If you hold the standard you gotta be willing to do it to yourself

>> No.10835678

You're retarded. This isn't a standard anywhere

Which countries? I am from a country with hairier women, and it's not because it's some cultural standard. It's because they're just clueless to how visible and obvious it is.

>> No.10835680
File: 56 KB, 717x586, men who don't even shower be saying this.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that and a lot of people who say that they themselves are "clean shaven" down there think it's some kind short cut to proper hygiene and think that they can get away with washing less often.

>> No.10835681

how would you know it's not the standard anywhere, did you visit every country in the world?

>> No.10835683

it doesn't matter what the reason is, if most of the women in a country don't remove their body hair than that's the standard/norm there. That's how language works.

>> No.10835702

>two dream dresses come up
>just dropped 2k across two MTOs
I am a responsible adult.
I. am. a. responsible. adult.

>> No.10835707

I did, a well groomed man is a sign of good civilization

>> No.10835708

Shave your pussy, Nicole.

>> No.10835709

I'm growing a prized topiary.

>> No.10835711

what dresses, anon?

>> No.10835719

Same way I know its not standard for people to fly around anywhere. Its common sense. Name the country then retard

"Most" women dont do that literally anywhere. Thats the point.

Some of you twitterfags are truly so dumb and transparent in your attempts to appear cULtUrALLy sEnSiTiVe

>> No.10835723
File: 181 KB, 999x1500, cgl bait.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

baiting moids over in these here parts

>> No.10835724

The why is to show publicly that they‘re a tumblr fag

>> No.10835810

They look like cumshot effects for japanese toys.

>> No.10835855
File: 95 KB, 736x928, 61b8709ee8d204e6f5146cf2085cfadd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And how do you know that

>> No.10835864

I haven't really browsed here since 2020, did there used to be this many cosplay coomer threads here before? wtf happened this is too many moids

>> No.10835865

I buy japanese toys and I ejaculate on them. It looks like this.

>> No.10835924

I am sleepy but the battle with anxiety is keeping me away. I look at my past with resentment and my future with dread.

>> No.10835926

keeping me awake*.

>> No.10835963

Well at least you're honest.
Me too

>> No.10836076

I was kidding. Anything other than HG gunpla is too rich for my blood. We euros like to mock americans for their consummerist lifestyle, but things are so expensive here that we're spending the same money for less stuff. Figmas used to go for 80-100€ when in America they were 40$. We don't have clearance sales either. One time a hobby store lowered it's 40k prices to UK levels. The nerds broke the door trying to squeeze in. Fun times though.

>> No.10836094

I wish I were talented and depraved enough to make bank doing commissions. This way I could move to anywhere without the fear of not finding employment.

>> No.10836264

Feel you

>> No.10836266
File: 19 KB, 350x419, 1644941400039.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Not buying the cheap bootleg figurines so you can mess them up without worries
>While the original version can be displayed inside glass display, untouched

>> No.10836356

Hotglue is tons of fun. I wonder if I can make an entire suit out of it.

By any chance, do you happen to have any 3D printable files for 4 inch blank bodies? I'd like a few bases for customs.

>> No.10836406
File: 212 KB, 534x869, 67FBA486-1731-4435-A1CD-DFE611AAAEB7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I invited someone to room with me for a con without even asking them to split the cost, just treat me for food or whatevs and to plow me.

However now that I’ve gotten tremendously more in shape and had some minor surgery done, I feel I no longer need a crutch and would enjoy the con far more alone with unrestricted freedom and getting to do stuff wiith cjute boys and girls.

He already spent like 70bucks on the trsvel costs so im not sure how to break it to him. Im thinking of just nuking my discord account and just starting a brand new one so hell never find me.

>> No.10836412

No, I want to dabble on 3D printing lewds but
1. I still saving to get a good 3D printer
2. I also saving to commission for 3D lewd of my fave characters
3. This one is still undecided, either I commission someone to paint the figurine or I start learning to airbrush and paint the figurine meself. If I took the second option then....
4. I need to buy a whole set of airbrush, brush and paints. MONEY AGAIN


I can buy existing bootleg figurines, remodel them with model putty to "lewd" them like this

>> No.10836455

It's one con. Stick to your word.

>> No.10836516

No im not ruining my own time. Im done being a martyr for other people.

>> No.10836517 [DELETED] 

Yeah, he wouldn't have fun anyway if you resented. You should definitely still fuck him though. That's fun for everyone.

>> No.10836518

Then at least tell him you're not going, that way he knows that he needs to make his own arrangements

>> No.10836519

You made that decision yourself, retard. You're not "martyring" for anyone except yourself.

>> No.10836527 [DELETED] 

The poster was obviously being hyperbolic. They're just saying they're not going to let other people be their decision-maker. Still, if you imply sex you should follow through.

>> No.10836530

Nayrt, I understand it can be annoying but until you've done the deed you're always allowed to change your mind and not follow through. But anon needs to tell him the change of plans ASAP.

>> No.10836531

You can even change your mind mid sex and then tap out.

>> No.10836532

She doesn't owe him sex, no one does

>> No.10836565

Well I changed my mind.

>"you said well fuck all weekend 3 months ago you can't take that back!"

Man shut up

>> No.10836573 [DELETED] 

Who said anything about owing anyone anything? If you implied you'll do it you should. Sex is natural and fun.

>> No.10836575

Stop acting like this is some kind life altering decision.
Also you sounds like a person that can't be trusted if you keep reneging from any deal you make

>> No.10836580

>you should


>> No.10836591

do it thats hilarious

>> No.10836598

It would severely dampen my enjoyment of the con and my privacy and comfort during my resting hours.

Plans change, you a basement dweller who never had to adjust stuff?

>> No.10836605

Wait lol you claim that you already did this several times, but now when you finally lose weight and gone under the knife you dumped a friend that been with you for a long time.
Also privacy? You already roomed with him for several times. Your privacy is fucked, literally and figuratively.
Imagine if you're married to someone. But the moment someone give you more attention you immediately cheat because "Plans change" right?

>> No.10836608

>you claim that you already did this several times,
>you dumped a friend that been with you for a long time.
> You already roomed with him for several times.

Anon never said she has done this before with this specific guy. She also mentioned "I'm thinking of just nuking my discord account and just starting a brand new one so he'll never find me" which suggests that they do not have any other contact info on each other, which you probably would have if you had done this several times with the same person. There's nothing suggesting these two people have done this before and are now friends.

>> No.10836616

I've been out of the loop. Is AP USA always a cunt to their in-store customers? Did I get unlucky?

I was wearing lolita so it's not like I seemed unfamiliar with the fashion. Ended up spending enough to almost fill a whole point card but the experience was horrible enough that I probably should have left empty handed. Lesson learned, I'll stick to buying direct online next time.

>> No.10836625

Seems like youre comfusing self assured and confident with being mean. If I ever implied I was gonna sex someone up I follow threw. Ive blown dudes even. Im not proud of it but if I got them hard then thats my problem.
Same as all the times I fucked or went down an a bitch because she gave me some weed or drugs.

>> No.10836629


>> No.10836642

This is trolling and gross

>> No.10836737

What do you mean several times?
This person is an acquaintance at best con friends are not real friends and this is just someone I know a while back online but never conned with yet.

>> No.10836738

Cease being antiwhite scumbag twat.

>> No.10836751

No, you shut up. "I changed my mind". Minds change before people spend their money and structure their schedule around what you promised them. And you don't even want to tell him either. You want to ghost him.

>> No.10836753
File: 49 KB, 720x478, 1588580447854.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok lolitas, pls fill in this personality form:
. Sweet
. Sweet OTT
. Classic
. Military
Fuck gothic lolita for being edgy heheh

>> No.10836756

So I should just resign myself to being fucked all weekend long by someone I no longer want to have sex with? To not have any privacy in my own hotel room that I paid for completely??

>> No.10836758

Just be stright, tell the truth, that is a beautiful thing to do. "I no longer wanna room with you and for you to fuck me"
"Just because, I wanna look for other cocks to dick me, perferrably some Chad-type dude with plenty of STDs"


>> No.10836759

Wrong. Military lolita is worst substyle

>> No.10836761

nah they just wanna murder people

>> No.10836816

You asked for it and you didn't cancel early. People are calling you out because you're acting like the consequences of your own actions are something unfairly heaped upon you. We're also calling you out for thinking about screwing the other person over further by ghosting them.

>> No.10836823

It's not even a big deal. I think you just reimburse your friend for the money he can't get back and get a friend to slob on his knob or whatever. It's not hard to make everyone happy.

>> No.10836827

Man forget the sex. Think of the scheduling. As an adult you have to have a bunch of proffessional and social obligations to juggle so that you'll have a few days at a certain date free. It more than sucks when it's all for nothing and the thing you were looking forward to becomes a disappointment.

>> No.10836830

Just tell him the truth, you can still room together and not have sex. Or maybe he will decide he doesn’t want to come. Don’t force yourself to do something you don’t want to do just to please someone you’ve never met (assuming you haven’t met if you can just delete discord to get out of contact)

>> No.10836832

Itll ruin my reputation and cause drama in the server. Itd be better off for me to vanish as a deleted user for no given reason(ban maybe?) and leave everythinf behind

>> No.10836836

I’ve been slowly selling off my wardrobe but lost about 30lbs recently and now I kinda wanna keep some stuff just to dress up and piss off the fat bitches that have been hateful and shitty to me.

>> No.10836846

if it brings you joy just do it.

>> No.10836851

>Care more about online reputation
>Implying online reputation will give you self worth
Internet banter is just that, banter. This is why 4chan always be anonymous and threads will be deleted after certain time (archival is done by 3rd parties)

>> No.10836900

oh dramma, yes, then ghost, but I personally find it sad

>> No.10836909 [DELETED] 

no normalfags here doko

>> No.10837270

you should get mad at him for no reason before the con and tell the discord what he did. that way you dont have to lose your efriends plus you get to room by yourself. if you use twitter make sure to drop a twitlonger to make it more believable

>> No.10837271

Thats too much trouble. Ill make it easy and just leave. There are plenty of other discords to enter on a new account and expand again.

>> No.10837273

I forgot how easy it was for girls to make friends on discord my b

>> No.10837275

Its easy for both sexes. Just dont be ugly(fat) and creepy/autistic as a guy and its pre much the same.

>> No.10837284

I'm doomed! DOOMED!

>> No.10837303

Man, I hate myself for looking way too friendly.

>> No.10837368

you should get yourself a dragon face tat. I’d cross the street if I ran into someone with a dragon face tattoo

>> No.10837444

Only work if you have fitting body and face. Imagine if a pudgy out of breath mouth breather fat lard with dragon face tattoo will just be hilarious.

>> No.10837510
File: 333 KB, 1170x863, 1673948793032658.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Looks like I inherited thinning hair from both my parents, fuck me. I just want to look cute in my frilly clothes. I might as well just chop all my hair off and wear a wig forever.

>> No.10837525
File: 221 KB, 1280x720, baka mitai.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw i'm creating stories on chatgpt because I feel lonely as shit even though i'm a well known cosplayer in my area and have two livestreams to participate this month and in the next one

>> No.10837530

Watching your favourite brand become a shell of its former self is really a worse fate than the brand just shutting down

>> No.10837534

Are you a woman by any chance?

Welcome to the ponyfag fandom. On the bright side we didn't feel the pain of saying goodbye.

>> No.10837717

No, sir. Unfortunately, i'm not a woman.
If I was a woman, a lot of problems of my current life wouldn't be around.

No, I don't have gender dysphoria, i'm a man and i'm quite safe when I say that.

>> No.10837754

>If I was a woman, a lot of problems of my current life wouldn't be around.

and they'd be replaced by different problems.

>> No.10837760

Damn lolita fashion is such a whitepill. Like just looking at nice outfits and ignoring the drama. Feelsgoodman

>> No.10837784

It's just that women will usually say that. When they're lonely it's because they don't have someone around them they approve of enough to form a bond. With guys you just have to put them through the same stuff and they'll bond as they go through it.

>> No.10837839

As the first wave of the brony fandom I remember the good time.
The time when I was part of 4chan and I too got curious about what with the new MLP
Then everytime the new episode aired I came to a stream and got excited along with other people and commented a storm.
Then I went to 4chan to talk about the latest episode in /trash/ (later we moved to /mlp/)
It's also the same feeling I get when The Loud House came out for the first time.

>> No.10837841

Coward. Just tell the truth. If people dislike you because of it, they were no real friends to begin with. But just disappearing is really cowardly and shitty

>> No.10837850

For a lot of men it’s hard to date because of the effect dating apps have had. There’s a lot of women that have hooked up with dudes way out of their league and instead of having reasonable standards , they keep chasing these dudes that don’t want them and ignoring the guys that do. This is how we ended up with women that have nothing to offer in a relationship but a bad attitude and expect to land Mr. Perfect.

>> No.10837894

That's complete bullshit. I'm a woman and pretty much all through elementary school into college, my closest friends were the ones that I shared classes with and had study groups with. even now, most of my friends are ones who share my hobbies

>> No.10837900

>and they'd be replaced by different problems.

At least they would not be the same!

I guess i'm a dude with a fraction of my mind that is womanly I guess?

Also, I find myself to be way too innocent. I'm well known and loved, but I often feel like i'm just a 'toy', no one flirts with me, etc. I'm just that due who people go 'ooooh hey anon! you go anon, you're so cute!' and other friendzone worthy stuff.

>> No.10837905

I came in during the hiatus between seasons 1 and 2. We were on /co/ at the time. Peak comfy. I would make fun of people who buy merch until I found and bought an Adagio mini. I went to pick her up in person from a small store. The socially anxious cashier dropped spaghetti, his coworker dropped spaghetti, I dropped spaghetti. It was funny. Another store I asked at through email mistook me for a woman. It's man. It's man!
My god, the things the show meant to people. You read old threads and there's loneliness, escapism, bittrrsweet moments with people like Deaf Jesus and Strelinkov. It was like a painkiller for the heart, and it filled people with so much love that they picked up creative outlets to let it out. We saw all the progress of people as they went from drawing stick figures to becoming renouned among the commission scene. I was a mentally unwell shitposting writefag.

I'm starting to think that maybe waifus have lowered our tolerances as well.

>> No.10837920

You make it sound like you're a mascot. But at least a successful one from the sound of it. I can kinda relate, so I'm going to project on you. You are socially retarded. You don't know how to pursue social connection. People you coexist with a lot (classmates, coworkers, servermates) seem to have connected and invited eachother to go out or in other servers/social circles without you being invited or seeing it despite being around them a lot.
People like you because they only see your peculiar side. The more time you spend with them, the more likely you are to come into conflict with them over conduct or beliefs, and they will see you as two-faced because their first impression is that you are quirky but nice and harmless. If I were you I'd be open about my lack of understanding and ask the podcast's hosts and listeners wtf is going on. But that's just me. You act the way you see fit.
What makes a fraction of your brain womanly anyway?

You picked your friends among the people you've come across like every human being? You don't say...

>> No.10837967

>but I often feel like i'm just a 'toy', no one flirts with me, etc. I'm just that due who people go 'ooooh hey anon! you go anon, you're so cute!' and other friendzone worthy stuff.

if people flirted with you a lot you'd probably feel like you're just a piece of meat to these people, because that is the complaint/pov a lot of attractive male streamers have. I mean this in a kind way anon, you sound young, you sound like there's some self awareness lacking which is also probably because you're young.

>> No.10838017

When I read what you have to say, I question myself if I really want that: if I want people to flirt with me like that. I know you say it in a kind way, and i'm not taking it in any other way other than a positive criticism, so I can improve.

I think you nailed how I feel about myself. I feel like a successful mascot.

>he more likely you are to come into conflict with them over conduct or beliefs, and they will see you as two-faced because their first impression is that you are quirky but nice and harmless

Not my case. I've heard people say they didn't invite me because I live too far from them, which is objectively true, or because they think I should be protected, worrying about me.

>f I were you I'd be open about my lack of understanding and ask the podcast's hosts and listeners wtf is going on. But that's just me. You act the way you see fit.

Oh no it's not related to them at all.

>What makes a fraction of your brain womanly anyway?
I feel like i'm too much passive. I don't take the initiative. My ideal woman would flirt 'for' me and basically just chaperone me on my relationship.

>> No.10838072

Men, especially in the west seems to be having a very hard time to act. If you're too forward they will think you're a creep. If you're too timid/meek they will think you're dense. Then when you think someone being friendly turn out it's a flirt, or when you think it's a flirt but turn out it's just a friendly banter.
As an older anon, I'm done with subtle signals
I will be honest if I want to open a relationship with someone. If they accept it, good, if they don't, then I will thank them and we probably can still be friend.

>> No.10838218

I don't judge you. I feel like htis is a good course of action. One that I am most likely going to follow, because like you said, people can misinterpret many thing and cosplayers have reputation as something they need to protect.

>> No.10838265

I want to be a grey man but I also want to put stuff on my backpack and draw on it like a highschool kid.

>> No.10839188
File: 514 KB, 1600x1067, 1619217796848.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

trust me, you needed this:

once that said, what do you think of a woman that cosplays/j-fashions into something sweet and feminine?

>> No.10839191
File: 54 KB, 478x640, 1677194062966638.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10839210

Ive been a lolita for around 10 years and love the fashion to death still.

My career is turning towards fitness and Ive fallen in love with weight training, too. Im fitter, happier and healthier for sure! But now my arms and shoulders are getting too big for my dresses and my legs look weird in OTKs and idk what to do. I guess my career and health is more important than clothes but it still sucks.

>> No.10839211

Make the straps longer and pull it down. Most women dont realise their bras are too high on their chest and it causes the gaping problem! When i was a teen i got measured properly for the first time and i thought i was a C cup. Turns out i was a DD that was wearing my bra too high, which caused them to "half moon" and not fill out the cup properly. I hope this helps.

>> No.10839258

I don't see why not. Even in Japan there's a muscle girl cafe.

>> No.10839345

The dresses don't fit tho. I wear oldschool, I fit the waists just fine but my arms and shoulders are getting too big

>> No.10839349

any tips on how to get more engagement on my cosplay account? like what kind of daily posts? asking about insta specifically. do i do like a mix of aesthetic weeb posting and cosplay stuff? btw i'm a girl.

>> No.10839397

>btw i'm a girl.
You know the rules...

>> No.10839404

sell your wardrobe to me thnx

>> No.10839453
File: 44 KB, 700x700, w-88072-04_1800x1800.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>looking at secondhand Boz
>see this skirt
>damn that's really pretty
>I wonder what it's called?
>mfw it's the Hatsune Miku collab
I miss Lapin Agill so much every day...

>> No.10839461

I think I'd rather make myself a small museum desu, I have insanely rare stuff and I think I'd die knowing someone else out there might mistreat it hahaha

>> No.10839462

Ugh it's been so long since I've been here I forgot about the t b h filter

>> No.10839490

You made the deal yourself and he's been keeping up his part. Work out a compromise or something. It's not like you're actually dating him, you can still have him there while you mess around with others.

>> No.10839528

Finally cutting fabric to start making my Onceler lolita cosplay right now. Debating whether to use the cheap shitty lace I have or not. I’d rather save higher quality stuff for actual clothes, so I think it’s fine for a silly half-joke cosplay.

>> No.10839535

can you kys already? you're probably that cringe pox scar cunt from anime boston, aren't you.

>> No.10839594


How do you look anon? I will determine if its worth going against your word or not

>> No.10839621

I made friends and hung out with regular people today. What the fuck is wrong with the community? You bitches aren’t normal.

>> No.10839834

Grass was touched.

>> No.10839995

I wish this board wasn't dying, makes me sad. It used to be so fun, now its just hornyposting

>> No.10840079

Fuck yeah it was! I loved it! Now I’m selling off my lame ass lolita collection so I can go to Japan with my friends.

>> No.10840111

Because most cosplayers moved to Discord.
Also I'm not against horny posting. Don't blame us when attention seeking bitches found out they can get easy likes by doing cosplay.
Also to be honest, Americans being puritan about sex is so predictable. Even when left wingers are in power they still being puritan about sex lol.

>> No.10840278

You're right that bitches here are mental. May you find happiness.

Do you know of any big servers?

>> No.10840288

>lonelita who’s worn the fashion for nearly 4 years here
i went to my first meet when i was away from my home city and it was just amazing. finding other lolitas who care as much about the fashion and can talk about the ins and outs made me so indescribably happy. unfortunately when i mentioned my home city at this meet, i heard some negative talk about my local comm. i want to join them so badly regardless - i am just a megaautist and don’t want to fuck up my own prospects. i don’t know what to do now because the feeling of community was incredibly enticing, but i’m nervous about placing myself in such a cliquey environment. any advice, gulls?

>> No.10840301

I love my body so much. Thank you God for gifting me such an amazing body.

>> No.10840302

You should join them and see for yourself. The rumors could be old or unfounded, or completely accurate, you just have to find out.

>> No.10840312

Ooooh can I see?

>> No.10840380

Lost four pounds and a half since then, eleven more to get to where I was before the pandemic, thirty seven to get to where I was before I started slowly but steadily gaining weight because of undiagnosed mental issues.

God please give me the strength to not give up on myself again during the process.

>> No.10840866

I wish I had someone to hang out with. The one person that I feel that I can ask somewhat frequently hasn't responded to two messages in a row so I think I should wait even longer before I ask them again, but I'm feeling lonely.

I could go to the anime club but it kind of sucks and isn't very social at all and I'm not into the anime they're watching, so I don't want to. Or I could go to a cosplay club, but the past few times I've gone there I've ended up in social isolation.

I'm worse off socially than literally everyone else.

And I'm also feeling weak and unmotivated.

>> No.10840878

Onlyfans link?

>> No.10841452
File: 33 KB, 480x310, sadmana.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I got thinking about it in the city thread, I notice an absence of posting. I know there was at least a few Ukrainian lolita girls mentioned in the past, at least 1 rural and some in Kyiv. I also know there was a sizable Russian lolita population, and I think I remember reading a group from Saint Petersburg that had a couple Ukrainian lolitas that made it out to their meet. That was a long time ago. I hope our Ukrainian j-fash and Russian j-fash peeps are okay. I know the Ukrainians are getting bombed to smithereens, there's rape, and lots of bad things so maybe people had to leave their clothes behind, got looted, or worse. And I know I see at least one Russian tank touting a USSR flag and they likely think lolita is the bourgeoise incarnation of the devil. Also, at 90,000 plus, most young, dead, those who ran, & so many incarcerated for speaking against a war, I guess Russia is filling with radically conservative old men and the grumpy women who support them... and they likely don't much care for lolita. So, I imagine it's getting worse there.

I know in the experiences wearing lolita threads, people from Eastern Europe and Russia, although rare, always had the worst experiences to share. And I imagine, both Ukraine and Russia both, it's an incredibly bad time to be in the lolita or j-fash community. So, I hope you all are doing okay because I notice an absence of posters, it feels like. Maybe it's my imagination. Otherwise, hope you guys are safe and/or still alive.

>> No.10841478

kek what? Someone in the middle of a war, worried about life and limb, is not going to give a shit about wearing their froo-froo dresses. and no one is going to bother looting them. it's extremely weird how concerned about the "j fashion community" you are in this. they're not having fucking meet ups and running errands in lolita. People are dying, Kim

>> No.10841483

The rape is real tho. A lot of Lolita and cosplayers are young women.

>> No.10841703

I follow a girl from Russia who stopped posting at the beginning of the war but recently started again, I think she's left Russia but she's just fine.

I'm more concerned about the Ukrainian lolitas t b h. I do see one listing things on lacemarket sometimes, I hope she's safe

>> No.10841704 [DELETED] 

I don't. Republicans are bootlicking scum. They're only happy being ruled by an Iron Czar. Their women are only happy being raped. Ivans deserve the death they get at 30 from alcoholism and worse. They are a non-white people with no connection or understanding of freedom. When a Russian dies, the world is a better place.

>> No.10841705

I don't. Russians are bootlicking scum. They're only happy being ruled by an Iron Czar. Their women are only happy being raped. Ivans deserve the death they get at 30 from alcoholism and worse. They are a non-white people with no connection or understanding of freedom. When a Russian dies, the world is a better place

>> No.10841717

Moids don't deserve to see it

>> No.10841724

mind your business slavaboo. go suck off a russian we don't need your support

>> No.10841728

that has literally nothing to do with wearing lolita. if you're wearing it around a war zone then you're an idiot

>> No.10841998

Lost six and a half total, went to a nutritionist who advised me to eat more in general, but less carbs and more protein and now I don't feel so hungry all the time.
Sorry to keep updating here, but a lot of people on my social media feel triggered with weight loss content and I don't want to upset anyone there.
I'm so excited for when I will be able to fit my full wardrobe again.

>> No.10841999

triggered with weight loss content?

im liberal and even i think this shit is a disease at this point

>> No.10842002

I also feel like it's stupid, but not stupid enough to start an argument about, especially because I like the people I'm referring to besides some parts of their fat liberation activism.

>> No.10842003

yep just keep your mouth shut wouldnt want to get cancelled

>> No.10842007

>a lot of people on my social media feel triggered with weight loss content

I sometimes consider posting on my social media what kinds of steps I'm taking to become more healthy (formerly AN, used to be a cardio junkie and ate crazily restrictive, lost a lot of fat but muscle too, was trying to be as small as possible and trying to look dainty even though I had already proven to myself that with my build I will never look dainty but more like a wide coat rack with lower body fat), that I'm slowly increasing my intake and getting closer to where my intake should be, getting more variety of food, slowly becoming more flexible with food choices, even doing calisthenics to slowly get my strength up, and what kinds of progress I have already made on all of these points. But I totally foresee that some people would not want to see that and unfriend me. That's a problem because there are only a few people who have a similar style to mine and most of them happen to be excessively woke. They think diet and exercise is always part of toxic diet culture and you should just let your body be. They would say "you're not really trying to get stronger, you're only working out because you think it will make you look better and/or you're trying to slow down the speed of your weight gain." For some of these people it will never be proper recovery until you're okay with staying in bed all day and eating junk food all day every day as much as you want. I'm liberal but I can't relate to that extreme mindset.

>> No.10842010

I'm so happy you are recovering, hope you get healthier and stronger every day, both physically and mentally.

And yes, things went a little weird with the body positivity/fat liberation/fat acceptance movement. A lot of struggles fat people suffer are very real and it's good to have people advocating against discrimination and medical bias and you probably agree with me, even on a personal level, that diet culture is shit and has devastating consequences, but to deny science and be offended about other people wanting to change their own bodies? It's absolutely bonkers.

>> No.10842018

Thank you so much.

I understand where a lot of people are coming from with the "just let your body be" mindset. The problem with the "all in" approach to recovery (which would be where you eat whatever you want, as often as you want, whenever you want, how much you want) is that for most people this leads to an overshoot in weight gain past what would be healthy for them in normal circumstances. But recovery isn't normal circumstances and the science confirms overshoot is a normal thing for recovery. But then you're visibly overweight and continuing your recovery process but in a body that isn't socially accepted. If you give it enough time it will return back to a healthy weight. I've tried all-in 3 times and I could never go through with it once I became overweight. I find being overweight so hard psychologically that it always triggers a relapse into restriction.
What I'm doing now is an ed recovery version of reverse dieting, you gain weight slower and in a more controlled way and there's a lot less risk of overshooting. The end goal is the same as all-in which is good physical and mental health. But some of the anti diet culture people act like all-in is the only real recovery.

>diet culture is shit and has devastating consequences

Yep, I 100% agree with you. Both diet and "fitness" culture are shit. I think the
body positivity/fat liberation/fat acceptance movement people need to understand though that not everyone who controls their food intake and who exercises subscribes to diet and fitness culture. The important difference is that diet culture (and fitness culture a lot of the time) aren't about health, it's about looks and moralizing food and exercise. And you can't always tell why someone is dieting and exercising, so it's easy to just say it's all diet culture therefore I don't want to see it in my social media feed. Guilty until proven innocent and you will never get the chance to prove it.

>> No.10842295

Should I just message random Facebook friends I probably got through cons but I have no idea who are, and ask if they want to hang out?
I have no friends I can meet up with and I'm lonely, I wish I had someone. And I'm gradually losing people. I've tried messaging someone three times now to hang out and they haven't responded. And I wish people would actually want to meet me rather than saying yes out of obligation, it's always me who asks. I have one more person I could ask but we met in January and we aren't very close so I don't want to ask too much.
And it's so long until the next con that has tickets, but even cons aren't social at all I very often complain at /cgl/ about my loneliness while at cons.
I really have no future.

>> No.10842307

it helps if you live close to each other so that there isn't a big investment on their part to meet you. It helps if the weather isn't totally shit when you want to ask someone out, good weather will also lower the hassle of going out together. Don't ask people to hang out at your house if you barely know each other. Come up with an activity you know you'll both enjoy. A coffee/tea meet is easy, meeting at a local comic book shop or anime store is probably more interesting, so is going to japantown (if you have one of those). Are you sure those people liked hanging out with you at the con? If so just ask them.

>> No.10842312

You mean my random Facebook friends? Many of them I have no idea who are or when I met them, and they probably don't care about me either. There are some of them that I know more about and have met a few times but they've never expressed any desire to meet me and I've been with them as a part of a bigger group. I don't think they have any interest in me. There's one person who often greets me at cons that I've been thinking a little bit about, but while they exchange a few words, they also disappear quickly and have their own people.

I am willing to travel for hours to meet someone, so it's not necessary that they come to me. But it's effort and requires planning in advance which is annoying.
I wish I had people that I could just meet, maybe send a message and we'd meet up later in the day, but there's always so much planning days or weeks in advance, so each time I meet someone it's a lot of effort.

>> No.10842328

I know it sucks, but people are generally wary of randoms asking to hang out, that's why a lot of adults feel like they don't have many friends. The best thing you can do is find a hobby and a community that partake in this hobby and make friends from there.

Some suggestions are sports clubs if you are an active person, art or some kind of craft work classes if you are a creative person, tabletop games and card games events at your local nerd store if you have one of these near you and like those things, there are even social activities full of introverts such as book clubs or you can go all out and start going to parties if you like dancing, drunk people are very sociable and usually don't care if you act a bit weird and I made a lot of friends at the smoking area.

Cons are not the best place for making friends because usually people go with their own friends and there's not much you can do together to bond during it.

I know it will take work to find what is available near you and then it will take more work to take the courage to interact with the people there and then it will take time for you to build a friendship with them, but I assure you it's the way to go.

>> No.10842340

One of my problems is that I don't really have any hobbies or passions. But even so, it doesn't really matter. I have been in multiple groups of social activity, but I always end up on the outside of the group and never make any friends. I'm simply doomed. How many times should you join something before you give up? It just never happens, I'm always an unwanted outsider.

>> No.10842344

Have you made an effort to interact with the others or did you simply saint to see if others would be interested in you at some random point and then became flustered when it didn't happen?

>> No.10842346

you are not doomed, it's not bad luck, it's just you. People don't want to be friends with you because of who you choose to be.

>> No.10842355

I'm not saying they wearing it. But war tend to have this thing called "rape" that happened a lot.

>> No.10842357
File: 149 KB, 330x327, 03a5fa063ca0d8bafbc7f2e4419b87a4a967bf36a0cc637bbf23c57a65572c15.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

As a non American this is turning from hilarious to sad.
In my country, overweight children and adult actually made national news.
Two biggest news ended up differently. In one the child died a year later because his parents and family refuse to stop feeding the kid unhealthy food (he's the only child and pampered by the whole family). The other kid got help from our local famous bodybuilder that helped the kid losing a ton of weight and he paid for his skin reconstruction surgery.

This is why my dad got very surprised and horrified when I show him the infamous two obese American twins (the one with fat on their forehead) and how obese people driving around with mobility scooter is considered normal in USA.

>> No.10842359

So freedom of speech for the twitter bullies but no freedom of speech to say the truth?
Guys, we look up on you Americans back in the 90s. But now we consider you guys a joke and weirdo now.

>> No.10842361

You do realize that diet means food patterns right? As in regulating what you eat. It doesn't mean not eating at all.
Also funfact: The fat acceptance founder actually said that people need to watch what they eat because obesity related sickness is a reality. She saw her friends died one by one because they keep ignoring health warnings.
And what happened to her? She got canceled by the same people she advocated to. Because they refuse to listen to her.

Go ahead, you can fat acceptance all you want but when you died when you hit 40-50 you're the only one to blame.

>> No.10842365

>people are generally wary of randoms asking to hang out
It's the 2010s and up thing. People watching too much news that scare them. Also reddit make it worse with places like r/letsnotmeet

>> No.10842371

diet and diet culture are two different things.
The former can just be your pattern of food intake (what you eat, how much, when, how often). Diet culture is something else and it's not concerned with health. When you google for a definition you'll find stuff like this:
"Diet culture is the pervasive belief that appearance and body shape are more important than physical, psychological, and general well-being. Thinness should be achieved at all costs and that thinness is automatically healthy no matter what you do to get there. Diet culture is an entire belief system that associates food with morality and thinness with goodness. A belief system that worships thinness and equates it to health and moral virtue, promotes weight loss and maintaining a low weight as a way to elevate social status, and demonizes certain foods and eating styles while elevating others. Diet culture refers to a set of beliefs that values thinness, appearance, and shape above health & well-being". Diet culture makes people believe that crash diets or other overly restrictive diets which are nutritionally deficient are healthy because they lead to weight loss.
Obvious example of diet culture; the master cleanse.

>> No.10842411

Why are you saying "you" when I'm obviously not defending the fat acceptance movement and even said their denial of science is bonkers?

No one is defending these sick narratives, people are just sometimes afraid of confronting it because we know how things go on social media and it isn't worth the drama.

>> No.10842656

Oh, please, my country is the one paying your bill, ukraine-fag.

>> No.10842657

>People are dying.

I know, amazing I should be concerned about people in a war zone. Alert the media.

>> No.10842658

Or pills that give you anal seepage.

>> No.10842659

Irrespective, I don't care if you're Ukrainian, Russian, or a Martian invader (although the latter would be pretty cool). Point is, get your freaking psyops off the dress making section of the Cambodian paper airplane consortium.

>> No.10842686

They're just anorexic people using diet culture as scapegoat.
Anorexic is now a no no word. So they steal diet culture and use its skin as cover

>> No.10842746

haha, yes, I remember those. Orlistat/Alli iirc. I almost tried some but they wouldn't sell them to me because you needed to be above a certain bmi to get them. Apparently some people found a workaround by ordering them through amazon. What killed my interest in trying them is the video where the celebrity said she shat herself in a mall because she used them. :)

I don't understand your comment. The people on social media who would unfriend someone for posting diet+exercise content do so because they can't be sure if that's diet culture related or because that person legitimately wants to be healthy. Whether the people who don't want to see that stuff are anorexic is debatable. They might have an eating disorder history, they might just be tired of all of the toxic bs that diet culture brings. I wouldn't unfriend just because a lolita posted weight loss or fitness content. I can't look inside their head and see why they do things.
But I did put an adblocker on my fb because, amongst other reasons, I was so annoyed by the diet pill, "waist trainer", diet shake and crash diet ads. When I'm taking the hard, slow but healthy route I don't want to see the quick fix bullshit that's not going to work long term anyway. In fact it hurts to see people fall for it.

Does anyone know any lolitas who post healthy lifestyle content?

>> No.10842748

I feel like fat and ugly people should be banned from any hobby that involves your looks and clothing.
Nobody likes seeing fat Lolita’s or cosplayers. They’re gross.

>> No.10842872

The ads and suggested content thing is so frustrating, you keep searching for content about health and loosing weight in a healthy way and the algorithm only understand the loosing weight bit and suggest a bunch of downright dangerous shit.

Being uneducated in nutrition, not having a medical professional to help or having a bad relationship with diet and your body ends up putting people in very dangerous positions. I believe this is enough proof that diet culture exist and in this instance social media should be held accountable.

>> No.10842888

I think one of the reasons so many lolitas left fb is because of ads and suggested content absolutely shitting up their feed. I almost left but found a fb specific adblocker.

>> No.10843309

Oh ffs, losing weight isn't that hard. It's called working out and no, Yoga is not working out. It's just lazy excuse of a sport.
Go run, bike, treadmill or swimming. And don't do it once a week, no. Do it more, do it often. Stop shoving garbage into your mouth. Stop chugging sugary water when plain water is enough. Stop going to McDennysKingWendy and actually eat healthy!

Also relying on search engine, of course they will give you shitty PAID alternative because it's all about money for them.

>> No.10843353

nayrt, but even for people willing to put in the time and effort there is a lot of contradicting information about nutrition and exercise.
Luckily I have the food thing figured out but when I started exercising more and trying to figure out which exercises would be good for x part of the body I encountered lots of contradictory advice again. I had to trial and error. It reminded me of the contradictory advice about nutrition. Lots of people claim they've found the ultimate solution or how humans are supposed to eat. Veganism, carnivore, keto, paleo, fruitarianism, raw foodism, low carb, HCLF, etc. All of these "lifestyles" have some people who say it changed their life for the better, they've become healthy and done it for years, etc. Those people are also not always selling something so that can add to their credibility.

Losing weight is easy when you know EXACTLY what works for you. You just have to have patience and do the work. It's not easy if you're still in the trial and error phase.
And don't tell me that everyone would be slim and healthy if only they didn't eat junk/processed food. Whilst regular exercise, not consuming junk food, avoiding processed food, and not drinking your calories is great advice some people need to do more than that to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. We can't rely on "common sense" either because when it comes to what the average person knows is common sense about food is often still the typical low fat advice because that's still stuck in a surprisingly large amount of people's heads.

>> No.10843383

>but its hard and so much information!
stop eating so much.
less calories = weight loss.
end of story.

working out just helps burn calories so you have overall intake of less calories, but all that matters is the calorie intake.
shit like veganism, keto, carnivore, etc... isn't about weight loss its about dietary styles. they might pretend its about weight loss but its not. all of them are about lowering calorie intake, but in cases like protein diets the justification is proteins make you feel more full quickly which helps reduce how much you eat, but that's just a way of keeping on track with eating less.

Just stop eating less food.
there's no
>b-but my body is different
mcdonalds is always bad, candy is always bad, shitty snacks all day is always bad.

eat 1k calories a day and you'll lose weight.

god you fatties with your excuses are the fucking worst.

>> No.10843388

shitty bait post, try harder.

>> No.10843391

>boohoo i only eat 3 big macs a day and i can't lose weight, it must be genetics.

>> No.10843393

I said try harder, not be even more obvious.

>> No.10843425

This post is correct, tho, I don't hate fat people.
A 1200 calorie diet is safe and effective, no tricks. There's literally no need at all to complicate it just download a calorie app.

>> No.10843457
File: 96 KB, 567x559, 1581264951302.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I feel like I can't get into cosplay as a hobby as much as I want to because I am an ugly man who can't pull off the pretty, chiseled jaw anime boys I want to cosplay.

>> No.10843474

i lost 60 pounds doing nothing but eating a five guys cheeseburger as my only meal a day for 6 months.

literally the only thing that matters is the calories.

>> No.10843477

I know this is probably a shitpost but this would literally work. You'd also get scurvy but it would work.

>> No.10843478

I unironically did it.
five guys and a few lean cuisines here and there.

was over the covid quarantines.
i probably killed my liver, but it fuckin werks.

>> No.10843531

If you are looking into loosing weight regardless of health you are right, calories are all that matter.

Now, if you are looking to loose weight to improve your health it's more complicated than that and there are other variables that can make it harder for you to make better choices or to even know what choices are better.


You can say all you want people are just lazy and full of excuses and I know you are trolling, but I'm writing for whoever might feel like a failure because of this kind of speech.

At the end of the day, if you encounter a hardship, the better way to overcome it usually isn't being hard on yourself or having others being hard on you, but to work a solution for that hardship. Having a problem won't ever be an excuse not to improve yourself, but sometimes you need to improve a few things before being able to improve others.

I myself got fatter while dealing with serious mental health issues and while I did let go of worries about my weight as it wasn't my priority at the time, I didn't give up on myself, reached for professional help and am now in a way better place mentally where I can put effort into loosing that weight and getting healthier, while it's being easy, it would be hell back then. I don't know if I would be where I am now if I believed I was less of because I found confort in food in a time of hardship.

Find out what's wrong and solve it. Everyone has it's own journey and it isn't anyone's place to judge yours.

>> No.10843557

Stfu and stop eating so much.
>but it’s not healthy
It’s healthier than being fat. You don’t need absolute perfect dietary spread. But throwing fruits and vegetables into your diet is easy anyways because they have fuck all calories. If you actually cared about health you wouldn’t be a fat ass in the first place.

>> No.10843561

I was only 2lbs overweight lol. Even if I got to the point of being actually fat, probably still healthier than a burger a day anon.

Anyway, sorry you need to be trolling on annonimity to feel better about yourself and I truly hope you get to a better place mentally too.

>> No.10843586

Honestly I think it's easier if you eat healthy food? The same principle of calories in applies but you can eat way more if you have fruits and vegetables. When people have issues it's because they can't self control enough to stay under the calorie limit, which I can sympathize with. It's not that it's psychologically easy but it's mathematically easy and way simpler than the pseudoscience diets make it seem.

>> No.10843592

Definitely easier, eating enough protein and fiber, consuming all your nutrients and being well hydrated are all linked to eating healthy foods and are key to not feel hungry all the time and maintain self control around food.
Coincidentally, it's also the healthier approach to weight loss and the one that tends to last.

>> No.10843708

>Anon talk honest truth
>"ThIs iS a BaIT pOsT"
Like a broken clock

>> No.10843709
File: 56 KB, 294x367, 1-taloon.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Or accept your fate and do cosplay of more unique non handsome character.
I genuinely want to cosplay as Torneko Taloon and actually acting like RPG merchant.

>> No.10844339

I finally got to meet irl with the person I met here who wanted a dakimakura of me. It was an incredibly fun time.

>> No.10844358

Spill the tea, sis!