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This makes my fucking blood boil. I've been going to cons for years and never got to do this as a nerd nigga, how come this guy gets to?

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most men prefer being the steppee than the stepper

>> No.10822452

pissy nigger shoes on her bare body, disgusting.

>> No.10822453

>how come this guy gets to?

I am disgusted by everyone doing the step on thing

>> No.10822469

this. can cons ban it already? we had a girl getting her toes licked and spitting in people’s mouth at anyc for money we need to stop this shit now

>> No.10822472

this shirt weird as fuck fr

>> No.10824828

t. mad their toes arent getting sucked

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Last time I went to a con (I go there once every year at most), a dozen of horny weebs asked me to step on them. Tf is wrong with people

>> No.10825979

always thought people stepping on each other at cons is the weirdest thing ever. keep your fetish to urself

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Are there any women at cons that let you kick them while they're on the ground or just punch them? I've wanted to do this for a while but always been too shy to ask.

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you should charge them

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No but some women will kick you

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This is so embarrassing and genuinely cringey.
Please stop making such threads...

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The girl is willing because it's the opposite of what usually happened. Also it's pretty funny.
Man I want a girl with that sense of humor.

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What with so many American men have this fantasy of getting treated like shit by women?

>> No.10831827

It's really unfair. It's always the most hood, jive-ass dancin and rappin black men that get the most attention. No one is ever interested in anything else when it comes to us.

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That’s not a con thing that’s an American thing. I can’t wait until your country gets flooded with toxic sewage.

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Fantasy just the reality where I am

>> No.10831833

based moid kicker

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A Bayonetta asked to step on me. I will die happy.

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>tfw no girlfriend that wants to be stepped on.

>> No.10833738

Lucky guy
>how come this guy gets to?
Being Luffy and she being boa?

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