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Chainsaw man Cosplay

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no, I don't have sex with crazy people.

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I've started making a conscious effort to avoid flavor of the month cosplayers like the plague whenever I go to a con. It's had a noticeable improvement on my enjoyment of all the cons I've been to since I adopted this method.

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4chan is filled with closeted and open fags so yes.

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We can tell just from the brow bones and thick ass male eyebrows

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sry I only smash qt trans girls like Suzi

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Why do you people have to make this performative effort to call them "girls" even on an anonymous image board? Just call them what they are, they can't hurt you here.

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Seems to have hurt your fee fees.

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I'm not sure what you mean so I'll elaborate. I have no problem with calling these weirdos she, her, they, or whatever they want to be called in person. That's basic courtesy, I'm not going to disrespect them to their faces. But I don't understand how you guys don't get exhausted by all this. I come to 4chan so I can finally drop the act and not have to worry about using the wrong name or pronoun or whatever. Why bring that shit here?

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1) Being nice isn't an act for everyone.
2) You clearly do have a problem with the weirdos.
3) You seem to be lying and pushing propaganda, not me.

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