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Ok, this really is getting to the point where it doesn’t feel worth it anymore. But fuck it. It’s habitual.

Anime on UK 2023
June 17-18, 2023 National Exhibition Centre
Birmingham, UK

Tokonatsu 2023 August 10-14, 2023 Boyd Memorial Camp Site and Activity Centre
Henlow, Bedfordshire, UK

I’m sure there will be Kitas, Ames, minami etc with dates somewhere as well as all the usual Expo MCM comic LFCC things and random local version.

Let’s all sit back and have some existential dread over a winter of blackouts, food / rent we can’t afford and prospects of everyone being made redundant or fired as the economy collapses from a series of conspiracy related reasons.

Drama optional.

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It's sold out but you missed kokoro

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can I please post ITT if I am a bored Burger with nothing better to do

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Sure. Can I get a custom AR15 lower with “safe” and “full retard” etched in on the fire selector pls.
What’s you’re fave Hersheys? I like the white one.
If you know the dates just post it anyway as I didn’t know and couldn’t be bothered to try and recall all the cons. The other two were just on a “upcomingbl uk anime cons” list.

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I can't help you with the AR15 unfortunately
>What’s you’re fave Hersheys?
Almond. I don't know if the chocolate recipe is different, but it tastes much better than the regular milk chocolate bars to me

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The best chocolate we had was cadburies. But then Kraft bought them out, caused a stink by closing down a famous factory they said they weren’t going to and then made the chocolate taste worse. They also tried to get everyone to eat milka bars instead by sticking it on the front desk of all news agents. It sold ok, but it didn’t catch on. Freddos still taste ok, but they are 25p now. I find American chocolate grainy. I think there was a period when we couldn’t call our chocolate chocolate because of the vegetable oil we used but it all blew over. Babe Ruth’s and paydays are ok. But I have to pay lots for them from “American candy” shops that are likely Armenian drug money laundering lol.

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>“American candy” shops that are likely Armenian drug money laundering lol
I've visited London once and there was one of these shops right down the street from where I was staying. The atmosphere on the inside was exactly like what I'd expect from a front operation, and the guy at the front desk has some strange thick accent I had never heard before (could have been Armenian, but how would I know, I'm American). He was extremely pushy and kept trying to get me to buy more shit I didn't want, like literally putting in on the counter as he was ringing me up and trying to scan it unless I insisted I didn't want it.

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yeah it’s a thing. There was a rash of news stories about them all over the summer when it became obvious they weren’t legit.

Anyhoo I looked up Kitacon in a desperate attempt to keep the thread relevant and they aren’t running until 2024. What is running next year?

Minami con 28
10TH - 12TH MARCH 2023

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They don't have a committee anymore. It's far worse than the attached picture. The most Toxic working environment I've ever been a part of.

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Guess uh, we're stuck with MCM london as the only real con this year then with everyone else shitting the bed?

Seems to be only AL and MCM that are flourishing in these times. Guess all the other smaller cons are filled with toxic/sex offending committees. rip.

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You gotta say more than that

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Why the fuck are AL getting Brian Peacock back yet again as a voice actor guest?

This already feels like a MasakoX Bingo card.

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This is just sad.

Abandon ship.

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So basically the main oeganizer just pockets 30 grand or whatever while jannies work for free and feel good about that tiny bit of "authority" they get for 3 days?

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I'm honestly not sure on the structure of Kitacon right now, but they may well be non-profit.

However, a few questions -

#1. Non-profit is great, but they are allowed to pay those in charge wages. So the main organiser could still get 30 grand or even more as a wage for his work and it still be borderline charity status. This would show up no where and be impossible to prove or disprove as this is a private matter.
#2. Regardless of this, what are the perks of being one of their committee? Typically it should be accommodation, travel and expenses perhaps? If this is so, then it's not so bad and actually with the relevant references and doing something they enjoy would be a good thing? Again it just depends. My belief is that if someone volunteers for an event they should get as a minimum free entry and minimal expenses covered beforehand - unlike a lot of cons which only compensate after, but lets see shall we?
#3. It's obvious Kitacon and other events are only running once every two years to get under the VAT limit of about 80k+ in revenue (income not profit) a year. Split it over two years and you're good and keep it under. Accountancy 101. Indeed this may explain the typical dual-year structure of Amecon/Kitacon and prior Amecon/Ayacon. Basically it's a way to avoid tax aka VAT which would add on 20% to all pricing.

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Further to this - I believe any con claiming to be either non-profit or charity status should present their accounts publicly. They are literally trading on the idea that all the money given goes to the members, where it could well be that the committee pockets thousands in "wages" and "expenses". Indeed I recall speaking to a former Amecon Chairman (I will not name the name) who boasted his entire PC setup and tech equipment in his room as "an expense". He seemed very proud of this fact at the time and I feel he told many other people, and yet no one was able to tell this out loud. Why was this?

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Tldr; Wouldn't it be nice to be head of an anime con and saying you're non-profit when actually you are secretly (AND LEGALLY) pocketing 30k a year without anyone knowing? :)

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Fuck me, let me know your dealer for the crack you're smoking, that's some powerful shit.

Truth is most events are total shitshows internally and often run at a loss/break even. Shit do basic math £60 x 800 = £48, 000 so you're saying that convention organizers can skim 60%+ of a convention's total budget and keep it secret from the rest of the community and it's just accepted?

Running events is fucking soul destroying and doing it for honest profit means you either run lots of them or run them big enough that economy of scale kicks in, that's how AL and ReedPop make their money respectively.

I'd say to think about what you're saying but that ship has long sailed.

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Lol, I remember you from like 5 / 6 years ago. My dad also works at Nintendo and he says that cons also pay the staff salaries so they can spend it all on plastic surgery. It’s why all committees are so good looking.

You can read most shit on companies house if you are so inclined.

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Why do these toxic cunts run them non stop then?

I guess they're all on 560quid a month welfare and they all keep themselves warm and fed through the love and appreciation of all the similarly toxic cunts who browse this board

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Believe it or not it used to be both fun and satisfying and you felt like you were giving something back to the community you loved.

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You know you can just call it a nonce ring, right?

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In the end which con is not free of sin then?

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Avoid unleashed events, ran by a nonce
Avoid monolopy events, ran by a douchebag who treats his staff like shite
Avoid anime league, ran by a nonce

Kek stick to the good ones

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so basically no cons.

The "good" nonces in kita/Amecon ran out of unpaid jannies/rapist collaborators?

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Shirts back on lads. It's over.

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Top lad

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Do you think this year it could come home? Is our team better than last time? I know we have France this weekend… but could we do it?

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wouldn’t it be nice to not be a complete fucking brainlet and check companies house?

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Ignore this post. It didn’t come home. Back to being angry about electricity / gas instead of being distracted with bread and circus for me.

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>booked cheapest hotel near mcm may for 300quid(370 flex)
>check prices again
>everywhere costs 700-900 or booked out. Travelodge 480 quid

The cost of living scare really is just a media tactic. Ive had a 12% raise and everyone seems to still be living big.

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I've had a 100% raise of my cock looking at that fox

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>going to mcm

>> No.10823022

We get it. You only go to 300man ghost town cons with organizers that have mental breakdowns, hire 95% unpaid staff and pocket 30k from your 80gbp tickets/vendor cuts for what amounts to a lil hallway for programs.

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We get it, you are trying to discredit smaller cons because you are banned from them all.

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Give me one attraction at the past kitacon that justified the price tag. Not even the announced z tier cosplay guest turned up.

>> No.10823125

The increased costs from the venue.

>> No.10823131

The organisers allegedly having to pay more for a venue is not an attraction.Try again, dipshit.

Out of curiosity, how much more did you have to pay for the venue?

>> No.10823136

You don't need to throw money at an event to make it better, especially if your entire workforce is comprised of volunteers.

>> No.10823137

Those allegations were false, asshole.

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Ok, next time they’ll be at keele or the Britannia.

>> No.10823221

Warwick, Keele and the Britannia. Famously the only 3 conference centers in the UK

>> No.10823271

hahaha! For the record I’m laughing at you, not with you

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merry crhirstimas to all my good friends i made onm the dead discord watching icesnort vids and thinking of you especially kazoo who was right

>> No.10823382

Actually, I was wrong all along

>> No.10823384

i'm your tiger

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And I hope my enemies spend Christmas alone, and unloved, knowing they are pieces of shit.

>> No.10823517

Don't worry I will :)

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Ahahaha start speaking French, dirty white boy

>> No.10823680

The real victory is not having to play Argentina.

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It's time.

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This one was ok.

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And around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around

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feeling lonely?

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Of course

>> No.10823834

lads I got the fever n sore throat from the cold.

got me a slice of hawaiian pizza and a can of tomato soup

>> No.10823851

Have you tried Hot ribena?

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And around

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And around

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christ you're lonely aren't you reece

>> No.10823968

Yes, Rachel. I am lonely. You did me dirty.

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If this is Reece, take the hint. No one wants you around or in the UK con scene any more

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Who the fuck is Rachel?

>> No.10824008

Pretty much every Brit CGL Post is like that Willie meme but im too lazy to post it

>> No.10824016

But... but... false allergations

>> No.10824017

Any good storytime from the UK?

>> No.10824025


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Dairymilk is a rapist

>> No.10824090

I thought anons here were smart enough not to trust the word of a cosplay thot

>> No.10824097

by definition dairy is a cosplay thot

>> No.10824287
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Well looks like these cosplay hoes ain't loyal, lads, guess being single is the smart choice

>> No.10824326

just don't fuckin rape them?!??

>> No.10824339

What is this dumpster fire of a thread

>> No.10824346

And who is it exactly accusing him

>> No.10824374


Not that one the Simpsons one but it made me lol

>> No.10824511

They are still trouble, m8

>> No.10824549

Spill the deets sistah

>> No.10824689

did dairy do another rape

>> No.10824694

brit thread is full of anime boomers complaining tickets aren’t £50 anymore and some obsession with dairy who’s the new obayed i guess

>> No.10824696

is anyone actually shocked that dairy is a sex pest

>> No.10824699

Cons used to be about £30 / 35 in 1998.
You’d see an advert in a magazine, send a cheque away and turn up on the day and hope it was real.

>> No.10824724

I'm shocked you're still talking about Dairy.

>> No.10824727

Man I wonder why cons cost more now
Leisure activities never get impacted by inflation

>> No.10824728

>Leisure activities never get impacted by inflation

>> No.10824740

Literally all the small cons are just there for small cliques of cosplayers with sub 1k followers combined to run like a club house where they can larp they're famous at a bigger con like MCM. Especially the over 30 cosplayers.

CosXpo in particular is bad for this. They pay out the arse for guests and never make that money back. But Kenny and his lot get to pretend to be cos famous.

What's going on with Poo Skin Pepe btw? I didn't see him last MCM. Is he hiding?

>> No.10824742

Wait, people give a shit about followers?
Is that actually a thing for people who aren’t 12 year old girls?

>> No.10824760

Says the waste of cum who doesn't understand sarcasm

>> No.10824785


Who in the F is Dairy?

Also do you think all the attempts to cancel Animeleague is ever gonna work?

>> No.10824957

Cancel what?
Literally no one has anything against AL outside of a random sperg here who probably got the cold shoulder from some committee.

Every normie on tumblr or whatever attends their local AL shit every year.

>> No.10825025


Well because it looks like they put the topic every single year with every single con as "cons to not attend" but they fact they still run them means they are still having a profit

>> No.10825030

That's because cgl is full ofsalty boomers which in the case of the women get mad at seeing younger people with nice skin and mail order costumes that are better than anything they ever made and in the case of the average males gull they get the nonce sweats and have to be escorted out of the building

>> No.10825105


I can tell the salty.... Is it that bad the predatory behavior on the con scene in the UK? Aside from the Genshin Cosplayers I did not see many minors around.

>> No.10825107

Its entirely made up by vendettachans here.

If everything they said were even 10% right then punjabi pepe wouldve been banned years ago and towers would be in epsteins journal

>> No.10825207

nicely put.

>> No.10825372

You are clearly either too young to remember the shit Mike Towers has pulled, or you're one of his asslickers. Which is also the demographic who attend AL cons.

>> No.10825391

Anon, would you like the worlds smallest violin for Christmas?

>> No.10825392

As far as I've heard no cops have ever been involved with any of the supposed "predators" CGL talks about. No cops, no ankle bracelet, no convictions, nada.

It's entirely bullshit from people like you.

>> No.10825395


Haven't you toxic cunts had enough fun spreading shit in kitacon? stop making things up it's honestly disgusting how people just want to have fun and make friends in cons and you have some incels/femcels who get their kicks harassing people.

>> No.10825397

sir this is a 4chan

>> No.10825484

I hope everyone in this thread dies in their sleep tonight!

>> No.10825525
File: 1.56 MB, 540x304, tumblr_d0a3fc4b4275d1e03cefe089090b1a3b_1e9f7e2f_540.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10825701

Sadly anon I survived

>> No.10825908

I haven't been to a con in ages. What's the deal with post event party like? I want to get smashed to weeb music

>> No.10825909

Youll get falsely accused of rape by everyone in this board.

>> No.10825983
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>> No.10826031

That's what they said about Jimmy Saville anon.

>> No.10826032

>Three posts in less than 50 minutes

Imagine being such a Towers asslicker you spend Christmas Eve evening frantically trying to defend him on a Vietnamese basket weaving forum. Does he pay you or have you been groomed to do it?

>> No.10826070

Would you prefer to be positively acused of rape?

>> No.10826087
File: 168 KB, 919x737, 9098d5b8f7a9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ahahaha eat a dick, I live

Gay ass, mid anime gif

>> No.10826092

this is the most negative thread on 4chan, fucks sake brits can we just stop being so depressing?

>> No.10826431

We live in Br*tan and there's no cons till April so it's a depressing time

>> No.10826509

Animeleague has a few events on feb, senpai.

>> No.10826605 [DELETED] 

I'd rather slash my wrists then shove my hands on salt water than to to an AL "event"

>> No.10826619

I'd rather slash my wrists and dip them in salt water than attend an AL "event"

>> No.10826638

Can we back up for a minute and just discuss how no one knew Dairy was a dodgy cunt?

>> No.10826671

Every single old gull is a dodgy cunt.

>> No.10826675

aight what cons are you attending this year then, oh fancy one?

>> No.10826691

Really? Cause a couple of people said he was dodgy and everyone brushed it off saying he was harmless.

>> No.10826692

Literally anything but an AL event

>> No.10826693

There are none outside mc,. which Im also going to

>> No.10826712

There's kokoro and toko at the very least

>> No.10826741

rather not get skin cancer/extreme aging senpai.

>> No.10826758
File: 278 KB, 627x174, 309285980.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>blackouts, food / rent we can’t afford and prospects of everyone being made redundant or fired as the economy collapses from a series of conspiracy related reasons.

For God's sake take your PSYOP pills, anon.
I bet you still wear a mask.

>> No.10826796

They did, they just ignored it until he got caught and was made to face the consequences.

>> No.10826871

I mean, I mostly remember people telling stories that always seemed a bit sus, but I suppose I looked past it, wasn't too comfortable with the casual misogyny though.
Sounds like he was doing some pretty sus stuff even before the incident though, even among the gulls.

>> No.10826879

Dairy "Knob Out" Milk

>> No.10826886

I can’t tell if this is all a joke or not.

>> No.10826911

it is, but not the haha kind

dairymilk is unironically an unreigstered sex offender and doesn't have a single friend left in the con scene

>> No.10826913
File: 258 KB, 512x497, 469.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>unironically an unreigstered sex offender

>> No.10826915

What else would you call a rapist who gets his cock out at the drop of a hat?

>> No.10826916

This is a cosplay board, not a bitching group for your out of touch circle jerk. Fuck off to lolcow or some other dumpster fire.

>> No.10826968

When's the last time someone actually talked about cosplay in the brit thread?

>> No.10827060


>> No.10827062

none of the gulls here actually cosplay. They just spend hundreds of pounds to stay in the hotel room the entire time and just drink alcohol.

And possibly sexually assault people.

>> No.10827089

of the two people this is likely to be, i know both of you are likely to get smacked at kokorocon

see you there

>> No.10827125

Sounds based

Except the SA

>> No.10827140

We’ll sell you the seat, but your’e only going to use the edge. This koko koko kokooo kokoro cooooooon.

>> No.10827141

I mean we already have sexual assault on the gull bingo card, do we really, really have to add physical assault too?

>> No.10827152

This is some lolcow shit had these people only been not "anonymous" (we all know who you are)

>> No.10827424

Shoutout to the Kiwifarms

>> No.10827551

So whats the scene like in the North and around Yorkshire? I'm moving up and I was wondering if there were any big cons?

>> No.10827630

AL has some cool peeps if you come over. Ignore the schizoposters.

>> No.10827636

There's sunnycon in Newcastle and that's literally it

>> No.10827651

Most of the good cons are in the midlands

>> No.10827671

Best cons, worst people

>> No.10827673
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>> No.10827675

Nah I dunno, I’ve made some friends for life through midland cons. Every fandom has toxic people right?

>> No.10827741

The funniest part of this is the implication anyone posting in this thread has the balls to start a fight irl. Hard to come across as threatening when the worst you're capable of is glaring at someone from a couple feet away then bitching to your mates about how hard you're gonna fuck em up

>> No.10827822

Ahh the gull special

>> No.10827833

Bring back the expo fight club. But for real and use it to settle scores. Winner is right because god was on their side or however it went.

>> No.10827839

>the pigs show up and tell you you can't loiter in a public area because reasons

>> No.10827976

Shit, so you telling me there was a con fight club?
Anyone die?

>> No.10827979

Only of cringe

>> No.10828803


I saw one guy dressed as a foxgirl once in Sunnycon there it was a bunch of normies mocking the cosplayers and they saw the guy and started laughting. He immidietly went psycho mode and confronted them directly and im plenty sure something would have happend because the dudes were tell him to go away or they will beat the shit out of him and the guy was just laughting like some insane viking. The normies moved a lil away this guy too and security came not long after to kick the normies out.

>> No.10828809

this is what happens when you crossplay with a beard.

>> No.10828954


You were there too? I know some girls went afterwards to him to tell him to chill and just keep enjoying the con

>> No.10829034

No, but ive been in that kind of scene long enough to know what the kind of person who'd get harassed would look like.

The average chav wouldn't really single out a small cute looking crossplayer. they would focus their attention on either harassing fat people or creeping on the titty cosplayers.

>> No.10829042


But these guys were ridiculing the girls as well so is not like they went after him specifically

>> No.10829052

Guess hes just a loose cannon or something.

>> No.10829109

Channeling the spirit of Sailor Buba to punish wrongdoers

>> No.10829166


Maybe someone with a missing screw on its head.


He is gonna goosh goosh them to oblivion

>> No.10830827

more like dairypilk

>> No.10830845


>> No.10830930
File: 36 KB, 397x395, thisshit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10831177

48 days to kokoro con.

>> No.10831417

Gull roulette, who's going to get a blanket ban from all conventions THIS time

>> No.10831434
File: 598 KB, 320x180, 1ada9644fba338ccc16ba347ec0173559079be30_hq-2999281704.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10831469
File: 25 KB, 600x766, you-can-do-it-hey-you-meme.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10831510

It all stinks

>> No.10831628

Did someone get a ban? What I miss

>> No.10831931

Who should I crossplay to animecon uk

>> No.10832030

Nikocado Avocado

>> No.10832041

But I'm a man and so is he.

>> No.10832054

Isnt that con literally dead? Oh right I get the joke

>> No.10832055

that's every con outside of london

>> No.10832056
File: 9 KB, 480x360, it stinks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10832308
File: 31 KB, 728x483, 1646017379259.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No one gives a shit, Kockfuck.

>> No.10832318

Sour grapes anon?
Kokoro is the best new con.

>> No.10832411

Agree. Had the best time last year!

>> No.10832668

Does anyone know what the fuck is happening with Amecon? They said they were going to run this year at Chibi but they're going to be skidding on their ass cheeks if they leave an announcement any longer.

>> No.10832684

Last I heard Ame's con board broke up due to being toxic, but I might be thinking of another con

>> No.10832787

>Sour grapes
God you sound so fucking old, sounds like a groomer con

>> No.10832832

Sounds like someone is salty they're on the waiting list

>> No.10832933

Totally is, went last year and average attendee looked about 35. Felt completely out of place, Kokoro is one for the avoid list. Despite/cgl/ shitposting AL events have a way more chill and young vibe

>> No.10833223

First time at kokoro. Hotels had better not be £400+ every year.

>> No.10833243
File: 230 KB, 352x514, 1666474484743527.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mine was £240

>> No.10833249
File: 1018 KB, 3024x4032, 1ayevyv3t92a1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What the fuck. Where?

>> No.10833253
File: 147 KB, 912x640, Screenshot_20230130_001056_Gmail.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Crowne Plaza from when the hotel block opened
Thursday night is a meme so I skipped over it

>> No.10833292

Isnt like Kokorocon at the same time as CosXPo?

>> No.10833304

2 ghost town cons at the same time. Spoopy

>> No.10833318

>>10833304I’m pretty sure koko is sold out and has a waiting list…opposite of ghost town imo

>> No.10833349

>max capacity : 300

Well ok I guess. Say hello to like 3 other people you pass by.

>> No.10833355

Where do u get ure numbers from?

>> No.10833461 [DELETED] 

>Have a look at the MCM London website >Haven't been since 2016, but I'm interested in going to a con again
>See that they have three of the voice actors from the original Pokemon dub (plus the guy who voiced Mewtwo, which is also fairly cool). >Basedface really fucking hard
>Decide I want to get a copy of the first movie DVD and have them all sign it
>Have a look at how much the autographs would cost
>Almost burst out laughing
>Immediately can my plan to go
When I used to go to cons when I was in my teens, autographs were fairly expensive but these days it's straight up highway robbery. When did it get this bad?

>> No.10833462
File: 333 KB, 576x432, 1649174533820.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Have a look at the MCM London website
>Haven't been since 2016, but I'm interested in going to a con again
>See that they have three of the voice actors from the original Pokemon dub (plus the guy who voiced Mewtwo, which is also fairly cool).
>Basedface really fucking hard
>Decide I want to get a copy of the first movie DVD and have them all sign it
>Have a look at how much the autographs would cost
>Almost burst out laughing
>Immediately can my plan to go
When I used to go to cons when I was in my teens, autographs were fairly expensive but these days it's straight up highway robbery. When did it get this bad?

>> No.10833464

Use your eyes

>> No.10833575


I think since Reedpop got the business probally they dont pay the guests as much and they have to go for crazy prices.

>> No.10833664

October 2021 when Tom Hiddleston was £225 for a photo or autograph (£450 for both) Prices are set by the guests' agents, apparently.

Oh, and because The Virus™ was still a thing, the photo was taken with a plexiglass divider in between the attendee and the guest...

>> No.10833718

Can't find the pics. Anyone have any? I remember them being comedy gold.

>> No.10833719
File: 1018 KB, 1080x1121, 1660701141460.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10833720

Any of you guys know if you can get multiple autographs from the same person, or if you have to pay for each individual one?

>> No.10833799

That’s depressing. I’d be pissed paying £30 for an autograph, let alone £400

>> No.10833841
File: 95 KB, 664x602, 1659030320948436.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stroke mode engage

>> No.10833915
File: 681 KB, 1024x1024, B8970328-6A64-4AB4-B186-C6C901F73322.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>300 man capacity con has a waitlist

Reminds me of those chavy "gastro pubs" that have the doorman make you wait 15 mins in line but its only 1/4th full

>> No.10833949

Where the fuck are you getting the 300 number from?

>> No.10834144

Confused by this too. They don't seem to have a capacity mentioned anywhere, last year had far more than 300 and this year is set to be bigger

>> No.10834146

Are you confusing rooms with venue capacity?

>> No.10834246

You have to pay for each. Autographs are a scam.

>> No.10834316


I have the biggest vibes of "Dont touch me you filthy mortal" like he was wearing his Loki outfit

>> No.10834495

>sold out

its tiny, low capacity low effoet hence why it sells out.

>> No.10834497

Do u have a grudge against them or something? The hotel is big, and there was way more then 300 people last year…

>> No.10834576

Clearly someone who's missus got shagged by Baker

>> No.10834612

do i go to Manchester Anime and Gaming con for a laugh or will it actually just be dead

>> No.10834675

It's always been packed on Saturdays.
Might see you there I'll be cross playing(properly).

>> No.10834693

God bless you, Father.

>> No.10834703

be sure to work the shaft

>> No.10834710

do i go to Birmingham Anime and Gaming con for a laugh or will it actually just be dead

>> No.10834732

alright lads?

>> No.10834733

I wanna have gay con sex.

>> No.10834736


>> No.10834737

Anon that's perverted.

>> No.10834742

im gonna go and try to get sucked and fucked by some 4/10

>> No.10834751

Furry Cons are for you then

>> No.10834752

But I'm not a furry.

>> No.10834796


From what ive heard of the rumors of the orgies you can get this pretty easily specially if you look like a femboi

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