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So to start off with, I’m a white male and I’m about to commission a fursuit based on a lion, I want to add some uniqueness to his character and was gonna add dreadlocks and feather to the head like in the pic. What I wanted to know is if this would be cultural appropriation? Because I’d be borrowing from both African and Indian cultures? What’d you guys think should I change anything or is this okay?

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really good post OP

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I mean personally I’d just stop being a furry

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The thing about cultural appropriation is that the wokest wokelords will never be happy with whatever reasoning you give, whether you say you wanted to Deeply Respect and Honor the Ancient Traditions or just thought it looked cool. Yes they’ll call this CA so a better question is, do you care?

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you're a furry, the lowest of low.
Why would you fucking care about it.
You're not going to a convo of karen moms who pretend to be extremelly sensitive about BS to virtue signal.

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You're wearing a fursuit, no one can see that you're not black

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>What I wanted to know is if this would be cultural appropriation?

Who the fuck is going to know? You'll be totally concealed in a furry costume. If someone confronts you, just be all "I have a fursona AND am trans-racial". No one will question your mental instability for a number of reasons.

Also this

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I think the dreadlocks will be fine, in the end your portraying a black furry character, so dreadlocks will fit. But I would be careful with the feathers, they are part of a still active religion. But nevertheless good luck with the fursuit

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kill yourself nigger faggot

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Lowtax is dead. Let your fur flag fly. That dude is why furry hate is even a thing.

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I mean you're larping as a made up character so just do whatever.

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cultural appropriation, has stopped being about cultural appropriation the definition
its about going after retards and racist faggots that put black face on, and dance around pretending to be black at parties and rallies
its putting brown face paint on, a feather headdress looking thing on and pretending to be an indian,
and etc.....
just remember the "respecting black/native cultural shit that was considered all the rage during the 90's and was given as an example for those next generation episodes with the "fake african nations stand ins as well as the fake american native standin episodes"
if you can avoid THAT kind of shit, you should be fine, feathers are HARD to make cultural appropriation via a fursuit unless you decide to wear a badly decided head dress of feathers
also speak normally and have fun

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