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I refuse to buy a wig but wanna cosplay something for the first con I’ve been to since covid. I have shoulder-length, slightly curly brown hair with bangs but am willing to cut basically all of it off for the look. Any ideas?

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What is wrong with you
Even a 20 dollar wig will look better than real hair

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“better”……? I might’ve not’ve been clear before: I’m attempting to cosplay a human.

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ask in >>10810535 instead of shitting up the board with another autistic thread

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Do you realize most actors in movies are wearing high quality wigs
It's stupid to cut and style your own actual hair for a cosplay

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DOTA 2's Marci if you ponytail it.

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What the fuck, is this was DOTA heroes look like now? This looks like a fan OC, this is just a regular girl.

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This is merely what happens when a Saudi Prince ponies up for anime Dota for Netflix
And the OC Donut steel girl turns out to be best girl. The fact she has a over plain look to her is just a bonus.

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If you refuse to buy a wig, just give up on cosplay altogether.

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Luka Redgrave

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Go as a normal person and enjoy the con instead of worrying about your cosplay. Save it for Halloween.

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Nta, but are you really sure that many actors wear wigs all the time? This cannot be true.

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nta it depends on the movie and role but mostly actors dye their hair and use extensions. Wigs are common for stage actors though because it's harder to see the wig's hairline on a stage. In a movie you get a lot of close-up shots so it's easier to see

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Extensions aren't the same as a full wig, so that's the point I was trying to make

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