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Im going to go on a con with my friends soon enough and i was wondering, are all those stories of people doing lewd stuff with cosplayers legit?

If so what is it i should look out for if i want to meet people and get laid in a con?i wont be cosplaying btw if that matters

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if you have to ask, you ain't getting laid

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Actual common sense, on 4chan.
If only all the retards who fall for pua shit could internalize this

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dont do it. it's not worth it. con whores are drug-addled and STD-riddled. look to getting laid at a european one if you ever travel. also, you dont want to deal with the fake rep you get if you seperate with a chick on good terms.

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I will tell you your selection of women at cons
>Stuck up Instagram girls (only here for attention and money, not for you)
>FtM troons who will accuse you of rape
>Asexuals who will accuse you of rape
>Ugly fat girls
>Girls with boyfriends
>Insane BPD girls who will accuse you of rape
>Insane girls devoted to their husbandos and fanfics who will accuse you of rape
>Girls with legit trauma who will accuse you of rape
>Women who tease guys and will purposely have you fighting with 10 other guys over her in some hellish gladiator arena for her sadistic enjoyment
>Underage girls
>Radical feminists who hate you
>Lesbians who are annoyed by you
>Normal girls but who are very shy and will not put out unless you are their partner (but they are impossible to talk to because they're so shy, you'd have to be introduced to them by a friend)
>A small portion of average looking to attractive girls who will fuck you. This is less than 1% of the con and the chances you meet one are purely by luck, good luck
You will only realistically have a chance with the last two. Whores can be found by networking into the party groups and discords. But whores will fuck anyone, engage in orgies, are riddled with STDs, and also have hundreds of other guys ready to kill for some pussy. You can get laid at cons but most people who get laid already have a partner. Plus, you better find a room without roommates. It is far easier to just meet people, go on dates with them and get into a relationship. It is better to meet a girl in IKEA.

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>It is better to meet a girl in IKEA.

stfu, you're going to flood the ikea pickup scene

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i have no idea how to meet girls irl. the only girls i talk to are egirls i meet in overwatch and league. i think ill always be single at cons unless i can convince one of them to meet me irl but that would just be awkward as fuck

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"Nice cosplay, [c] is my favorite character]"
If she's interested she'll carry the convo if she's not she'll brush you off
Why are guys so autustic

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I will break it down for you:

1. Don't be ugly
2. Brush your teeth
3. Bathe/smell nice
4. Show genuine interest in the girls cosplay/character if she's cosplaying.
5. Involve Alcohol at the earliest point possible
6. Have your own room.

Bonus tips:
>i wont be cosplaying btw if that matters

7. Cosplay, you lazy fuck.
8. Pick Flavor of the month Husbando character even if you don't care about them.
9. Follow previous tips
10. Let girls mire you

cosplay girls really are that easy.

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Shit advice
You don't want to cosplay flavor of the month character you want to cosplay the type of character the types of girls you're into lust over
For me personally it's fujobait

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Not OP, but what if I only have two weeks for Ecchi Con and have absolutely no time to get some ragtag cosplay shit ready?

I'm also spending my nights at my cousin's place she got an office room I'm bunking at, are my chances of bringing someone back there a big no? Should I really get my own hotel room?

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I answered your Q in >>>/adv/27775835

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OP here's the actual secret no one will tell you

Firstly you gotta lower your standards to "I think they took a showa but it's not a deal breaker"
Secondly lie your ass off about what you banged, 2/10 with some funny eye stuff. No she wasn't with a lazy eye she wasy eye'n ya ballz

That's it I've been to a ton of cons that's what I see most of the time when people brag about sex, you ain't getting a porn star but you made the hole your goal.

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>are my chances of bringing someone back there a big no? Should I really get my own hotel room?

bruh, no girl is gonna wanna travel long distance from the con area with a stranger.

Hooking up at cons means hooking up at cons. If she can't do the dirty and then easily skulk away back down to the con center, it aint happening.

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I think a lot of the issue is just nerves
I kinda struggle talking to anyone that's in a group
Anyway to overcome that?

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wing man. hell even a wing woman or couple. they start a group conversation then you start one with the girl.

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Be white, hit on asian girls.

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Cosplay masked characters. A lot of girls have mask kinks nowadays. They’ll want to get to know you and then just don’t fuck up and win them with “””personality”””. If you’re ugly underneath the mask just be funny, girls love funny confident guys.

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actually the Asian girls here only want other Asian guys. that only works with Asian girls back in Asia

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I don't know where you live but on the east coast in the states the asian girls all spread their legs for any white guy in the vicinity sans asian supremacists.

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>Don't be ugly
Welp. I'm fucked then. Sucks to get filtered on the first step.
Thanks for the advice, tho.

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D-does it work with a Kamen Rider cosplay or is that too nerd?

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This is a bad idea unless you're ugly
Any time I'm alone at a con I get asked out and invited indirectly to fuck by girls

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>y sans asian supremacists.
I doubt that

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How many more of these threads are we gonna have? I've had some luck with girls at cons and here's my advice:

If you think you're ugly, here are some changes to fix that,
- Get a hairstyle that suits you
- If you wear glasses, get stylish glasses that fits your face frame. If you think you look better without them then wear contacts
- Do a daily skin AM/PM care routine. Cleanser, toner, serum, eye cream, and moisturizer is really all you need. Exfoliate once a week. Especially do this if you have acne problems.
- In addition to brushing your teeth, use mouthwash, floss, and a tongue scraper.
- Drink plenty of water and cut off sugar. It makes your skin look more smooth and shiny and less puffy and leathery.
- Workout like crazy and have a proper diet. You're in a sea with skinny/skinnyfat/fat guys and being toned allows you to stand out a lot. Losing bodyfat can bring out your jawline. If you're too poor to afford a gym, calisthenics is the way to go.
- If you're not cosplaying that day because you're a lazy, wear some stylish clothes that suits you. Streetwear is the current fashion trend.
- Fix your posture and stand up straight.
- Maintain eye contact and don't be obnoxious when talking to the girl. Learn basic social cues.
- Don't be a mouth breather and breathe through your damn nose.
- Extra: If you're over 21 years old and have a nerdy wallet, toss that shit out and get a money clip or a leather wallet.
Doing all this can really change someone from a 2 to a 7 with ease and I speak from experience. I'm 6'0"/1.82m and while I was lucky to be tall (height isn't everything), I didn't pull anyone since I was an acne ridden skinnyfat slob with a shitty haircut, poor fashion sense and a mouth breather on top of that. After years of doing all the advice I gave, more girls notices me and approach me even when I'm not at a con.

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>- If you wear glasses, get stylish glasses that fits your face frame. If you think you look better without them then wear contacts
In my case, I notice that I look worse without glasses

> Skin care
Gotcha, gonna do that.

Yeah, I left sugar weeks ago.

> workout like crazy

Absolutely, I am still fat, but losing 10 kgs is definitely a improvement.

> - Extra: If you're over 21 years old and have a nerdy wallet, toss that shit out and get a money clip or a leather wallet.

My godmother gave me one, I'm definitely using it.

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>Yeah, I left sugar weeks ago.
>Absolutely, I am still fat, but losing 10 kgs is definitely a improvement.
Keep it up bro, we're all gonna make it

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>go to con as my favorite character
>lots of girls approach me to compliment my cosplay and chat
>one girl even asks if I can walk around the con with her, I oblige
>never break character the entire time
>never once try to hit on any women
>the idea of getting laid doesn't even enter my mind
>go home having had fun at the con
Feels good to not be a porn addicted freak.

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I would like to live such a life and open the veins in the bath.

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they definitely don't want to be around you after seeing you in character for that long, let alone fuck.

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I wonder if I go there to at least meet male weeb friends).

Its three hours away from my city, so IDK if its prudent to do that. Too much cost.

There are smaller cons on my current city, so I may better wait until there, then meet more male weebs until someone can taught me to do good cosplay (and I lose more weight, I need to lose another 10 KGs since now)

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You leave the purity of cons alone! Conventions are for friendships and relaxation, not you heathen hanky panky fornication.

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I want both friends and fornication :(

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There goes my hope and dreams.

Anon, do you think I can at least make out with some cute girls at those things that happen in the night? I've never attended one and would be satisfied just making out with someone, getting her attention or whatever.

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Bring 1000 US dillars. Walk up to a hot cosplayer who maek ur pee pee hard. Say, “i can offer 500 if you wanna (want to) party in costume.”

If they say no or ew no, walk away. It they say yes, go up to the room. Then you say, I want the works/bj/anal whatever. They will haggle. I would not go above 750 bucks but youre likely a faggot so you can go up to 1000 if you need.

You will prolly go soft or cum in 3 seconds. If shes a pro e thot, she might ve able to solve hardness, but if you cum to quick just pretend you didnt and try to cum again.

Even if ur fat ugly and autistic if you try enough it will work

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>>Radical feminists who hate you

Let's correct that

>>Radical feminists who hate you AND will accuse you of rape

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Be attractive, don't be unattractive. Fucking women is literally impossible as a average non-fat white guy, they're chad only

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funny, I'm an average kinda fat white guy and I've fucked women.

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Have an instagram and start talking with people before and after the con.

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No you're no, no you haven't

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>Underage girls
And there you have it that's the only normal girl from that list you can pick so go for it.

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Cosplay as a husbando character and be decently attractive. Then the cosplay slits will swarm to you.
There are some real horny sluts at these cons but beware the underage ones. Wherever the big saturday con afterparty is- go there. Girls get horny at cons, especially the ones who wear slutty cosplay. If you cosplay as their husband, they will come to you.
>sauce: former professional male cosplay model who got paid to go to these things
My tip this coming year is to go dressed as Lloyd Forger from Spy x Family

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>go dressed as Lloyd Forger from Spy x Family
What if I have taste (and am ugly)

>> No.10820299

>Anon, do you think I can at least make out with some cute girls at those things that happen in the night? I've never attended one and would be satisfied just making out with someone, getting her attention or whatever.
Yes, as long as you aren't a spa. Go to the afterparty. That is when the sluts get drunk and wild.

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This. As long ad you aren't extremely ugly and smelly, con sluts will come to you.

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If you're ugly, wear a comedy cosplay, but not the kind that repels women. Or cosplay in a snorlax or pikachu onesie and go after the pokemon fetishist girls.

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Alot of these con girls are shameless exhibitionists and just as big coomers as weeb guys. I believe in you anons. Ss long ad you aren't obese, getting con slutd is extremely easy. The question is do you want con sluts? I've found that so many of them that look hot in cosplay are distinctly average looking when you take it off them. That said, a lot of con girls are sexual freaks.

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>As long ad you aren't extremely ugly
>1. Don't be ugly
lol money trumps all bro.

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This only applies to trophy wives and girlfriends who actually get a lot of money. No one cares about money for a con one night stand, you're not getting fucking married kek

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In my experience money goes a long way and doesn't really have to be all that expensive. the hotel is the most expensive part of any con. At nearly every con you can find that girl who really can't afford to be there. She'll usually be doing a group cosplay with friends. If she talks about being in a stuffed room and coffee pot ramen that's your girl.

If you buy that plushie or wall scroll she's admiring and give it to her (don't offer just do it) and offer to pay for dinner at a decent place and drop in to the conversation about how you have your own room. It also helps if you know where there is a good room party. Artist Alley parties are usually the best.

Stay the hell away from people advertising con orgies and people who are doing drugs. The con orgies is usually one fat chick and 20+ dudes. The people getting trashed drunk and doing drugs? That's where you're going to get accused of rape/sexual assault the next day.

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Excluding the 'never braking character' and the amount of girls being greatly reduced, that's how I roll on cons. I get carried away by walking and wanting to take pictures that sex is deleted out of my mind. And to think I have a huge libido.

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>mfw I live in a shitty country to cosplay and none of that happens here

Fuck Brazil. If it wasn't enough to have the problems the country has, we can't have sex in conventions or look out for that because everyone seems to be dating. And if they're not, they're not interested in dating.

Note that I said dating. So few girls are willing to do quick fucks or friends with benefits. Often for a good reason because they're in fact scumbags or have something in their personalities that is truly unbearable.

I'm going to die alone, goddammit.

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Escape to freedomistan
You already speak American

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What if i can only feasibly cosplay as a Ugly Bastard?

>> No.10820627

Cosplay an ugly bastard that looks like you. My extremely fat white friend cosplayed The Major from Hellsing in 2019 and people ate him up.

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I would say dont give stuff to girls unless you are guaranteed something and even when that the girl might just ran off with the free stuff and never do enought to compensate you for it.

Dont buy stuff for people I had to learn it the hard way.

>> No.10820685

Based in-character cosplayer. Granted, I know a coomer that does the same thing since he simply enjoys cosplaying and people playing along to their character, which suppresses his urges in a way.

>> No.10820700

Poorfaggots NGMI.

if you don't have spending cash for fun, including women, you'll never be able to have a wife and kid.

>> No.10820944

If you expect something in return then it's not a gift, it's prostitution. Your head and heart are in the wrong place.

I'm talking about showing a girl a good time on a bad day. That gift which is unexpected can make her day. Watching a girl squee about getting that thing she really wanted is enough for me. Same with getting a good meal when she's expecting to eat crap for dinner. I don't expect anything in return other than to see a happy face.

>> No.10820972

Good man. I hope you prosper.

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>and people who are doing drugs
Pretty damn hard in the CA/west coast con scene these days. I really miss the old days when it was just drinking, shit was actually fun, now "room parties" are just a bunch of losers getting high and sitting around in a stupor.

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Wife and kids are outdated and wasting money on users is an even bigger fools errand.

>> No.10821048

>Insane BPD girls who will accuse you of rape
This one happened to one of my boys

>> No.10821055

>My tip this coming year is to go dressed as Lloyd Forger from Spy x Family
Man, but Lloyd is so boring, and this is from someone that likes formal wear

>> No.10821123

Wife and kids are outdated? So what do you do?

>> No.10821124

anyone here have any advice for a woman? i kind of want to get laid at a con too, or at least asked to a room party…i don’t know if i give off the wrong vibes, though, because the only men who follow me around and try to talk to me are mega spergs…

>> No.10821125

That's why I always record my sexual encounters and make sure to get enthusiastic consent on camera and inform the woman she's being fimed. I've had a few e-thots change their mind when I bragged about fucking them for cash or drugs, and the cops backed the fuck off when my lawyers produced the video.

>> No.10821127

Get some fake tits and put on lots of makeup. The more unapproachable you look the more likely the betas get filtered and the chads respond

>> No.10821146

Post face, you must be fat or extremely off putting. Even 5/10's get to live as queens at a con

>> No.10821149

i’m decently cute and 98 lbs kek. inb4 lies, you don’t have to believe me but my face or body are not the issue. i wear lolita to most cons, so maybe that’s why i don’t get invited to parties. i won’t be taking >>10821127’s advice but maybe i do look too uptight for the room party crowd.

>> No.10821154

>i wear lolita to most cons
Nope, that ain't it at all, tons of guys like that shit. If not uptight maybe you've got RBF which most dudes will not approach

>> No.10821155

I'm not the quoted anon but wtf is that

>> No.10821156

Resting bitch face, personally I love it when a cute girl looks like she wants to fuck up the sorry shit that approaches her, but objectively it'll keep most people at bay, doubly so at a con where most dudes are passive betas

>> No.10821157

I'm fine at conversation and can talk to anybody, but how do you transition small talk into "Yo wanna go back to my room so I can clap those cheeks" without ending up on a twitlonger

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Oh, something like pic related, I get it.
Even though one can't change how their face looks when they're "regular", it's true that people looks at someone and judge if they look angry or look intimidating to some degree.

>but how do you transition small talk into "Yo wanna go back to my room so I can clap those cheeks" without ending up on a twitlonger

It's all about progression. Compliment cosplay, then their actual looks, and check for interest.

>> No.10821173

>So what do you do?
Live your life. With no financial burdens, smash a few women here and there ( make sure you get a vasectomy if you do that) and travel the world experiencing life to the fullest with the finest wines, food and a nice quiet home to go back to after the fun.

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Like that, yeah

>> No.10821183

Just don't approach guys
Nothing annoys me more than being approached
Sex is disgusting

>> No.10821192

Be a Saint just like me

>> No.10821223

I do all of that and have a wife and kid tho.

U sound upset because ur poor tbqh

>> No.10821235

I think your problem is the lolita. It's associated with a lot of fetishes and obnoxious behavior which will keep most normies steering clear hence the sperg lords being the only people who approach you. It also isn't a great conversation starter since most guys don't know anything about it.

Cosplay on the other hand is an instant conversation starter because you're waving your nerd flag high. If chat with a guy and make a quick connection ask them what they're up to next. If it sounds fun ask if you can go along. From there if the conversation goes well make plans to meet up later for food or a few drinks. Things will just flow naturally from there. However there are a few don'ts.

DON'T ask him to come with you to something he's not interested in. It's just going to get awkward and be a bad time for everyone involved.
DON'T ask him to pay for anything. This is an immediate deal breaker for most guys. Wait for him to offer and if he doesn't pay for yourself.
DON'T leave the venue unless you have a way of getting back on your own. There's just way too many things that can go wrong here.
DON'T have sex in a room that someone is sharing with multiple other people. Even if he says his roommates are cool with it, they probably aren't and this will lead to an embarrassing and awkward encounter.

>> No.10821238

>Pretty damn hard in the CA/west coast con scene these days. I really miss the old days when it was just drinking, shit was actually fun, now "room parties" are just a bunch of losers getting high and sitting around in a stupor.
This isn't just a west coast thing. I've been to cons all over the US and you'll always find this group of people at every single one. I never understood getting so drunk that they spend most of the next day recovering at a con. You can do that with your friends any weekend at home and don't have to pay for travel expenses, hotel room and con badge for the privilege to do so.

>> No.10821261

>i kind of want to get laid at a con too
Just be forward and make sure whatever guy you're being forward with is single first. Contrary to whatever incels posting here say, most guys don't want to play games they don't aren't aware they're playing, and extremely clear messages completely trump any kind of ambiguity for the sake of some weird social dance.
>or at least asked to a room party
Your best bet would be to honestly ask whatever of your friends knows someone who is a big party animal and just ask that person if they're hosting or attending a party at X con either a short while before the con or during the con. If you're a female, you could also literally just shimmy on into a loud enough room party and unless you look extremely suspect, most of the swarms of dudes hosting it will at least give you a space.
> the only men who follow me around and try to talk to me are mega spergs
Because most men who follow women around are spergs with zero social skills, so your best bet is to act rather than be a dainty little flower waiting to be plucked.

> i wear lolita to most cons
This is where your main issue is. As a big room party dude who has also had plenty of con tail, I can tell you right now that if I see a Lolita attending a con, she is the LAST person I am inviting to do anything with. Lolitas just have too much of a rep of being uptight, cold as ice, and eagerly rejecting anybody who tries to talk to them just to spread gossip and talk around behind people's backs. You can probably get a million miles further wearing a taobao cosplay of some FOTM garbage while doing the exact same things you've been doing. Nobody is going to walk up to a lolita and say "Hey me and the bros are gonna get shots and play King's Cup, you wanna come with?" .

>> No.10821271

i dont care about getting laid how do i talk to people at cons?

>> No.10821284

As a cosplayer myself I guess there are quite easy rules to increase your look

1. Font go for girls in expensive or elaborate cosplays. We won't fuck in them and probably don't have any energy left after wearing them all day. Go for the d.va jumpsuits, cat girl maid .. easy to wear and not too bad if it gets dirty.

2. Don't go for the half nude cosplayere they were already asked a shot ton of times and are highly annoyed by secual harassment. They either already fucked 20 guys and carry every std you can think of or are so annoyed the block off when you even show the littlest interest.

3. Look for the girls without friend groups. Like I won't be a slut and say yes to sex infrint of all my friends. When I'm alone I'm also looking more for someone to clinge on and walk around. There's a hole that you can fill (okay that wasn't intended)

4. Don't expect to get laid...
Seriously Noone wanna fuck a needy nerd who literally looks like please please fuck me... also your chances are not great. There might be a few girls open to having sex on cons but there the minority most of them are there for fun. Don't weird out them who are there normally and yeah there are seit ton of guys down to fuck compare to the few girls

5. Go to the aftershow party..
Like there are all over 18 in best case so it's safer for you. People are more open, the main event is over so I don't have to think about getting the cosplay back on after wards. It's literally best moment to initiate things. If the con has one.. if not yeah rather against end of von things might get easier.

>> No.10821289

cause normies have a social lufe and they dont come here or to cons

>> No.10821298

>Like there are all over 18 in best case so it's safer for you.
anon i...

>> No.10821317

Girls in basic cosplays are usually underage lol

>> No.10821326

I'm starting to become an older con goer. Do I just gotta find the daddy issue ones?

>> No.10821356

>I'm starting to become an older con goer. Do I just gotta find the daddy issue ones?
Not really. Most women find older men attractive and you're talking about a one night stand not a long term relationship. But there does reach a point where it becomes creepy if you're hitting on 18-20 y/o if you look older.
Depending on how well you age you could be good to hit on younger girls (make sure they're at least 18) until you're 30. After that you just need to change your approach. You can still ask for pictures, compliment their cosplays and talk to them about their favorite anime and such but you need to wait for them to make the first move. Or you could just shift your focus to more mature looking women and continue with business as usual.

>> No.10821369

yeah, i had a feeling lolita was the issue. i don’t really have RBF, or at least i think i don’t, as many people approach me at cons. it’s just that none of the men who talk to me seem to be the partying type, which is disappointing as i spend 80% of my con weekend crossed. i also attend alone, which is why i’ve been confused by the kind of people i attract & lack of invites, but this does clear things up. i have no intention of not wearing lolita just to score a lay or party invite, but the conversational tips are helpful; thank you!

>> No.10821385

>i have no intention of not wearing lolita just to score a lay or party invite
Nor should you. If that's your thing then you do you. However you know you can change your clothes right? Even if you don't have a room most cons have changing areas these days. You can still wear lolita and do all of your events, meetups and get some floor time then change into something more casual for the evening.

>> No.10821395

>who will accuse you of rape
A common trope I see

>It is better to meet a girl in IKEA.
lmao is this true?

>> No.10821401

1) bitches love buff dudes that help them move heavy shit
2) furniture implies a stable living situation/employment. it's an automatic filter for crazies.
3) but it's cheap particleboard furniture, so if you've got a bankroll, its looks like a flex.
4) if their significant other is not helping them buy furniture, then that relationship is dooooooooomed

>> No.10821404

18yo girls usually live with their parents
Why would you date older

>> No.10821406

literally taking notes

>> No.10821407

On what, how to get an old wrinkly granny?

>> No.10821408

Believe it or not, some people actually look for a mature partner who you can spend your life with.
(Not saying that I'm gonna do that right now)

>> No.10821416

NTAYRT but lots of people moving into their first apartment or house shop at IKEA. Sorry you still live with your parents and can't afford to shop there.

>> No.10821425

Bruh Ikea is shit quality for poor people
I only date girls whose parents make 6 figures, somebody's gotta support me

>> No.10821429

Man, now more than ever is the best time to be an older dude looking for younger women.

>> No.10821432

>- Do a daily skin AM/PM care routine. Cleanser, toner, serum, eye cream, and moisturizer is really all you need. Exfoliate once a week. Especially do this if you have acne problems.
what kinda gay shit is this

>> No.10821433

5) furniture shopping tells you where they are on the aesthetic vs. utilitarian spectrum.
6) since it's a relatively large spend, it tells you whether she is budget conscious/wasteful (if she's wifey material or not).
7) if you are buying something, then it lets you display your sense of style without explicitly peacocking. it also gives you a warning if your tastes clash in a more meaningful (permanent) way than music or movies.

captcha STDYY (STD? Yes Yes)

>> No.10821435

Ikea is trash though
Anyone going there is poor

>> No.10821436

so what? that just means they're more "grateful"

>> No.10821437

Grateful for what
My wife makes 6 figs, I'm a househusband
You sound like a low quality fat ugly guy

>> No.10821438

>However you know you can change your clothes right?
do i seem that retarded? yes, anon, i know. kek. lolita is not cosplay; it’s not a costume, and it’s what i feel most confident in. i wear lolita to the grocery store, so why would i take it off for the evening, especially when the masquerade is usually on fridays and the rave on saturdays?

do i really have no chance of being invited to a party as a lolita? is there anything i can do to increase my chances, other than being very forward as an anon mentioned?

>> No.10821439

So if I understand this whole thread correctly, the steps are as follows:
1) Cosplay as a popular character or appealing character and keep track of hygiene and appearances. Look good in your cosplay, not like you raided the discount aisle.
2) Talk to people who are on their own. Talk about stuff they may have an interest in such as their cosplay, clothes, line that they're waiting in.
3) For guys: ask them what you want. If you want to hook up, ask them to hook up. If you want to hang, ask them to hang.
3b) for girls, idk. If you ask them outright, it can make a lot of them run. So maybe ask if they're cool with hanging at the con and then ask them after. Mileage will vary.
4) Go back to a hotel nearby or the con hotel. Those are going to be popular. If the hotel is too far from the event, you'll probably get shot down.
5) 18+ events and night time are the best times to ask around since that's when it's the party crowd. The bars at the cons are also pretty great places to hangout.

>> No.10821440

Age of consent is 16 or 17 in most states
Don't be a pussy

>> No.10821498

It's RNG. Attend enough cons or cross enough people and surely one of them will invite you or be into lolita. If you are as decent as you claim there's gonna be dozens of people wanting to lay with you. I'm gonna start propositioning every lone lolita dressed I see now.

>> No.10821503

Honestly if you're a local it's a billion times more stress-free, easier and more enjoyable to find someone at a con, get to know them, then maybe fuck around outside the con. Overall the idea of hooking up at a con seems like a fool's errand

>Only have so many hours to enjoy the con
>Pretty much any space you could have sex in is either public or shared with 3-4 other people
>If you have a whole hotel room to yourself, why the fuck are you still single and desperately trying to get laid at a con?
>The kind of nerds who go to cons are usually either hyped as fuck or socially overwhelmed by day 2
>High risk of underage weebs trying to suck your dick for a badge/alcohol/money/teenage stupidity (and do you really want to be that guy who's checking IDs on the way up to your room?)
>High risk of insane weebs who are emotionally unstable and become heartbroken when they find out it's just a hookup that goes nowhere (now you're a viral social media post being called a "predator")

I've fooled around with someone at a con before but never actually fucked. We knew each other before the convention, though. I'm sure if you find the right person at the right time at the right place it's exciting but feels like way too much work for a convention.

>> No.10821509

>If you have a whole hotel room to yourself, why the fuck are you still single and desperately trying to get laid at a con?
I'm not single my gf has a fetish for watching me fuck other girls
It would be cruel of me to deny that
It's actually really easy to get girls to do threesomes if you go with your gf
Well it's easy if you're both attractive and youngish lol
>called a predator
I don't mind people telling the truth about me, free speech is a human right

>> No.10821519

>DON'T have sex in a room that someone is sharing with multiple other people. Even if he says his roommates are cool with it, they probably aren't and this will lead to an embarrassing and awkward encounter.

This. One con I remember a roomie vaguely implying that they had sex in the room while everyone was out and I still vividly remember how afraid I was to touch any surface in the room for the rest of the con.

>> No.10821529

>I've found that so many of them that look hot in cosplay are distinctly average looking when you take it off them.

This. One of my coworkers turned out to be a big-time genshin impact cosplayer who is pretty much getting as close to posting thirst traps on tiktok as you can. Which was shocking because at work she was literally the most timid, shy and average looking girls on the planet.

>> No.10821542

Genshin is the easiest one to guess how they actually look and act just based on their choice of cosplay
Raiden cosplayers are always ugly whores, if you want a quick fuck go for it
Girls in a scaramouche cosplay are mentally ill and will file rape charges if you hookup

>> No.10821558

>If you have a whole hotel room to yourself, why the fuck are you still single and desperately trying to get laid at a con?
You need to separate the people who a are desperately trying and the people who are getting laid.
When I was younger I was heavily into the club hook-up scene. When your phone starts filling up with girls that are DTF but don't want a relationship being in a committed relationship stops being a priority.
It's a lifestyle choice that isn't for everyone and honestly I'm kind of surprised now that I never got a STD.
Since I'm further in my career and cons are vacations for me I usually room with only one other person and we both know the protocols for a con hookup. I only tend to solo room when the travel distance is enough to warrant a plane ticket and with those trips there's usually a strong reason that I want to go that not everyone shares.
Most girls looking for a one night stand prefer a guy they'll never see again. That's in general, not a con thing.
If you're looking for a long term committed relationship local cons and events are much better for meeting people that share your interests.

>> No.10821623

you can't say this and not post an example

>> No.10821702

>If you have a whole hotel room to yourself, why the fuck are you still single and desperately trying to get laid at a con?
I still haven't had a good example of how to advertise wealth as a guy without being gaudy. The cosplay advice is great though.

>> No.10821703

You buy people meals and drinks. ARe you retarded?

>> No.10821705

So I... Go up to people and offer to buy them lunch? Seems a lot more like throwing money away. Anything more permanent?

>> No.10821710

>So I... Go up to people and offer to buy them lunch?

you really are retarded. however i believe in showing retards why they are retarded so that they know i'm right to call them retarded. so i will tell you what to do. you don't walk up to people randomly and buy them stuff. that's retarded. but if you're interacting with someone, like say you are talking and buying food together, then "i got it, nah it's nothing." or if you are drinking buy drinks. etc. this only works if you have a lot of money because it's still a big waste of money. but the concept is you pay for acquaintances, not random strangers. unless those random strangers are also part of the group, in which case it would be weird to only cover some people. that's only for a shitton of disposable income though.

>> No.10821712

I assume you have no money because you're a child or a retard, so it's really a moot point.

>> No.10821715

the question was how to advertise wealth. if you’re a poorfag then it must seem like throwing away money kek.

>> No.10821720

I was primarily asking within the context of immediate impressions, but I totally get what you're talking about here, so thanks for spelling it out.
If you have any advice for immediate impressions then I'd love to hear it. Thank you.


>> No.10821726

My man, women's standards nowqdays are skewed towards men needing full-on makeup to be considered pretty thanks to hollywood, even this is a bit lite

>> No.10821769

People like you is what gives cons a bad name.

>> No.10821770


>> No.10821771

It's the opposite for me. Because I act in character, the girls throw heavy hints on me. Especially at the parties. It has led to sex. If you let yourself be more bold you can easily get some puss out of it.

>> No.10821774

Everyone in this thread will get on you but as a guy who had a few women like you, I'll give you the only advice I can.

You will have a hard time getting dick without lowering your standards a little. You're not getting the top guy. I'm one of the top guys in comparison to everyone that goes to cons on average. Girls like you always complain that you don't want to be girly or be a sex object to attract men. The truth is, the only way you are going to attract the big sharks is to show some skin and be a little sexual. At least in what you wear. Otherwise, we will think you're a prude and would be bothered. Naturally I know a lot of prude looking girls that want dick cause they barely get it. So I am more willing to prod them for it. But most men will not. So be advised you're going to have a hard time being stuck in "I'll give off wrong vibes."

Another protip: women are likely who you're worried about criticizing you. Which is a given. But men don't care. Women are always competing with each other. The question is if you're ready to play in the league too.

>> No.10821776

Don't advertise wealth. That's stupid.

>> No.10821777

invest in a nice watch. make sure your clothes or cosplay are well fitted to your measurements. look clean and well kempt.

wouldn’t recommend this if you’re a twiggy or fat guy who can’t defend yourself, though.

>> No.10821788

Exactly. That shit will get you robbed. There are plenty of stories of dudes getting set up drugged
and robbed by women.

I'm surprised that you dont see weebs with money getting robbed at cons due to some costhot seeing an easy mark to steal their wallets from. Flexing wealth is the dumbest shit you can do out here.

>> No.10821794

Well this is going to be a bit long form but I'll tell you how the last con I traveled to went, what my budget was and add in some tips.

Costal con 1400 miles from where I live.
>$700 for a first class plane ticket
>$300 a night for a con suite for 3 nights $900
>$300 Sponsor + Friend Tier badge
>$2000 Spending cash for whatever
So about that plane ticket and 3 nights rather than 2. The airline I was traveling charged $60 per checked bag and I had 3. For some reason flying out on Friday and back Sunday evening was $1400, but if I stayed until Monday it was only $580 and then the first class bump was only $120 and included 3 checked bags for free. The next weird part is why I went for a Sponsor + Friend badge when I knew absolutely no one at the con. It's because it had some extra swag and 5 autograph vouchers. The extra tickets for events and bringing a friend to the line skip was not what I was wanting but it came in really handy.

So I get on the con discord and ask if anyone is doing a liquor store run around lunch time and if I could get a ride. I get a bite from a group going to get lunch then stopping by the liquor store and then a grocery store for mixers and snacks. Awesome.
Friday I fly in, check into the hotel, go to the convention center and do the early badge pickup drop off my swag and meetup with the guys for the booze run. Guys are a lot of fun to hang out with. I buy the driver's lunch as thanks for giving me a ride. I get a bottle of Vodka, bottle of Sake and 2 six packs of beer. They are buying A LOT of liquor and beer. Ask them if they're throwing a room party.
"Hell yeah! we're in suite 1060 and 1059. It's gonna be from 10 to 2. You should drop on by!"
>Con hasn't even started yet and I've already secured a room party invite with some nice and chill guys as well as getting supplies for the room. This is all with knowing ABSOLUTELY no one in the area.

>> No.10821795

>gay shit
A man who takes care of his skin is ahead of 99% of all other men on this whole planet. I spoonfed my boyfriend his skincare routine and he somehow managed to get even cuter!

>> No.10821798

Get back to the con, get into cosplay and hit the con floor. Nothing is really going on until 2 so it's just people hanging out. People stop me for pictures and compliment my cosplay. Couldn't have been more than 30 minutes when I hear
"Oh my god your cosplay looks amazing! You look so good in it! Can I get a picture?"
Hottie in cosplay is asking me for a picture.
"You look amazing as well so only if I can get a picture of you too!"
We spend a bit of time chatting after taking pics. She's there with a friend who's chilling in the room and two other friends are coming later and they'll be doing a group cosplay the next day. So I use this line.
"You know the worst part about cosplaying by yourself? You don't get any pictures of yourself. Tell you what, why don't we hang out a bit and when someone asks for a picture of you, I'll take a pic, when someone asks for a picture of me, you take a pic and then we can exchange."
>I just gave her a reason to hang out with me. Most cosplayers love taking picture and it is kind of depressing when you don't have any of yourself after a con Plus were going to have to exchange information to trade the pics.
Hanging out with cosplay hottie with me taking pics of her and her taking pics of me and occasionally she asks someone to get a shot of us together. Then the Dealer room and Artist Alley open so we decide to go take a look. There's an artist there that I follow on Deviant Art so I have some poster tubes in my con bag. Take a look around, make a few purchases then we get to his booth. It's one of the guys that I went on the booze run with! She's also commenting on how good his art is. Ask which one she likes the best. She can't decide and points out 3 that she likes. The booth has prices listed as 1 print for $20, 3 for $40, 5 for $60. Start talking to him, he remembers me and brings up if I'm going to the room party.

>> No.10821803

"I'm probably going to check out the rave fist so I'll swing by around 11."
"Cool. Bring some chicks if you can. See anything you like?"
"I like everything I see. How much for 1 of everything?"
"I've got 20 prints so $200?"
Buy the prints and put most of them into one tube but put the three she pointed out in another.
"These are for you, but since you don't have a bag to carry them I'll just hold on to them for now."
Discuss what's next.
"I'm going to the opening ceremonies then the VA panel then the autograph signing."
"Don't you have to line up like an hour ahead to get into those?"
Pull out Sponsor + Friend badge
"Not if you have one of these. I can get you in too if you want."
"Sure! Let's go!"
Standing in line I ask her if there's anywhere nearby that's good for food.
>She's going to give you the name of a place she likes to eat at. This is an easy non-creepy and very appealing way to approach offering to pay for dinner.
After she gives me a suggestion I ask if that's where she's eating.
"No, we have some sandwich stuff in the room."
"You gotta get at least one good meal a day. And I don't have transport since I flew. Tell you what, if you can get us there I'll pay for your dinner."
While we wait in line, she texts some of her friends and we end up with a group of 4 going to eat and find a time where we all have a schedule gap. I call the place and make a reservation. We proceed to go to the Opening Ceremonies and VA Panel. While waiting for the VA panel I point out that one of the VAs does the character she got a print of and she could get it signed. She says she doesn't have a voucher. Pull out the five vouchers I have and tell her she can have one. Do VA panel and get some prints signed. She's about to go off to hang with her friends. I hang onto the signed print and tell her I can get it to her at dinner so she doesn't have to carry it around.
>This also makes sure she doesn't ditch

>> No.10821807

I can't get over how hot this pic is

>> No.10821809

So I spend the rest of my day doing my normal con stuff and meet up with her and two of her friends for dinner. They're not bad looking either. We go to the place, get right in due to the reservation have some pleasant chat and when it comes time to pay the check I say it's all on one and pay for her and her friends.
>Paying for only her would be sufficient but might come off as me trying too hard. Paying for everyone is a power move.
So she asks what my plans are for the rest of the evening.
>This is getting long so I'll just get to the chase
I tell them I'm going to the rave for a bit then meet up with some chill guys that invited me to a room party for a few drinks.
"Cool, we'll see you at the rave then!"
After that I go dance with them, head up to the room party and get a few drinks and play a few games. Around 1 AM I say I'm going to head back to my room. She asks if she can come with. Of course you can. So she tells her friend
"Hey I'm going to go hang out with him in his room for a bit. I'll be back to the room later."
Her friend
"Sure you are. See you in the morning!"

Sorry that went on a bit long. But the key points are my cosplay caused her to approach me first. I started chatting with her and gave her a reason to spend some time with me. I bought something she wanted and had a way to make sure she didn't run off with (not that I thought she would or really care if she did). I used my badge which I bought for personal reasons to get her into events that she was going to skip due to the lines. But most importantly was at the beginning I could tell from the vibe that she wanted to spend more time with me.

Hope that helps some of you on how to approach buying some things or offering to pay for dinner.

>> No.10821811

There's no flow chart to it. You either have it or you don't, and know "5 easy steps to getting laid" is going to work. What these anons lack is social awareness, attractiveness, and general man-vibes. By man-vibes, that means they likely act very childish or feminine.

>> No.10821816

bro this is one of the most cringe threads ive read here in a minute. desu im with the "if you cant get laid outside of a con don't bother" crowd

>> No.10821819

Go to YouTube and type in the name "Kevin Samuels". Watch as much as you can.

>> No.10821820

Christ you and your whole existence is pathetic.

>> No.10821821

>fake rep

>> No.10821835

You are correct. There's no clear cut pattern but rather a few things that tend to work but only work because of the Halo Effect. Even though I talk about getting laid at cons, I've been going to cons for over 10 years (since I was 16) and if you compare my con attendance to hookup rate, it'd probably be under 20% of the time. Sometimes things click and sometimes they don't. This story was an outlier to my normal con experience and condensed so people can't really get a good gist of how the conversation went. I was talking to her for over 2 hours outside of events and the vibe was just going smooth. She probably would have had sex with me even if I didn't buy anything for her to be honest but can't say that it hurt anything either.

>desu im with the "if you cant get laid outside of a con don't bother" crowd
NGL that's 100% true. A lot of my success I can attribute to being in the club hookup scene as I was talking about earlier. Most people never learn to catch a vibe, take a hint or read body language. What's worse is most of the time their whole friend group is in the same situation and can't wing worth shit either so when they do approach a girl their whole group is acting thirsty which is creepy and gross as fuck to a girl. Then there's the 250+ lbs chunks in a fedora that think their "charming personality" can overcome their body odor who are cringier than most other nerds. Yes those people really exist. Most of them are into Steampunk.

>> No.10821853

6 bags for one con? I guess I'm not as wealthy as I thought lmao, that or your cosplay was just really big, either way.
I mean these are some of the prices I've seen but I always thought it was because I was looking too close to the con.
I guess I just have a hard time dropping $1.3k+ baseline on an experience, your advice about having a good cosplay and just meeting a pretty cool woman and then not hesitating to throw money around makes sense enough.

I also have thought that con discords were a trap, but the strategy of "use it to get off of discord as quickly as possible" also makes sense.
Have you ever hosted a room party? Or do you basically have to have a bunch of friends at the con to party with at a baseline?

>> No.10821888

nah bro you're cringe too. you're on 4chan cgl talking about how much of a pussy slayer you think you used to be sit the fuck down

>> No.10821895 [DELETED] 
File: 157 KB, 960x684, 17EF1F27-2455-4441-B9BF-CFE24EB39C4E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A girl may put out for free, but you’re getting more than just sex for that offer. That being said, I’m glad all of you will develop aids in 5 years, the world doesn’t need man children.

>> No.10821897 [DELETED] 

condoms exist you fucking retard

>> No.10821904 [DELETED] 

Yeah which is why 90% of young adults in America who are sexually active have at least 1 STD right?

>> No.10821910 [DELETED] 

Sex education is a joke in the US and this is the result of it. Retards are fucking any and everybody raw out here without a care. People in this thread cry about not having sex, but you got full blown degenerates fucking crackheads for $40 for full service sex.

And then there's the closeted gay dudes out here fucking trannies on the down low.

>> No.10821912

>6 bags for one con?
I could have made due with my two carry-ons and one checked but when I upgraded to first class I grabbed another big build and one was mostly empty to bring back purchases.
This is fairly standard con rates. When a convention center books an event a lot of the nearby hotels creates a room block for the event at jacked up prices. You can usually room off site for $80-$120 a night but the room at the event is just too useful for cosplay.
>I also have thought that con discords were a trap, but the strategy of "use it to get off of discord as quickly as possible" also makes sense.
Con discords are extremely useful for getting information. I don't really use them to socialize or find friends. I more often ask about the parking situation at the different hotels and find nearby places to eat. The locals are really helpful about giving information to travelers. Also cosplay group meet-ups generally have a photog and is a great way to get a free photo shoot with a professional photographer. I also look for craft brew tasting-exchanges if I'm out of state. The craft brew crowd is always chill to drink with and the buy-in keeps any broke ass loser leeches out.
>Have you ever hosted a room party? Or do you basically have to have a bunch of friends at the con to party with at a baseline?
I'm staff at two cons and co-host some of the cosplay photo op meet-ups in my area. Plus I host some of the craft brewery board game meet-ups for the board game community. I'm pretty well known in the local cosplay and con-goer community so I have quite a few friends that get together for a few drinks and games and between all of us we always have a few new faces be it a friend of a friend or a chill person someone met at the con. So I usually stick to my friend group however the further I travel the less people I know.

>> No.10821927

Don’t, most women are men

Source: I sucked off a man who thought I was a woman

>> No.10821944

>shameless exhibitionists
>big coomers
I wish this didn't make me so damn hard. Life and relationships would be a hell of a lot easier if I could be satisfied with a normal vanilla girl.

>> No.10821951

something tells me you wouldn't be satisfied even if you did get what you thought to be the girl of your dreams

>> No.10821963

Nah, I've been with girls who were into what I'm into and it was absolutely what I was looking for sexually, it's just that there wasn't really any relationship potential outside sex for one reason or another.

>> No.10822056

you also missed MtF and Gay guys. A friend of mine had an MtF experience it was quite funny ngl

>> No.10822078

>It is better to meet a girl in IKEA.
I hate their markets

>> No.10822080

>My tip this coming year is to go dressed as Lloyd Forger from Spy x Family
Was thinking that too
I might try that
Especially since Aninite 2022 had many Yors

>> No.10822081

I know that fell
I still hope I get /fit/ until next year

>> No.10822363
File: 2.02 MB, 949x949, unknown.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Cosplay as a husbando character and be decently attractive. Then the cosplay slits will swarm to you.
Definitely this, works every time. Notice how there are so many 2B, Yor Forger, Zero Two etc. waifus ot the moment at cons, they change every year. When Nier Automata came out I cosplayed 9S and the solo 2B mommies were all over me. It's that simple.
>My tip this coming year is to go dressed as Lloyd Forger from Spy x Family
Was literally thinking the same thing. I don't go to cons to get laid and I have a female cosplay partner anyway but I saw sooo many Yors at my last con. Just do this OP.

>> No.10822425
File: 357 KB, 627x606, 1667439835295428.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm a literal 5/10 in looks and have still hooked up at cons. Just be likable, outgoing, social, and get into some room parties. Don't be fucking boring either. Conversation is two-way, don't make it entirely one-sided.

>> No.10822427

5/10 is like 9/10 at cons. i'm a 8 or 9 to normies so i'm like a walking goddess to them lmao. always get free shit.

>> No.10822430
File: 47 KB, 1024x681, 1662343455320512.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't get laid at conventions or because of conventions because I look wholesome/with some sort of disability and people want to 'hug' me (as in, make sure i'll have a good experience, treat me kindly), thus rendering myself someone you never have a sexual or romantic thought.

And because I cosplay 'obscure'/not much known characters, even if they're from well known franchises.

>> No.10822431

Are you a chick or femmeboy? Let me know where you go if so. No problem letting some feminine cripple blow me in a wheelchair

>> No.10822435

i'm a dude
a hairy dude

>> No.10822437

u in a wheelchair tho? That makes you a woman basically. Even if ur not, if you shave and put on womens clothing I'll let you suck

>> No.10822441

No, i'm not in a wheelchair, but I got that 'tism look (and a half diagnosis with a neuropsychologist which strongly indicates autism signals).

>Even if ur not, if you shave and put on womens clothing I'll let you suck

I have a female character costume coming up, don't worry, i'll do it.

>That makes you a woman basically
Yeah, i'm only determined and more "manly" in my workplace, regarding work activities.

Personally speaking i'm a teddy bear in terms of behavior. I guess the "assholeness" men need to have in order to have a partner isn't in me.

>> No.10822448

>Underage girls
Here's an uncomfortable truth. Plenty of dudes are picking up underaged girls at these cons. Nobody pays attention because the type of girls these dudes pick up are shy outacsts.

>> No.10822451

My advice is get practice with a burro. After you get experience tell them you sex with burro.

Laying a con is much after burro.

>> No.10822461

For people suggesting FOTM cosplays be warned there are quite a few pitfalls you can run into with that.
>Be caught up with and familiar with the series. If a fangirl wants to squee about something and you don't know anything about it the conversation is going to go south fast.
>Make sure that you're a good fit for the character. You're going to be competing with dozens of other people doing the same thing.
>Half-assing it isn't going to work either. Make sure you pay attention to details. Cosplay is a labor of love after all.
>Cosplay is an icebreaker to start a conversation. It doesn't seal the deal. You're still on your own after that.

>> No.10822481

> My advice is get practice with a burro. After you get experience tell them you sex with burro.
>Laying a con is much after burro.
I see, is burro code for a prostitute or something?

>> No.10822490 [DELETED] 

We have sex education in America and they do tell you about STDs but if you ever talk to a dude bro or a nigger they will fucking complain and talk about how much they fucking hate condoms and won't use them

>> No.10822508 [DELETED] 

And there are plenty of women out here that will LET them fuck no condom. Some women will even see condom use as an insult to them. That shit is a two way street. Whatever happened to no condom, no sex? Just look at the retard that shrugged off STDs as a minor inconvenience in this very thread. A sizable portion of this country has that mindset of unsafe sex and it isnt just dudebros and nigras.

>> No.10822525 [DELETED] 

>A sizable portion of this country has that mindset of unsafe sex and it isnt just dudebros and nigras.
You're more likely to get stds from drug addicts and sluts. And lgbt people. Ive done it raw with safer people and neither has given me anything.

>> No.10822556 [DELETED] 

Most likely to get aids from Russians actually. Their stats are as bad as Sub Saharan Africa.

>> No.10822567
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>straight people complaining about not getting laid at cons
Try being a gay chubby chaser or a lesbian where it’s 10x as hard

>> No.10822569

>be dyke
>at con with girl I'm seeing at the time
>you-know-whats hit on me constantly even though I'm clearly with someone
>have to hold my breath or else I'll gag on the cloud of bargain bin perfume they all wear
it's hell

>> No.10822576

Anime cons have a higher proportion of fats and lesbians than other places, if you aren’t getting laid, you are doing something wrong.

>> No.10822577

>gay chubby chaser
There is no way in any hell there are not fat gay dudes everywhere at cons who are not also horny.
>or a lesbian
The only place that might have more gays or bis per locational individual is an actual pride parade. Just be actually direct and stop fucking about with half-committal flirting.

>> No.10822579

Do you think it would be a good idea to go as majima from Yakuza 0 or is he not popular enough. I've been lifting for the past year and was thinking of going with the snakeskin blazer/shirtless outfit

>> No.10822583

Most chubby dudes at cons are straight, even with the usual gay apps turned on. Also try asking every single cute chubby guy if they’re gay without getting banned from the con

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