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So what are y’all’s favorite blouses? Like, colors, styles, brands, etc.

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Most of my blouses are BTSSB. Sturdy, versatile, lovely details. Almost all of my blouses are cotton and have detachable sleeves.

I want to get more older Moitie blouses because I have a pitiful number of gothic blouses, but I'm wary of the poly. Do pre-2014 Moitie blouses tend to have better fabric than modern?

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KEK no. i have a good few old moitie blouses and cutsews that are made from an equally sad, scratchy poly. i own two cutsews circa 2007~2008 that feel like they’re made from walmart athletic stretch material.

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Damn. Can you recommend any brands for similar EGL blouses?

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victorian maiden is my go-to. their poly blouses are high quality and beautiful. their cotton is very nice as well, though i tend to prefer poly blouses for gothic. anp has some nice blouses as well; i’ve never been disappointed by the material. i don’t own any of their cutsews, but i’m guessing they’re the same nice thick poly or cotton blend as baby cutsews.

i’ve heard very good things about sheglit blouses but don’t own any to back this up.

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sorry, anp as in aatp. xianyufag here, so i’m used to that abbreviation kek.

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I bought a new-ish BTSSB blouse (2019) and the sleeves are ridiculously long on me, they completely cover my hands. Am I retarded? Too stumpy?? Most of my blouses are AP or older Meta and they fit fine.

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If it's the back pintuck blouse, it just has super long sleeves - not all of them are like that iirc. I personally like the look of longer sleeves, and despite not being a tallita a lot of older blouses tend to be short on me, so that particular Baby one is a blessing.

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Thanks, that's really helpful!

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The same happened to me and it was the back pintuck blouse. The sleeves would bunch up and it wasn't a good look. I had to sell it. I'm short but not unusually so I'm glad I'm not the only one.

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my best blouses are either from baby or innocent world. although some of baby's elasticated short sleeves are really tight on me despite being underweight. maybe i have unfortunate body fat distribution or maybe it's just some old releases are like that. innocent world and vm's sleeves always fit very comfortably though. does anyone else have this problem or am i just cursed with ridiculous arm fat.

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Does anyone have an experience with Meta blouses? I was thinking of picking one up but idk of anyone who has them. They seem pretty cool but i don't wanna drop that money.

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Mine has held up quite well and the sleeves are a good length for my long arms lol

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I have a love-hate relationship with blouses. While they can be beautiful, I don’t think lolita blouses suit me. I have a small face/head lol, and most blouses have a lot of bulk around the neck/shoulders so they make my head look too small. Its really unflattering. Lolita blouses are particularly bad for this. Sometimes other blouses look fine, but they don’t go with lolita. I usually stick to OP’s for this reason so I can skip the blouse.

For now I'm forever searching for a blouse that works.

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what are you doing with your hair?

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Same here. I usually wear boleros instead of blouses, but lately I’ve been looking at blouses with lower necklines. I have one IW blouse with a rounded neckline that sits just below my collarbone and it’s infinitely more flattering on me than high collared blouses but still peeks out and adds a point of interest over the necklines of my JSKs. It’s a shame they’re less common.

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I have a couple of sheglit blouses and they are pretty good. The poly is much better than moitie and the cotton ones are perfect in summer. Would definitely recommend them.

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How are krad lanrete's blouses?

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I have some of their old cotton blouses including picrel and they fit well. The sleeves are nice and long and the lace is not itchy. I would steer clear of their old chiffon, as it snags easily.

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Classiclita here and you'd honestly be suprised by how many simple but passable blouses are on taobao. My measurements are outside the range of a lot of classic burando so I tend to try my best outside of that. Miss point has a couple really nice ones that have held up well, and other than that I'm waiting for a few from resplendent galaxy that I hope aren't garbage.

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miss point’s poly is okay, but the lace is ugly and the fit on the ones i own looks really frumpy. i’m seconding you on nice taobao blouses, though; the sleeves are a lot smaller in width on some of them, which looks better on me than many of the wide cotton brand long sleeves. you can get a more flattering fit with some taobao blouses than with osfa brand just due to being able to choose a size.

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oh yeah usually I ignore the poly altogether and only go for the stuff they have that's cotton, since betting on a taobao store's poly is never a good idea. For me since I have wide shoulders it ends up sitting nicer on me and not frumpy but I could totally see it if it fits awkwardly.

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for context i own these two, both cotton with cotton lace.

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Considering getting the new atepie blouse, anyone here order their blouses before? Thoughts?

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Could you recommend some nice Taobao blouses besides miss point? I’m a sweet lolita but I need some nice versatile blouses that aren’t AP or BTSSB

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I have nothing but praise for them. the ones I have are all cotton, so I can’t speak for the non-cotton ones.

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well dang I'll be buying them in the near future

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Sweet isn't my area of expertise but I can try my best. Not sure what colours/combos you like but try Vcastle:
I've ordered some coats from them before but no idea how their blouses are, although I really like the raincoat I have.

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What do you consider to be a good blouse:main piece ratio for a well rounded wardrobe?

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I mean once you get to a certain amount of main pieces a "ratio" doesnt really matter, some gulls have like 200 main pieces but there's no way you need even more blouses for that. It really depends on your needs. I personally am always looking for new ways to coord what I have so I'd like around 15 different blouses but I'm only about halfway there, especially because there are some blouses I would like to replace. I'd like to hear what other gulls think, though.

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I definitely think it depends on your goals and wardrobe. If you like to coordinate different colors, you may want more blouses. Or, if you like to layer OPs and mini sleeve JSKs over blouses, you'll want both a long and short sleeve blouse because detachable sleeve blouses look strange underneath short sleeve dresses. Also, do you tend to prefer more romantic styles? If that's the case you may want to save room for both stiffer blouses and more flowy, lacy pieces. The ratio is so dependant on style. And then, are you going to be doing winter wear? You may want to consider turtlenecks and long sleeve cutsews.

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Like the other gulls said, I think it depends on your goals and your wardrobe. I only have 11 blouses, but I tend to care more about having a variety of cardigans. I also don't have a very diverse colour scheme in my wardrobe (mostly pinks, reds, browns, and whites) so I don't feel like I need to own that many blouses.

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What makes a "good" style of blouse really varies on the body type of the person wearing it and the style of jsk worn with it (or if its worn with a skirt)
The one thing I will say is that I fucking hate sheer blouses and they aren't appropriate for lolita

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it really depends. i have a lot of skirts so i have tons of blouses so i can mix and match but usually i'm not as picky with jsks.

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For corset dresses and skirts, I love the millefleurs/millenoirs fully shirred princess sleeve blouses - I think they technically count as they are made of a woven chiffon rather than knit. They look similar to the Atelier Pierrot ones, but I've never owned the Atelier Pierrot version.

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My favorite blouse is an old btssb blouse with a square neckline and neckties. I like how the neckline lines up with some of my dresses and the neckties add cute detail to the chest.

Also, does anyone know where can I find a decent blouse that fits wider shoulders? I wanna twin with my non-lolita friend, but her shoulders wont fit comfortably in my blouses.

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because you said btssb I'm assuming you're a sweet? What are her measurements? Depending on her size you might not be able to even go OTR on taobao and instead need to custom size. They make bigger shoulders for larger sizes but she may be swimming in it if it's that big.

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