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So like, I’m new, don’t tear me apart but I want to start wearing lolita a lot more again. I got extremely sick for a few years, a gained a bunch of weight due to my medication, and had to sell a ton of my wardrobe. I missed out on a lot due to the infection and its gotten me depressed. But I’ve been given the green light and can work out normally again cause I’m not sick anymore. Do any of y’all have any work outs or things to recommend to lose weight/ keep a lolita figure?

I don’t want anything to lead to an eating disorder, that’s the last thing I want LOL (i was sick before i dont need to be sick again!) but any advice on getting and maintaining a lolita figure would be great.

(Whatever a lolita figure means desu). I’m also terrified of /fit/ so I asked here instead cause at least y’all know what I’m talking about.

I'm motivated to try and get back to as normal as I possibly can.

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check the catalog dork

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Try to cook your own food as much as possible. Take out has a lot of added calories, you can't control how much oil and butter they use, etc. Just doing that, without changing my diet drastically, has helped me lose weight. Also I try not to drink sugary drinks.

I also recommend HIIT (high intensity interval training) or some sort of cardio. I like HIIT boxing because there's a lot of variety and it's fun, whereas plain old running feels like such a chore for me.

Best of luck!

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Do you have any favorite recipes or foods you can share? I love cooking and trying new things! I'll try HIIT too, although I do really like running and walking. You tend to miss it when you cant do much of either lol, but thanks a lot for the advice! Hopefully I'll slim down in no time!

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Just try to incorporate protein and veggies into all of your meals, watch the carbs. I like this book a lot, it has a lot of simple recipes that are fairly healthy for you.

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A link or two of the sticky in /fit/ is broken or the page is just deleted, but i think i have a general idea

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I've started a running routine and have limited my snacking and it's been working wonders so far! I can tell I'm less chonky looking already, like my stomach area is tighter. Hopefully it will eventually target my thigh area and otks won't be so difficult to wear.

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what the other anons said. in addition, figure out some staples you're going to build your meals around, makes it a whole lot easier to figure out your caloric intake plus you won't have to spend that much time thinking about what to eat if it's going to be the same dishes a lot of the time. aim for a slight caloric deficit that you can actually maintain indefinitely, if you try crash dieting with extreme restriction, chances are you'll rebound.

i lost 85lbs by eating the most boring stuff ever every day, doing cardio, and not drinking.

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I've lost about 25lbs this year (from overweight to BMI 20). All I have done is count calories, and walked a lot, which is harder now as the weather is getting cold. I've just been replacing the food I normally eat but lower in calories (eg replacing mayo for low-fat mayo, using cooking spray instead of dunking oil in the pan), focusing on protein and fiber because they're more satiating than carbs and fat (so reaching out for fruit/protein snack instead of chips). You don't really need to do much exercise to lose weight (such as in my case other than walking) - though because I have been lazy and slacked on the strength training, my body fat percentage is still higher than I'd like for my weight and I'm not very toned (but on the bright side I can fit all the brand I want now). Obvious warning, don't undereat calories, and stop if you feel you are developing an ED (obsessing over undereating/underweight goal weight). Slow and steady wins the race - I'd aim to cut by about 500 calories a day (about 1lb a week - 3000cals for 1lb though obviously your body is more complicated and it will go up/down based on digestion/liquid weight/hormones). Also check out if there's anything else that could inhibit weight loss if you've been tracking but not losing (eg digestion problem, hormones/thyroid problem, diabetes, medication).

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If you're starting from being very sedentary as I imagine you've been while sick, start just walking every day. If you can track your step count aim for 5-10k steps per day. It doesn't have to be all at once. When you start feeling good about that, maybe a few weeks of consistently doing it daily, add in a bit of calisthenics or weight training. Nothing crazy, just a kettlebell or dumbbells and a simple 10 minute workout routine. You can look some up on youtube.

As far as food goes just try to eat a variety of lean proteins, good fats, and different types of veggies and grains. Track your calories if you're able to in something like MyFitnessPal, if you want to be accurate get a food scale. Mainly though, just focus on portion control and having a variety of vitamin rich foods.

Don't make rapid drastic changes you won't be able to stick to, just do small changes, then make sure you've incorporated those into your routine before adding something new. Ideally, any new habit should feel as weird to not do daily as brushing your teeth or bathing before you add something else.

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>So like, I’m new, don’t tear me apar
this isn't social media. Don't talk like this

>Do any of y’all have any work outs or things to recommend to lose weight/ keep a lolita figure?
I would sayto do basic compound-movement weightlifting and running/jogging. Weightlifting, especially squats, burns calories very quickly and really eats up the calories people typically overeat, and running for maybe 5km burns some more on top of that, as well as getting oxygen and nictric oxide into you. Some people say not to lift and run, but that's a bodybuilding thing for people going for mass, which I assume you aren't.

>I don’t want anything to lead to an eating disorder
Then don't track calories. Just exercise every day (that you can/are comfortable with) and eat basic, unprocessed foods. So no dinners in a box, no take out, no pastries/pure sugars, and no farm raised fish. Try eating organic as well, if you can afford it.
If you find that you have to start making a lot of things yourself to avoid the additives, that's a good thing.
And when choosing what to eat, think about how much is warranted. How much food do you need to sustain what you did in the day? And don't go lower than that. Lifting will typically cause you to feel hungrier, so make sure you dont binge, but do everything carefully.

Typically eating 300-500 callories under your daily reccomended intake with these exercises will help. The eating might be hard at first, but learning to like food that isn't outright bad for you is well worth it, especially in the long run.

>I’m also terrified of /fit/
Well, that's the board where you're supposed to ask these types of questions. You shouldn't be "scared" of a bunch of text on screen; that's not healthy.

Also, respond to the thread to let people know you're here. It's rude not to.

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I literally have been, just with a different device. You good?

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> Some people say not to lift and run, but that's a bodybuilding thing for people going for mass, which I assume you aren't.
If you’re lifting 20+ pounds, you’re going to bulk up. Otherwise you won’t gain noticeable amounts of muscle like a bodybuilder. I recommend using 1-10 pound weights for weight training.

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Apparently I cant fucking read, lol. A different device wouldn't change anything anyways.

>Otherwise you won’t gain noticeable amounts of muscle like a bodybuilder.
Do you actually think lifting more than 20 pounds will create massive amounts of muscle out of nowhere? Lifting in a certain way on a certain schedule will create that, but not for women and definitely not out of nowhere. Lifting more than 20 pounds is better for your bones, anyways, in addition to actually developing strength that everyone needs. Under 10 pounds wont do jack shit for a full grown adult.

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So uh… do I do 20 or not… I’ll start off with 10 since I’m still pretty weak from being bedridden. The do a max of 20 depending on how well it goes. As long as I can slim down and wear brand again I’m happy. Gotta fit those socks too…

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If you're trying to lose weight, you just have to do cardio cardio cardio. Run as many times as day a week to start until you can build up your endurance to run a 5k, then do a longer run two or ideally three times a week. If you run 15 miles a week and don't overeat/ add desserts it'll be nearly impossible to gain weight unless you eat mountains of trash, and if you're overweight it will start melting off.

If you're weight lifting, it should be to gain muscle. Your muscles deteriorate as you get older, so you should be doing this. If you're not lifting the strongest weights you can, you're short changing yourself and also literally retarded. Just don't lift more than once a week if you don't want to "get too muscle-y for your brand uwu"

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Did I say the muscle comes out of nowhere? I never once said how long it would take.

Ten and under is fine for beginners which it sounds like OP is. Plenty of women use five to ten pound weights and stay fit that way through strength training, ISO holds and so forth.

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>I never once said how long it would take.
Well one doesnt accidentally build that much mass without noticing or stopping if they want to.

start with whatever you can that pushes you, whether it be 10 or 20. Compound movements are good for begginers, but get someone to spot you if you can.

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> Weightlifting, especially squats, burns calories very quickly and really eats up the calories people typically overeat, and running for maybe 5km burns some more on top of that

Hot take: don't exercise. None of these bitches are going to weightlift for an hour and then run 5km (3 miles) every other day. The normal average person does not have the willpower. You are giving the correct advice but you're giving it to someone who is already overweight and likely has discipline issues. This isn't a knock on them or you this is just reality.

Yes, it works in theory, but every single girl I know who is trying to lose weight with a focus on exercise, has been caught in the same dead loop for years. The days that they work out they say "I worked out so I can reward myself!" and then they eat like crazy. The day after - "I'm doing good with my workout routine and have been staying consistent with it so I should reward myself for that!" repeat cycle. Nothing changes, so they stop working out and tell themselves that it just isn't working for them for whatever reason, and give up.

Just look at the people in your life and notice the skinny people don't zealously exercise, and the fat ones are always talking about improving their lives with exercise but literally nothing is happening. Fix your diets first and then look to the gym as a secondary goal. The gym is for people who want to tone their bodies and improve their health. Controlling calories is for people who want to lose weight and feel better about their body shape. If they slim down via dieting first, they are much more likely to enjoy their bodies more, and then can move onto working out for the mental and health benefits. Urging someone overweight who has never exercised to go full in with dieting AND gym isn't realistic advice and sets them up for failure imo. Well intentioned but it doesn't work, or every American would have a gym membership and 70% of adults aged 20 and over would not be overweight.

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I'm fat cause I was sick for 3 years of my life and bedridden, not because I didn't work out or wasn't healthy (I'll be real I honestly didn't have the best diet but I was active so I burned it off). Before I got sick I was at a pretty healthy weight but I'm just trying to get my motivation back again. Even after eating healthy slop for years I still gained weight. I think it's going to take much more than just fixing my diet. A little bit of everything would never hurt

I'm a fat bitch cause I almost died, not because I'm lazy.

Anyway, I'm going to just do a little of everything. So far it's been working. Starting from August I lost a few pounds already, I'll go to a doctor again sometime to see if anything is still up with me though if I'm not losing weight.

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the key is to not do this shit by being self aware, and to not give up before you even started

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Welp! Thanks for the advice y'all! I’m on my way to being my old self again. I’ll do my best and be able to wear brand again!

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I appreciate you saying this because I realize I'm stuck in this loop. I do a lot of cardio but it just makes me hungrier and want to eat more. I'm wondering if I should just focus on light stretching/walking for now and cutting my cals down to 1200 a day. Maybe even 900.

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This is spot on down to the bit about the girls who always try to lose weight with exercise and don't get anywhere
Don't do any lower than 1200 calories

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that'll slow down progress a lot. The key to actually doing this is realizing that "wanting" to eat more doesn't mean you need to. Just don't eat; restrict yourself. Neva givu appu

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you eat too much. you know you eat too much and you're still fat because you are full of cope. you are full of cope because you love eating more than you like being skinny. you are destined to be a hamplanet until you die an early death of metabolic syndrome. i'm sorry but you're ngmi

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Have fun ruining your metabolism forever.

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ime the best strategy is to aim for a daily average of 1200, without setting any kind of hard and fast rules about it. I've found that my appetite can vary a lot. Some days I'm satisfied after 700 calories and sometimes I need to eat 1500 before I stop feeling famished. It's fine so long as my weekly and monthly averages stay okay. That lets me listen to my hunger cues better but it's also easier to hit a 1200 average that way because I'm not continuously restricting.

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This is what happened to me as well. Sometimes when I go out, I eat a lot more than normal, then over the next few day my body isn't as hungry and I eat way less because my body is just satisfied from how much I ate out, but it averages to 1200-1400 weekly.

Maybe this advice is good for anyone over 5'3 but I'm 5'1 over here and my sedentary TDEE is 1400 already. To prevent this, regular diet breaks are shown to help reduce changes to metabolism. Also, the effect of calories on reduced metabolism shown in studies is also not that much - by like 10-20% max, and it isn't a hard fact dieting will reduce your metabolism, as shown in some recovering anorexics with monitored eating who still struggle to gain weight as they enter a period of hypermetabolism after increasing calories (increased calorie consumption leads to greater energy expenditure, and vice versa for lowering calories). Likely, you will experience changes in metabolism after dieting or reverse dieting, but it isn't something to be too worried about if you keep an eye on your weight changes long-term.

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Sorry to expand on this since I didn't make it clear, but obviously I don't recommend developing an ED/extreme calorie restriction, but to say a person under ~5'3ish can't safely restrict on 1200 is stupid was my point. Extreme undereating causes all sorts of problems, malnutrition, hormone issues/missed periods, as well as of course, changes to metabolism. Just calorie restrict by ~300-500 against your TDEE and you will be fine.

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