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Less than 2 months away until the first con for many in 2023. Cosplay plan? Ribbons to give out?

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I'll go, just to wash off the mediocrity of AX Chibi, I'm Going with a group cosplaying as KOF Characters.

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Cool! If you or anyone in your group cosplays my KOF favs, you're all getting a ribbon.

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>About turn the big 4-0 during ALA
>Been attending this con since 2011
>Been rooming with the same friends every ALA I have attended
>Can't keep up with them in alcohol consumption since I'm no longer in my twenties
>Falling asleep early while everyone is in weekend party mode due to my bio clock getting all fucked up due to work
>Too beta to talk to random people 10 years younger because they'll think I'm a creeper
This is likely my last go around for ALA.

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>Covid vaccination or test check still required
>Mask still enforced
>In the year 2023 AD
Fucking dropped. And Long Beach is a dump anyways.

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>3 years to slow the spread!

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>ugly ass mascot
>accent mark over the e
what the hell lmao
was this con designed by 15 year olds

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I barely drink if you want to room with me :3

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>Covid vaccination or test check still required

I swear anime cons are like the last weirdo holdout for this crap. Every other tech conference or convention has moved on.

Funny enough, I went to designercon this past weekend. They said they required vaxx pass or proof of test...but there was literally no check for that at door. Nor more than a couple mask wearers at con. Everyone seemed chill.

I bet it's just some weirdo in ops who has a hard on for authortarian control and wants to Mask Nazi people.

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They started selling tickets back when they had a masking policy. Changing that is going to result in the same uproar AX got about announcing they wouldn't check vax cards.
In reality, not a single con in the LA area has enforced masking since AX. It's a boilerplate thing to write so they don't have to navigate a social media storm over policy changes.

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>I bet it's just some weirdo in ops who has a hard on for authortarian control and wants to Mask Nazi people.
I'd think it's more of an unspoken rule that you can go without a mask, with the "requirement" being there for liability reasons

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>Cosplay plan?
Running a Tenchi Muyo! gathering on Saturday of the con.

>Ribbons to give out?

Pic related.

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Anyone know of anyone who makes ribbons? I used to have someone that made their own ribbons and I would commission them but they stopped doing it, it was way cheaper than websites

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I usually get the flu after cons but with Fanime and AX, I neither got the Flu or the Rona. Anecdotal as it is, that shit works, deal with it.

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Covid is over. Get a new Psyop.

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unhealthy immune system niggas

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Does anyone have the link to the ALA discord? I accidentally left it now I can’t find that shit anywhere

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What do I have to do to get that ribbon?

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Is it okay to give out ribbons that are non-anime or non video game related? More like western comics, etc.?

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No. This is an anime convention for anime. Do that shit at wondercon or comiccon

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What about something Japanese but not anime related?

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It's okay but widely frowned upon and looked down upon. Most people prefer anime and video game things because this is explicitly a weeb con.
People still give out Idol ribbons, subculture ribbons, and even things like Maruchan and general weeb apparel all get ribbons with huge praise.

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You'll have to wait until I fix that shit, because apparently the ribbon company said the graphic is fucking up. For now, show up to the gathering on Saturday of the con. I'll come up with some other fun stuff too.

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I don’t know what ribbons are. I think I might go as Nemissa from Soul Hackers.

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I’ve made them before, using heat transfer vinyl cut on a Cricut. It’s slow going but you don’t have to pay for the set up fee like on websites and you can make as many or as few as you want. You just iron on the htv to the ribbons, cut them apart and put double sided tape on the back.

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Is this con worth going to?

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>Is this con worth going to?

Depends on what you want out of it.

ALA is more of a social con, with cosplay being a big part of it. Lots of social interaction events also. Big emphasis on artist alley. Used to be more of a party con, but new long beach location makes that almost impossible.

Big Name guests of honor, events/premiers, and exclusives in the dealers hall aren't ALA's thing, so if that's what you want, it's not that.

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>Black Friday sale had issues

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>>Mask still enforced
Some crazy fucking staffer was in pure Nazi mode last year. Told me to put my mask on when I was taking a sip of water inside the con center. What an asshole.

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What happened?

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Payment failures when the black Friday sale went live.

They fixed it though

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>Hotel reserved
>Costumes done
>Bills all payed

Now I must simply survive the Holidays

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Link to ribbon website pls

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There's like three main ones I know of. The one I made of Ryoko however doesn't seem to be working with their printers. I'll either have to pay to get it vector'd, or just do something else.


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Which hotel did you get the best experience for ALA?

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I commute to my home in San Diego, best hotel

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As a cosplayer, and if it's the long beach convention center, I won't bother with other hotels besides the Hyatt Regency. It's pretty much connected to the con center at the hip, which makes it super easy to go up and down for costume breaks and rests.

But I think the room block is taken up already, so you might have to stay elsewhere.

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Just putting it out there that I run a Matrix chatroom at #los-angeles:arcesia.net.
(To make an account, go to chat.arcesia.net and enter "losangeles" when prompted for a token.)

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Just putting it out there that I run a Matrix chatroom at #los-angeles:arcesia.net.
(To make an account, go to chat.arcesia.net and enter "soclain" when prompted for a token.)

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Is matrix chat room a service, or like a chat for fans of the matrix movie series?

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Damn nigga you rich with that ballin Tesla you're driving everyday.

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Any chance Goodsmile will be there since they were ar AX Chibi or is it the usual shitty vendors, literal whos in AA, and Wild Bill's Soda?

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Did you go last year? Probably gonna be the same vendors.

If we're not lucky it's gonna be like 50% sticker vendors. lol

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It's a chat room on the Matrix protocol. See socalain.com for more detailed instructions.

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I’m just here for the cosplay I don’t have friends. Do you think I can just hang out outside of the con?

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Just buy a badge for one day. Very much would be a waste of time if you only hang out outside the con center (there's not much out there in between cosplay events).

If you want to meet people, ALA is known for being a social con. I hung out in the tabletop room for like 6 hours one year and met tons of new people. But that means you need to go inside.

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>ALA is known for being a social con
Nah, I'll stick to more expensive AX. At least there is stuff to do. I tried ALA a few times and I didn't realize all the con goers in SoCal are all full of autism.

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That's probably for the best. AX is for large events and GoH. ALA is for socialization and cosplay.

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>ALA is for socialization
No it isn't, everyone that goes this con is already in their shitty circlejerk cliques. Not worth going to this shitshow alone if you're looking to make weeb cosplay friends.

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This is only true if you're still messing with the main discord group for LA and surrounding. It's a clusterfuck I still just post a few times a year in not to get they yearly purge but it's a drama filled hellscape. I seriously don't get it, posts are seemingly like it was written for a tabloid article, people hate each other's guts, and still go to this convention wear a smile and then come back to shit talk about one another. I can only guess the group exists simply because everyone has some kind of dirt on everyone else so they all play nice. Can't wait to see what explosion happens this year where actual shit goes down and the mods downplay it as "well yeah they did some really bad shit but they aren't rude in the server!".

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Anyone know whatever happened to that fag who started that car fire a few years ago that caused ALA to get booted out from Ontario?

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He's in jail was a pretty open and shut case being on camera for it. Though he wasn't the reason ALA left Ontario they had stated prior to that they were looking for a newer bigger venue. He was probably the last nail in the coffin for any hope of renewal though.

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I use the discord for organizing and general info about what's going down day to day, but most of my interactions with people at ALA are in person with people I've never met, seen before at con, or generally never knew there was an ALA/Socal cons discord.

Just go to an event or room of interest and make acquaintances/network. Doesn't have to be lifelong friends.

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Is the A line safe?

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Lived in LA for 26 years

Either move as a group or underhand a knife. I won't say it's "dangerous", but the sheer volume of crackheads, LA vagrants, generally mentally unstable homeless, and immediate criminals sneaking away from cops is denser on that train than any form of public transportation in the state. They (probably) won't bother you because most of them are in some kind of addled state or are trying to shuffle away from the actual police, but you don't want to play games with people who have nothing to lose, and the goons that take the A Line are suspect through and through.

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Ontario was a perfect place for it. Why do you think AX chose it as the venue for small shitshow? If they just put a smaller cap on attendance, it would be fine and would still be there.

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>Mfw I'm banned from ALA because I called out Chaz for being a creepy pedophile

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Gonna be honest, I loved the Ontario con center. Mostly because it was out of the way of normie foot traffic, and it was semi isolated.

Did not enjoy those black dudes getting mad when you wouldn't take their rap CD outside the con center, however.

>> No.10822338

Personal bias, but I've never seen Chaz do anything creepy. He's usually a nice dude trying to keep things social at cons.

What was your experience?

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This one came out pretty well

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does anyone care about monogatari cosplays anymore? thinking of bringing one for a day but not worth it if no one cares anymore

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Are they really going to cram everything in one hall? That doesn't look pleasing.

Wtf is that

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>Did not enjoy those black dudes getting mad when you wouldn't take their rap CD outside the con center, however
I don't remember being harassed by niggers in Ontario. I didn't even know they existed out there.

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Is Anime Long Beach any good?

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>Actual con center is somehow larger and yet feels more cramped
>Outlying areas are all a mess of sit-down restaurants so you need to commit to dining rather than being able to just grab fast-food on the quick and keep moving
>Hotels are extremely strict with noise complaints and try desperately to shut down anything that even resembles a room party from occurring
>Vagrants and homeless and other annoying outsiders constantly threading through the con, making the space feel far more penetrated by randoms than most other cons
>Most scenic locations are stuffed with tourists so many opportunities to take good beach/port shots are made exceedingly difficult
>Organizers were nazis last year and excessive policing of places people were sitting, mask adherence, and even trying to section off ribbon trading areas wound up making a lot of the environment feel more sterile than it had any right being
>The amount of major businesses in the immediate area means that there's an excess of rent-a-cops and security so you can't do anything wacky in public or they start pretending like they're going to report you to the police
>In the opposite direction, the rest of dogshit-assed Long Beach is full of crackheads and homeless and the "city" is filthy like most of the rest of LA

It should really be stressed that as shit of a decision as it was to bring this con to Long Beach, the fact that tons of people had a fun time shows that the enduring ALA spirit presses on and can survive even with a boot pressed against its neck. My only dark prayer at this point is that the next ALA location is placed somewhere even more remote and sleepy than Ontario.

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Where else would you want them go to? They're pretty much running out of places they can hold in LA. Pasadena is too small and LACC is too large and expensive. Anaheim is the lone option if they want to move again in a few years.

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>pretending like they're going to report you to the police
real talk, you can just ignore them. real police don't come for actual crimes let alone anime weeb bullshit

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